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no cellphone shenanigans, you know the drill you can do isekai,

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no cellphone shenanigans, you know the drill
you can do isekai, as long as is not dream fullfilment shit
Grimdark isekai with plagues, witchcraft, real demons, and no rpg bullshit like reviving, xp, and quests. And little to no waifus either.
>Beserk the isekai
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a battle academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
Alternate history where instead of going full isolation the early Tokugawa Shogunate sends japs to explore Alaska in search of a lead that Yoshitsune no Minamoto escaped there instead of dying.

They dont find anything but it starts the Japanese colonization of North America, series follows the members of one clan over generations from the explorer to the frontier samurai to the seperatist revolutionary.
>RPG characters isekai into the real world
>they have no stat allocation and realize they're shit at everything
>they all gradually become tropes (one is a neet, one is a chad etc.)
>desperately try to hide the fact they have no idea what's going on
>shenanigans ensue
>modern day ''maosame and yuusha''
>qt demon lord girl
>yuusha has to fight the urge to dick her because its his sacred duty
>maosama fights the urge to fuck him because it wouldnt be honorable to be with a hero
>everyone, included the generals (family and friends) wants them together
Romcom, really heavy on references
Curling: The Animation
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>Ancap world anime

If you reply to this in a negative context you violate the NAP
shonen battle adventures but the mc is a cute tomboy
ryona every chapter, last chapter is her being forced into a wedding dress by her sister and getting way too red in front of her fiance
anyone got the armor-san screencaps?
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>Sentai super hero
>Gets killed
>His power suit finds a new host
>Finds 17 year old high school kid who has a lot of will power but doesn't use it right
>Gets trained by the sidekick of the hero who was killed
>Meets other teen heroes
>Girl who uses pyro powers through a sword
>New hero slowly learns more about the former hero
>Turns out he was going to expose the superhero team for their plans of world domination
>Sentai hero and pyro girl are now on the run from the "Hero Team"
racially insensitive dog from the 1950s accidentally time travels to current day and has adventures
i'd call it "Wallace the dog"
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cute girls in armor
HARD MODE: cute girls in armor AND halfswording
A super edgy anime set during the Mexican-Indian Wars following a young glory hound navajo warrior's war path and an idealistic mexican soldier from central mexico who tries to rise through the ranks to change things. Both protagonists would clash frequently throughout the series. The brutality of both sides and the murkiness surrounding the start of the conflict would play an important part.

At the final battle an epic duel between the mexican (now a high ranked officer) and the navajo (now a warchief) ensues.

The mexicans and the navajo are destroyed because a commanche band decided to wipe them both out while they were weakened. Both protagonists are gunned down in the middle of their duel.
>Baba Yaga has a daughter
>raises her alone in her hut on fowl's legs, and teaches her the ways of freaky slav magic
>on her 16th birthday, Baba Yaga finally gives her daughter permission to go out and explore the world
>traveling in a shed on fowl's legs, the daughter begins to travel the land, meeting new people, seeing new places, and making new friends
>MC is a fresh college grad with a degree in psychology
>Cant find a job,
>Gets hooked up by his uncle with a job running the family soba shop during the evening
>Slowly starts becoming entangled with the various mental problems of people around town
>Plot centers around how difficult/culturally abhorrent it is for nips to seek help with mental health issues
>MC eventually discovers his uncle is suffering from a form of Aphasia
I don't know how to tell you this anon but Navajo were peaceful and Comanches weren't near them.
Ze Hat: A series based/inspired heavily by old Jackie Chan films and other Hong Kong action flicks

MC's name is Jun Ree (named after martial artist Jhoon Goo Rhee) which does sound a little bit like a girls name in retrospect which could be a small running joke
in the series. As for martial arts he's quiet capable, but the thing is he looks and somewhat acts like a good damn idiot while fighting (hence the Jackie Chan part)
so everyone initially underestimates him. Other than that the only other thing set in stone about him is that he wears a blue baseball type hat which is how we get the tittle of the series (if it sounds like a stupid reason, that's the point).

