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New Blame! film coming on Netflix.

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Are you glad Blame! finally gets an actual movie, or are you afraid it will be shit? Discuss.
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>3D CGI shit
Netflix funding is great as they pick stuff the nips wouldn't animate but why the fuck do they keep on going with Polygon Pictures? Give the project to a better studio.
Looks like Electro-fishers grew up a bit, won't be dwarves anymore. And Cibo got shorter too, she used to be double the length of the Electro-Fishers.
All the scenery porn is gonna make my dick hard. It's the anti-Kubo
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Too bad the movie won't take place in the Dhomochevsky-storyline. Wouldn't mind seeing Pcell in the movie.
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This is all I want to see. Don't fuck it up polygon
>Artificially restricted frame rate in CG
When the fuck are they going to stop trying to emulate anime, and just let CG be its own thing? Not only does restricted frame rate look awful on its own, the fact that some things are not just makes it look that much worse. Braindead fucking retards.
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We can only hope.

>3d cgi

man what a time to be alive, companies can't do the most simplest things without fucking up

Not saying that hand drawn animation isn't better, but things have improved over the years. Or rather, as long as it's not used for the sole purpose of saving money, such a series can still be good. I just finished watching Gantz:O and whatever you think about Gantz aside, the animation was decent because they actually gave a damn.
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To be fair the main reason why Blame! never got an actual show or a film was because it would be costly as fuck to animate traditionally whenever Killy would fire his gun.

So if this is really the only way to do BLAME! in a movie format without going bankrupt, then the quality better be close to Guilty Gear-level stuff. And the film also instantly fails if it has more talking heads than it has environment porn and action.

I disagree something like the ''angels egg'' approach could work great with blame! imo
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Despite not even having read BLAME! and not understanding what the fuck was going on, I loved Shinbo's little ONA (apart from some spotty sound design), so I'm sad we seem to be getting something a lot more accessible.
Polygon Pictures character models and animation are bad, but their shows are well directed and have great scenery. I'm pretty optimistic for this movie.

What do you mean? Scrapping all the action? It would be sure to perform terribly if they did that.
The main reason nonody tried Angel's Egg making something similar to Angel's Egg is because it flopped hard.
>insulting Nihei art with CGI garbage
I really fucked up that last sentence.
*The main reason nobody tried making something similar to Angel's Egg is because it flopped hard.

the animation is pretty fluid, when action happens

besides it flopped because no one knew what was going on, you need quite the knowledge about christian mythology to get a grasp for it, which is to much to ask for the common people and nearly impossible for the japanese folk
I really hope they don't over-explain things or make it overly...happy.

The manga is one of the most depressing and greatest. The crushing sense of quiet dread and hopelessness you feel reading it is hard to beat anywhere else.
I don't mind cgi. Polygon did a decent job with Sidonia and improved in Ajin.

But holy fucking shit I hate that they deliberately limit the framerate. If you want to emulate traditional animation you also need to make a keyframe set per frame. What they do instead is normal animation with interpolated motion and then limit it to 12 fps.
I fucking hate it. Had to interpolate Sidonia to a watchable framerate to get smooth motion.
In Angel's Egg what's animated is beautiful but the thing is that there's barely any animation.
I don't think "understanding" what's happening is really necessary, it was also meant to be appreciated as a visual piece of art. Japanese being unfamiliar with the symbolism sure played a part in the movie flopping. But I think it's mostly because they see anime as entertainment before anything else, so appreciating a movie like you would appreciate a painting was an outlandish concept to most nips. Maybe Ghibli movies getting awards in international film competitions changed that mentality a bit since then, but judging by the output of the industry the quantity of "artsy" anime doesn't seem to have increased.
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Those short episodes weren't actually all that good, because they were the exact opposite of what the manga was about. They were almost entirely made of talking heads and exposition, when really most of the exposition in the manga is showing the characters do something in big environments.

Like say Killy just walking and climbing through cool looking terrain for 20 pages, or same amount of pages in an action scene, with maybe two or third panels worth of dialogue in the whole short story, some of the short stories have no dialogue in them whatsoever.

Thats what I love about Blame! anyway, its the exact opposite of what you usually get with modern mangas:

Characters are somewhat crudely drawn but theres very small amount of talking head sequences and tons and tons of environment porn and cool fluid action. A lot of modern manga and anime in particular is well-detailed characters just talking to each other 80% of the time, with environments being more of just backdrops and action being very rare.

The less this movie is going to have dialogue and characters doing something instead, more faithful its going to be towards the source material.
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>Mfw every faggot will want the Blame! reprint now and it will sell out within hours

Don't you fucking dare.
Harlock was decent cg as well
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>Not having all of the original print.

What's wrong with you?
I didn't really want to buy it second hand, it's just my autism I know.
this is my favourite sniper duel ever
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Since the movie seems to be about the Electro-Fishers story arc just before they enter Toha Heavy Industries, I wonder which scenes and characters they're going to leave out so the audience won't get confused.

Probably the scene where Cibo fucks up Safeguards' proxy server, or they just remove Authority from it and Cibo figures out how to fuck it up all by herself. Or they just remove that scene entirely and Cibo just dies at the end without being able to turn into a cyber-loli.
>They were almost entirely made of talking heads and exposition,
Honestly, I only felt that way about the fourth episode (and the third to a lesser extent). I really appreciated the wordless first episode and I was totally on board with the general aesthetic sensibilities (all of Shinbo's eccentricities help I guess), and there were a few well-animated effects/scenes even if they were short as hell.
I'm not afraid that it will be bad. I know it, as an inherent truth.

To clarify, the manga is all about stuff like log 5, thats probably episode closest to the format of the manga.

What's next, Ghost in the Shell Hollywood movie?
Chinese moving pictures are the next capeshit. what are you going to do about it?
Honestly that one scene when it was in Sidonia looked so much better than Sidonia did itself.
This is an anime adaptation made by a japanese animation studio, Netflix only gave funds. It has little to do with the GitS movie.
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Thread images: 12

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