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Hunter x Hunter

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Alright, /a/. I don't get it. The 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter is revered by many as extraordinary; a monument of it's medium, and a masterpiece of it's genre. Prior to watching, I had no idea it even boasted such a lofty reputation. I hold a great affection for Yu Yu Hakusho, and so I only gave Hunter a chance by it's author's label. After seeing it through to the end (ayy), I'm absolutely baffled by the overwhelmingly positive reception it's received. I honestly can't fathom that the man who wrote such a prolific shounen manga managed to fumble so badly with his sophomore series.

This show is so rife with missteps, I don't even know where to begin. It's plot is serviceable, and sometimes intriguing, but the staples holding it together are so bent out of shape, the whole thing falls apart. It's characters range from subpar to insufferable, and that's when they're lucky enough to even be written into the narrative. Gon is a somewhat interesting protagonist, but I wish I could say the same for all his friends. Killua is an angsty cliché with legs, and his backstory sounds like it was pasted from a tweenage RP forum. For a boy raised by a family of killer assassins who was bred never to trust or have friends, he sure has an easy time befriending Gon in the literal first 20 seconds that they meet. Kurapika takes the angst up even higher, but thankfully he and Leorio simply stop existing in the story's plot halfway through the series.

What happened to the chemistry? The development of Yu Yu Hakusho's characters is almost unparalleled, with all four protagonists growing and changing together over a long course of time. Yusuke is an almost entirely separate person at the end of the series. The four heroes of Hunter x Hunter become best chums almost immediately, and most of them are nearly identical in their final appearances to their introductions. It's incredibly disheartening, but not nearly as painful as Hunter's storytelling.
At one point, Kurapika reveals that he has the ability to access all five categories of Nen and use them to his full capacity at will. He also has an ability that allows him to capture and defeat any Spider with absolutely no effort whatsoever. He gains these powers immediately after learning to use Nen. In another scene, Killua inconceivably obtains an enormous power boost by removing a pin from his forehead, which was never mentioned prior. In an episode hailed as legendary, Gon gets angry and powers up to defeat an extremely powerful enemy, again with no effort whatsoever. This would be the show's most anticlimactic apex, if it weren't for another string of scenes in which the arc's primary antagonists all die from radiation poisoning off-screen. Except for the King, of course, who decides to stop being a bad guy altogether. I could go on for hours, especially regarding the atrocious asspulling of the final arc, but you get the idea. These are just a few of Hunter's horrendously written plot points, and they take a metal bat to the narrative's knees.

I could sit here for the rest of my weekend trying desperately to understand why this series is regarded as a beacon of greatness in the industry, but I feel I'm getting no closer to clarity. Why, /a/? What am I missing? What makes this series so spectacular?
Painful copypasta tier post(s)

When will it fucking end?
You can sling pompous jabs around all you want, but if you're not going to propose any counterpoints, then you may as well just be shitting on your keyboard.
tl;dr I didn't like it so it's shit
You're not worth the effort.

All this showed me is that you were probably staring at your feet while the show was playing on your computer monitor. Someone else can refute or accept your autism, I won't
Nice pasta, fuck off.
only people who hate the 2011 version are 1999fags who don't care about the stupid amount of filler because "muh 90s designs"
Oh, so it was a copypasta.
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>Why, /a/? What am I missing? What makes this series so spectacular?

Sunk cost fallacy. HxH is only hailed as this amazing series because fans truely believe that one day Togashi will actually deliver on the promises he's made. The day thatTogashi flips us the fuck you is the day everyone would see the series for the overrated shit it truly is.
He also FUCKING DIES if he uses his Nen offensively against other people that aren't a spider.
You're blind. His brother uses pins to manipulate himself. He also did something to Killua during the examination arc, which was because of the pin his brother put in.
Like Killua, gon needlessly sacrifices himself to kill someone after learning about "Conditional nen usage" from Kurapika.
He wasn't a bad guy, he was being influenced into doing atrocities by other people and not to mention he's literally a goddamn insect/animal with human features. Also he learned of how significant a human life was because a single one brought him joy.

tl;dr You're a speedreader in video form.

>complains about lack of character development
>complains about the king's character developing
Whoever wrote that is an idiot who contradicts themselves, must be strange to live with such dissonance.
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>2011 being faithful to manga
>i-it does n-not feel r-right guys, you are autistic yall
>1999 version with additional lines of plot fillers
>True Version, the only version that matters. Welcome to the club where people has been cured from autism.
nostalfags dont even read the manga, anon. it's the same exact thing with fma
tl;dr : Lack of character development (Seen in some characters), makes him question why HxH is considered 10/10 or "extraordinary".
he's a speed reader, it doesn't matter what he thinks

How does one not be a speed reader? What is the criteria for not being one?

Nah this shit really is overrated though. I can see it being known as a decent show, but as this masterpiece that you guys hail it as? Nah. I almost think its just a meme for people to praise this show, or they just do it because its some kind of standard in anime communities.
The thing that is wrong with HxH every arc seems really disjointed from eachother and that is why it suffers big from its shortcomings.I also hate how some arcs feel like fillers prior to Yorkshin Arc.The relationship between the characters could've been developed in more interesting settings prior to Yorkshin.I still like it though, even the new anime even though it suffers from vibrant colors and bad directing.
>why is Naruto for the last generation so popular

There was no Big Three to steal its thunder and it gave people hipster cred for watching something that was shonen, but not Big Three.
It's not a masterpiece though. No show ever is.

Of course you are going to deal with blind shounen fans, every show has this.

The show is interestingly written, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its flaws.
>No show ever is.
Masterpiece doesn't equate to perfect and perfection is a pretty subjective concept anyway.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 4

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