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ITT: Write an Anime Plot

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Because I love reading through these and also desperately want to hear some Isekai ideas since I have an irresistible craving to write one despite how it's pretty much everywhere already.
Ehhh... Isekai? Here's an out of thin air idea.

>MC was a simplistic fool and stalker. She was following an interesting person who kept disappearing out of thin air.
>One day, MC manage to touch the fellow before being teleported in to a sort of terminal, a place with many weird looking people.
>People who have been Isekai'd is brought to a terminal before being transferred to the world where they are supposed to be summoned to.
>The one whom MC is stalking is a master of Isekai and have been summoned to a different world every week.
>The Isekai Master then transferred again to the summoning world and the stalker manages to tag along.
>Isekai Master also have a nasty habit of finishing the task given from the summon, proven when he/she used the abilities gained from experience to head shot the dark lord from halfway across the world.
>Isekai Master realize the existence of the stalker.
>Isekai Master decides that the live of isekai is too boring and forces the stalker to become his/her disciple and groom her into the next Isekai Master.
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>Apply already existing, currently trending plot
>Add a small different twist that doesn't actually change anything
There, every write anime plot thread ever.
>group of guys wants tos tart a band
>somethign something all music instruments are cursed and posessed by some evil spirits
>thye have to train and become the best musicians so they can control their spirit instruments so they they can defeat other evil bands
I feel like if I thought hard about it for like an hour I'd be able to come up with an Isekai Mad Lips.

But why the fuck would I spend an hour thinking about fucking Isekai out of all things
I had an isekai idea on a previous thread. It went something like:

The world is overpopulating and desperately needs to kill people without actually facing the fact that they need to, you know, commit mass genocide.
Several years ago, a scientist had predicted this outcome many years to come (this would be set in around 2200 or so), and created a machine that would power an isekai for humans to acquire new bodies and live in. This was not, however, at all selfless. In fact, his motivation for doing this was to create a perfect world for his son to live in, who had a terminal illness and would die at his mid 20s. As a young boy, his father gave him total freedom of creating this world - thus why it would be very wacky and creative and full of fantasy elements, much like expecting from an RPG.

Back to present day - the machine which powered this isekai was at long last discovered by some rich and powerful company, let's call them SEELE, because they might as well be senile old men who secretly control the world. From this point, they wanted to expand the machine itself, from a hardware point of view, in order to create a new world for humanity to thrive in (this is where the actual isekai begins).

The people who are sent into the world and the ones who remain on Earth is basically determined by an aristocracy and meritocracy at the same time. MC has piss poor academic records and is pretty much guaranteed to be sent into the world. First, we get the impression he's just a douche, but we later find out he purposefully wanted to make it into the world because he's convinced that his father had worked on the world itself.

The story itself is about the young man who made his way into the world and tries to discover the truth of it by escaping the authoritarian and oppressive walls that are built to "protect" humanity from the various monsters that the scientist's son had thought up of.
Boring as fuck.
A gayboy dreams of anti gaying himself by becoming a top. However, his nemesis "Lightning Pence" deviously plans to use other methods...
Whoa calm down anon, you seriously don't expect me to read all of that do you?
>The world is overpopulating and desperately needs to kill people without actually facing the fact that they need to, you know, commit mass genocide.
If this were to happen, the way to deal with it would be something along the lines of china's one child policy? After all, why waste resources raising several years a person you're gonna kill anyway? Better to prevent their birth or snip them at the bud.
The story would then go on to develop itself through characters and through worldbuilding (duh). In terms of worldbuilding, plot twists would be the way to go. Most of these would be: they were told they would die IRL if they died in the world, when in actuality they're already dead IRL and their DNA has been permanently replaced into their new isekai body with no turning back; discovering that the reason why we haven't colonized other planets and simply moved humans there is because they are being used as test sites to expand the machine of the isekai; the organization attempting to rewrite the universe as a finite plane of existence, to make things static in a perfect utopia (something to do with their leader being extremely religious and having terminal cancer - think of the guy that did the whole Heaven's Gate fiasco); finding out that the monsters would never actually attack the towns, they have no interest in humans, it's all just a government plot to keep order and suppress people from finding out the truth; and most importantly, MC discovering that his father is the scientist's son, who is still alive in a permanent cryofreeze at the core of the world, being given only the ability to watch, listen, touch and smell the surface above him - but not being able to give any input whatsoever. This is because the scientist intended to make his son God as humanity created it, a being who despite all his omnipotence, has never actually shown face to us.
The MC is a lonely salaryman with a hero complex. One day he gets isekai'd into a fantasy battle shounen like show where he meets the Main Girl who is the chosen one of sorts. She travels with this RPG like party and her quest is to defeat the Main Villain who is the evil terrorizing the land, one thing led to another and MC ends up joining the party. MC has no powers whatsoever but because of his complex, he wants to be stronger than the Main Girl to protect her. He loses every time he spars with her and this frustrates him to no end.

