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Acca: 13-Ku In Review

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So, after getting the chance to listen to the OST and compare it to some of the episodes, there were some interesting OST choices for some of the scenes.

>Kiss Me
This is the theme that plays when Otus and Eider are talking on the hill in episode 1, when she falls for him. But it also plays when Schnee and Abend fake Schnee's death and run off to Dowa before she leaves him, when Rail and Lotta escape the assassins and she asks him to keep her royal blood a secret and during the epilogue when Jean and Nino are talking during the prom night flashback then meet up for drinks back in the present.

So make of that what you will. Jean is definitely not an anal virgin.

>Innocent Dance
Plays during some of the sweeter SoL scenes, like when Schnee is in Badon but also when Otus meets the King for sweets.

>In The Night Wave
This is the dating track. It’s the song that plays when Jean is having dinner with Mauve in ep 3. It’s also the one that plays when Jean is pouring his heart out to Mauve and confessing that he knows his feelings won't be requited.

>Moving On
The first time this is played is when everyone is going to Dowa and getting on planes for the prince’s birthday.

The first part of this is the piano and violin piece that comes up for a few seconds during tense moments, but since it only plays for a few seconds it’s not really distinctive. The most meaningful moment is when Lotta and Rail are running away from the assassins in ep 9 before getting caught because Rail spills his spaghetti everywhere.
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>My Confession
This is the track that plays in ep 4 when the reasons why Suitsu is the coup district are explained. It’s also the one that’s played when Jean talks to Grossular in Rokkusu about how his parents died in the train crash, and is the one that plays when Pranetta guy swears loyalty to Jean after explaining why ACCA is important to maintaining peace.

>My Own Order
Mauve's theme song. The romantic piano part that plays when she and Jean interact alone is the first half, and the second half is the faster-paced theme that plays when she's doing inspections in ep 1 and after she becomes leader of Acca in ep 12. The whole theme actually plays once, in episode 6 when Mauve is discussing the coup investigation with her subordinates.

>Cold Talk
This plays when Mauve and Jean are discussing his royal blood in episode 7, among other conversations, especially ones regarding the coup or when the Five Officers are talking.
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I thought it was also pretty interesting to see Jean basically in Mauve's position during the epilogue in ep 12, waving at Mauve and Grossular in the cafe where those two are in Lillium, Pine, and Jean's position. I'm still not convinced that Mauve and Grossular are in a relationship at that point, considering how those three girls are such shippers, but it probably does reveal what Jean's position in the new ACCA is, basically fulfilling the role of a second-in-command without that rank since he's the effective head of the Inspection Dept.
Just finished watching this a couple of days ago.
I didn't expect much from it, but it was actually pretty damn entertaining.

Also, best Opening of the season.
I loved the OP. I wish the ACCA theme had been used more often though, and not just in the PV and the last episode.


It's the first song in the OST too.
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I really want them to release an artbook for the anime.
I really want the manga to get translated. And the prequel too.
The manga translation is going slowly, and I don't like how they don't follow the anime spellings, but it's decent. I like all the little moments in the manga that aren't animated.

If I had spare time I'd translate the prequel, but getting a job is hard when you want to change careers, even just 4 years out of college.
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Yeah, it's hard to get translations for stuff that isn't super popular.
full track for anyone not interested in downloading the full ost

I kind of wish it had been used more in the show since it's such a great song, but considering its title the one spot they used it in made sense
So very nice!
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So is ACCA PS ch 4 still not out?
Bro its the thought that counts.
I just wanted Jean to declare himself to be king and have ALL HAIL JEAN ALL HAIL JEAN as he begins the fixing if his country
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