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Tsuredure Children

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Woop woop
Oklahoma State University
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[Title is 'I want to be stronger']

Saejima Haruka
Year 3 class 5 Former Karate Club member
Likes Souma-kun. But Souma-kun doesn't see her as a woman... or so she thinks.
Souma Chihiro
Year 1 Class 3 Karate Club
He entered the karate club because he looked up to Saejima-senpai, but [his heart] has been palpitating due to noticing his senpai's charm more and more.

I was called out by my junior in the karate club.
"I'm sorry for doing this all of a sudden..."

"What's wrong, Souma?"
"Uhh... the second years are on their school trip..."
'And I have no sparring partners..."

"So Saejima-senpai... uhhh..."
"Maybe I can ask you..."

What's this...?
I'm really happy
Oh, finally more of them. Feel like it's been a long while since they got a chapter.
That's the drawback with having such a large cast.
I'm still waiting for fatty to make a move on Sonobe
what does tsuredure mean?
What's your favorite couple?
Student council pres and delinquent
Stoic couple
Shameless slut and Gouda.
This one.
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"Sure alright"
"My body has also gotten weaker from all the studying"
"Are you serious...!?"

"Calm down
We're just senpai and kouhai here...
"I'll have you show me..."
"How much you've grown"

"Please have a good look!!"

I like him.

"Actually, I've wanted"
"To show you the results of my practice for a long time...!!"

How pure
He's been adoring me so much
I have to get rid of my wicked thoughts...

"Can now do push ups!!"

it means the pleasure of being wakabayashi toshiya's 4koma
When did Saejima turn into Jun.
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"And next is the paired fight!!"

His movements have gotten better
He's completely different from half a year ago.

And his face tells me he's doing his very best...
...wait, no no!!
I have to focus...


"I...I did it!!"
"I landed my first blow on you, senpai!!"
"That's pretty god..."

What am I doing...!!
My kouhai is taking it so seriously...

"Have... I gotten stronger?"
"A little bit..."

"Are you happy...?"
One of these days I'll get around to reading this. Thanks for the translation.
Do it right now, this moment, in this instance.
Heard TS was sick. Get well soon anon

and thanks TL anon
>That's pretty god

Oh no, we're going full powerlevels.
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"What do you mean, Souma...?"
"No... uh... if I got stronger"
"I thought you'd be relieved too, Saejima-senpai..."

"So you did this for me"
"Even though I retired...!?"

"Do you really [think of] me so..."
"Besides, senpai, you [like] strong men, so..."

"You're still super super weak"
"But I'm happy"

"You were the weakest one out of all my kouhai"
"But you had a kinder heart than anyone..."
"I managed to land a blow"

"I...I was really going easy on you, okay?"

"But I'm happy you feel that way"
"All for a senpai like me..."

"Okay this time"
"Have a serious match"
That was just a very bad typo.
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I know anon, my comment is what we call a "joke".
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"What's wrong Souma..."
"I'm happy, okay?"
"You haven't approved of my strength!!"

"T...true, but..."
"If you have the ambition"
"Then I'll be at ease..."

"I want you"
"To approve of me as a man, Saejima-senpai!!"

"W...wait, wait!!"
"What do you mean by that..."
"Okay!! Get in your stance!!"

Souma is trying his best to get stronger
So I can accept him as a man...!?

Which means Souma also
Really thinks of me...


Had to be one or the other. Just making sure
Poor guy never had a chance.

Also i think that kicked was boosted by pure spaghetti spilling and embarrassment.
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"Gogh... Gegh..."
"I expected nothing less, senpai..."
"I really do have ways to go..."

"I now understand..."
"How you feel"

"Get a lot stronger"
"And show me your 'man'"

"Okay, I'm going home"
"O...osu...!! I'll see you off..."
"Don't worry. Continue practicing"

"I... am going to get much stronger..."
"And become a man"
"That you can approve of, senpai!!"

I'll waaaaaaiiit!!
I'll wait for eternityyyyy! Uooooohhhh!!
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The guys in Tsure really have to suffer a lot for love. Except maybe Gouda since he´s too manly for suffering.
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Inb4 they meet in college and he´s a fucking hunk by then.
Fuck yes, finally, some development.

Damn shame this won't get animated. It's almost like the trope where everyone screams "EHHH" and then it pans to the sky.

Instead it pans Saejima's foot into Souma's gut.
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winning waifus.png
127KB, 447x334px
That was sweet.

I believe TS anon is still sick, but he should be back soon. Eventually. And he has lots of comics to do.
Thanks for the translation.
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But he did suffer last chapter.
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Is cute cake gonna have to punish a bitch?
More student council presient x deliquent when.

Their are the best couple.

I also like the chapters with the siscon inmouto.
Hotaru is amazing yeah, also i think Prez and Delinquent might be banging at this point. We´re probably gonna get a chapter with them on the trip.

Also new yamada/oni chapter when?

Most boring couple.
Prez and yankee are third years, so they aren't on the field trip
They could still get a chapter while the kids are away, but thre won't be any beach sex.
File: UNTZUNTZ.jpg (47KB, 446x332px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What´s boring about savage-as-fuck Yamada? And Onimusha got them sweet rhymes.
Aww, damn. Well at least neutron-star-chan might actually do something after seeing Kamine and Gouda like that.
Thank you!
>but thre won't be any beach sex

Good, that opens the chances for student council room sex.

Did the author ever give a chapter to cake sensei ?

I think that would be incredibly funny.
The stories of cake-chan trying to woo some guy while also being incredibly laid-back? I´d read it.
>incredibly laid-back
She seems to have a reputation with thr kids for being a hardass
Their last chapters have improved their dynamic quite a lot.

Hidden power sexual deviant X Gouda
Toda X Sunagawa
>cake-chan trying to woo some guy

Would prefer if she was trying to woo other teacher or onde of his older students.
Agree, and I thought it would be hard to outdo chubby and "who?" at that.

Personally I find the rap thing incredibly cringey.
It's not like their personalities suck, but the whole chapters turning into lame high school rap cringefest is a bit too much for me. And it's left at that, so there's not much going on for them atm.
Even glasses otakubro and kansaiben(?) are more interesting.

isnt it like "give or take" ?
Her acting all forward but awkward while trying to flirt with another teach would be great.
I don't think there's a student that would fit her.
Very few have shown enough maturity to deal with something beyond a teenager relationship.
Even gouda or prez, while mature, are still have the teenager feel.
how about the dense glasses sensei
>implying she isn´t lazing around at home all day in inappropriate clothing
Wasn´t there a male sports teacher as well? I forgot.
He's super dorky and slow, he probably would just annoy her, and he's been claimed already.
>he´s been claimed
And she won´t let him get away either.
Takase and Kanda were the first couple yet they have the least progress. I mean I get the author wants to make misunderstandings their "thing" but this is just ridiculous.
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I´m pretty sure after the sports chapter she´s gonna be all over him. Or at least she really should be.
Wouldn't surprise me if they'll be the last couple together
thanks anon
RIP little boy. RIP ts anon.
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Which couple has gone the farthest?
Since Otaku redeemed himself, I believe the spot of worst couple is tied between these two and the two in the astrology club.
Chiba and sensei
He still doesn't know what's going on.
Love Master and Delusional Bitch.
doesnt he know that hes being sushi'd
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Otakubro and Country Bumpkin are gunning for the #1 couple spot man, don't put them that low.
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He really is the best.
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