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ITT: Plots that would generate easy money.

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Good morning anons.
I'd post Keit-Ai but got banned last time I did.
A mod falls in love with a meme.
Augmented reality mmo with guns and a harem, also a vampire waifu somewhere
Beta MC's one sole power is the ability to always win against females.
A normal dudes lives a normal life, until he gets kicked in his balls by life.
He does something stupid at first, get even lower in life. Start seeing some hopes for the futures, and start his journey.
He'll see from time to time a big boobed beauty for some reasons, or even fall in love with her. because why not.

Then, after getting to know the basis of the world, he'll start getting some deeper understanding of what the reality actually is, that things weren't as they seemed to be. He'll meet a lot of random people, allies or enemies, with different points of views, and often focused on one precise issue at the start.
Then, he'll get some philosophical understanding of what solutions can be used to get closer to his goals, and his friends/people's goals. And he'll fight as hard as possible to make something good happen for both him, and humanity/his big boobed friend/an animal or some shit.
And while fighting is hardest, he'll get kicked in, understand something, come back in and kick them with the help of the people he's trying to help.
Then, he'll get a last, deep philosophical understanding that closes his journey, by loosing something he wanted at the start, but getting way more than he could imagine.

rate it.
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Augmented reality but Keit-ai.

So it's Keit-A.I.
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How about an anime neet gets transported into a video-game world where there are a bunch of hot anime chicks. Heres the twist: even in the videogame world it's still a highschool slice of life based around a wacky afterschool club where the members just do random shit instead of having any sort of hobby.
A noir style mystery featuring modern samurai in technologically advanced setting.
Throw in a not-too-obtrusive loli just in case.
I was about to say "nice Rival Schools you've got there", but then you said no hobbies

My proposal: Northern gods battle shonen with some magical lolis for good measure
An otaku is transported into the world of an anime where he has to fight to become the main character and not be relegated to a supporting one.

He falls in love with the main girl and interjects when the love story or other antics start to occur.

Eventually he realises that as in the real world, his own faults are keeping him from becoming the main character of his own life.
>five violent delinquents terrorize a school
>they wage war on each other and anyone stupid enough to get in their way
>lots of collateral damage
>a very important government official visits the school
>the delinquents end up in a brawl
>the five of them simultaneously accidentally punch the government official at the exact same time
>they realize throwing the kids in jail would just turn them into even more violent and hardened criminals
>instead the five of them are sentence to an all girls finishing school where they must dress like girls and get in touch with their feminine sides in hopes counterbalancing their delinquent sides
>they all end up befriending and falling in love with the same girl
>the girl hates delinquents but is willing to put up with the boys because she thinks they sincerely want to change their ways
>they now wage a new war with each other, a silent war to see who can the the most prim and proper young lady to win their love interest's heart
The story is about a new virtual reality competitive e-sports FPS. Here's the catch, the show will be 100% authentic with their gun porn. They'll license real world gun manufacturers. The protagonist will give monologues about how the mechanism for each gun works and a brief history of the gun if applicable. Also all the characters are cute girls. So cute girls shooting each other with 100% realistic guns.
this is just stupid enough to work
MC is a lesbian that cross-dresses.
Her love interest is a trap.
Her father is bara.
Her mother is a cake.
All immigrants are furries.
Her friends are incredibly straight but there are just enough misunderstandings to bait fujoshits.
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This is good but I think this could be better
>1 delinquent terrorizes a school, graffiti, fights, skipping classes, drunkeness, sexual harrassment.
>A quirky old dude government official visits the school and the delinquent accidentally punches the guy (we dont want him to seem so horrible that he's not self insert)
>the government dude punishes him by sending him to an all girls school where he dresses like a girl.
>4 main girls.
>1 is the love interest, who is a lesbian, our MC is trying to get into a lesbian relationship with her.
>2 is the rival, also a lesbian who is in love with 1
>3 is in love with MC and knows he's a guy
>4 is the tsundere who is in love with MC and is close friends with 1 & 2 and finds out that MC is a guy causing trouble.

Its a generic romance a la toradora.
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It's a slice of life cgdct sports anime about Japan's women's hockey team. They spend time training to be their very best and grow as a team and also friends. Then they actually start playing games and get utterly annihilated by 6'0" Nordic giants because real life is not an anime.
Another UC gudam.

Easy money.
It's a fantasy anime with dragons and princesses that is a 1: 1 retelling of WW2. Not vaguely sorta inspired by WW2, every single event that happens on the show can be traced back to a major event that happened in WW2 to the point that if you're a history buff you will know exactly how every episode is going to turn out.
I write novellas, that are really influenced by anime I have watched. Kinda like light novels, only better.
>y/u/ri schoolgirl anime
>has actual, undeniable yuri romance
>girls all pair up, confessions happen, dates occur, kiss and hand holding
>one day one of the girls is missing
>found out that she 'became straight' and got herself a boyfriend
>the girl's 'girlfriend' as devastated and the yuri group was outraged that she betrayed the purest form of love and confronted her
>ex-lesbian apologize for not saying anything and explained that she had grown out of the phase and then announced that she's officially leaving the group.
>eventually one by one the girls realized what the 1st leaver said was actually true
>many years later, the original yuri group reunited, married with husbands and have kids
>they reminisce the good old days and laughed at how yuri was silly and was just a phase in their teenage life
I hope this becomes reality, and Shaft is the one to pick it up. I hope they ruin your vision.
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then they fuk
A near-apocalyptic event introduced to the world the concept of (some generic name copied from mythology). Using (s.g.n.c.f.m), it's possible for ordinary plebs to become superhuman. In the present day, (s.g.n.c.f.m) is mostly used for fun.

Our average friendly neighborhood MC enrolls in a school that's all about (s.g.n.c.f.m). Oh my, it's his first day, yet it looks like he's already going to be late! Talk about giving a bad first impression! Taking a shortcut through the sewers, he ends up barging into the female students' changing room, where a hot, busty redhead is getting ready for the opening ceremony by stripping her uniform for no real reason! Our frantically apologizing MC trips on a banana peel and ends up fondling her boobs! Tehehe! Blushing, the busty redhead angrily slaps him silly. I don't think anything more is needed to sell over 9000 copies. There's also some tournament shit going on or whatever.
I read this manga but the manga dead after about 2-3 chapter. It's a harem but the boy is gay. The manga title is if I'm no wrong.
>I'm the main character of harem manga but I'm gay so everyday is hell for me.
Droid Scrapyard

In the far future our everyman protagonist is a highschool dropout who does not qualify for any kind of job other than garbage disposal and recycling.

He works at a scrapyard that specializes in robots and cybernetics. Every episode starts with him coming across a still working android and building a relationship with them throughout the episode.

In some cases he fixes them up in his spare time and resells them wholly intact for extra cash and for the joy of knowing he saved them from the hydraulic press.

In other cases he helps them deal with the concept of death as a machine and acts to help them when it comes to shutting off or getting smashed.