Instead of getting good, the MC decided to meet up with the Main Villain and form a contract with her for some quick power up. In exchange, the MC will sell out his newfound comrades to the Main Villain. So as the story progresses, the Main Girl's party starts to drop like flies thanks to the MC leaking info but this does not concern the MC since he starts winning some of his fights with the Main Girl thanks to his new cheating powers, the MC and Main Girl also start getting close to each other.

The final episode will be the Main Girl and the MC reaching the Main Villain's lair for the final battle and the Main Villain kisses the MC in front of the Main Girl as she then drops the bombshell that she and the MC has been working together all along much to the disgusts and outrage of the Main Girl, Main Villain and the MC then team up and kills the Main Girl. A portal then open ups leading back to MC's world, it turns out that the Main Villain was the one who summoned the MC all along. The show ends with the Main Villain retiring from her role as the main villain and follows the MC back to Japan where she is now stripped off her powers and becomes the MC's housewife.

They both live happily ever after, the end.
As for the actual characters, well, I've honestly spent more time thinking about the worldbuilding - but it's something to do with MC's motivation. For starters, he doesn't understand how he was born when his father had already died, which is only something he found out after being lied to for all of his childhood and adolescence.

It's something to do with cloning, but again, I didn't really think that far ahead yet. The idea is that the original scientist also had a backstory very similar to the MC, and that he was a mastermind that had everything planned for over sixty years to come, including dropping hints for the MC inside the actual world itself.

The only difference being that he had the ideas and the resolve, while MC is the one who has to alter the present course himself, and his character development is finding his own resolve and reasons to continue searching for the truth.
man, that's an amazing premise
Speed square
A girl is looking to make frends in her new class but she is very clumsy and this results in breaking her cherished possessions
this includes other peoples stuff .she or stores damaged objects all through out her home, this damaged furniture and
other items that she can't bring her to throw away due to the teachings of of her grandparents that each home goods
should be respected. one day she hears loud banging and other sounds in the neiboors backyard she sees someother class mates
pulling apart pallets and scrap and building furniture out of them ,inspired by there work she asks the other girls if they could help her with guidance
and every day she learns to balance , using tools and repiar tricks to restore her possessions , gaining confidence, and making friends .
oppailolis and power tools
Meta humans( monster girls)are entering our world in massave numbers only bring chaos and invasion ,styled after fantasy paladins/clerics or crusadiers
vigilante and paramilitary groups form to reprisal and purge due to lack of government response. our MC is a young man has joined his local group known as
The World Guard 404 ,despite his outward appearance as loyal, skilled, guardsmen his secret plans are to create a harem. meanwhile
cute tanuki girls use each week try crazy scams to maximize profiits, when they backfire they retreat back to the forest to come up with a new scam but the
youngest one has regrets about following her sisters life style because she has a crush on MCguard ,but dose not have the curage to reveal her love due to his public persona.
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Please don't.
long ago in a fantasy land a wizard king trys to conquer all the lands that can be seen from his tower after a grand battle in witch an alliance beats his army his
generals rebel against him except the ogre queen, the wizard casts a teliport spell but messes up the incantations .waking up in a new world (modern japan)
they find his spellbook pages have been scatterd leaveing him weaked .he vows collect his magic pages and recrute local "wizards" to restore his kingdom.

Girl falls in love with another girl who is the princess of fantasy world. She accidentally follows the princess to the fantasy world one day while stalking her. She finds out that her princess is actually a cross dressing prince, in the process accidentally kissing him and becoming the one destined to defeat the demon king. Also, the Prince has 2 attendants that look like Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo in their Super Mario Bros outfits.
a robot who dreams of being the greatest magician who ever lived gets chased by shadowy government agents, and has to houdini his way out of constantly getting captured.
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I'd Watch the fuck out of that..., then drown myself in Vodka to try and forget it,,,,,
Isekai but MC is native inhabitant. His job is to capture and send back overpowered "heroes" from other worlds before they are able to wreak chaos.
A boy in a juvenile detention center meets a magical dog and the two fall in love.
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MC is a fucking madman. Despite being brought into existence with various handicaps (weak body, small brain, bad luck, etc.) and the fate of an insignificant background character who would eventually succumb to depression and kill himself at around the age of 40, he imposes some handicaps of his own on himself everyday for kicks. The handicaps that he forces on himself on a daily basis range from taking up to only 100 steps in a game of basketball/tennis/etc to leaving himself only 30 minutes to finish an exam to only drinking 750 ml of water every 3 days to sleeping an hour a day and so on. Despite all of his disadvantages he's able to just barely graduate from reputable university and land a job that provides a stable income.

