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This counts as anime, right? It's a Franco-Japanese production.

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This counts as anime, right? It's a Franco-Japanese production.

Have you seen it? What did you think of it.

I caught a few episodes of it when it briefly aired of YTV, and I was very intrigued.

>This series was originally broadcast in English/French.

Fascinating stuff.

Just did a bit of reading on it there to get this, but previously I skimmed picking it up because I always thought it just wasn't available online yet in original nip. Gonna pull the rest from BBT and give it a whirl, I guess.

Actually given a look at some peoples thoughts on the English dub, it seems to be horrific. I guess I'll hold out hope for a Japanese dubbed version with subs, or even a French with subs version.
I remember some of the world designs being cozy as fuck
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The creators just recently mentioned there's a possibility of a sequel/spinoff. One of them posted pic related. I really hope it happens.

There was really something about catching a few episodes of something really weird and interesting on TV and then never seeing it again, as a kid. It felt like it had a lot more emotional depth than the stuff I was used to as a kid, and the fact that the setting was so out-there really made it stand out, too.

Maybe this is just nostalgia talking.
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>or even a French with subs version
Considering it was written in French, I think that would make the most sense, assuming you could find it.

It's not so much finding it, it probably doesn't exist. There's only one "subbed" entry in anidb for it and it's a spanish encode with supposed english hardsubs:

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This. The worlds and the backgrounds were gorgeous. I would rewind the race scenes because I would first focus on the actual race and then go back to take in that bg beauty.
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Romaine's album here.
Please make it.
It just needed noses.
This guy(?) is my favorite design.
Nosefags need to be gassed.
The OP was great.
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For me, it's gotta be this edgemeister.
It's actually good, I watched it in Spanish though, wich was actually decent.
That counts as a Star Wars universe spinoff wannabe.
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Watched it a few years ago at the behest of other Anons. Thus, I don't have that heavy haze of nostalgia in my eyes.
For starters, the design of the backgrounds, planets, race tracks, aliens, and the ships is all phenomenal. They all look great and are dripping with creativity.
The characters leave a lot to be desired. After a few minutes with each character you know basically everything about them and nothing they do comes as a surprise after that. The couple exceptions to this do a really good job of subverting your expectations.
Plot's nothing to write home about. You'll see where it's going from a long way off. There's a great twist that'll throw a wrench into all of that, but shortly after it's sprung you'll go right back to knowing what's going to happen well before it happens.
English dub is miserable and they scrap the amazing OP for some jank. That said, I wasn't able to find a subbed version. I didn't do much searching beyond some googling and a quick run over some sharing sites, so there may be a good version out there, but don't get your hopes up.

Overall, I'd say it's above average and worth watching, mostly just to see all the unique designs. If you have an extreme HFY boner, give it a pass because humans have a tendency to get bodied every here and there.
Oh, and this image is technically a spoiler, so I'll cover it up, but it honestly won't ruin much. You won't even get it until the last few episodes.
I think it takes a quality dip once they get to oban
>no more Rick
>no more squid dudes
>no more comfy squid dude planet
>no more interesting race stipulations
>all races have the same 6 participants rather than a racer of the week with a fun gimmick
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everything about this show is just pure love
the music, the characters, the story and of good what a beautiful finale, did not expect that to hit so hard

OP by Akino - Chance to shine. This is some Great song. And the ending though. This is the same akino that sung Amaburi opening FYI. Also maximum comfiness, races was amazing plot wasn't super complex by executed well. 8/10 would Watch again.
so if we are going about french anime
what did you thought about Wakfu and Last Man ?
>Jordan accomplishes jack shit the entire show
>90% of the time when he fires a gun, it either misses or has no effect
>end of the show he gets to become God

dumb as shit

otherwise I liked it
All Thomas Romain needs to do is to get Nana Mizuki interested.

Then it's easy to get Oban S2 Mizuki Bogaloo, frogs+Satelight collab.
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