In a select few cases he recruits them to help him manage the scrapyard and they become regular characters.
>MC is a normal middle baseballboy
>come with full set of childhood crush and a closet homo best friend
>live with single mom
>mom die
>he turn into a girl
>strange man who claim to be his dad show up
>tell him/her that his mom used to be magical girl
>she want a son so she turn MC into a boy
>now the MC has to go fight some evil demon to absorb their magic so he can remain as a guy
>turn out it was all a ruse and the more magic he has in his body the more girly MC become
>the "dad" was actually his closet homo friend all along who been trying to turn MC into a girl
>his childhood crush is actually his cousin but turn out to be a guy who turn female
Do they cry??? I like my straight boys to cry
A NEET otaku is transported to another world where he enrolls as the first male in an all kemonomimi girls magic school, with rankings. He has some OP power for some reason.
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something something isekai something evil character something babby's simicity

No but seriously, it's a wonder why we haven't seen one of these stories getting ported to anime.
story isn't that important just gotta tell it a certain way and it'll be undeniably good
Idols being idols
Lolis doing cute things.
Mechas in lolis
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An anime where the mc gets stranded in africa and becomes a savage to survive.
An anime about politics with actual politicians
the politicians are lolis
Magical traps
A fantasy comedy adventure with Kemono girls. Lots of fanservice ofc
A (big breasted, ridiculously strong, stupidly loyal, socially unaware mysterious virgin) girl falls in love with a loner NEET and pledges her life.

Then you either put them in space, midieval fantasy, or current era.
The wacky adventures of black-sama, a black guy with no name for some reason who's only power is to transform into a white guy. For a limited time.

In the first episode he joins a white supremacist organization by accident. He's pretty stupid
So like clayton bigsby the black white supremacist

But that guy was blind. This is just one one iq point away from down syndrome
>Producing anime to make money.
Reason why most animes suck
Retard wants to be the greatest (insert something here) in the world.
"Why Is My Isekai Adventure Just Summoning Crazy Chuuni Schoolgirls From Other Dimensions?"

An anime fanboy but otherwise normal Japanese highschool student discovers he has a strange ability when he is confronted by a magical beast from another world. He summons to his aid... a rather normal looking schoolgirl, who proceeds to speechify in a flowery, kind of crazy way before she busts out a giant dragon of black lightning to obliterate the beast. As the boy talks to her, he soon realizes she's completely nuts; an utter chuunibyou case, she never had any powers before. But now, thanks to him summoning her to his world, she has gained magic abilities matching her delusions.

Over the course of the show he summons a combat harem of deluded crazy schoolgirls who inherit magical powers thanks to being summoned by him. The final battle with the summoner of the magical beasts reveals the truth the boy is secretly from another world, it's why he's being targeted. Season 2 will feature the boy and his harem returning to his home dimension and exploring it for his real parents.
A husband and futanari wife going on a globe-trotting vacation as a belated honeymoon. To spice up their marriage, they often try to have sex in public, often taking turns on who takes the lead.
Would watch
>at jhs
>MC confessed a girl
>she laughed at that
>he just smiled
>not long after that, MC moved to another country
>after years, he goes back and attends in certain university
>he physically changes a lot
>he becomes a playboy, fuck around while maintaining his grade and business
>one day he finds a girl the one who laughed at him
>he flirts her and she falls in love with him
>a week after they becomes a lover, he dumps her
>feeling satisfied with the result, he overjoys, but he feels empty now
>still does the same, like night partying and having fun with girls
>at evening on certain days, he finds a little girl (around 9 y'o) at the park, he goes there and asks why she is in there
>she says that she's with her older sister, but now she gets lost
>he decides to help her
>an hour later, they find her sister. Casually ask them to go home with him, the older sister tries to decline him but the little sister wants it (since she becomes his friend or someshit) so they go home together with the MC
>their home is old, but he feels comfort at that place
>looking him like that, the little sister asks him to come here again
>he says yes
>he later comes often there, joking with the little sister and older sister, eating together, celebrating events together except when the family calls him over
>one day his family knows what he does, and meet the older sister. After a long conversation, his mom thinks that she's fine
>the MC finds out that his mom meets the older sister and protests it, but she says she's a fine girlfriend to him yet
>he just laughs at it because he thinks she's joking and at least they're okay with he plays at the sisters' home
>and event by event happens
>he falls in love with the older sister
>he confesses it
>there's a bit drama about it (muh from poor family and you're from rich family)
>in the end they becomes a lover
I actually just want to focus on the comfiness of the story, but every story needs an ending after all.
You made it shit.
Would give it a try
>mc is a 16 years old with an edgy metalhead phase
>he is a guitarist in an edgy metal band
>while they were holding a concert with other metalhead fans
>everyone got isekai'ed to a generic rpg fantasy world to fight isekai'ed demonic versions of famous guitarists and rock bands eg"metalica,king crimson,queen..ect"
>our edgy mc rpg class is a bard
>he became enraged when he discover that he canot use swords or arms since he is a bard
>soon he discovers that he has to beat these demonic famous guitarists in a guitar battle to take their guitars
>each guitar is like a magical staff that plays the owner songs
>each song is a magic spell related to the lyrics,title or band
>for example playing "another brick in the wall" using a pink floyd guitar will generate walls around the user ,playing "comfortably numb" would make stupid or tired demons sleep
>playing "killing the dragon" with dio guitar would sommon a dragon to help mc
>with countless trial and error our mc has to observe the demons and learn their song before batteling them
>his goal is to become the devil himself and the best guitarist in this world
>he joins a guild with other isekai'ed kids
>the mage who is a nihilist crazy emo girl who cut herself to use blood magic and sacrefice rituals
>the warrior is a silent kid who wears long trench coat and sunglasses and a fedora his weapon is a katana he calls it "the death god blade" he only talks in cringy one liners and anime referances
>the archer who is an angry /v/ redneck school shooter his weapons are dual guns
>the theif who is an arabic transfer student he is friends with the redneck his weapons are bombs and knives he wants to spread sharia law in the new world also has to slay demons
>now mc has to beat demons while keeping his friends from destroying each other and the world
>last boss is james ronnie dio the god of this world
>lol I trol /u/
This exists, at least as one shot manga.
>Closet Homo
>Want him to stay as a girl
Which one?
Idol Anime/Battle Highschool show in which the Battle of the Bands means real battles as Idol girls with superhuman abilities fueled by fame and the fervor of their fans duke it out to be the highest rated act in the country. The Female lead, a Pyrokinetic who generates pure heat energy which she uses to create thermobaric explosions and to generate lift allowing her to swoop around in her idol costumes specially designed carbon-fiber wingsuit extensions, follows her dream of becoming "Number One, With a Bullet" by defeating her competition any way she can. Along the way she does battle with other bands, fights a bitter rival, falls in and out of love, and champions the power of Rock and Goddamn Roll, all set to a fucking blistering barrage of covers of classic 70's and 80's rock tunes.