The main story centers around Jun Ree doing odd jobs around the city/slums of Not Hong Kong each bring its own 2-3 episode mini arc, some are original and some are heavily borrowing the plot from old Hong Kong movies with the connection between them is the hat wearing sorry excuse for a main character is involved in some way be it major or minor whether it be because of a job in order to make a quick buck, roped in against his will, or just plain bad luck.
>high school anime
>the faculty are the main characters
i thought up one a while ago.
the robot wars have come and gone, and a hard boiled veteran military android has been sent to live with a scientist and his hikkomori son.
she has to adjust to being a civilian, and to the idea of living like a person rather than a weapon.

also the occasional gunfight.

delicous brown veteran robot. guaranteed to sell.

I'm pretty sure I meant Apache tho because there was some super important treaty that got fucked. Maybe I just liked the Navajo aesthetic.

Comanches were there tho.
>Hero's bloodline is prophesied to rid world of demons
>The state sponsors any woman willing to take his seed in order to spread his evil-destroying bloodline
>When the time comes the hero fails horribly and allows the king to be slain by a demon
>All of his children have their name soiled, collectively referred to as the Black Bastards, all identifiable by a birthmark on their back
>One of these bastards is our MC
>High School anime
>Boy likes girl
>Girl likes boy
>Neither will admit it
>Friends tease them about how cute they are together
>Both blush and look away. "It's not like that"
>300 episodes pass
>Boy and girl still haven't admitted they like each other

There. I'm officially as good as every actual anime writer.
>MC thinks they managed to score a spot in an exchange program with a french school
>Is accidentally sent to Mexico
>At a school in the heart of a cartel turf war
>And is now best friends with a local cartel boss' son
>While everyone thinks he's Yakuza
Better than them getting together and watching them have their first time together

Trust me, the eternal cocktease is better than watching two people share something you've never experienced.
It appears you were right. I think Apache probably would be better though, they've significant history with pretty much every power in the area.
>MC has a stalker yandere who will do anything for him
>They were childhood friends but MC doesn't remember because he's a dick
>In order to get back MC's love and affection, she has to use ever increasing measures to keep others out until one like episode 2-3 she murders a bitch
>Whole school freaks out and it turns into a who done it type of thing or some shit.
>All the girls murdered like MC at the start but is moves into bitches who are just generally friendly
>Best girl will stop at nothing to get rid of the competition, this includes: Blackmail, torture, getting other girls parents to divroce, bullying, breaking into MC's house to see what he likes, ect. Crazy shit like that
>Whole thing is basically future diary except without that lame cellphone shit.
>At one point she kills a house robber or some shit to save MC.

So yea it spirals out of control, but when you first watch it you should assume it's just a regular ass giant harem anime, kinda like school days but better.
>Military discovers magical girls
>Begins super soldier program to replicate it
>Top soldiers from all around the world put into program
>Super soldiers complete with magical girls and gradually replace them
>Save the world from threats and aliens and kyubey 2.0
Basically super buff men in dresses beat the shit out of little girls and steal their jobs
A group of otakus are just a breath away from death via mass suicide and they see their future. They will be in a place of impending pain unless they can answer the fundamental question; what did they do to deserve this and how could they have changed the outcome. Hilarity ensues as they are unable to answer this.
the truman show but it's a harem anime
SOL about the studio of a tokusatsu in production.
>Story is told from bad guy's PoV
>Fantasy style anime with magic and everything
>Each episode is started with MC narration and why his actions are justified
>Following the narration, group of "good guys" go through the story, ruining everything
>Mecha Show with urban-combat strange-real setting ala Armored Core
>Focus on combined arms and warfare, as well as themes of peacekeeping
>MC and team are caught up in the higher brass's overtures of 'making the world safe for democracy'
>Overarching themes of the disconnect between politics and making a difference on the ground

>Possible Twist: Team goes AWOL and it turns into Mecha A-Team. Lots of defeating overpowered prototype cutting edge mecha with sound tactics, ingenuity and teamwork.
Shonen MC expendables
>MC's close disappear whenever he sneezes
>Oh no he's hot!
>Shenanigans ensue as girls try to get his D
Isn't that just the life of Liam from Super Best Friends?
the MC of a harem series isn't the one with the harem, rather he's the obligatory best friend in one, resulting in a verity of things that we don't usually get to see in harems such as:

> A MC with at least a somewhat interesting personality besides the beaten to death "nice guy" one.
> Toying with the girls that are a part of his friends harem and sometimes having to step in and help solve any conflict from within the harem that is only partly for his own sake of not getting dragged in to deeper shit later if it continued.
> Having to deal with the group of guys who figuratively and maybe even literally want to strangle his best friend for having so many hot girls after him.
> Access to the nuclear launch codes that almost guarantee a way out of most situations, aka. threatening to tell everyone in school who his friend really likes.
> Always having a guarantee group of people to go to things like festivals, amusement parks, the beach, etc.
> Always finding whether intentional or not being ditched at said events and left with no one but yourself
> Having most if not all of your major deeds being ignored or attributed to you best friend resulting in the adoption of a self destructive nature more and more just to get some recognition.
> Getting used as a stepping stone as a somewhat common occurrence where a girl will confess there feelings to you when in reality they just want to sidestep the never ending completion in the harem to get to your best friend and having to make the necessary sacrifices to how you think of love in hope for it to stop affecting you.
> And other Fun stuff.
A group of select elites with attitude team up under a powerful symbol of good to fight the forces of evil but fate intervenes when they find that there was a mix-up at the manufacturers after attempting to use their new cellphone morphers.

The prospective sentai team now have to go hunt down their morphers before ordinary civilians get their hands on them and permanently register themselves to the devices. Hijinx hell however is raised as one by one the morphers are activated and a very unlikely team of superheroes begins taking shape.

A general from the evil organization they were supposed to face also happened to catch wind of this and he and the proper red ranger clash for the leader morpher. Proper Red manages to beat him but the general curses him before exploding to bits.

At first it seemed ineffectual but turns on its head when Red actually morphs for the first time. Red takes his place as the proper team leader but at the same time the supposedly dead general emerges out of a dark mist as his counterpart, Dark Red! To complicate things further, Dark Red declares that he plans to usurps Red's position as leader and star.

With 4 out of work elites, 4 unfit trainees and dueling leaders, just how will this superhero team fare in their coming year of justice?

I call this one "The Year Justice Went Wrong".
so there's this guy, yeah?

he gets shot in the head

instead of getting transported to a fantasy world, he doesn't

he's just dead
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For that anon who tells me to go read ouroboros record. Holy shit, i love it.
>Nuture and raise a slave so she has no qualms about re-wiring her brain magically and surgically so she can no longer betray you
I have the weirdest boner right now

Too bad the translations are gonna take a long time, i want to see more.
We... we can work with this.

Okay, So it's an Isekai thing, but instead of coming back as somebody else, he's just fucking dead, until he's raised as 1d4 skeletons by some two bit mage fighting heros.

Realizing that not even magical forces can make his life better, he realizes he has to work hard and fight for a better life!

His brilliant plan is to go from a skeleton to literally anything but a skeleton! Set realistic goals!

Title is "Even in another world I'm still boned"
>MC has been stuck in a single-day time loop, groundhog day style, for a while now
>Wakes up at the same time on the same day with the same vague dream
>Does all the usual time loop shit before the start of the series
>Has all the patterns down, has banged all the girls, mastered skills, etc
>One day he notices an anomaly in the loop and discovers that another guy, Rival-san, is stuck in the same time loop
>They both have the same vague dream and cooperate to try to figure out how to break the time loop
>The dream becomes clearer and leads each one to believe they need to defeat the other one somehow
>They start killing and torturing each other in increasingly ridiculous and violent ways by abusing the patterns of the non-loopers
>Every few loops they sit down at a truce zone to discuss rules of engagement and what they've learned.

Anything is possible!
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>There's a god out there somewhere who's teleporting corpses to parallel worlds
But why?
i was thinking more along the lines of "he's just dead the whole time"

like 25 20 minute episodes where after the first two minutes or so, the entire series is just prolonged, unbroken shots of his dead body

like an avant-garde art show or some shit. it's exactly what the anime industry needs. no moe. no waifus. just some guy's dead fucking body for hours on end. like the endless 8, but with a dead guy and also longer.
Is it like the flash games where you only have one life?
Only if you see them dealing with other Anime HS tropes
>Each Homeroom teacher has a distinct anime protag like character in their class and complain about it to the other teachers
>So apparently one of my student's "Cousins" came to school and wears a training sword constantly
>Why do I always have the class with the two most popular Boys in school and the new pink-haired girl who just moved every year?
>Pretty sure the Girl who looks like she is five in my class is either a super robot from the future or actually God
>Gym teacher is all exhausted because all the sports teams are competing at nationals and he has no time to rest.
>Teacher's are always reprimanding the lonely english Teacher for getting enamored by a different boy each week and becoming a part of his harem
An average high school boy moves with his parents to a rural town in the mountains. He enrolls in the local high school, which only has 20 other students. However, on his first day he finds out that they're all girls. Finding this strange, he asks why, only to be told there hasn't been a boy born in town in 20 years. The MC decides to investigate the reasons behind this.
>Berserk the Isekai
I posted something similar to this a while back with elements from Familiar of Zero