The anime is a comedy SOL featuring MC shitting on the fact that free will is a myth and fucking up the universe's hierarchy and rules while shitposting until """""God""""""" gets tired of his shit. God doesn't like him fucking up the natural order of things so he kills him with truck-kun and reincarnates him in a parallel fantasy world where you have demons plaguing the land, warriors that can take on entire armies by themselves, walking WMD archmages that can blow the fuck out of continents with MAGIC, and dragons capable of ending the world. On top of his innately inadequate body and mind, MC must now survive in this world without any money, fighting experience, magic, or knowledge.
>desperately want to hear some Isekai
A boy falls in love with a girl. He is on his way to confess when he sees her getting hit by a Japanese truck that appeared from no where. While everyone else was focused on the girl who was just killed, MC, in his shock was the only one who noticed two strange things, the truck had no driver, and didn't simply drive away, it disappeared. He does some research and finds out there have been other sightings of this ghost truck, always involved with people dying. He further reads a rumor, people killed by this truck are reborn in another world. The MC resolves to find the pattern in these attacks so he can track the truck down and use it to get to this other world and be with his love. Season one will be a mystery with him hunting the truck and end with him succeeding and being reborn in another world. Season 2 will involve the MC trying to find his love in this new world.
>the Prince has 2 attendants that look like Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo in their Super Mario Bros outfits.
I sent this one to Mitosupa but he never replied back ;_; I don't even think he knows english!

>A boy around six years of age who has a strange illness that prevents him from leaving the house.

>After several months pass the boy receives a gift from his mother,it's a pet dog!

>After sleeping with his new friend the following morning the boy discovers that his pet can talk

>What adventure await this new & unusual friendship!
I would watch Keit-ai: Toradora Edition.
What's Isekai?
You know those stories where the MC dies and he enters an alternate world with swords and sorcery and video game mechanics?
>in the long past, the god of evil and goddess of good fought for control of the world
>the god of evil eventually won, and slew the goddess
>from there he had many children i.e. the god of darkness, war etc.
>however his children overthrew him and divided his body into many pieces (as they lacked the power to kill him)
>then the god of darkness attacked and imprisoned all his siblings, becoming the world's sole god

>MC is reincarnated into this world by the lingering spirit of the Evil god
>is tasked with collecting the evil god's soul from the imprisoned gods and then defeating the god of darkness
>MC changes form every time they sleep, alternating between male berserker and female witch
>the evil god also accompanies him/her as a cute little snake

Dark fantasy with lots of gore 'n' rape 'n' shieet

My isekai story was actually just a sekai?

>MC is a thirty year old spaghetti lord mangaka in our world drawing an isekai story
>One night on his way to the bathroom he opens his closet broom to find that it takes him into the world of the isekai he's drawing
>He learns that the world and its characters are miserable because his story background is a shoddy piece of shit and his characters are all edgelords who don't give a shit about anything and are overpowered to high heaven, even the heroes.
>Touched by the suffering of "his" people he returns to the real world and tries to make his world more stable by focusing on economic and social aspects in the following chapters
>But this makes his story massively unpopular with children which nearly gets him cancelled since his story is published in a shounen manga and kids want to see blood and sparks fly while they say edgy shit.
>He isn't sure what will happen to his world if he gets cancelled so he's forced to write more edgy things while trying to keep the most amount of people safe
>In the meantime he tries to distract the protagonist and the villains with comedic slice of life side arcs while thinking up ways to keep them entertained and happy
>The protagonists and the villains are also dead teenagers from the real world who ended up being transferred to his story and try to rebel against his zany plot twists.

The story focuses on his relationship with both the antagonists and protagonists of the story, their past and circumstances, the MC's own growth as a person realizing his responsibility, and his peasant waifu and knight friends who were born in that world and treats as if it's real.

What do you think?
MC is a bishoujo miko from a clan of exorcists, and is really fed up with hearing the family stories of fighting demons and banishing ghosts. One day some of her classmates come to her family's temple and one of them breaks into a sealed storage room leading to a group of them entering it. Within the storage room was an ancient book that was used by her family to banish demons to another world. In trying to get her classmates out of the storage room and trying to cover up what happened the entire group gets banished to the world that her family previously banished demons.

