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Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake

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Oh well, I may start at least.

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I screamed "mediocre" at the screen so hard that I bbroke my dick. Dropped after 2 chapters.
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TL what's written in second panel on Manabu
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Ok got it. Only one chapter today?
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Nope. Just waited.
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text on Manabu's aunt in bottom left panel
Amano is too cute, but I really wish this manga would DO something already
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bottom left
I think in one of the later chapters Manabu actually wonders what would happen to Amanoo if he decides to make a move on Flat Girl so it seems something is happening.
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I want to replace that MC, why the fuck wont he go out with the dynamite and still chooses the pea shooter?
This series is so sweet, I hope it never gets an anime.
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Even if it got an anime someday, it wouldn't be at least as bad as Dagashi.
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That's not the problem buddy, the problem are the shitposters, and it's basically a rule by now that any anime adaptation will get shitposted to death and only the strong ones will survive.
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pan 3 bub 1: Your bag is full of snacks!!

pan 4 bub 2: I got a much better score in my start of semester elite course ability test this time around!!
pan 5 bub 2: But I'm glad everything turned out well!!

pan 4 bub 2: Your scores are much higher compared to before!!

pan 2 bub 3: I studied a lot... so I had to get a high score...

pan 1 bub 1: Of course!! I'd be in trouble if that happened!!

pan 7 bub 2: I'm just diligent.

pan 3 bub 2: That's the first time I saw it... it suits her...

pan 4 bub 1: The guy just oggles Mikawa-san while looking like that,

pan 1 bub 1: Even though you feel that way... you're right next to him now.

>pan 2 side: But it's pretty hot...
pan 2 bub 2: You like milk tea, right?
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and last page
I've been pretty tired the entire day. I'll fix the chapters today but later.
And sorry for these breaks between posts.
NP OP, thanks for the chapters and rest well.
pan 4 (in box 1) side 3: Aki wanted to come and play
pan 5 bub 2: I thought things would turn out like this, but...

pan 3 box 2: Aside from the giant playground, baseball field, cycling track, tennis court, and pool, there are also different kinds of sports facilities.
>pan 4 side: You helped us out in the beach house after all.

>pan 6 side: Please and thank you.

pan 1 bub 1: ...how did you come up with that!!

pan 1 bub 3: Sounds nice!since it gets colder in September!

pan 1 bub 2: Don't be shy!
Gonna grab some food quickly then finish off volume 4
>it's not the fucking raw

Fuck off with your rewrites.
Megumi seem unhappy with Manabu's attention on this individual.
Amano is kinda obscene compared to her.
What is he being dense about?
It might not. There is no reason to advertise it since it is doing pretty well in the rankings and doesn't need a boost.

There's a touch of shitposting in these threads.
Megumi's feelings.
the artstyle does her no justice though
She isn't exactly forward. Manabu can't read minds and he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
>I guess I have to go play with them the whole day

Maa-kun has resigned to his fate of not being able to study.
Sleep tight and comfy, OP.
>there are still fags that think Megumi doesn't like Manabu
These are dark times.
I believe it's trolling at this point.
It would still be a retarded argument to make many chapters ago.
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38: Amazing
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Is the day of Seisen High's Athletic festival......

While the students were breaking sweat under the autumn sky,

I was
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Volunteering to help in the background in the First Aid tent.

This was so I could be exempted from appearing in competitions.

"Shindou-kun, gauze"
School Nurse: Juumonji Kanae


"I'm gonna leave icing and bandaging the boys to you..."

".........you're useful......"
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"Now that I'm doing it, the nursing work will go without a hitch"
"That'll help a lot"

"But wow, you're used to this"
"...I have someone who gets injured all the time... (small) this girl"
I got used to it

"Moving on to the next race"

There she is...
[Side] She looks like she's having fun

"She's been extremely excited since yesterday..."
Let's do our best!

Is helping out in the relief tent, huh

"It's the giant jump rope!
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"She's gonna do the jump rope......!?"
"Is this gonna be okay with all that?!"
*She's wearing a swimsuit in Manabu-kun's imagination.
[Side] She's in front of all these people...!!!
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"Heeeeeey, Shindou-kun, watch your hands"

"Okay, Class 1-10 is up first!"

[Side] Yeeaahhhh!!
"Oh no!!"
"It started..."

[Side] That was close...!!
"Misawa-san is blocking the view with her arm!!"

"Thank god..."
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"And now it's the finale!"
"It's the girl's 4x100m relay, class vs class!!"

"Go turn the tables!!"

"The program's already gone this far..."

"She's... showing up in a lot of the today..."

