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Shomin Sample

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I'm gonna dump the last chapter from Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken.

Thanks to cheesy scans for their work.
Looks like they might have to drop this series.
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Last as in its no longer getting published or its no longer going to get scanlated?
That's a big phone.
Last as in most recently scanlated.
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Why worst girl won?
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>Im just a baby but I can hack the mainframe with my gentoo loonix memepad xD
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I know the first 3 numbers
Im in
Im in
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well that was it, i really hope they find a translator because i want to see more karen desu, i don't care about the light novel ending.

did the anime sell well at least?
>light novel ending
What's the ending?
Aika won, of course.
Apparently vol 11 was complete ass
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Aika was the winner. Honestly nobody should have been surprised. 90% of time in harem-romances the first girl introduced is the winner.

didn't know she was this into S&M
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Karen best girl. Reiko can go fuck herself.
This looks like a slutty version of GochiUsa from the thumbnail holy shit.
I've fapped to Gochiusa more than I ever did with this series.
>Suddenly the author remembered Aika existed
>So he did a forced drama volume out of nowhere then had her "win"
>The ending was Eri saying most shomin highschool couples break up and the other girls are going to pounce on him when it inevitably happens
The biggest issue is that Aika literally had zero relevance over nearly all the series until it was time to end it.
After volume 8, it really was a given. That whole volume was basically the author reminding the readers that Aika was in fact the main heroine.

I really wanted the series to go on a bit longer though. One more volume with Miyuki as the heroine would have been perfect.
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>mfw all of this obvious mutual attraction and worst girl still won
Based author.
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