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It was Shiki's birthday today. Happy belated birthday Shiki.

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It was Shiki's birthday today.

Happy belated birthday Shiki.
was she popular in 2008?
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Sure. The KnK books were best-sellers.
I mean, here.
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Well I only arrived in late 2009, so I can't really say.
Happy Birthday, Shiki!
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Thanks for the cute picture, fellow Shikifriend.
Go play some Melty blood and just play as her for today.
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I wish she had been in Carnival Phantasm.
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'Member when Type-Moon did more than just Fate pandering?
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>I was trying to sleep but you guys just woke me up
>th-thanks though
I wish KnK characters actually where in Carnival Phantasm.
Thanks for reminding me that I need to finish the KnK movies anons
They're marathon material, start from the top. It's Friday, spend your weekend on this.
They appear for like 5 seconds in the bar in the final episode
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Happy bday Shiki!|


Do it!
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She had a cameo with Mikiya in the party at the end.

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Better give her a quick bath to get ready for the birthday party...
Do it, son, you won't regret it.
Putting Shiki in a swimsuit should be a crime. She's modest.

Just how horny do you have to be in order to salivate that much?
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>tfw no Shiki birthday gacha because both her and the Mahoyos are going to be in ebin of remnant
A simple swimsuit doesn't have to be sexualized, perv!
Well, for one you need the lust of a lion.

Don't get started with FGO shit already.
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But putting her in a swimsuit is even more sexualized than her bare tits while she's taking a shower.

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In your dirty mind, maybe.
There's nothing sexual about this body!
Wish she had a bit more tone to her physique
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You all motherfuckers better have your Haagen Dazs out.
Prove that you are eating some then.
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Shit's expensive.
Hasn't Takeuchi been drawing Shiki with a more well-endowed design in recent years?
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FGO shiki.png
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Really? Would love pics of that if you have it.
Only recent art I know of is the FGOshit pic, with her slender smooth legs that have always been there!
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>I'd rather you not show that. She is my first and only love after all.
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>this artist used to draw MikiShiki all the time
>for the past year or so he has only drawn Olgamarie and F/GO
>suddenly he's drawing Shiki again
About time too.

Those are Shiki's boobs?

She's actually quite average. That's quite fitting really.
Sorry Mikiya, we respect your married relationship, we just admire your waifu's perfection from afar.

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Bless Ohitashi's heart.

>Mana+Mikiya: Happy birthday to you~
>Mana+Mikiya: Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear–

>Mana+Mikiya: Shiki / Mother~
>Shiki: Yeah, yeah, happy birthday.
>Mana: Oh, Mother! Don’t treat it like someone else’s!

>Mikiya: Today is Shiki’s birthday, okay? (Here’s my present!)
>Mana: This is from me, Mother!
>Shiki: Mm, thanks.

>Mikiya: Okay, let’s take that picture! (With the new camera I bought!)
>Mana: Sure!
>Sfx: Ta-da
>Shiki: Eh!? // We don’t have to…
>Mikiya: We take one every year Shiki, get used to it already!

>Mikiya: Set the timer, and…
>Sfx: Beep

>Mikiya: Here we go.
>Mana: Hurry, Papa!
>Mikiya: Smile, you two!!

>Sfx: Flash
>Mikiya: Great!
>Mikiya: Let’s see how it turned out…
>Mikiya: …!

>Mana: What’s wrong, Papa? (Were your eyes closed?)
>Shiki: Is there a ghost or something?
>Mana: Really!? I want to see!
>Shiki: …Mikiya? Show me what it–

>Shiki: Wait– // Eh? Eh?
>Shiki: Eh- // EHHHHH!?
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And Izumiya too.

That is sweet.
Aawww, that's kinda sad.

>Shiki would be like 39 today
What a perfect, adorable MILF.
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Shiki katana.jpg
2MB, 1539x2500px
I think I'm the only one who'd have liked Azaka to win Mikiyabowl more than her. Nonetheless, Happy Birthday Shiki!
My meltan's birthday?

Probably. Remember that GAR is from 2007.
Happy birthday.
Relatively popular
File: knk4_15.jpg (41KB, 852x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Happy birthday Shiki!!

I'm pretty sure she doesn't even want to celebrate her birthday, but oh well.

We love her so we'll greet her whether she like it or not.
Happy birthday, Shiki
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Thread images: 28

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