[Side] Woo woo woo
"Anchor, we trust everything to you! Amanocchi!!"
Go for it!!
"Leave it to me!"
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[side] woo woo


That ponytailed girl's so cute
Who's that?

I messed up the baton pass!!

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"Come on, anchor!!"
"Leave it to me!!"

"Go after her!! Amanocchi!!"
"Don't looooooose!!"

"That girl's amazing!!"
"She's faaast!!"
"Who's that!!"

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Got extraordinarily good motor reflexes.

Ever since we were kids,
She's been so much faster than me...

She gets so excited on the day before sports meets that she can't go to sleep,
And every year, she runs as the relay anchor...
Thanks for dumping OP
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She's my childhood friend, a first year, and a member of the Kendo Club...

Amano Megumi

"The white group's anchor has pulled ahead of the pack!!"

Amazing, Amano...

...you're shining so brightly and everyone's paying attention to you...
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There's probably some kinda wall
Between you and me that I can't cross over.

With your speed...

Someone like me
Would probably be left behind.

That's what I think...
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"You did it, Amanocchi!!"
"Amanocchi, you were so cooool!!"

"I'm gonna go get some bandages"

"You hurt yourself? Are you okay!?"
"No, don't worry about me!"
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"Oh... Amano"

"Is now a good time, Maa-kun?"
"Yeah, I'm free now. You got hurt?"

"I was wondering what you were doing"
"So I came to check on you"

"........I see"

"Maa-kun, did you see the relay?"
"I ran in it too"
"...yeah, I saw"
hmanga when
My heart
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"You're awesome, Amano..."

"You, my childhood friend,... participated in the relays"
"...I felt kinda proud [to be your friend]"

"......what is it"

"...I feel the same way"

"You've been doing really well in your studies as of late, Maa-kun..."
"Your test rankings are so good... I think you're amazing"
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"But yeah, I suck at studying and tests"
"...so I felt like I was being left behind a bit..."

"And now we're even!!"

"Okay, later Maa-kun!"
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Is the same.

"Could you help me out for a bit?"

Nice answer there.

Amano's Amano.
And I am me.

"I guess I'll study today too"
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I like Megumi's ponytail, so I'll use it a lot from now on.
>I like Megumi's ponytail, so I'll use it a lot from now on.
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Don't look so much
Cheer squad captain
That's sweet.

This is the real prize though. THICC and flat should take a hike. Maa-kun should aim higher.
Ah this is what I read this manga for. Thanks for the translations.
There's plenty.

They're all NTR.
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39: Drip...
Fucking kill me.
More like
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The athletic festival safely came to an end.
Class 10 wins first place in their year!!
Time for a karaoke party!!
That night

"It got really late huh"

"...yeah Amano..."

"I can see them!! Up front!!"
More like
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"Tell me that earlier! Aaaaghhhh!!"
"I told you about it, but why......"

"Amano... is it okay for you to miss the closng party?"
"Yeah, it'll end late, so I just didn't"

"I'm hungry, so let's go eat some ramen!"


"Okay, it's decided!!"
"Let's go now!!"

"Hey wait!! (small) I can see it again!!"

I got it, so gimme the bag!!
Maa-kun should pin her down against her will and have his way with her.
Translator, I love you!
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"We're here!"
"Hachiban Ramen!!"
"It's been a while"

[Banner] Short info on Hachiban ramen
A ramen chain which derived its name from where they opened their first store, alongside National Highway 8, which passes through the Ishikawa Prefecture.
Its stable is vegetable ramen (Salt, Miso, Soy sauce, Tonkotsu, butter stock) filled with stir fried vegetables, and its simple taste is super popular among families!!
The kids in the Ishikawa prefecture all know the taste of 'ramen' at Hachiban Ramen!!
[Side] By the way, the author prefers the salt ramen B set (mini fried rice)
[Side] So gooood
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284KB, 764x1200px
"I'm hungry!!"

"My tummy!!"
"Is in the Hachiban mood!!"
I wanna eat now!!
"Calm down..."

"What should I go with"

"Oh my!"
From the shopping district!
"It's Manabu-kun from the meal place..."
"And Megumi-chan from the bookstore!"
"Hachiban lady!"

"It's been so long!"
"So you're still working year!"
"My eighth straight year of working here!!"
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"I'll have salt ramen then"
"I'll have a big serving of miso ramen, with the C set!"

"And topped"
"With butter and corn!!"
"Got it!!"
"She sure can eat. As usual"

Please wait for a bit!!
"...so like"

"This feels really nostalgic!"
[Flash 1] Welcome
"Ah, Maa-kun!"
[Flash 2] We all ate together
"...you're right"
"Oh yeah, we ran into each other a lot before with our families during dinner..."
Are there doujins yet?
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245KB, 764x1200px
[Flash 1] I'll have miso butter corn ramen!!
I'll have salt ramen
[Flash 2] Let's split t!