Each opening to he show would be different, highlighting alternately the MC's band, Fire of Unknown Origin, or one of her rival bands who each use different kinds of music, cold-opening into the battle proper for a few minutes, before flashing back to tell the story of how they got there. The ending theme would be Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll covered by Jam Project with Masami Okui on Lead Vocals.
High school lewd harem waifushit where the MC has the power of being utterly oblivious about the girls constant advances on him.
A high school girl is abducted by aliens. They tell her she's actually an alien herself, a potential heir to the throne of a vast interstellar empire. Her father was the emperor who visited the Earth for a vacation since it was developed enough to have entertaining things to do, but had no contact with other worlds and thus wouldn't recognize him, meeting her mother then. They inform her that her father is dead, killed by her older sister who is trying to seize the throne. Her other siblings are fighting her, and the empire is thus thrown into the chaos of a succession war. As a potential heir, MC and by extension Earth are targets. The aliens took her to get her off of Earth. They give her a choice, announce that she has no interest in the throne and return to Earth, which will lower, but not remove the threat to her and the planet, or come with them and attempt to take the throne for herself.
girls battling it out to become "national idols" is a brutal and emotional survival reality show
One? There's actually a lot of yuri manga which ends up with the girls marrying guys.
Here's one, there are more that I can't remember the name of.
>what if Chobits was actually good
I like it.
This is already a thing, but with idols instead of lolis
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>"I Was Overthrown By A Chuuni Student (And My Rebellious Harem)!"
An evil overlord in a fantasy kingdom is overthrown by a revolution lead by an isekai protagonist and the harem he "rescued" from the overlord. The overlord must re-consolidate his power and retake his kingdom before the clueless but plot-armored "hero" runs it into the ground.
Eventually, the villain figures out that while the hero's plot armor protects him from actual defeat, it won't protect him from accidental death, and arranges an "accident" just like how the hero was sent to the kingdom in the first place.
Door Holders

Men used to be the ones always holding the doors, consequently the one who holds the door holds power and thus women remained peasants.

Our story begins in a medieval kingdom, a British woman called Chinatsu Suutsuki bumps into a carpenter, the carpenter picks up his things and hits Chinatsu before proceeding to his workshop.

However he forgot one thing, his door holding license.

As an obedient girl she tries to return it but must dress up as a boy to pass through a dangerous street.

One thug runs towards her to mug her, but she is faster, she grabs and opens the door, the thug was of low status among men so the only polite thing to do would be to walk through.

Turns out that her power was to make trap doors when she holds them, but she has to be fully disguised for it to work.

The thug gang gangs up on her and beats her unconscious.

She awakes in a cart and is sold to a Prince, the Prince was looking for a good body double with powers to negotiate in his place.

She gets into fights with many door holders as she enacts justice in the Prince's name.

She begins to wonder why a common woman like her is fighting for one of the most powerful people of Britain.

One day when they meet she calls him a coward.

The Prince confesses, when he was younger he accidentally a eunuch himself, ever since then he lost his powers.

He wants to eventually become the Eunuch King and print out more door holding licenses, as he understands how it must feel for common people without door holding licenses.

On the day he rules supreme he prints out all the door holding licenses, although this causes hyper inflation, if anyone can hold doors then it is nothing special.

Angels descend to punish the humans for stepping out of divine order.

Chinatsu goes MLG sniper with a crossbow, whenever an Angel holds a door she shoots it down, crosshairs are everywhere.

The Prince orders the destruction of all doors in the land to stop Angels from coming through.

>reddit spacing
Detective Samurai Jack?
>not-too-obtrusive loli just in case
Fuck that, make her the gumshoe!
A girl falls in love with a boy. However, the boy is gay as fuck. She resolves to show him the right path by forcing him into various cliched romance anime scenarios.
One day, when the MC was in elementary school student, lost the ability to see colors aside from grayscale. Doctors could never detect the cause of this condition. This had an averse effect on MC and he lived his life in a lethergic haze until one day he met a lively girl with hair all colors of the rainbow. Intrigued, he approaches her and asks about her hair color. She responds by dragging him around town aimlessly. She has him do senseless tasks while lecturing him on random topics. Every episode ends with him being able to see a new color related to his actions. One day he gains brown after a mishap with dog droppings.
The range of authentic guns those cute girls could actually fire would be rather narrow. Without padding or some other kind of assistance, a Barret would shatter their collarbones.
The last door in existence leads to God.

Chinatsu holds it open for the Prince, just before the Prince steps in she leans in closer.

She licks the Prince and unsheathes a Fedora placing it on his head.

Time to kill God.

"Send the Prince, I have naught the will to talk to a young lass like you"

"I am the Prince mother fucker" tips fedora *teleports behind God* unsheathes the holy zweihander.

"Psh, even I have more balls than God"

But it failed God is everywhere so teleport behind is impossible.

"I will have to use THAT" the Prince says

Tosses fedora at God, rebounds back like a boomerang, from within the fedora two spheres pop up, the Prince's long lost testicles which stored up several years of power.

They explode, 8 years of glop ooze over God and the Prince.

However it came at a price, everything does, the semen density prevented input and output to God's realm, forever more the Prince would live in a sea of semen.
for whatever reason, /x/ tier occult/magic stuff surges in popularity between highschoolers, and plenty of them find out that most of it actually works and begin to try and learn more and more about it

however, the already established secret magic community that has already been practising their traditions for hundreds of years view this as a sort of heresy, leading to a war between the new and old magic users that has to be hidden out of sight from all normals
oppai loli slice of life
easy dosh
more like, he starts fucking with the story thinking he could become the lead male, but the story fights back and he slowly realizes that he can't change an already written story.
Isekai high school incest battle harem shounen romantic comedy psych thriller about a Hikki-NEET with a hidden power fueled by the power of friendship
set when? like between a period of relative peace?
i'd want to see that, small raiding parties and shit like between 0080 and 0083
It'd be a real back and forth:
>Ancient magic wins a battle because they have experience and knowledge
>New magic wins a battle because the old magic lacks imagination and flexibility of thought

>straight arrow guy working at a dept. store saves an old man from an attempted murder
>old man is boss of the strongest Yakuza group
>as a thanks for saving his life Yakuza boss offers to let him marry his daughter MC accepts
>Daughter is 12 years old loli
>she was trained since brith to be the perfect wife
>they marry, generic echii romcom hijinks ensue with the girl wanting to have sex with they guy and the guy don't wanting to become a criminal
>by episode 6 anime pulls a madoka, revealing the backstory of the girl and how fucked up her life was, her grandfather (yakuza boss' dad) forcerd Yakuza boss to train the girl because they didn't have a heir, when MC saved boss and saw how of a straight arrow he saw the opportunity to save his daughter life.
>MC and girl flee with the help of boss they are pursued by other yakuza who want the girl, MC unwillingly starts killing the pursuers one by one.
>in the end he kills the rival yakuza boss and fake their own death they flee to a generic the country
>MC ended up with PTSD and a huge scar on his face
>final scene is the MC preparing a bento for the girl who is now a highschool student

>TV Ending (Happy) Girl comes back from school and find MC crying she hugs him and they kiss

>BluRay special ending Girl forgot her bento so MC bring it to the school, he finds her holding hand with a guy looking really happy, MC smiles and calls for her and the credits roll
Truck kun's ancestor, cart-ojisan
The mother of the Chosen One has to support the Chosen One but doesn't want them to feel inadequate so they do so candidly.
Title: Ze Hat

A series based/inspired heavily by old Jackie Chan films and other Hong Kong action flicks

MC's name is Jun Ree (named after martial artist Jhoon Goo Rhee) which does sound a little bit like a girls name in retrospect which could be a small running joke
in the series. As for martial arts he's quiet capable, but the thing is he looks and somewhat acts like a good damn idiot while fighting (hence the Jackie Chan part)
so everyone initially underestimates him. Other than that the only other thing set in stone about him is that he wears a blue baseball type hat which is how we get the tittle of the series (if it sounds like a stupid reason, that's the point).

