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It's a real instructional cooking show that teaches you

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It's a real instructional cooking show that teaches you recipes in real time but has a giant robot battle subplot or something.

>While our cookies are baking we have time to initialize our combat weapon systems, so we won't have to waste time letting our cookies get cold while we prepare that.
A young man is transported to another world full of magic. He's now a sexy young woman! An old wizard foretells a prophecy of a Legendary Champion that clashes with the Beast. The MC does a 180 and heads straight into a cabin where she masturbates nonstop for a week. After a good ol'bath the MC whores herself for cash and gets pregnant. Now she must venture across treacherous lands to find the witch that can slay that which has not been born.
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>not posting top tier shit
>be your usual normal high school MC
>hormones at its peak aka just wanna fuck
>plus all the attractive girls are also horny as fuck
>your family is dirt poor, even told you that you'll be disowned if you impregnate anyone
>that you should find your career first, love later
>then you turn 18, girls start sagging, droopy eyes, wrinkly and those shit
>you didn't gave it much attention.
>by the time you got graduated and got career all the girls around you are just old hags
>unmarried for life
your parents also started to see you wrinkly, droopy eyes and told you when will you get a GF aka get married and get outta here.
>you end up shitposting, netflix, vidya, and basically an internet dweller for life.
There's this new-fangled thing called a condom.
A lonely office lady has a midlife crisis and longs to relive her seishun. Through her job working with government records she forges/steals a new identity for herself and enrols as a high school senior.

There would be comedic scenes with her barely managing to conceal the truth from her new friends, and plenty of heartwarming moments as she uses what she learned in her youth to help the boys and girls overcome their high school problems.

All of which is underlined by a strong sense of sadness because she's clearly a desperately unhappy person.

And of course she falls in love with Sensei.
That's literally Relife
>takes place in the year 4000
>everything is super futuristic
>time travel exists
>all historical records of human history has been wiped out for hundreds of years before the story takes place
>high school students usually given assignments to go back in time, fuck around and come back with a report so society can piece together human history
>they are specifically given instructions to try to not meddle if possible
>changing the past doesn't destroy future time lines, they just create new timelines so their actions in the past are inconsequential to their modern time
>here's the thing, they are high school students and most of them are stupid as shit
>they meddle a lot
>straight man class president is the most responsible but is ironically the one that does the most damage
>for example, they run into a young Hitler. The rest of the students don't care about him. Class president tells him to follow his heart and chase his dreams.
>another one could be the class working with the designers of the Titanic trying to find a way to cut cost
>all the small decision the kids make turns out to be the catalyst for creating our timeline in the real world
Cute moe girls do cute moe things but this time in another world.
>also there's no plot
It's an anime about towel fighting.
It's what relife could have been. It didn't do enouh with the premise, turned out no different than any high school show.
A 20 or so year old NEET constantly complains about how life would be so much easier if he was a cute girl. That's the plot.
>four genius high school students
>they all create a popular online community
>one creates an anonymous image board full of social degenerates
>another creates a social media for micro blogging that attracts a bunch of internet celebrities
>another creates a social media website that ends up being the most used website in the world where literally everyone and their mother has an account
>another creates whatever the fuck reddit is supposed to be
>the four of them become bitter rivals with backstabbing, manipulation and Machiavellian tier psychological warfare
>they divide the school into four camps, each one supporting one of the four main characters
>everyone is overwhelming successful but the image board guy who ends up getting cucked by his love interest and killing himself
I call it The Social Network: Tokyo Drift
>thinking it ends at condom

you really don't know your stuff huh? as expected of virgins.
Fantasy RPG MC get killed and Isekaid into our world. He gets basic documents, and have to attend to local highschool
He discovers that he have to learn how to make food and orher shit like that without using skills, need to fine part time job so he wouldnt starv to death and so on.
Romance includeed
Literally an anime version of Law & Order.
3 things

We got ourselfs a franchise over here.
It's like Toy Story but with figmas. Characters from fake anime series from different genres. Slice of life cute girl doing cute things, a monster girl, shonen action hero, etc. One episode becomes infamous for being a hot glue episode to bright light to the hot gluing epidemic.
humanity has all but abandoned earth after the climate collapsed and would take centuries to fix itself.
Profiteering factions now race back as an update beacon signals earth can now support life again.
MC is one of the recon teams that end up fighting other factions for foot hold. Recursed by locals who lack any advanced tech he responds not but turning against his kind, but being a racist bastered who tries to kill them all. A long blood war breaks out as he tries to retake earth for money, as he rapidly get promoted. Only to bankrupt his faction and get his ass handed to him by those low tech locals, heartless VC style.
In last dict play another faction nukes the planet determined to keep other from gaining the resources. They put a habitability sensor beacon and leave with the same scene as opening.
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Here comes the new plot that everyone will ignored anyway.

MC stranded in the world that looks just like normal world, except that his older sister doesn't recognize him and she's currently in the same age as the MC while being a huge brocon to her (and MC's) older brother.