In traveling to this world she is affected by a number of curses cast by the banished demons. However time flows more quickly in that other world, such that the curses are tens of thousands of years old, and heavily degraded. The effect of the curses though are largely to transform the mc into a monster, with the more detrimental effects currently being held off by the spiritual power of her bloodline. She does however quickly transform into an Oni, and progressively growing chitin, becoming colder to the touch, having an aura of darkness cover her, and become more ethereal. The last main effect at the start being an immense amount of magical power directed at her that is just sort of there, mostly made up of degraded spells that have lost most of their form.

The mc and her classmates show up in a temple in the other world, however it is in a town filled with Oni. Seemingly the descendants of Oni banished by her family that were too stubborn to leave the area. These Oni have over the years come to worship her family for sending them to the promised land and giving them great challenges and battles by sending over powerful demons, as well as magical artifacts through the ages. The Oni recognize her as part of her family instantly and consider her transformation into an Oni to be proof of their worship having swayed the gods of this world into bringing them a savior.
The Oni then have a celebration that the MC and her classmates get stuck in, where they thank the gods. During this the MC is actually contacted by one of the gods of this world and given an offer. If she is willing to deal with the problems her family has caused in this world by banishing demons here the gods will intercede to purify the curses that are afflicting her, and will send her and her classmates back home. The god also offers to bless the Oni and the MC with something the gods came up with nearly a thousand years ago, video game like skills. The gods were well aware of what has been happening on earth and were inspired by video games and began to format blessings based on them. As it currently is most people of this world have levels and skills, with few populations being exempt, even the evil gods and gods of monsters have stolen the process and used it to bless the monsters and evil beings of this world.

The MC's, and the Oni's level progression is locked behind tasks, where she has to defeat the demons her family unleashed on this world, or fix the damage they did to be able to level up. Most of the demons or descendants of the demons are actually outside the level system, and the MC has to fight them using skills that exist outside of the level system due to being level caped, and that the exorcist skills of her family being more effective on them than the magic of this new world. Leading to most real conflict in the series ignoring the video game level up, but always resulting in the MC leveling up. There is also a subplot of the MC actively trying to collect a harem(with moderate success) while denying any accusations of trying to collect a harem.
Guy has an idol gf, it's a secret but when he sees her being manhandled by a brutish man he steps in and accidentally reveals he's her boyfriend.

But the man turns out to be her manager!? Initially wanting them to break it off, manager-san eventually succumbs to her pleas and agrees to let them continue dating. However in exchange, to lessen the chances of being found out, the boy must intern as a manager in-training!

Can he keep up with the work and keep his relationship a secret?
There was a manga with a plot similar to this. It was all over the place.
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A loli sadist undercover cop who targets molesters/pedophiles. She torments them while handcuffed, looking down on them calling them disgusting failures, describing what she thought they wanted to do to her.

These methods got her into trouble for excessive force. The chief (a busty cake with glasses) sets her new assignment as a parole officer. She is tasked to check on a young man who was out on molestation charges (A girl late for school running with toast in her mouth strikes into the man, he falls ontop of her in an indecent way. The girl claimed it was a mistake, but her parents pressed charges anyway.)

The loli, convinced that he is a sexual predator, thinks that if she catches him in the act that she will be put back on her old case.

It turns out that the young man is rather nice, and not interested in young girls. However she tires to entice him using provocative methods. In one instance she handcuffs them together because he tries to leave to look for a new job, yet she lost the key. To hide the that they are handcuffed they wear long sleeved shirts and hold hands.

They run into the girl that ran into the guy. She is shy, fidgeting and trying her best to give an apology. The loli cop though sees this as Stockholm syndrome, and thinks that the girl is brainwashed.
The girl asks if that is his little sister, he hesitates and is interrupted by the loli hugging his arm and calling him Daddy. The girl is surprised, and the guy claims that his little sister is kidding. The loli (pulling on his arm) asks if he wants to do brother sister play now instead of father daughter.
The girl turns red with embarrassment and wonders if he really is a molester. The loli picks up on the man being upset and says that she is kidding and it's her brother. The girl laughs saying that she shouldn't take kids so serious before walking off. The loli is becoming intrigued with the young man not falling for her and promises herself that she will capture him.
A warrior from a fantasy world falls through a portal and ends up in our world. There, he teams up with a recent college dropout who is searching for a purpose in life. After partially restoring the guy's faith in humanity, the duo go on a journey of self discovery. Their "roadtrip" takes them to various famous locations in our world, each shown for how truly fantastic they are by showing them through the eyes of a stranger.
A young cartography enthusiast laments at how he was born too late to explore and map the world. He somehow ends up sent to another world, where small pockets of civilization are isolated from each other between large tracts of dangerous, unexplored wilderness. Hardly anyone dares to venture into the monster infested wilds. Excited at the prospect of fulfilling his dream, he sets out to map this new world!