>Sorcerer king losing a wizard war
>Mass-summons a bunch of creatures from different dimensions to fight for him
>One of the summons is a Japanese Otaku
>The king loses and the Otaku hides in the local population as a "foreign mercenary"
>Builds his skill in combat over time
>Finds out he has a "power" which is high resistance to magic revealed much later as an innate ability due there being no magic in Japan
>Somehow it becomes public that he's from another world
>Sorceress finds him and ritualistically binds him to her, trying to utilise this ability
>He has more free will, thanks to the magic resistance, but still feels compelled to obey orders
>Sorceress treats him like shit but eventually falls in love with him
>When given the opportunity to return to Japan, he decides to stay since everyone thinks that he's dead because he's been missing for years and he doesn't identify as the person he once was
i guess specifically the idea is like, in the first episode, the guy just wakes up and is like 'man i sure hope i don't get fucking shot today", maybe not so on the nose, but we can haver some humor while we have room to work

but then like, immediately after leaving home - and i mean right away, like, right out of the front door, bam, shot in the head. the last 19 minutes of that episode and the entirety of the remaining 24 episodes is just the same shot of his dead body. it's brilliant. it'll cost like, what, like 10000 yen to animate, total? that's like 40 dollars or some shit. I can afford that.

otaku love ironic merch too, so we can sell figures of his dead body and make millions.
After trying to take control of his syndicate, a yakuza underboss is shot and falls into a pit or something, only to find out that he got isekai'd into an alternate magic world.
Since he doesn't have any OP powers or really any powers at all, he must rely on his cunning and knowledge as shady business tactics to become dirty rich and take control of the kingdom's underworld.
>the MC is 2nd years high school student
>he's obviously not beta but not riajuu either
>gets an eroge from his friend
>plays it because why not?
>he dislikes almost all the main heroines, but likes the fandisk-bait heroine instead
>complains to his friend
>he gives the fandisk
>still no her route
>rages and somehow falls from balcony
>then he wakes up and realizes that he's the protag of that eroge now
>decides to go to fandisk-tier heroine route
Loser/loner guy
Somehow gets all the bitches
uuh he has an estranged twin

ta da
>A Shota Robot is built by a dying scientist to be his "Son" and carry on his legacy.
>This involves giving the boy an Anatomically correct set of male genitals that contains the scientist's DNA
>Scientist Programs robot with the mission to pass on his DNA but Dies before completing the programing
>Cue Shenanigans of Young Shota Robot who only feels need to breed women, has no other basic emotions
>Also only goes after fertile women so /ss/ only maybe some highschool girls
>Through fucking women he gains personality and free will and decides what to do with his life

Basically a sexual pinochio story where a mostly emotionless shota robot fucks his way through scores of mature ladies.
>yakuza gets isekai'd to an old style medieval world
>life is tough and bandits are common but everyone is super serious about things like keeping your word and the culture is very honorable to the point of naivete
>mc fucks it all up
>MC is a Hero in some basic Fantasy setting
>Has done everything imaginable
>Explored the world, Killed tyrant Kings, and saw the rise and fall of several kingdoms
>is now old and dying
>Only regret is he never sired an heir
>Apparently god's weren't to happy about this either
>MC was actually last in a line of heroes granted with the bloodline of a fellow God who became Human to save the World
>So Gods decide to send MC back in time
>But not to simply find a woman to pass on his line
>No they send MC back as a Woman so he can seduce himself, and strengthen the Bloodline
>Cue MC relieving his adventures from the sideline as SHE desperately tries to get Himself to fall in love with Her
>Also she has to try her hardest not to fuck up the future, by disturbing too many events of the past
>But also she wishes to change many events in which she failed in the past.