"When I think about it"

"You like the same things from before!!"

"No... uhh"
"I still can't say I like......"
"----here, miso butter corn!!" [TN: She thinks the waitress is talking about Manabu when she was actually talking about what she ordered]

"What's up? You okay?"
Take your time
Don't worry about it...
[Box] Embarrased
That's an amazing body, alright
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274KB, 764x1200px
"Here you go!!"

"Smells so good"
"She looks so happy......"

"Time to eeeaaaat"

"It's so goooood"
"It is"
File: 00175.jpg (253KB, 764x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253KB, 764x1200px

Gulp... gulp... gulp...

"Thanks for the meal!!"
"You're fast at eating..."
This is making me hungry
I've found One Piece.
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250KB, 764x1200px
Maybe I can have a little more...

"You worked out a lot today... so go add a plate of dumplings!!"
[Side] Devil
[Side] Angel [Broken up]
"You just keep eating in front of Maa-kun... that's unacceptable!!"

She's hungrryyy!!
Have some shaaame!!
doujin fucking when
see >>156245078
File: 00177.jpg (246KB, 764x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246KB, 764x1200px
"What's up?"
"No, it's nothing..."

"Maybe I'll have some dumplings..." [TN: If you want the word 'gyoza' instead of 'dumplings', don't hesitate to let me know. It can easily be revised]
"Excuse me"
One plate of dumplings


"..oh, there's a lot more than I thought..."

"Sorry, wanna have a little bit, Amano?"
"Ah... sure"

So gooooood
Time to upload then.

I'm not going to sleep for another 2 hours at least, but thanks.
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224KB, 764x1200px
I'm thirsty...

"Need my water, Megu-chan?"
I didn't put my mouth on it yet.

"You looked like you wanted it, so there"

"Thanks, Maa-kun!"
If you insist!!

"Well, go ahead then"
"Okay, I won't hold back!"
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250KB, 764x1200px
"Maaan, I thought you'd do that Maa-kun..."
I wonder how you understood that?

But this is goood

"I really do like you"
for what purpose
whaaaaaaaaaaat. Misunderstandings to follow for sure.
Want to see how they spin this as a misunderstanding.
File: 00180.jpg (180KB, 764x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 764x1200px

"Your gyoza"

"I mean like"

"You gotta eat this!"
"When you go to Hachiban!!"

[Bottom part] Data collecting helpers: Public Company Hachiban as well as Hachiban Ramen, Uchinada branch
File: 00181.jpg (228KB, 764x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228KB, 764x1200px
It's amazing when it's filled with sauce!
That's true.

"Okay later, Maa-kun!!"

"Ahhhhhh that shocked me..."

"That girl... really likes gyoza"
She seemed so happy...
Aw, what a sweetheart he is.
File: 00182.jpg (232KB, 764x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232KB, 764x1200px
"I'm glad she went so far to ask me"

"Th... that was close..."
"It just came out...!!"

"Gau gau!!"

"I was saved by his denseness... Gaku"
They need to go even further with the fucked up wordplay

>"It's amazing when I'm filled with your sauce! Uh, I mean—"
You could do something like
>I really do love...
And just let it hang through the misunderstanding.
I thought about that. I thought it would be more interesting to do
>I really do like you
>...r gyoza
But I'm not sure if that would be understandable.
did they fuck yet
They won't ever fuck. Amano will grow increasingly frustrated until one day she gets railed by the male Kendo team during a joint training camp.
Yeah, I see the appeal of that too, the correction could even be the full
>y-your gyoza
And write it off as a slip of the tongue instead of an incomplete statement. That's be fair, and I can see you going with either.
Weekly thread of the week.
It's fine. She specifies Maa-kun as a subject in her previous sentence so your first TL isn't wrong but the flow in english is important. I am not sure english has a way to retro actively make something the subject of a sentence the same way.
See! She doesn't like him. She is more concerned about food than romance.
Banzai for THICK!
>Weekly thread
More like threads.
Just break it up like
>I really do like y-
>awkward pause
>your gyoza
File: 00183.jpg (244KB, 764x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 764x1200px
Omake manga
Town magistrate Megumi

"We're gonna protect the peace of Edo!!"
[Left side] The background looks like a certain bug killing manga. [TN: Aka Mushiugyo]

Kyaaaahhh! Peeper!!
"There's an incident Amano!!!"

"The author is peeping into the girl's bath!!!"

