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ITT: Anime that are too good for this world. Pic related, of course.

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ITT: Anime that are too good for this world.

Pic related, of course.
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Never seen it, not gonna neither.
great contribution to the thread, highly appreciate your reply, anon.
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We didn't deserve but definitely needed
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Aria is a depiction of the best possible world in the most absolute sense of the phrase. It represents all that will never be and all that can never be achieved. The fact that it is too good for this world makes it all the more appropriate for this world. We deserve to have the knowledge that Neo-Venezia does not exist, and we deserve to suffer because of it.
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"Best world possible" is extremely subjective.
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I miss them so much.
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That's the thing. The "best of all possible worlds" is unique in the sense that all subjective measures of "goodness" will rank that world as containing the highest "good" out of all worlds. It is exactly the subjectivity of what "good" is that makes the concept of the "best of all possible worlds" so objectively powerful.
This is the magic of Aria.
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aria hijack lol.jpg
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Is this the Aria thread?
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So is this a thread in which we discuss "too good to be true" anime, or a thread in which the same 5 people wank over a single show for 200 posts?

Personally a world in which Protag gets burdened with a borderline autistic person and develops a purely platonic but deep relationship would be the best world. Other than that I wouldn't mind seeing an anime in Chekov style, that be the true "best world anime", but fat chance of that ever happening.
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I'm afraid I don't follow. Going back to the other post >>154105496, I believe a major theme is "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Therefore, the quality of the world depends on you.
>I'm afraid I don't follow.
At least try. It is not a difficult concept.
If a world that maximizes all measures of "goodness" over all other worlds, would you (or anyone else) not call it "the best of all possible worlds"? The world depicted in Aria was an objectively maximally "good" (in all senses of the word) world, and the non-existence of Neo-Venezia reflects the non-existence of an actual concept of what "the best of all worlds" means.
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I see. I wouldn't call that the best of all possible worlds, it seems more like a compromise.
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On the contrary, it being a compromise would not have allowed for the world to maximize utilitarian good since that would imply that the goodness of the world is obtained from the suffering (or the lack of happiness) of a portion of the population.
On the other hand, the existence of such a world has still yet to be shown to a satisfactory degree. One very common mistake that most amateur philosophers make is that the existence is guaranteed by the absolute goodness of the world, which subsumes the axiom that existence is an inherently "good" property. However, this argument is in the exact same form as Godel's ontological argument for the existence of God, whose logical foundations, i.e. the axioms and definitions, have been shown to be logically inconsistent.
Therefore we have strong evidence to believe that the existence of such a "most good" or "perfect" entity cannot be proven in modal logic in general, which means that the existence of the world foretold in Aria cannot be proven in a similar fashion.
And it is this fact that makes Aria all the more ephemeral.
And back to the campus philosophy 101 club you go, baibai~
It's just extremely typical that you'd be afraid of intellectual discourse.
Mai baitu can not be this kawaii.
>not even posting images
Are you really this insecure and threatened? I honestly feel sorry for you.
Did they finally release a no-cat version of the show?
darker than black >>154104208
Ghibli movies like Kiki's, Totoro or Arrietty.

Too pure for this world.
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I want to go back and watch slayers for the first time again
Is the newest OVA good? I don't want to ruin the perfect ending of Origination.
File: 1469824348498.png (348KB, 918x669px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Perfect? Say that to their atrocious wind power plant design and placement. Immersion ruined 0/10
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A compromise is merely the result of what's fair decided by the parties involved. Of course it will not be perfect. As long as you have two different minds/wills, there will always be some sort of conflict and we'll never have something we can agree upon as a perfect world.

Even in Aria, there were the traghetto girls who failed to make it as Primas. I'm sure Anzu wasn't as happy as she could be in the "perfect" Neo-Venezia.

That may very well be true in practice but that is not what's been discussed here. A compromise simply would have been in direct contradiction to the definition of what constitutes a "best possible world".
I do agree that some suffering occurs in Aria (c.f. Akira's life) but one could consider those as "necessary suffering", for they have lead to results that reinforced the goodness and perfection of Aria. Besides, these are all suffering on the individual level, they do not influence the overall goodness of the world of Aria to a significant extent (while the good brought about from their suffering does).
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Then I think we're in disagreement about what constitutes a perfect world. While I do agree there needs to be "necessary suffering" to create good character in the real world, I think that shouldn't be necessary in an ideal world.
I don't think that's the case but I'm too gassed to think about this. I need to go to bed.
Thanks for the chat anon.
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Have a comfy night.
it adapts some chapters that weren't animated previously. And it's a bit of an epilogue

its nice
Manga was better.
>That one shit cunt whose series got like 5 season a fuck tone of OVAs and several movies who shows up and complains.
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you need to work on your reading comprehension friend.
If you don't like slayers, fuck you.
ariafags are elitists.
Amano draws some lewd butts.
Kill yourself.
File: 1212s2e.png (427KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I feel this way about YYK as well. Such a beautiful, tranquil world. So relaxing, so peaceful so comfy and so perfect.
File: A1.jpg (196KB, 741x601px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Currently rewatching it for the 4th time. Just watched Alice becoming Prima again and it's still giving me teary eyes. Also gonna watch the OVA's for the first time too after finishing S3.
Hope you're rewatching the BDs.
Amano is queen of butts
I am but I don't mind that they look shitty. Avenire BD subs aren't out yet so gotta stay with DVD for that one.
File: 42916785.jpg (342KB, 615x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Avvenire was only released with the BDs.
Meant Origination.
This has been on my backlog for a decade now.
Should i watch it if i don't particularly enjoy Sol anime?
You should at least give it a try
I thought it was very good but I'm on SOL animes
Thread posts: 53
Thread images: 27

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