The main story centers around Jun Ree doing odd jobs around the city/slums of Not Hong Kong each bring its own 2-3 episode mini arc, some are original and some are heavily borrowing the plot from old Hong Kong movies with the connection between them is the hat wearing sorry excuse for a main character is involved in some way be it major or minor whether it be because of a job in order to make a quick buck, roped in against his will, or just plain bad luck.
An anime about Taylor Swift's childhood fiend who she wrote all her songs about. Childhood friend starts a band. The vocalist has a crush on him but he's too stupid to notice. Vocalist ends up getting hit by a truck. Her face is horribly disfigured by the accident. She ends up getting facial reconstructive surgery and it turns out she was Katy Perry all along.
I'm actually surprised more isekaishit hasn't been greenlit. You'd think it'd be easy money to just grab some random wn from the top 10 and bam, SAO money.
A bunch of memeing retards on the internet accidentally resurrect an ancient chaos god back into existence. Chaos god easily takes over the world. But to make things interesting, he decides to give the world a chance to fight back, because he's the chaos god and all. He turns two of these memeing retards into the personification of popular memes, one is a frog man and the other is some kind of albino cancer patient. Together they scour the world to find their fellow memesters and build a meme army, each soldier personifying a minor meme.
The daily life of President Donald Trump.
>Mobile Suit Gundam White Wolf

300 years near the end of the Sol Age where the various human factions united after years of constant wars, humanity managed for the first time go beyond the boundaries of the Solar System and discover new worlds. The Celestial Age began and the Terran Federation came into being, resulting in a new era of peace, prosperity and progress.

However, with time, the Federation grew more and more corrupt. This resulted in heavy taxation and oppression of the colonies furthest on the edges of Federation space. Thus 300 years since humans traveled beyond their home system, war has come back and the War of Stars begun. The colonies tried to fight the Federation and their Mobile Suits, yet they could barely fight them...that was until an unexpected turn of events occurred.

The Deaths-Head Legion, once the most loyal and battle-lusting soldiers of the Federation, turned against it and fought on behalf of the colonies after witnessing how rotten and atrocious it became. The Deaths-Head soldiers cut bloody swathes of ill-prepared Federation forces, yet ultimately perished due to attrition and traitors in their midst. Their sacrifice however, gave the colonies the time to develop their own weapons and win their independence, forming thus a unified front and dividing the Terran Federation into the Inner Sphere Federation and Outer Sphere Alliance.

20 years passed since the end of the war. Ragnarr Radulf is a simple Hydrophonics Farmer living with his adopted son Rand and daughter Alf on the ice colony of Silf. The two simply want to live a quiet life, yet their peace is shattered when the colony is attacked by an unknown MS force. Little did anyone know that Ragnarr is in fact not human, but a gynoid who is a extension of a machine that was one of the few top powerful Mobile Suits in the Deaths-Head Legion. The legendary Gundam White Wolf. And this sentient Mobile Suit will fight so that he and his family can live peacefully.
AKA: Gundam Viking Werewolf with a mind of his own and who was part of a badass, batshit army takes in a pair of kids and wants to live peacefully. Problem is that his past doesn't want him to forget it and a lot of people are gunning for him and his kids.
an experienced old guy dies and is reborn in a fantasy world where all the girls want him and trouble looms on the horizon but doesnt appear until he's of age

man this is so inspiring I cant bring myself to finish it
Ahh, the timeless classic Trampu no Nichijou
The epitome of SOL political comedy
Terraformars is close enough.
The entire world unilaterally agrees to cease physical military conflicts. In place of traditional warfare, war is now fought in a virtual world/video game. Everyone agrees that it's just cheaper this way and it could save a lot of lives in the process. The stakes are just as high, if not higher. Countries are now sending their best players to wage a digital war against other countries on a daily basis. Winners get anything ranging from control of precious resources like oil, to outright annexing entire countries. In this world, war gamers become a lucrative profession, highly respected in society. The story focuses on the members of a high school war club. High schools pit their war clubs against each other on an amateur level, the most talented players going on to turn pro and represent their country in the real thing. The MC happens to be the young brother of a successful player for Japan's national team. His brother is called the One Man Army because he doesn't play well with his team mates, and he's skilled enough to win battles on his own. MC on the other hand isn't as naturally skilled on his own, but he values teamwork and friendship making him a highly capable leader. MC makes it his mission in life to prove to his brother that his style of playing is superior to his brother's selfish style.
It's an anime about a filthy degenerate fujoshit. But instead of romanticizing the lifestyle, it's just one humorless painfully depressing scene after another. There's nothing endearing or quirky about her. She doesn't redeem herself in the end.
Pull a Neville Longbottom.

Story about some prophecy child that everyone knows and thinks is the chosen one.
With one side character that only gets enough screen time to dangle somewhere between side and main character. All prophecies also can be applied to him.

At first the falsely "chosen" does good, but at some point the missions or whatever slowly start to nearly go wrong with the real chosen one saving the day.

False chosen gets a character arc about coming to terms with not being the big hero.
Final episode the false chosen fully realizing that the other one is the hero of prophecy and telling him ( Make it kinda touching, but not gay ) Real chosen resolves the over arching plot defeat Voldemort, Ganondorf, Bowser or what have you.
>average MC in highschool, hit by truck-kun, suffer brain damage but survived.
>All of a sudden, you have telepathic abilities, use hence abilities to take advantage in tests, get instant grades, make money in gambling, win debates and running for student council.
>Then MC realize he can make much money and started an absurd and most ludicrous business by being a private investigator exclusively for couples who suspect their partner of cheating, that includes married ones.
>Now MC goes on a journey to seek any NTR activities, conducting stakeouts and recording AVs and make extra money uploading it to the industry.
>At the end business is booming as MC becomes the best investigator in nippon.
>MC decides to call himself a nickname L
>Heroic white knight goes on a quest to save the princess from the evil bandit lord
>Knight reached the bandit stronghold and kills many bandit minions to reach the bandit lord
>When knight finally reached the bandit lord, he sees the bandit lord fucking the princess, who was mindbroken after being raped by the bandits everyday until she became an obedient cum dump who cannot live without dicks
>Bandit lord grew tired of the princess and decides to give her back to the Knight and is willing to ignore the fact that the knight killed many of his minions
>Knight refuses leave and demands that he and the bandit lord fight
>After a fierce duel, knight have the upper hand and is about to kill the bandit lord but the princess jump in the way to protect the bandit lord and was killed by the knight
>knight dismayed and the bandit lord turned the table and kill the knight

>turns out the bandit lord is the MC
>MC gathers the surviving bandits and goes on to pillage villages, caravans and harbor. Kidnapping children to be so the boys will be trained to be bandits of fucking their boipussy and girls be either sold as slaves or rape fodder, women are captured for rape fodder or slavery.
Sometime in the 2020's, all written language vanishes from the Earth. The event, called Grapheme Babel, eliminated all writing, all literature, all computer code from the earth, and distorted the human mind rendering it unable to grasp written languages. Anything more complex than simple hatch marks for counting becomes incomprehensible.

