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Sousei No Onmyoji

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for the six people watching Twin Star Exorcists

how will they bring back this smile?
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you can actually see the exact second her heart breaks

seriously though Benio bullying is not okay.
Looking forward to fight next week. Also read the manga from the start if you really like this, its good
It aired until that chapter?
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I don't see the fight going very well for Rokuro solo. They're pretty clearly setting up a he gets bodied hard goes berserk and needs Benio to bring him back down before the head exorcist kills him kind of thing. And even though I can predict it Im looking forward to it and will probably giggle like a school girl when they wreck Yuuto's shit with the power of love.

As for the Manga Ive been enjoying it too but I think I almost prefer the anime take on things. That road trip arc was a blast.
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From what I understand the anime and the manga have kind been going off in their own directions. The manga is only on chapter 38 or so and as of right now is in a very different place.

I don't know if you're the type to care about that sort of thing but I think the anime has been a joy to watch. Very refreshing to have shonen series where the two leads actually have real chemistry. Their development as a couple is reason alone to watch.
Is that her brother? How much has the anime strayed away from the manga?
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Quite a bit actually. There's still the two year skip ahead and Yuuto's still the major villain but the way the story went is a lot different.

Major differences include

The manga has Benio losing her powers and Rokuro having to leave to go to some crazy ass island where he has to enter one of the 12 houses but says fuck all you cunts and tries to rebuild Benio's old home as his new one and it sounds like he might be entering some tournament to gain clout in order to be allowed on the mission

In the anime he an Benio go on a road trip to seal up holes to the demon world meeting the 12 heads along the way and they basically become parents to a mysterious little girl. It was really goddamn cute
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they can't keep getting away with this!
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Benio is love
>tournament arc
Absolute shite. Glad the anime hasn't adapted that.
I know!
The true Benio doesn't have those massive tumors attached to her chest.
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that would just get in the way
What are the chances they'll do an anime original ending involving procreation?
Pretty likely. I'm also thankful they didn't bother with any love triangle bullshit since the story is being told from the perspective of their children.
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Id be down for a timeskip epilogue where they have like 5 babies
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what do you thinks in the box? A ring. Seems like it could be jewelery? What if it's ohagi?
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>TFW you really like a show but no one wants to talk about it apparently
Sorry, I've only read the manga.
Honestly it's kind of exhausting having non-stop crises with enemies so powerful that Rokuro and Benio never stand a chance. I was hoping that after the timeskip they'd be a little more competent, or that Mayura would get to keep Byakko, or they'd otherwise get some other powerups or allies, but there's been barely anything on that front. On the other hand Yuuto's power creep is ridiculous. Even the powers of love and friendship shouldn't be able to balance out the advantage he has.

Benio is a real miracle of the universe though.
from what episode the filler start and when is over?
It's not like he doesn't care about her, he is just doing what he thinks is for the best. She'll hopefully still get impregnated
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I see your point and coming off of other shonen series I understand it. But there's something I find really engaging about them being proper underdogs. Their victories are fewer but they seem more impactful and meaningful.

Unrelated note but I love these battle cut ins.


You should pretty much go in expecting the anime to be it's own thing because, well that's what it is. Good watching though.


I just can't stand to see her suffer. Though I suppose a bit of suffering will make the love love all the more sweet.
>for the six people watching Twin Star Exorcists

Split personalities don't count
Its refreshing to have the heroine get the evil power boost for once. Looks like she'll get another one from Kamui too.

I wonder if an how the anime is gonna handle Kamui. We still got six episodes left and I don't imagine they'd spend all on the single fight with Yuto. I suppose they could have Benio go off to face him in order to get the power to stand by Rokuro
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I just really love Benio. It shouldn't be possible for any girl especially a main girl to be so best.
My bet is that glasses kegare is Rokuro's mother visiting her son. They've explicitly shown that Abe no seimei was a man in the anime and Rokuro has to come from somewhere.

That'd be something. Plus if you really want to hammer in LOVE conquers all thing having Seimei love a Kegare would be decent pottery. She was awfully interested in just watching him.
Have they crippled her in the anime yet?
Despair Benio when? Crying girls do things to my dick.
There are at least 8 people. Come on now
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