series ends with MC managing to save the life of a princess she couldn't save in the past. Princess gets with male MC and Female MC gets with a Tyrant Wizard who had become less evil as a result of timeline shenanigans God's are content since now there are now two separate Hero lineages
>MC is a powerful and successful mage in alternate reality
>Gets transported to our world Circa WWII
>Front lines of war against not Germany
>Story starts with him and a group of soldiers from various countries who all are captured by Nazis
>Nazis confiscate spell tome from wizard man and tear a few pages from it accidentally
>Before they can study it, an American, Brit, Ruskie, and Wizard-Kun escape and take the tome with them
>Problem is, you can cast spells off of one of one of the pages alone, and any time a spell is cast, there are radio waves given off by the spell book that can be interpreted
>Anytime Wizard-Kun uses a spell, he gives it to the Nazis as well
>Unknowing this, accidentally gives the Nazis terrifying power
>The story follows the 4 of them trying to infiltrate the Nazi Heartland and to try and recollect the 3 pages held by Erwin Rommel, Herman Goering, and of course, Adolf Hitler himself.
>Along the way, Wizard-kun's usual problem solving idea of "Throw Magic at it until it works" Obviously doesn't work anymore
>They are forced to use magic in very tight jams, every time it causes Germany to have even greater success in the war due to their magical might increasing
>Series ends with the 3 comrades returning to their homelands as heroes, while wizard-kun disappears Found later to have been stolen by american inteligence
I like this
>MC was trying on his hand made samurai cosplay .
>Opening of his favorite anime starts playing.
>He rushes to watch but trips to his death.
>Gets sent to not feudal Japan.
>By sheer luck defeats a general and everyone looks up to him.
>Series is about his rising to power and the conquer of not China.
>you can do isekai, as long as is not dream fullfilment shit
It's dream fulfillment taken to eleven. The only problem is that the MC isn't the first, and his dreams aren't the largest. He has to compete against all of the other fantasies of those who came before. Twisted revenge and power fantasies, delusions of heroism, and god complexes. Because everyone has ridiculous powers, it's all fairly even.

Many who came before him have become twisted and corrupt monstrosities. The supposed heroes are little better, mostly just playing their role for fun while the inhabitants of the other world are caught in their mess.

At the top of the dung heap is the elusive demigod who calls himself Lucid, the only one who seems to know what's going on in this whole reality warping mess, and whose presence imposes a strange sort of order on the chaos brought to the world. It's rumored that defeating him will allow the isekai'd to return home, with their newfound power intact, but all whose conviction fails to meet the challenge must join him and work to spread his influence.

If the MC ever wants to return home and escape this post-apocalyptic hellhole, or bring his cool powers somewhere where they're special, he's got to survive, train, and recruit allies to take down the only target he can see.
Like OnePunch Man, except instead of being unbelievably strong, he's unbelievably lucky. Every time he beats his opponent through luck, the narrator explains what cosmic coincidence happened, with each one being more convoluted than the last.

Eventually his luck runs out in the penultimate battle, when the parallel universe versions of himself whose luck he unintentionally stole gang up on him, and he's shot in the chest and left for dead. Only for the narrator to reveal that he was born with Situs Inversus, so the bullet missed his heart.

Afterword he works things out with his AU counterparts and sacrifices his luck for them. In the end, they all team up to fight the final boss and he finally wins a fight through pure skill.
I'm writing a VN and I came to steal ideas from this thread.

I want an anime about a young lord in a medieval fantasy setting, where he finds out that he's been arranged to marry an Orc to strengthen political ties.