Thrown into chaos, the world is dragged through destruction, emerging on the other side with cultures reborn from the ash of the old world. It's been more than a hundred years since Grapheme Babel, and the peace of the new world is about to be shattered again. Without warning, young men and women began being born with great knowledge. It usually began appearing slowly in childhood, manifesting in full at around age 10-15. Each of these people, now known as Cyphers, are born with the complete knowledge of one or more books embedded in their mind: they can call up passages at will with perfect memory, know the meaning of words and phrases that no longer exist in the New World, and can write it down... though the only people who can read are other Cyphers. Chaos consumes the world again as different governments and organizations move to seize Cyphers. Some want to study them, to discover how they have these abilities, some want to harness their knowledge of the old world science and philosophy, others want to stamp out these Cypher as abominations; written language was driven from humanity for our hubris and greed, how dare they try to seed the world with it again?

Against this backdrop, a young Cypher boy is born with a single work, The Adventures of Huck Finn, in his mind... yet, his knowledge is incomplete: he's missing the last few chapters in his mind. He sets out on a journey with a small band of allies to explore the world and, one way or another, find an ending to his story.
>Virtual reality
>Instead of players being stuck in game, game comes into real world.
>Well also players get to keep their abilities. >NPCs, mobs and bosses appear in random places, world goes to shit.
>IRL weapons even nuclear bombs turn out to be useless against high level mobs and even players

I also have fuck ton ideas for plot but those are too autistic to share
An dark comedy about a normal girl on the cusp of puberty trying to resist her genetic compulsion to be a huge chuuni. However, due to her status as the daughter of the 4 horse men of the Apocalypse and an semi-insane maniac cultist and the Anti-Christ, this task is very hard
>story starts when father arrives in town after a long absence. Naturally, as he is the king of the chuunis, he does not tell her the reason why. In fact, he pays more attention to her best friend than her
>protagonist is disquieted by his behavior and traits she shares with him, tries to do everything in her power to surpress the chuuni-ness
>attempts to surpress churning-ness include enlisting her friends to preform an exorcism on her, getting really into rap music, and becoming the town preist's apprentice
>all attempts fail, protagonist to indulge in chuuni instincts as comfort, in turn causing protag to become depressed about situation and future attempts to become more desperate
>also, town priest uses protag as a gopher and free labour
>one day, while fetching something for town preist, protag learns about what her father does
>completely looses it and embraces the edge, signs a contract with equivalent of Yog-Sothoth, beats crap out of dad, eventually sealing him a demon's stomach
>however guilt causes protag to unseal father, father apologizes and reveals to protag reason for long absence, that he did not want for his chuuni-ness to corrupt her, but realized that was incredibly stupid and offers to take daughter on a trip to properly manage it
>daughter accepts apology, final
scene of them departing
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It's a generic fanservice show disguised as a character study about how the girls developed their very specific fetish through a series ot traumatic events and/or their best memories.
For example, a girl likes to put her toes in the MC's mouth because she used to be a ballet dancer whose feet were in constant pain and she was relieved when she came home and played with her dog, who licked her feet to comfort her. Pretty much like that but more detailed and emotional. Being their fetish is never specified.
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2MB, 1280x738px
Do you mean kemono as in Kemono Friends or kemono as in animu-style furry?
Double Effect

The sudden manifestation of espers in the 1980s had changed the world forever as government policies with their powers being a potential asset and threat to security. As a result, dual streams of thought developed as to integrate the use of espers in various fields and in the area of military technology, use them as a weapon and create weapons that can counter them.

In Singapore, its status as a research and educational hub meant that it would have one of the highest concentrations of espers in the city state. This also made the city a hazard with various espers committing criminal acts around the city.

MC, a high school student was considered as a normal without any form of psychic ability. An incident one day where he witnessed a woman getting mugged in an alleyway however manifested his esper ability, to be able to see the trajectory of projectiles, which allowed him to subdue the mugger by hurling his phone onto his head, knocking him out.

Since that incident, an idea popped into MC's mind about becoming a hero in a city plagued with various criminals. But as MC would find out, being a hero is much more complicated as he is forced to deal with the fact that the police considers him a threat acting outside the law and the morality of having to take a life should the situation calls for it.

As the series progresses, MC would become more brutal, using airguns at first to subdue criminals, to using pistols to disable criminals which at times even cause him to kill and eventually to the use of twin submachine guns and various grenades.

Various anti esper weaponry also exist at the disposal of police from specialized grenades that can emit special waves to disrupt the esper's brain activity temporarily to the use of specialized powered suits as a buff.
The main character is a silent, lonely androgynous waifu stuck in a pocket dimension where the world is nearly identical to our world, except she appears to be the only resident.
When she goes to school, she's the only one in the halls, she's sitting in an empty classroom, she's the only one in the cafeteria, she's the only one in the gymnasium, but still goes about her day almost as if it's populated.
When she's out and about, she passes by empty cars littering the streets, watches kites suspended in the air at parks, observes airplanes hovering in the skies unmoving, leaves money on the empty counters of convenience stores that seem to inexplicably restock themselves.
When she returns home in the evenings, Supper is already prepared but nobody's there, the TV's always on but people are nonexistent on the screen.
Although the MC's almost entirely silent save for a few instances, she expresses great loneliness, especially because whenever she looks into a reflection, be it puddles, glass, or mirrors, the world appears populated and functioning normally. Whenever she sees reflections in her house, she sees herself, and a happy family she never knew. Whenever she sees reflections at her school, she observes herself and friends she'll never meet, and so on. The series almost buidls up to something spectacular and mindblowing but ends anti-climatically and the MC remains alone.
Half naked magical idol lolis riding holy mechs fight aliens.
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>Girl forgot her bento so MC bring it to the school, he finds her holding hand with a guy looking really happy, MC smiles and calls for her and the credits roll
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A boy sees a girl changing in the men's room of a restaurant, thinks she's being a klutz, tells his best friend about it back in school.

