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Baki Dou 149 translation

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iku wa yo, wa ga naka!

spoiler alert:
danny was [mostly] right

Chapter 149: Hero
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>Narrator: Official Residence of the Prime Minister
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>Abe: What is this...?
>Utsumi: It's a shield.
>N: Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police, Utsumi Shunzou
>A: A shield...
>U: It is a shield used by the riot police.
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>A: I don't have that much time.
>A: Can you be brief?
>U: It was cut by Miyamoto Musashi.
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>A: The recently-reported... that one?
>U: The recently-reported one.
>U: *That* Musashi.
>A: He cut this...
>A: With a katana...?
>U: It uses reinforced acrylic.
>U: Though it cannot stop bullets,
>U: It's not something that can be destroyed by rocks or a bladed weapon.
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>U: But he cut it.
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>U: As if...
>U: It were tofu or butter...
>N: "Huh!?"
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>N: "Huh!?", he thinks.
>N: As he thinks "Huh!?", Prime Minister Abe is suddenly struck.
>N: He knows what this is...

This is nontranslatable, so I'm just going to explain it. The word "huh" here, in Japanese, also means "that [distant] thing". The "this" in the last line of the page means "this [present] thing". On the next page, the word "huh" changes its interpretation to the "that [distant] thing" version.
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>Tokugawa: The production...
>T: Of one human being.
>A: That's it!!!

I hate this language, at any rate.
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>N: He had immediately connected the dots.
>U: Prime Minister...
>U: Uhm...
>A: What an unbelievable thing!!!
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>A: They really...
>A: Made a human!
>N: The conversation from here was brisk.
>N: Seeking license for firearms, that kind of thing...
>N: Skip over all of that.

Oh yeah, one more nontranslatable - the kanji for "Abe" are different, so it's an equivalent of the whole "Barack Ozama" thing, or whatever.
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>N: The incident's 'level'...
>N: Sprung up drastically.
>A: Everyone...
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>A: Police forces and riot forces...
>A: Being easily overtaken.
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>A: Such a shameful thing...
>A: Absolutely must not be seen by the citizens!!!
>A: And, by the citizens - no,
>A: By the world - That man...
>A: That Miyamoto Musashi...
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>N: Officially permitted!
>A: Absolutely must not be called a hero!!!
>N: By the Emperor's signature!
>N: The power of the police was let loose.
>N: Anti-Special Weapon Armoured Car
>N: The strongest armoured car for the purpose of "Anti-Terror".

The 'called a hero' line is in the volitional case; being more literal, it's "Absolutely must not be made to be called a hero!!", but that sounds and reads awful.
Does Dou have any complete arcs yet? i don't wanna start an arc i can't finish.
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>N: Already, this equipment...
>N: Is on the level of "military arms".
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>N: Special Tactical Assault Team, STAT
>N: Of course...
>N: These are not rubber bullets.

Surprisingly, the English is 100% right.

>Does Dou have any complete arcs yet?
Technically, yes. We haven't fully scanlated that arc yet, though. Give it like 2 weeks or so, I think.
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>Musashi: Excess, again...
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Character of the Week: Yashazaru!

And there I was, thinking that they'd run out of Characters of the Week...

End chapter.
oh that is fantastic news dude. what chapter is the last of the arc?
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I don't want to oversell it to you - in that it's more of a pseudo-arc. Musashi is still, clearly, the main villain. If you were hoping for some climax to *that*, we're all still waiting with bated breath. The "Protection Arc", as I'm going to call it, ends at chapter 134.

Still no fucking news on the anime, though...
Well i'm pretty desperate for more Baki so i'll probably end up reading that, pseudo be damned.

What's that about an anime? they doing more than that convicts ova?
The OAD is supposed to be a teaser for an upcoming full-on anime adaptation of [at least] the Convict Arc. However, after the OAD (which came out at the beginning of December), the magazine has only acknowledged the supposed anime twice. Both of those acknowledgements are just lines on the first page of Baki Dou which say "anime decided", and literally nothing else. So we're in the dark about it, in general.
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Ah - for those who are interested, we released Dou 116 yesterday, and Dou 117 is being uploaded as we speak. Thought I ought to let you all know here, since it's needless to check the site every few days.
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>jap police force on par with most military
Military arms, not a military. Very different concepts.
don't even try making sense of this poor writing
really makes you think
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Thread images: 22

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