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Bamboo Blade

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Just finished watching the anime.
This was great fun. Worked well for temporarily filling the Saki-shaped hole in my heart until there's finally a new anime.
Where do I go from now on? I assume the manga isn't fully adapted and there are some Bamboo Blade B and Bamboo Blade C when I look up the manga. They're not even drawn by Igarashi, what a shame.
Kirino looked so much like Monkey in some shots it was hilarious.
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Bamboo [ssg].jpg
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Also Tamaki was a really fun heroine.
It was pretty nice watch.Though I can only remember the enjoyment now, not much about the characters.I've read the manga too to the end.

I loved that main 5 so much. Even when I thought I'd never like Miya, she really grew on me. Azuma a cute too.
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Everyone but Yuuji and Tama looked great in the anime
Igarashi's art is what made the first BB so enjoyable.
I'm calling Busta Rhymes
What chapter do I pick the manga up at? The first one?
Also the character that surprised me the most was Dan. I expected him to be an unlikable "comic relief" but he's a hilariously confident and strong character.
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Chapter 57 is where Volume 6 ends and Volume 7 begins. The anime went original after the match with the bitch who got throat striked, so all the Sentai filming, dual wield gaijin, and drama never happened.

I'd honestly read from the start, the art is so damn cute
After months of searching, I finally found the Alternate fanservice ED from the DVDs
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sleepy saya.jpg
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>the source material was going downhill when the series was coming out and it apparently just faded away, mangaka moved on to make another(?) kendo manga and nobody even knows who busta rhymes is anymore
I wouldn't expect it to go well with the whole TV actress arc that went on for two damn volumes.
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It will always be in our hearts.
I don't remember half of those characters.
Pseudo rival team
Really? By bitch who got throat striked you mean the closed-eyes one who set Tamaki up to sprain her ankle? Boy she was a cunt.
That's a bit of a shame, I really liked the Shinaider girl and Miya's subplot with the gaijin.
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>You will never be as popular with the ladies as Dan-kun
Yep, that's the bitch.
Suzuki is arguably a better "antagonist" that taught the whole "merit of defeat" lesson to Tamaki a lot better than what the manga dragged on in the end to deliver. Miya gets herself some development through the arc following where the anime drifted off to anime original territory where she becomes more invested in the whole sport, I liked the manga's version of her development a bit more. It had a really cute set up where they all went to Tamaki's house before the match and the arc villains development was cool too.
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Wait, so Tama and Yuuji's super sentai date wasn't in the manga too then? Damn, that was so cute too.
I guess I'll start from the beginning. Are Bamboo Blade B and C translated and/or worth reading?
Holy fuck, I forgot I watched this. How many years has it been?
Yeah, that didn't happen. I'd trade more scenes with Yuuji with the main 5 fooling around so I wasn't that bothered.

B is partially translated while C is barely touched.
Remember when Ryou Hirohashi actually had roles?
It'll have been a decade come the end of the year.
That in some ways makes sense, and in some ways doesn't feel right.
I'm convinced Kirino is the cutest blonde girl in the entire medium.
Which bamboo would you blade?
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>choosing anyone but the two in the back
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the DS crusher.jpg
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>draw a sugoi
>she's pretty sugoi
Picked it up for hirohashi Ryou and wasn't disappointed.
Kokkuri-san is the last I remember.
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