It turns out that his best friend was actually the crossdressing "girl" he met back in the men's room.
>MC is a massive purityfag who would scream in rage and burn all anime/manga/idol/VA merchandise if he finds out that the anime/manga main heroine is not a virgin or had a boyfriend other than MC and/or calling the idol/VAs used goods/sluts if they are not virgin/have boyfriends/married
>When MC stumbled upon the ideal girl IRL, it's basically love in first sight
>spent time and energy to win her heart and was successfully
>turns out her father is a power CEO business who has partnership in the government and in the underground and he will officially DELETE MC into non-existence if he mistreats his daughter
>Eventually MC marries his waifu and they both on a honeymoon
>On the first night of the honeymoon, MC and waifu finally performs the consummation of marriage and have sex in missionary position for the purpose of procreation while holding hands
>MC noticed that his penis is able to enter his waifu's vagina very easily, no resistance, no pain, no hymen, no blood etc
>MC now realized throughout the time he spent dating her, he never once asked the most important question in his life, "Is she a VIRGIN?"
>Waifu finally reveals the truth to MC, she was victim of sexual abuse and torture when she was kidnapped as a loli, when she brought this up now because MC never asked until now
>Being a purityfag, MC became furious that he lost his virginity and his purity defiled to a second hand, used good, filthy slut and screams in incoherent rage as beats her
>This triggers the masochist in the waifu from the rape, abuse and torture she received as a child and she loved every second of it as MC hits her
>MC is also pissed that he can't divorce this slut because her dad is a powerful man and will DELETE him if he tries to divorced her
>Thus begins the newly wed life of an abusive purityfag MC and his submissive masochist waifu

Broken Matt Hardy as slut's father
high school SOL where philosophers are reincarnated as cute High school girls.
Guy invents a phone AI. His name is Vegeta Jobs, creator of the aPhone. The AI name is Sultana. Guy falls in love with this AI. Hilarity ensues.

5 min anime shorts making fun of the Japanese government as they try to campaign on increasing Japan's birth rate
An easily flustered, klutzy 8 year old girl genius gets a job as a teacher, and her class is full of college-age students. Because she can't reach the upper half of the chalkboard, she gets rid of the chalkboard altogether and instead goes through with some extremely unorthodox and downright strange methods of teaching her students.
>New Macross
>For some reason there is a war between to oposing factions, one peace-loving/hippie, the other is bent on conquest
>This reflect in the most popular music groups in their respective factions
>Peace faction has an pop idol with songs about peace, falling in love, etc
>Conquest fatcion has over the top jrock with lyrics about bravery, never giving up and heroism
>2 main couples, one for each side
>Peace couple (the pop idol and a pilot) is loving and sweet
>Conquest couple (jrock band member and a pilot) is hot and passionate
>For some reason the couples get mixed
>Love squares ensues

Don't know how to end this tho
A bunch of cute girls are park rangers and take care of the cute animals and the cute forest.
Where do I collect my money?
>be highschooler interested general /x/-tier stuff
>go on deep web
>I find sekrit MKultra documents on hypnosis on how to copy your mind onto somebody by mere eye contact
>clone myself to a couple of students in school
>realize I can't undo it
>realize I effectively killed these people.
>tomorrow I find some students I cloned to were misteriously hospitalized or dead
>search this on deep web and realize illuminati makes clones disappear
>in that moment an agent comes in and kills me
>one of my clones was having the same idea and searched the same thing and just saw on TV that my real self died
>he (I) rushes outside
>I try cloning to a nearby hobo but can't do it
>puzzled, but I run and clone myself to somebody else
>student clone dies a few days later
>agents still chase me so really I have to keep mind hopping like this every few days for months to stay alive
>killing thousands upon thousands of people
>lose touch who I were and who I became

>3000 miles away as an anonymous person I find hobo again
>I want to talk and he nods
>says he is a former CIA agent and tells me how to clone into agents
>he's been hiding from illuminati for decades and tells me I need to win against it and free the world.
>day later an agent comes to kill me but I clone into him
>explore his mind to find where illuminati is
>go to place alone
>place is heavily guarded by agents
>clone into agents just to commit sudoku or to shoot other agents or clone recursively into other agents
>quickly all agents are cloned or dead
>cloned ones just commit suicide
>enter the office of illuminati
>leader congratulates me but tells me I fought for the wrong side.
>I acquire the global hivemind from illuminati and thus control every person's mind
>"We've done it hobo!"
>hear hobo's voice before putting gun to my head
>hobo has used hypnosis so when I take the hivemind I command the world to commit suicide.
>every person in the world commits sudoku
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amazing grace.png
2MB, 1275x900px
A car racing anime, starring more K-On's. Bonus if a Reiclone is included.
You cannot deny that this, executed well, would make money. After all, we've already succeeded using K-Ons and Guns a few times.
Pretty much anything that is executed well will make money today, k-ons or not.
Spooky ghost tries to scare a dude but dude ends up getting attracted to the ghost instead
fucking fund it.
for real, someone kickstarter this
/a/ made a great cripple fucking simulator, we can make an anime god dammit
>tfw No manga/anime about a guy turned into an incubus and his sexy bisexual adventures
A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, the boy is thrown into prison for his crimes.

Which anime have generated a lot of revenue lately? We should observe those trends. I personally think it has to have a lot of shipping potential (better if you only focus in one gender, you lose part of the market but get an iron grip on the other).

It also needs to have something that allows you to sell more merchandise. Music, figurines, doujins. Doujins sell pretty well. It could be a series about girls that write doujins, so you could have doujins written by the characters, doujins written about the characters, and doujins written by the characters, that are about the other characters, but not openly, rather with fantasized versions of the other characters.

I feel pity for the amount of people born with shit like 50 shades of Grey engraved in their minds.
A NEET that no one would miss is about to get hit by a truck but a white haired beauty in strange clothes appears in front of him and disintegrates the moving mass of death. Obviously grateful to his savior, the guy tries to thank to her but is instead accosted by her and finds his neck on the sharp end of her glowing sword. Moments later the sword's color shifts from white to green and she puts it away in irritation.

Putting him down, she explains he is caught up in a interdimensional war where souls from earth are being run over by special trucks to be taken to other worlds to fulfill a particular role. While the victims are told they are meant to be heroes who will save the worlds they've been brought or reincarnated into, the forces that sent them there actually intend for them to prepare those worlds for their harvest of souls.

The girl was one such victim but the truth was revealed to her and she joined up with another mysterious force that opposes them. She informs him that they won't stop coming after him now since they've marked him for his latent cheat ability and that she's going to use him as bait to lure out their enemy.

He agrees to this nonsense and brings up how she's going to end up falling for him as per the genre but she coldly denies him that possibility as she loathingly announces that while he may see a beautiful girl in front of him she still considers herself 100% a man on the inside since she still all her memories of her past life.

Thus the curtains raise on a very chaotic isekai battle harem.

