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The Promised Neverland Theory Time

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So, today I posted this >>153994269
and I wanted to check the VIZ scans for the high quality to search for other hints that the two books are indeed the Bible and Peter Pan.
I'm sorry if someone else noticed this before, but I must have missed it.

So, I looked at the little details in previous chapters and I've found a couple interesting things that can be noticed if you look closely.
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First, in this panels Ray is holding a book with a picture on its cover; it could be a flying ship, but the picture is too blurry and small. If this was a flying ship, it could be (maybe) the back-cover of the book on the bottom right corner in chapter 14 if I recall correctly, which portraited a very clear flying ship with the word NEVER on it (reference to Neverland?). Anyway this isn't really significant other than Ray has already that book at hand.
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TPN - c014 (3).jpg
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Pic related is the flying ship mentioned in the previous post
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TPN - c017 (9).jpg
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Then after this scene, Emma is searching for another book, and Ray tells her it's under the pile of books with the Minerva Ex-Libris. Both of them are talking about ONE single book ,not two, like the ones they're looking at after this. So, unless the translation is wrong, or there is ambiguity in japanese ( I actually recall that sometimes singular and plural can't be differentiated but I don't speak japanese so I don't know, if someone can confirm it would be much appreciated), they already have one of them, and I think it's the one Ray is holding, and from the looks of the cover, it would probably be the adventure one, not the mythological one.
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In the next page we have more hints:

The book on the left has a clear picture of an angel and other details.
In the bottom panel Ray is thinking about an angel and a cup (the Holy Grail) for the mythological one and a spyglass, a map and a cap with goggles. I don't know about the goggles, but the map and the spyglass have "pirate story" written all over it.
oh nice
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Then, this panel is when shit goes down really fast:

- First pic, there is a warrior with a sword (it could be anything from the Bible, maybe David, maybe Goliath, I don't know);
- Second pic, there is a motherfucking SNAKE WITH AN APPLE
- Third pic, in the other panel, an angel is fighting with a dragon
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which means...?

I am certainly not a high quality product for demons, so please explain.
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Well, obviously the snake with the apple is a reference to the original sin in the garden of Eden.
I think the third pic refers to Archangel Michael Banishing Lucifer from Heaven, very often Lucifer is being portrayed as a serpent or a dragon

Pic related painting by Raphael
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Then in the cover of one of the books (from the looks of it I think it's the "Bible") there's a dragon fighting against some warriors. I don't know what it means, maybe something about the apocalypse, I really don't know, but I don't think it's about the "Peter Pan" one (unless the dragon is actually the Peter Pan crocodile kek)
and we see a part of the title, it looks like an "..ED" but I don't know what to make out of it
maybe the SACRED BIBLE? The letter before the E doesn't look like an R though, so I don't know
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Then Emma states that these books will be a guide to the outside world, based on a hunch, but I bet this is true.

So, how will the pen come into play in this?

I think the B stand for Bible and 06-32 may be a quote that hold significant information.

What do you think?
Are they going to fly their way out of there?

I hope not, nothing points that way other than the flying ship
They have to carry a bunch of kids. In a demon invested place. They need some vehicle.
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>owl imagery

More to that

William means "Will to protect" in protogermanic or something like that

Minerva the roman counterpart of Athena, was the Goddess of wisdom and cunning, and also tactical war, opposed to Ares/Mars which represented the brutal side of war.

That's literally Emma, a very intelligent girl who wants to learn tactics to protect everyone.

Will they be related to each other? Maybe he is her father?
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tfw it could be behind everything

Explain further
Clearly something is making those flowers grow
I think you're awesome and I hope your theory turns out to be true.

Thanks for sharing.

If you'll figure out some more interesting hints feel free to write about them in these threads.
I like it. Could be true.
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Thread images: 12

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