Orc chick would be cute sure, but I would also want her to be significantly taller than MC, (by at least six inches) and well muscled. The series would revolve around the two of them slowly getting to know each other as their marriage is arranged
Oh, and the inhabitants of the other world all treat the whole thing as a demonic invasion, raising up their own heroes and warbands to fight off the invading forces of evil. A few crafty magic users might try to enslave a few. Entire regions get subjugated as part of some powermad isekai'd asshat's whim, whether it's the brutal enslavement at the hands of some twisted rape monster or being forced to kiss the ass of some self-proclaimed hero collecting a harem or doing whatever else they think heroes do.
Kaiju UFC. I have a whole history and culture thing to go along with it but it'd take way too many posts just to end up at "Kaiju fight each other for money like boxers".
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>15 years ago, MC-kun was isekai'd into a fantasy world where he went on adventures, made friends, etc
>After a couple years he returned but he can't re-adapt to life in the normal world after facing so many life-or-death heroic situations
>the anime follows his journey around the world as he desperately searches for a way to return to the fantasy world
Isekai about a guy who becomes a Warlock
>Entire Student body is pulled into another world
>MC is a member of the Occult Research Club
>Various kids have supernatural powers but not all of them
>MC gets jealous and decides to perform a demon summoning ritual from the club room
>it actually works and all it cost was an unspecified task at a later date
>Demon dealings bring the attention of the local forces of good who find the lost children and under the guise of rescuing them try to find the little shit that summoned a demon
>MC is warned by his new demon buddy and gets out of dodge
>whole thing is a comedy of errors that eventually leads to the MC being actually evil (from an outside perspective)
>he joins up with other actual villains like a bard that mind controls people and a nobleman turned Werewolf that just enjoys the freedom of it all.
>sticks with evil people because of designated love interest a female blackguard who tricked him into going even deeper with demonic deals
>meets up with his classmates under various circumstances sometimes fighting them thanks to their rescuers or pretending to be someone else entirely
>whole thing ends with demon calling in the task and making him do a truly evil act that dooms his class to be stuck in fantasy land.
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I wonder why I'm not writing this.
>MC and a friend are bullied at school constantly.
>Eventually they both shoot up the school, killing themselves at the end.
>They wake up in hell and are unsatisfied with their kill count.
>Now they must travel through the ultimate trials of hell so they can get a second chance at life and do an even better school shooting.
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Wasn't this the plot of that shitty Columbine RPG maker game?
Beats me. I'd kinda like to write it myself, but I don't know if I could do it properly and I'm already swamped with stories I wanna write.
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Yeah. I think it would make a pretty good anime.
>MC is the president of the occult club in his HS.
>One day while trying to summon a succubus, he's instead summoned to a parallel fantasy world.
>Now he has figure out how to get back to his world, or at least find a way to tell his family that he's fine.

And yes, he does becomes a wizzard on this world. Most of his spells are kind of mediocre though, the only advantage that he has is that he can manipulate his spells in inventive ways.
For me the hurdles are no money and uncertainty on whether anyone will like it.
>cute imouto gets isekaied
>her power is to grow stronger the more people hates her
Let me guess, stuff happens and she becomes the demon lord.

And her brother is the hero.

>medival time
>witch curses MC
>he happens to be the new sultan of of some arabic country
>the curse leads to him randomly genderbend
>he has to stay hidden within his harem when he becomes a girl
>one of his vassles falls in love with him and tries to cuck his sultan without knowin the horrible truth
>Ordinary boy summoned into magical world
>no cheat no power
>mistaken as magical genius
>must bluffing his way to survive
>Ordinary boy reincarnated into magical world
>as a bear
>mistaken as a human
>must bluffing his way to survive
>Canceled half way through
>Sir Bearington Origins
I will draw this one day.
No it won't. All that will do is create a flood of Knights with concealing helmets that only communicate in gestures. Eventually Japan will stop banning new artists from submitting so many stories about armor like they did with isekai. Freaking knight gets transported to the real world with unconventional methods of making hardened steel that surpassed the strength of our current metals and proceeds to dethrone our government which he thinks is the demon lord but he's too autistic and illiterate to understand.
glass doors

The story is about a boy named Saji. Saji is 23 and after quieting college at 20 due to anxiety became a neat over the years. That all changes one day.

>one day by chance he meets an amazing 38 year old women named Mei
>when she forgets her cell on a bus and he runs after her
>they talk for a bit and then she goes home
>after a running into each other on the bus a few more time he awkwardly asks her out
>he has not been on many dates and only had sex 3 times with 2 different girls
>so he is nervous
>the dinner date went well
>she takes him back to her place
>they bang
>next morning a young girl walks in on them yelling wtf mom
>turns out she has a 14 year old daughter
>he is shocked at first but he accepts it
>eventually they start seeing each other more and after a year get married
>they became a real family.
>The daughter Toi views him like the dad she never had.
>sadly 2 years after getting married Mei dies of cancer.
>out of grief Saji and Tori start to become too close
>they fall in love and move to a new town to escape the judgement of their friends and neighbors
>they start a life together
>they travel the world before settling down in a small mountain town
>One night after having the best sex he ever had he finds her gone with a note

It goes on about how he was the most important person to her that she must face her past, doesn't want to drag him into it and hopes one they they'll meet again

>the scene shows her walking into a run down building with 2 men in suits
>inside she is standing in front of what appears to be a mirror
>the man says you knew this day was coming now get going
>she steps though and is in the same room
>but in the past
>as she is greeted by another man the scene flashes forward 9 months
>she is giving birth in the Hospital and the nurse asks her what are you gonna name her

It never reveals what those men's endgame is it's just a story of love that transcends the laws of time and space
I have written many novellas (no published works yet, but that will change in the summer) and all of them have an anime vibe to them.