I call this one "A Gorgeous Knock-out Is Here To Save Me From World Changing Trucks And I'm Trying My Best To Remember That She's a Guy On The Inside!!"
A young teacher is put in charge of the special needs program. He must deal with his classroom full of autistic little girls. Half of the has an autistic crush on him. He protects them from bullies and teach them the true meaning of friendship and what it means to be human. Eventually he gets so close to his autistic students that some parents accuse him of diddling the autistic girls. But at the trial all the girls barge in and beg the jury not to put away their beloved teacher. Moved by the autistic girl's love for their teacher, they let him go. In the end it turns out that the teach himself is a highly functional autist.
It's a show about a cute pure loli and her cute pure friends doing cute pure things. There's one episode where she cries and it's really sad and makes you cry too. But most of it is really pure and happy and cute.
It's like Bleach but with guns.
Guy realizes he is MC of SoL highschool anime. He starts thinking is he a real person or just artistic vision of some author, and orher philosophical shit like that, while trying to avoid all highschool cliches.
Fan service and romance is necessary.
It's an anime about a trebuchet. A very special trebuchet that has been present for some of the most important battles and castle sieges in history. It's a slice of life anime about war and death and castle sieges. I call it The Life and Times of Trebuchet-chan.
>Plots that would generate easy money.

4 cute cake office ladies with varying personalities (one extrovert, one shy, one serious, one /u/ bait) do cute things while trying to snag a boyfriend in a generic office.
So a reboot of Upotte?
>cake office ladies

Won't sell a single copy.
Competitive Acrobatic Pie-Throwing: the Anime Series.

>Happens in a controlled enclosed environment the size of a basketball court; various regulated obstacles can be set up according to school
>Can be team knockout, free for all, or objective-based
>Each round can last for up to 10 minutes, with as much as 5 rounds per match
>Main objective is to get a pie down an enemy's face; a pied face means elimination!
>Acrobatic maneuvers can be performed, but only the pie itself can touch players. Pies that make contact with a player's body are considered as "spent" and must be thrown away within 3 seconds of contact.
>Zones inside the court have reloading areas where players can take fresh pies. Team elimination has the same amount of reloading areas as the number of active teams, while FFA has four designated "secret shops".

Characters will specialize in various things. There will characters that are good at throwing, those with excellent scouting and evasion skills, and those with logistics specialties (one pie can be thrown at a time using a marked dominant hand, but a player can carry up to two pies at a time).
On the BDs, there are copies of the official rules of the game. Obviously, it's split into six parts.
oh yeah forgot is the year of the gyaru

what about gyaru office ladies?
>>Plots that would generate easy money.
Can't survive off bad plots
>A high-school boy likes to play online games and is the lider of the strongest guild.
>Anime starts as an SoL for the first ep's until MC confesses to his/her tank.
>Telling him/her that he fell in love with the personality and doesn't care about the real person they agree to meet at a cafe.
>Tank turns out to be his English teacher, a 27 years old cake.
>turns out all of his guild members were cakes.
Best ideas ITT. Last one sounds basically like Over-Rev! except the token quiet girl is an oblivious ditz, not a Reiclone. I was pretty sad to hear they wasn't going to get an anime adaptation after all.
Cute traps do cute things.
A show about the exploits of Julius Caesar, except everyone's a loli.
>In a distopian future where increasing cases of police brutality caused the government to replace most police officers with android peacekeepers a story that follows multiple groups of people
>The police and the android peacekeepers trying to go about their business
>A group of radical terrorists who are absolutely against the idea of robots being in charge of law enforcement
>A group of supporters who believe in the governemnts decision to allow androids to perform the duty of law enforcement
Already been made mate
>The police robots are all different wiafu bait types!
>In a distopian future where the Japanese goverment has become a fascist state, the low birth rate and epidemic state of mental dishabilities becomes a grave concern. In order to fix this, the goverment creates "re-education" camps that it sends kids diagnosed with mental disorders in order to make them more sociable and "cure" them. Unfortunetly for the MC (a relativily normal acting teen), the goverments new idea of a healing exercise is akin to torture, and the use of new and realistic AR tecnology allows for the camp counsellers to truly let their wicked creativities shine.
>Now the MC must unite a ragtag bunch of losers (a fat kid, a spoiled Ojousama that attacked her dad when she refused to buy her something, a closeted fag and cool delinquent) if he hopes to survive the camp's "healing process".
>I Wanted To Be A Serious Science Fiction Author But One Night, After Many Rejections, I Got Drunk And Wrote A Isekai Novel and Now I'm The Most Popular Author In Japan?
I like this twist better. He can become the witty sidekick who makes the main girl laugh and shows up the hero all the while pining away for her. Made in the end he becomes the villain and kidnaps her
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I will keep posting this until it becomes a reality
Cute Onii-Chans doing cute things in Imoutos basement
An anime that simulates having a significant emotional relationship.
Would watch
These threads should have a previous link so we can read other ideas and maybe improive them.
>general thread
why not?
A brutal war wages on in the world. Also the only ones fighting are armies upon armies of magical girls.
A SoL romantic comedy about a Japanese high school boy who, because his father's job requires the family to move, transfers to an urban American High School in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Would fund.
This is like the far most impressive thing i have seen on itt.

Keep your talent flowing folk.
>Chaos consumes the world again as different governments and organizations move to seize Cyphers

This is where the premise falls apart, I think. How are organizations able to collaborate on capturing Cyphers if they can't even communicate ideas without directly speaking? How would governments even advance past the tribal stage if no one can read or write?. What would be the point of studying them? Non-Cyphers can't record their findings.
One room
The MC gets transported into another world and wakes up as a genderbent cutie. S(he) is given the ultimatum to beat the Demon Lord in order to return to his/her past life.

Conveniently, the MC soon runs into a group of adventurers on the way to beat the Demon Lord...led by an isekai'd harem MC! With feMC's help, will they be able to beat the Demon Lord in time, or will she fall for the stupid and lecherous but nice and mysteriously desirable young man first and give up on going home!?
[ spoiler]I really don't know if this could be classified as a magical girls show or not, so I will let the judging for /a/. [/spoiler]

A cyber-pseudopunk ( which means it is not actually that level of punk ), with equal to our tech in 2040s ( drones, VR, bots, AI...). Societies of industrialized countries step into a new age when robots replace labor work, but suddenly they go sentinental. Humans call that the Overmind Incident. But this incident is not full of bad stuff : somehow this develops a way to comunicate between human and the cybernetics. A large part of AIs decide that if go rampant on human, there are nothing left for them, and human, after a long chain of conflicts, got exhausted.

Still somehow there is magic. Not like any kind of magic that we have seen, the core of it was The power of friendship and the power of love. However in a world where sciences are dominant, these are fireflies in a jungle, a sparkle in the night sky. New magical girls rise, the old one dies.

A ancient mage some how isekai'd to this realm, only to find it has too little of mana, and the ritual to provoke a new mana users is too arkward : you must transform in what /a/ defines as a magical girls.
In order to dominate this world due to her angsty history, she must gather power from these magical girls then putting herself in a wackier situation : surrounded herself by
> an angsty 19yo hacker , working for notYakuzas.
> a 25 yo construction workers whom family is poor as fuck with no parents and have to feed a little sister
> an apprentice nurse
> and a cyborg with trauma from sports.
> a young office lady

To collect mana, the mighty mage discover that she must acknowlegde their deep secrets and wants , and grant them in the trade for enough mana, only to dominate the world full of science shit.

