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Hatsukoi Zombie

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I should actually do something now that I've settled down, I guess.
77: The throne of the most popular
"I'll listen if you kiss me"
[Side] An unexpected chin lift! What now, Ibusuki!!!
[Box] Koigaura Haran (2nd year): The most popular guy in school"

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"But that person is a man, right?"
"Is your sight failing because all the blood's flowing in your lower body?"

"There you are, first love hunting woman!"
Oh dear...
"Could you stop seeing me in those rotten eyes of yours?"

"Hey was something on your face just now?"
"Are Misao-senpai and Koigaura-senpai acquaintances...? (small) And they don't get along?"
"That's right!"
"I'm not though!!"
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"You're kidding, right!!?"
"I mistook a boy as a girl!?"

"So could you not look at Ririto-sama with those dirty eyes of yours!?"
"What're you saying, Medusa girl!"

"Ah, they really do have a ad relationship..."
"It's because they're exactly alike, right?"
[Side] These people are definitely my enemies...

"By the way, what's with the sash?" [TN: Emphasize 'sash']
"Has your desire for the limelight gone off the rails?"
"Your mind is just full of girls, so you don't get any news about the world around you, huh"
"Right now, I have announced my candidacy for student council president"
"I, the current president, am endorsing her. She is sure to be elected now!"
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"You're the student council president?"
"No, it hasn't been decided yet! So..."
"This is no joke..."

"So about what you said before!"
"I'll be student council president!"


"I like how you're actually competing with me in such a short time frame"
"That's the part of you..."
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"I find extremely unpleasant!!"
"Get it? The winner of this match will be the supreme champion!"
"Let us clearly decide which one of us is worthy of the throne!!"

"And when that happens, you will be mine, Ririto-san..."

"So fare thee well."
A procession...

"What was the 'mine' thing about?"
"I hear that she wants to arbitrarily create a 'Student council special assistant' position and bring Ibusuki-kun in"

"So if Misao's aiming for him, does that mean that he's inexperienced in love?"
I can't see that though...

"By the way, thanks for accepting our proposal"
"...but why did you suddenly get motivated?"
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Reversed images
"It's my fate to compete with her..."

"Anyways, I said I was gonna do it, so I will"
"You guys will make me win, right?"
Haran, are you seriously gonna be the president?

"I'm gonna go tell my club senpai!"

"Anyways, that's something to be relieved about... right?"
"It means we have to get him elected"

"By the way, what's his relationship with Misao?"

"Doesn't it simply mean that he once liked Misao-senpai?"
"But Misao-senpai is a first love freak, so since she wasn't his first love, she dumped him"
"Koigaura-senpai doesn't have a first love zombie"
"His first love was probably fulfilled when he was little, like Ibusuki-kun"
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"Well, all that doesn't matter"
"Next week, we'e gonna put all our effort into the election!!"
But I've never been in the election classroom before!"
"I don't wanna be forced into the Misao fan club!"
That classroom doesn't actually exist... [Can't read kanji on left side]

"Good morning everybody"
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"I'm Shibuai Misao"
"Good morning"
"You're so pretty today

"Aaaghh, we wanna get started now toooo"
"Koigaura-senpai is late, just as I thought..."
"Wait, Tarou isn't here either! (small) What's he doing!"

"...but Misao-senpai is really looking forward to hunting them down on the pretense of becoming student council president..."
"Good morning"
"The first love killer is mixing public and private affairs..."

"And she's steadily getting fans..."
Yup, again...
This is the first time a girl shook my hand...
"She's slowly gaining the male vote..."

"And so, we're definitely gonna take the female votes!"

That voice...
"Tarou, you're..."
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"Waking up early is tiring"

"Good morning, Koigaura-senpai"
"Who's next to him?"

"Ibusuki-kun, did you hear Tarou's voice just now?"
"I mean, Eve's here too..."
"Well, because I am here"
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Sure is surprising

"Huh? Y-your hair!?"
"More importantly, your height!!"

"...secret shoes...?"
"And he took an hour using the hair iron this morning"
That's 20 cm...