"Hey! What're you doing there!!"
You're under arrest!!
"Hm!? The town troupe!?"

That works fine. I like that actually.
They'll fuck when the manga ends.
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282KB, 764x1200px
"Now come quietly!!!"

"Hm... you're my character...!"
"I wonder what'll happen if you make the author mad..."

"I'll teach you a lesson!!!"

"I forgot to draw the jacket!!!"
"So the pervert is he author of this manga..."
Maa-kun, help me!!
What the hell

"Ahh fine then..."

"Fuhahaha I am invincible!!!"

Ring ring ring
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205KB, 764x1200px
"Heeey, Nekoguchi-shi"
"You done with the manuscript yet?"

"Uh... uhhh...."

"I'm sorry... I was having fun stripping Megumi"
"Uh what?"
"Are you a moron?"

Utter defeaaaaat
One issue settled
"This has nothing to do with Edo..."

Oh? Good work!! You're smart!!
Leg stand ->
And vol 4 is done. If you have any issues with the TL, be free to talk it out with me. I'm done for the day though.
Who else wants to punch him in the neck when he looks like that just because he saw some girl he barely knows?
How many volumes are out in Japan?
You're a hero!
.. you have to realize that she is a chubby childhood friend.

You'd have to stoop real low to date a fatty.
She is not even Elf-san wa Yaserarenai levels of chubby, just very curvy.

Looking kinda swole there Manabu. Or rather, like you have sticks for legs.
So when will he realize that Amano is trying to be his waifu and that he feels the same way?
Are you gay? It's ok anon.
Her breasts seem a bit large in this.
She seems disappointed by it more than unhappy. It is seems more realistic for someone to just go quiet and run through a million thoughts than going jealous ballistic.
Kinda hurt reading this..
Literally the last chapter, otherwise this will become the most original and unique series ever made in story of humankind.
He will realize his love for the thicc no matter what. Or he'll go on a date with that chick he likes and realize there is no spark and go back for amano
Who knows. Maybe his lack of interest will make her disillusioned with him and things actually work out for him. I don't think that is true thanks to one of the latest chapters though since Amano is going to score love and Manabu will lose out on academics. There could be a twist.

You're right, this manga will just be looks at these tits and ass and then a final chapter where Manabu asks her out and she accepts.

Amano is a walking porno. Most guys, except the queers, would feel a spark in their pants.

Amano may be a little too virginal and smart chick will probably put out easier. I am not sure Manabu would be able to overcome purity and get Amano to open up.
wow that was great, thanks mate.
I hope Manabu ends up with Megumi the bomb shell, not with that ugly intelligent girl who's name isn't worth mentioning.
>thought it was a meme
>they really are all just NTR or rape
Why doesn't he just slip her the dick already? Holy hell.
As others have said before, he has no idea she likes him, and is too dense to get why she continuously gets close to him. He probably also feels like she's out of his league, and therefore doesn't try. Plus he's more into that other girl.
Sweet Jesus
This mangaka is a master of drawing hips.
We don't know if she means like as romantic like. It could mean friendship like. It would still be embarrassing to say.
I swear Rocket Monkey wrote this long time ago.
fuck that other girl, why would the author include her when she doesn't even got introduce properly?

I believe this line refers to him placing the order of gyoza.

Transl.: Good thing I ordered it (lit. good thing [I] went out of my way to order/request [it]).
She is doing everything reasonable to get him to notice. Everything short of wrapping her legs around him and telling him to do her.

She isn't too good for him, he doesn't decide that and she has flaws too. Thinking someone is too good for you actually shows a combination of lack of confidence AND a lack of interest.
>have a plump girl with huge boobs right beside you

>looks at the skinny flat girl with nothing going for her other than grades
White people, amirite?
Thanks for the chapters
this part really questions me.
If Manabu thinks Megumi too good for him then how the hell did he fall for the girl he likes? (her name is hard to remember) isn't he also out of her league?
Dammit Megumi, use your nuke body and seduce him.
>isn't he also out of her league?
Yes. He doesn't logic her away because he has interest in her. He doesn't have much interest in Amano so he doesn't really consider it.
She's probably like that to show how futile MC's goal really is; she probably doesn't even know him that well, probably haven't even talked to one another. We the audience know the same about this girl as the MC does. Whether he realizes it when he gets to talk with her alone or he just decides to go with Megumi instead is up to the author at this point.

He's a nerd that studies all day because he wants to ensure he has good enough grades to go to the same school as other girl. Of course he's no confident. He still might be slightly interested if only because he easily gets distracted due to Megumi's fuck ups.
left or right?
Good chapter
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