Then somehow, this happen in the middle of Overmind Incident.

>protagonist is 20-something government-working fuckboy who's depressed after his fiancee has a tragic accident and is in a coma
>life has been giving him his daily dose since he left college and his best friend/roommate suffered a sudden aneurism and died
>he was partially in-love with best friend's girlfriend and grew closer to her during the grieving process
>she up and disappeared after they shared a kiss one night
>he never told his fiancee before her accident
>pressure from work, bills, and bullshit above begins to snowball
>intern at his goverment job turns out to be late best friend's girlfriend's estranged little sister who is more or less jailbait but pure
>she takes a liking to him which pisses off protag's supervisor
>he has trouble suppressing his interest in her relationship with her sister and sort of views the two as bizarro versions of one another (excluding the age difference of course)
>she finds out that he visits his fiancee every day and elects to comfort him
>protag increasing becomes frustrated but realizes that she's done nothing wrong
>ends up deflowering her via hatefuck session
>develops a sexual relationship with her
>she's in love with him while he is more or less partaking in it just as stress relief
>she feels guilty but is addicted to his dick
>shit completely hits the fan when his fiancee passes away and the sister comes back to town and goes nuclear about protag fucking her little sister
this whole sequence is more or less a minor page is the protag's life and long term the little sister dies shortly after (possibly via suicide) and protag ends up with the older sibling
The mage herself has to resolve many problem : from learning how cyberworld works, how to use magic on the net, how to notshitposting on /a/,also her own finance and establishing a secret base ( which already does not include about how she learns the world's language and recruit a wainscott society without being discovered )

In the Overmind Incidents, the cyberight-wing decides that they are superior to human, and human, after being weakened , should be their study object to create a new "perfect form " of being, due to their lacking of emotions and social relations to each other.

But that is not all of the iceberg : when the mage came to this world, somekind of magical beast following her and staying in this world etherial plane, became her directly rivals in world domination.

Also the mage is a true neutral one.

implying a lot of using magic vs sciences gun and missiles, also combination between such [ /spoiler]
>Take Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
>Gender swap everyone not named Ikki and do the barest minimum to not get sued and shit.
>Prince Stella and Ikki Gaying it up
>Little Brother Shizuku perhaps tone down the Incest vibes
>FtM Alice
>Sharkgirl swordswoman etc.
>sell at least 7,500 BD and rake in that fucking fujodollar
Adopt borderline LN/manga into adult anime as they are still much better than those
What do you mean by
The Antichrist goes to a roman catholic boarding school and falls in love with the headmasters daughter.
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An adaption of 69 sixty nine by Ryu Murakami with all necessary music licenses purchased.
>in the future
>VR MMO's are finally a reality.
>A bunch of kids boot up a fantasy game to play together.
>No bullshit "drama" or "trapped in a game" elements.
>Just a bunch of kids having fun Vidya gaym adventures
A nerdy kid and meteorology freak somewhere in the times before the internet is the only one to realize that it rains more often than explainable when he goes home from school.

He uses scientific methods and statistical measurements around town to track down the path of an elusive and mysterious local rain source which turns out to be some kind of weather/fertility god girl his age that lets it rain wherever she goes.

But that was the easy part, the hard part is befriending her!

Nerdy love romance with a focus on moody weather effects and educational funfacts about meteorology.

ED by The Weepies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gp1r2vGi18
>spent the last hour and a half writing a plot
>Error: Comment too long (16421/2000)
Not really a plot, but a series that is split between 3-4 seasons, and though each season takes place during the same timeline and the same main events occur, the differet seasons will be the point of views of that location's characters and their unique journies. While the story wil have main events that effect the whole world and all the characters, some characters will encounter locations and conflicts that others may not.

So the world will be mainly character driven, and the protagonists of one season can also be the antagonists in the others

The greatest sexual predator in the world
Like providing sexual favors
Its like a mecha war anime but only one side has mechas and all the protagonists are on the other side, focusing more on team effort and "Storm of Steel"-esque foot soldier action than on the idealized "3d duel"-style of typical mecha.
Isekai MC with unwanted harem of Troglodytes, Goblins and Infernals, he searches for humans as his harem of monsters follow him and gets bigger, discovers that humans died out due to an isekai MC nuking the world while trying to defeat a generic demon lord, after this every year an MC was reincarnated to save the human race from radiation only to die to radiation, the world has just recovered enough for humans to inhabit it again and there are around ten other humans living here, this is why monsters are attracted to the rare humans that appear, MC uses astrology to calculate where the next human will land, next human turns out to be some neckbeard, neckbeard sets out on crusade to kill all monsters with isekai cheat powers, however he has one moral "To never hurt mi'ladies" sparing MC's harem, MC has to avoid being burned by infernals, and has to avoid sex with grotesque monsters for at least another year.

Turns out this is mainly God's training course for harem protagonists
>he doesnt get the girl

make a pastebin

heres my attempt
>world where people can train to be super strong and even survive gunshots
>mostly used for fighting
>majority of population isnt interested; just regular life
>mc is amazed by the human bodie and its capabilities
>wants to be a fighter
>fighters are looked down in this wolrd because they dont "contribute to society"
>mc still follows his ambitions
years later
>mc is pretty well trained
>mc joins army
>finds people who are like him (like fighting/similar mindset)
>has a lot of fun training day and night
>then gets sent to poor war torn country
>has to fight terrorists and dictator regimes
>actually cares for the people but these people cant train to get stronger because they have to focus on surviving
>after every battle mc stays and teaches what a human is capable of (climbs impossible walls; survives gunshots;

rocks to the face dont faze him)
>this goes on
>loses a mate here and there
>in the end he gets stronger but gets down with time; maybe even depressed
>he doesnt know that he became a symbol of hope at places he already went to
>inspired other poor countries to improve secretly and fight back their opressors
2 years later
>mc returns home after he served his time
>he wondered what happened to the places he was deployed in
>couldnt get updates while he was in the army
>comes back to his home country
>does a little bit of research hoping he can get any information on the countries he fought in
>finds out that the places he visited were freed almost completely from tyranny and they always thank the "invincible soldier" for teaching them that humans can fight anything
A harem series but the MC isn't the one with the harem, rather he's the obligatory best friend in one and gets to deal with all the usual harem shenanigans from a different point of view then what where used to

>the story is about 3 cute Japanese girls and their gay friend
>after high school they move to a small Colorado mountain town
>to cash in on legal marijuana business
>they set up shop there
>they begin to make friends with the locals and even take up snowboarding
>there's not much of a central plot just a nice sol about love, friendship, and cut girls doing cute things
>cut girls during cute things
so basically your average afternoon sitcom, but animated?
A highshool with generic anime characters
Twist: the story is about a boring side character and how he wishes he could have an entertaining life like everyone else and the Generic MC
Just mount a gopro to your head and cut the feed in 20min segments
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