"Wh...what're you doing!! This is no time for games, okay!?"
"I like the usual Taro-chan"
"I wouldn't do this for fun!!"

"I told you, right? We need the female vote"
"So of course"
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We're wooing them with the Ikemen brigade!!
Pretty boy
Handsome lecher
Guy with glasses

Do your beest
I'm voting for youuu
"W-wow, you're seriously doing well with the girls..."

"But, can you contribute here, Tarou?"

"When you look closely at idol groups, there would be a dicey guy in there, but he'd make everyone else look cooler!!"
"Is that so!!"
I see!!
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"I was careless"
"Now he's gotten Ririto-san's fans, the swing voters"
Please shake my hand
You mean me?

"Wh-what do we do...?"
"Let me see..."

"It would help a lot if Ririto-san could take a break from school during the election campaign... right?"

After school

Oh maaan
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"Kurume-kun's calling you"

"What's up?"
The straightening is coming off -->
"Ebino, take a look at this"

"The posters we put up this morning are gone!"
"Is this the Misao camp's work...!?"
"Well, look closely"
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"Most of them neatly took off the thumbtacks and peeled them off, right?"
"So they were stolen"
"It's proof that Koigaura-senpai is popular"

"You're right. When I look closely, I also can't find Misao-senpai's posters either..."
"And so, I have some posters that I printed fresh"

"A hundred"
"We're putting them up now"

"B-but I have club now..."
"I settled the matter with your president a long time ago"
"You can prioritize the election this week"
"Without me knowing!?"

"...well, it's all for the club. Okay! Let's do it!!"
"By the way, where's Ibusuki-kun?"

"He's coming up with a speech script with Koigaura-senpai"
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"Okay, the two of us will do it"

"Huh? What're you looking at?"
"Ah nothing"
"...it really is 'the two of us'"

"As for Eve..."

"She's coming back for sure. I sent her to the Misao camp as a spy to sabotage them!!"
Ahahaha, there are no holes!
[bot right] Kunoichi version
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"If she's planning something bad, I'll inform Taro-chan.."
"But she really isn't. I mean, what's with this meeting..."
Misao-san has so many wonderful points, I can't pick any!
Misao-san is a goddess!
I can die for Misao-san!!
Misao-senpai is an archangel!

[Next two panels spam 'Misao']

"What'll you do for your manifesto?"
"What the hell. Just think of some random stuff"

"You're the one who's gonna be student council president, okay, Koigaura-senpai?"
"Please think a little more seriously!"
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"Your hand moves like a girl"

"...okay, I'll think of some random things then"
"I'll be going ahead"
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"Hold it"

"Wh-what is it..."
"Yeah, no matter hoooooow much I look at you, I can't see you as a boy"

"...I'm really suspicious"

"Why don't we confirm it once and for all"
[Right] Is the Earth whispering 'Check Ibusuki's identity'... into Koigaura's ear!!?
I hope his chapters don't all end in a trashy girls' romance pose. This just seems obnoxious, but at least he saw through her reverse trappness quickly.
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78: We still don't know the name of that feeling.
[Left] The most popular guy in school, Koigaura-senpai, suspects that Ibusuki-kun is actually a girl... is an emergency going to occur if her boy disguise is unveiled!!!?

"Yeah, no matter hoooooow much I look at you, I can't see you as a boy"
"...I'm really suspicious"

"Why don't we confirm it once and for all"
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"Please don't touch me! You're gross!!"

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"I, of all people,"
"Am gross...?"

"Ah... that was close..."
"I have to try and avoid being alone with that guy from now on..."

"But why did he give up right away..."
He just let go of me...

Changing pan 1 bub 1
>Please don't touch me! That's just gross!!
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"Wh-what's happening nooooww!!"


incoming buttrape
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"Even though he's wearing a paper bag..."
"He has a Misao zombie in a swimsuit and a sash, so it's the current student council preident!"
I saw it this morning!
"And everyone here is part of Misao's fan club...!!"
The numbers are their club numbers!


"You okay!?"