Drama and conflict would start as people try to take advantage of him due to the usefulness of his map.
Do you have a name?
Lasboss x Hero
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a battle academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
someguy gets iskaied into generic dragon quest rpg world with knights and magic. the catch is he was playing gta. like a typical gta player her gives zero fucks about plot, quests, or backstory. theres no magic translator so he understands jackshit.
can the residents of rpg world stop him?
Not that guy, but I remember that.
Now that I think of it, isn't it a really shameless self inserting?
A bunch of cute girls do cute things. There's a beach episode. There's one girl that tries to get with another girl but she's too autistic to pick up on it.
CGDCT is old and busted ISEKAI is the new hotness.
This applies to anime in general
But Isekai is a way older genre than cgdct... how can it be the "new" hotness?
time is a flat circle
Four hopeless hiki/neets with no friends but each other hang out endlessly in a semi-abandoned MMO game where they all have adorable futa-loli avatars. There was a glitch in alpha where you could rapidly click the Male and Female choice button and get a combined body model, which was later patched out of the retail release. These four are the last ones on the server with the alpha glitch body type, and they like having the distinction.

One day they meet up with a very strange girl, who they save from a monster. She tells them she's from another dimension, and that she's been searching for heroes to defeat the Dark Lord of Chaos who is destroying her homeland. Thinking she's a quest NPC they agree, only to find themselves teleported to a Fantasy Kingdom by the girl, who reveals herself to be the Last Holy Fairy.

Not realizing she was in a game world, the Holy Fairy incarnates the four would-be heroes in thier game avatar modes... futa bits and all.

Now the four have to learn to use thier new bodies (not like that), control thier powers, and seduce the Evil Lord's generals. Subdue! Subdue the Evil Lord's generals. Right.
I thought it was a wibbly, wobbly ball.
sure, that too.
>6th century japan
>buddhism was just introduced from korea
>the 2 or 3 protagonists are members of the mononobe or nakatomi clans who travel around the country fighting the spread of buddhism and strengthening the faith in the traditional gods
In an abandoned wasteland stands a huge, run-down tenement. It is run by the landlord, a foul-mouthed, pessimistic, chain-smoking 27 year old man and his cheerful 19 year old little sister. In the apartment lives all sorts of people. These are the peaceful, daily lives of the tenants.

There is more to the place than it appears, though. At the end of episode 1, one of the first introduced tenants disappears, but everyone acts like he had never existed in the next episode. Likewise, the focal character on episode 2 goes missing in episode 3. It is revealed in episode 3 that the tenement is located on the boundary between worlds, and that it acts sort of like purgatory. Everyone living in it is a messed-up person who, through some means or another, caused their world's destruction. MC's job is to help each and every one of the tenants to come to a resolution with the lives they had lead. One way or another, MC is able to make the tenants come to terms with the things they had done, until eventually only he and his little sister is left.

The final arc is about his little sister; it is revealed that she had also caused the destruction of their world. MC became the landlord of the apartment because, while his sister was causing the destruction of their world, he mused about how unfortunate it was that his sister never once experienced happiness in her life. In his final moments, he wished for a chance to grant his sister the happiness she never experienced, and his wish was granted, with the condition being that he also grant the same kind of happiness to others like his sister.

Series ends with MC finally resolving his sister's issues. For the first time since they were kids, they sleep next to each other. In the morning, MC wakes up alone. He looks around and, finding it too silent, decides to clean the whole building. He visits the rooms one by one, reminiscing on every tenant who had lived there and wondering if they're happier now, wherever they are.
Wait why are posts getting deleted
What the fuck mods
>MC is a mecha space pirate
>Uses Fist-Fu because weapons are for pussies
>Finds an old prototype mech in an old space battlefield
>Updates and Upgrades it
>Fights corrupt army officials, bloodthirsty pirates, and genetically engineered supermen.
>Gathers a crew of black Weaboos, Deus Vultists, Space Idols, a kleptomaniac woman as First Mate
>Proceeds to carve out his own kingdom among the conflict.
A sitcom about an adult guy, a western closet anime fan, whose goal in life is to act out a funny manzai-style joke in reality. He can't explain to anybody what he's trying to do, because then he would be outing himself as a weeb and ruining his reputation. He keeps trying to set up elaborate verbal jokes around everyday situations, but instead of playing along by making witty, snappy tsukkomi, everybody else is just like, "uhh, okay?"

So basically the story of my life
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