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Will we ever get a fifth season, or even some OVAs?

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Will we ever get a fifth season, or even some OVAs?
But there would no more Yoshinoya sensei.
SHAFT only cares about Madoka and Monogatari now.
No, Shaft is too busy milking other series, and Manga Time Kirara Carat is shilling other series like New Game.
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I wish anon, I wish.
>sangatsu got a second season instead of hidamari
Life is unfair.
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I think after all four seasons where we got to know each of the characters so well along with their VAs, I'd think they probably don't want to change Yoshinoya sensei's VA.
The series is as dead as Yoshinoya-sensei.
Here's your reply. You can stop posting that now.
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Sangatsu gets government money, so it was going to happen from the start.
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Please stop trying to make me cry.
I'd love more Hidamari but I honestly don't know how I'd feel about a VA change if they did that. So I can't imagine how the Japanese would feel about that as well.

With Aria as an example, Athena didn't even speak in Avvenire but they were able to have her appear each time because she'd be singing.
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How can someone be so incredibly CUTE
go to bed missing.
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Yuno is a good girl.
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This is a combat veteran tank commander Yuno.
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Good at making our nutbladders aching hurt.
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How wide can you go?
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When Miyu gets back from hiatus, there will be more season.
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>tfw summer clothes soon
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I think one last special introducing Matsuri would be nice.
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>boys in a CGDCT animu

What black sorcery is this
More gags from the guys would've been funny, honestly.
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Please post more gifs. I recently lost my folderfull of wide gifs and only have some.
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I love Nori!
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There are plenty of OVAs. No there won't be another season.
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Worry not Hidamaribros!
We will definitely get more seasons and OVAs
only show i watched twice. i will do a 3rd when i forget about some the episodes
Read the manga too, especially later on there's tons of things the anime missed.
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>Yuno and Miya will soon graduate
>Hiro and Sae have been gone for a while now
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>won't even do calisthenics with the rest of them

That's why Hiro is so chubby.
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Miyako has stolen Yuno's identity.
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Does anyone else like to scribble these in the margins of their notes? It makes me happy to see Yunocchi when I study.
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Best girl.
Yeah, I got insipired from that yunobro thread a few years back. My notebooks have tiny Hidamari's scattered around.
That seems mistranslated. Isn't he saying that he CAN'T see her bra?
If that's really what you want.
Yeah. There's lots of mistranslated lines, especially in the older subs.
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Wide bedroom.jpg
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That's the problems with the batch downloads. Can't tell which subs are good. All of em have their own problems.
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Well, I usually tell people to use R1/the official US release subs, but I guess they look ugly or something.
Good point. Guess I should just buy the DVDs.
At least HT releases have them too, although the subtitle tracks in them are named in a really confusing way.

But I guess buying them works.
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Wide here.jpg
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Been meaning to buy em. Probably gonna order next paycheck or something.
Festa-san deserves more!
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Are there things that Nori can't do with a computer?
Kill yourself for posting this.
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Hide her porn folder
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I love Yuno!
Be glad that you got 4 seasons. Most shows will never even get a second.
Her uncle is bill gates so I imagined she must've had a pretty good life
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More !
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Thread images: 48

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