"Taro-chan asked me to stand guard over Misao-senpai"
"Then these people suddenly acting suspicious, so I followed them!"
"Ibusuki Ririto!"
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"We're sorry, but you're gonna have to take a break from school during the election"

"What did Misao order you to do!?"

"Our Misao never orders us!"
"We carefully consider her intentions!"
"And we acted on our own so that she can win!!"
"So they guessed..."
That did come to mind...

"By the way, what's the plan?"
"Do we just keep him captive until the election finishes?"
"That's just pointless!"
"I'm gonna go call Taro-chan now!!"
"No, we don't have to do something grand like that"
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"But what if we take an embarrassing photo..."

"Get him!!"
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"No it's not. It's slipping"

"Shut up!"
"It's precise as long as I do it!"

"Why're we being so assertive in this election to begin with?"

"Well, because I don't wanna infiltrate the Misao fan club by force"
"That's just a rumor. Besides, you can slack off if you wants to"
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[Side] One two
One two

"......is this for me?"

One two

One two

"J-just kidd..."
"I guess so"

"If I had to order my priorities now, your situation might be the most important one"
I'm surprised Ririto isn't commenting on why Tarou has Eve in a sexy ninja costume
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"How can you say that so lightly!?"

Isn't listening to himself ->
"I mean, you're a club maniac, so if you left it, all your energy won't be diverted into anything, and you might go off the rails"

...no, Tarou would say that because of his personality.

Something's kinda off...

Is the difference,
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"Because it's for me...?"
I ended up asking these questions,
So am I...?

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"Shut up, Ibusuki!!"
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"Stop iiiiit! You guys are terrible for taking naked photooooos!!"

"If they find out I'm a girl in this situation"
"Thing's are gonna get extremely bad..."

"...what the?"
"He's finally in..."
Oh my god
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"Ibusuki Ririto, we're gonna make you a bald priest now!!"
Barber's razor

"Wha! We're making this pretty boy bald...!?"
"Yeah! If we shave him bald, he won't come to school for a while!!"
"I-I see...!!"
"President... that's so cruel..."
"And as a result, Misao-san will see you and might actually be disillusioned in you!!"
Take that
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"..............uh, errrr"
"I'm so..."
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[Bot] Eve can... touch people!!?
And done, see you all when raws come out, probably.
Thanks mate
Thank you and god bless.
thank you op
next chap: "she didn't really touch him, he stopped for some other reason, you silly readers"
Eve is cutest and best and every day more perfect.
thanks man!
Thanks famalam

Thanks for translating. This is gonna be hard for Tarou again. btw doesn't look like Tarou is concious in >>157731098 but Eve is still moving.
>main girl looks like a man
>main girl has the shittest "tsun" personality
>Ebino is like a goddess and hasn't hope of winning the bowl
There should be a law against doing this.
Kyoko was active when granpa was still sleeping
I'm 99% sure it's a Ririto end, but the author has gone out of his way to show Eve nearly deactivating because of Tarou showing pangs for Ebino. I think the chance exists, however small.
Bottom note
>Eve... touched someone?
Thanks anon
>Dat Ebino
For fucks sake. Please don't lose that hard.
He should keep his hair down permanently desu.
I want Eve to win. Ibusuki sucks. Even Ebino is better.
you mixed up the pages.
I agree. He actually looks good.

Tarou has no need for girlfriends now.

He said he had to spend some time using a hair iron to straighten it out. That shit takes time, and this guy's still about conserving energy; I doubt this look will last.
He can get it keratin straightened at worst.
Just kidding, I know he doesn't give a shit.
Thank you.

I think she did, since Tarou's head would got opened again. That's connected to her someway.
A maiden in love.
>Die under Ebino's breast
What a way to go
Ebino's breast powerup?
Ebino is almost there.
Bag guy's arm is committing a crime against the reader here.
I wonder what kind of rule the author's gonna tack on to this to make it a rare thing..
Only activates when unconscious, thus he can never enjoy it.
That's so cruel and so likely to be the case.
So when does Ebino win the Tarou bowl?
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