It's a psychological thriller.
MC's actually in a coma, and that world is actually inside the MC's mind. He got into that situation because the acumulate jealousy he had towards the older brother, which always flirting with MC's older sister. But he lashed out to the older sister instead because deep down he knew she's in love with her own older brother. Older sister got dejected and she didn't paid any attention to the road when the "surprise car" arrived, MC saved her but got into coma.
>MC is an aspiring skateboarder
>he helps his friend skip town because the neighborhood drug dealers are after him
>they join an amateur skateboarding competition to raise money for food and lodging
>whoops MC's best friend forgets to sign him up for the contest
>MC still ends up impressing a legendary pro skater and ends up sponsored
>MC finds out his best friend got sponsored by the same team
>team is ordered to film themselves
>MC does a McTwist over a helicopter
>best friend steals his skate footage and hides the McTwist footage
>best friend passes footage off as his own skating footage
>best friend becomes super famous
>hijacks a tank in Russia and blames it on the MC
>MC gets arrested
>MC gets home
>best friend built a successful skateboarding empire
>MC and best friend have a show down in their old neighborhood for skateboarding supremacy
> isekai
but instead of world full of monster, or RPG nor Medieval period, MC is transported to parallel world where Alpha version of him is fully slotted with talents and stats.
Inside he just a talentless bum, NEET, beta af and etc.
Join our MC as he fuck his life all over again while getting all the girls in the process.
>tags: comedy, shounen, ecchi
> one-cour production
> explicit fan-service
> onsen and beach episodes will be included in bluray release as OVA
A psychological-horror anime about the Armin Meiwes case, but it takes place in Japan and they're Japanese school girls.
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>MC is a businessman
>dead because of truck-kun
>reincarnated as merchant's heir
>goes full capitalism when he takes over his father's business
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download (18).jpg
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If i use this move i'll lose all my powers
What if you punched a person so hard, they became a cute girl?

Then it turns out you are recruited by a gang who can punch people into cute girls. The harder the punch, the cuter the girl, so the experts can punch people into tsundere class presidents and tomboy Christmas cakes and shit.
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Let's up the ante with Genres from a Hat. Each poster has to write a short anime premise based on a genre/setting chosen by the previous poster. For example:
>Middle-school dramedy OVA: Shy student at ninja school tries to stand out from his sneeki breeki peers by dressing in bright colors and learning hokey hand seal magic; is mocked but eventually saves the day, learns a Valuable Lesson About Being Yourself

Next poster has to do
>12-episode crime drama set in post-cyberpunk utopia
I would watch the shit out of that.
>cute girl
punch door was better
I'd rather have Door Punch.
In the dystopian future version of London, debt, crime and violence run rampant across the streets and various districts. Given the high risk of injury and death in being a debt enforcement officer, the Crown Court essentially requested Parliament to legislate a new agency that would be able to mitigate this risk and get the debt one way or another. Thus DEAL(Debt Enforcement Accounting Logistics) is born, with its debt collectors being called Dealers who by request of the Court go and collect unpaid debts by whatever means necessary.

Dealers of DEAL have the power to use force if the debtor fails to comply to requests. They can seize any goods owned or connected to the debtor(family members included), shoot them dead or make them pay with their own organs to settle the debt. Whatever it is, the debt must be settled.

MC is a rookie dealer who just gotten recruited and assigned to Section 0, the team of dealers that get sent out on the most dangerous debt enforcement assignments. Unfortunately being new on the job, MC would have to deal with the pleas, suffering and the breaking up of poor families who really had little to no choice, which gets in the way of settling the debt; even if these debtors would resort to violence to repel dealers

Do the punches alter reality or just the person's mind?
If the debtor is shot dead by a dealer, the dealer is actually taken to court where the creditor can charge DEAL for preventing the debtor to settle his debt. If the court finds the act of killing justified(i.e self defence or that there is no other way to get the debtor to comply), the court will rule that the debt is paid through the debtor's life. If the court sees that the act of killing impedes the debtor from paying debt, compensation by DEAL must be given and it is considered that DEAL is acting in place of the debtor with the dealer(s) who are responsible for killing the debtor having to take on part of this compensation. Sometimes DEAL can transfer the debt to the dealer(s) responsible for the death of the debtor which if the dealer cannot pay the creditor, he would then become a debtor and be hunted down by other dealers if he fails to settle it on time.
>write for me faggots
It's about a nice cyberpunk utopia that while kind to it's citizens, is a ruthless regime to the outside world and make sure it's citizens know nothing of the sort. We have a character from the outside world or possible a machine that's intent on destroying the city, but it can't do it alone. It has friends in the city that have to learn about the real world and actually help the main character/the main character rallies the citizens but then someone betrays the rest like in 300 (the hunch back, basically a griffith) and they all have to fight to survive but end up dying yet inspiring the outside world. This all takes about 6 episodes with 30 minutes, the next season is the ruthless war that follows, imagine ww2 but the Nazis are even more fucked and the whole "rules of war" where you can't do cruel shit is basically out the fucking window, I mean there's just fucked shit everywhere, imagine Russia invading germany at the end of ww2, just rape and pillage and a whole lot of gore. it ends with the main character waking up from a dream (yes I just made you read that to get to this shitty end)
MC is shitty poor nobody who gets hired as a cashier for the most elite supermarket on the planet, where world leaders, superstars and tycoons go to purchase the best products money can buy.
The company prides itself in providing products above all others, with prices to match, and anyone who blames them for over-pricing and questions the quality of their stuff would be proven wrong the moment they got their hands on a piece of the freshest, most succulent fruit on the planet that brings a tear to your eye and makes you feel energized with every bite, or expertly-crafted toilet paper produced with exclusive and secret fiber technology that makes you feel like you're being wiped by angels.
It pays it's employees extremely well, and some live like quasi-celebrities with high-end houses and cars. The work regiment is extremely tough, however, as you must deal with the fickleness of rich people, and most dangerously, scammers and thieves. Any products that go unpaid for will be deduced from the responsible employee's salary. Due to the high price of the products, this can and has left people indebted to the supermarket, at which point they're instantly fired if they cannot pay.

MC doesn't need much, just a month's salary is enough to get his life on track. He must survive one month against difficult customers, thieves and terrible partners in order to have a future at all.
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