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ALL OUT!! EP 19 Wonder why they're friends?

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Wonder why they're friends?
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>ywn get sandwiched and then helped up by Captain
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He did it. Please no delay today.
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What might this expression be trying to show?
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Why does the character with the weirdest design look most decent in comparison with other 3d actors?
You think so? What's wild besides the eyebrows?
I mean, everything about Matsuo's face is weird, yet he is one of the better looking actors in the cast http://allout-stage.com/
Subs are OUT
Shit, I mixed him up with someone else.
They did miss the mark with him. Doesn't even have the sleepy eyes or shaggy hair. But does anyone even know what the eye lines are? Kind of looks like super long corner lashes on some pages and then skin fold creases on others.

I think Yowamushi Pedal had the best stage drama cast to date. Funny when they're one of the most unique designs.
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I wonder how mangaka came up with his design, he is not even a comic relief character.
I swear he gets smugger every episode
>tfw 1 month before Hanazono preliminaries and some literally who team plays better than you.
Is it bad that only moments like these are the ones that make me want to play rugby? Otherwise I couldn't care less, I just want to be part of the sandwich.
Wait, so am I alone in thinking Matsu is handsome? I think the supportive big bro personality also adds to it, but he does carry a handsome air.
It can't be helped. We're almost always on a fast track because of the shared importance with the third years.
>supportive big bro personality
Well, he is definitely one of the most likable characters but still he looks off in comparison with others in my opinion. But maybe he is supposed to be handsome after all.
You're just a faggot. Don't tell /sp/, but it's OK.
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>ywn be ordered around by Oharano
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This show has too many good characters.

They're actually a good side but they lack real leadership.
>not raped by Ebumi

He even makes sure to fully use protection. 10/10 guy.
But do you think we can expect to get back to Oharano and his brother's story?
I don't think we can expect it soon, there are too many characters so perhaps we'll get to know other players better instead.
He's just smug over having the best voice actor in the show.
So he's just an asshole since childhood and that's it?
Bump in case there is more discussion, because the episode was really good.
He would be a 10/10 if not for the horrible face, his body is one of the best after Takuya.
You have to give him credit for being consistent at least.
Yeah, at least it's not because of some forced drama.
I liked it too, made me happy for Gion.
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