My proudest work is heart wars, a tragedy about vengeful vampire who is a proud hero of justice, going after the people who took his heart. Both sides are in the wrong, and right at the same time, and nobody can back down from this inevitable and bloody battle.
They did that in Franken Fran. It was with a fat old guy though.
>Story starts with MC as the bodyguard of some kind of merchants caravan
>setting resembles our renaissance, low magic, beasts
>caravan gets attacked by bandits
>MC torches the bandits to death with his completely unbalanced power of fire control
>can start fires, turn parts of his body into fire to dodge bullets and things which are on fire due to his ability can get combusted
>rest of the ambush runs away cursing the "Devil of the east"
>scene change
>loosely connected tidbits of japanese school-life, cicadas etc
>the short intermission ends with a pov scene of being in bed with a girl
>MC wakes up in TOTALLY NOT Venice in some kind of inn
>wonders what this dream was about and how it coincides with all of the dreams he's been having ever since "that day"

Later revealed, that MC was found 1 year ago in the ruins of some kind of NOTpagan holy site, with no idea who he was or where he came from. Explorers took him in for a few months until he decided to earn his keep as a contract worker.

It later turns out, that MC burned to death in Japan in his own house, which coincided with a pagan firedevil ritual done 500 years prior to him actually arriving. The more MC finds out about his original life, the more reluctant he is to burn people alive with his powers, up to the point where he wont use his powers at all due to the trauma of being burned alive after he sees his last moments in his dreams.

MC's fire powers turn out to be a byproduct of a nature spirit being summoned with him, who at the time was merely the fire that engulfed MC's body. MC and Devil-kun live out their endless days in NOTeurope while evading the Inquisition without trying to hurt anyone, taking the pacifist's path whenever possible.

Feel free to insert romance, but ultimately this is supposed to be ACTION SHOUNEN turned comfy Sol with MC growing as a father to mischievious Devil-kun.
>MC is a totally badass bodyguard with the eyes of a cat
>In every scene he does badass karate moves
>He's got a hardbody and bangs hardbody chicks
>One day the government pulls him out of bodyguard retirement to take out an evil dictator single handedly
>He has a totally badass death scene and ascends to heaven to hang out with God

He'd be voiced by Dolph Lundgren
I'd rather have a MC who is a total badass in the eyes of cats, in reality he's just a loser.
Man I just want to write an Isekai story about my best friend and I with adventure and comedy and waifus.

Unfortunately, I can't come up with anything that feels right in my head. I don't mind cliches, but I want the world to interest me and actually make sense, but I love RPG-like fantasy worlds and I don't want any grand saving the world or chosen one plots...
The usual romcom, except for the fact that no girl likes MC.
Still, he keeps falling in love with one after another, and keep getting rejected.
At the very end, he dates his imouto, as its revealed she always loved him.
>MC is an adult lolicon that gets caught stealing pantsu from the grade school locker room
>He gets sentenced to jail, but due to a missunderstanding he is sent to an all female juvenile correctional facilitie instead
>Inmates are all cute little girl version of stereotype crimminals
>Wardens are also little girls
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>MC has the power to talk to animals
>Turns out animals are fucking stupid
>He can't turn it off
>Whenever he talks to someone within earshot of an animal, the animal thinks he's talking to them
>Cats and dogs think he's really rad
>Goats try to pick fights with him
>Bees are a weird hivemind that are pissed off all the time
>MC tries to live a normal life while looking for a way to get rid of his power
Here is your typical isekai

> Male Protagonist.
> 25, graduated PhD student, engineering
> Works for the army. Train hard, well-built body with martial arts skill.

And now is your typical isekai shit.

> Isekai'd
> To a world without any human inhabitants but only sentinent, human-form robots, some is humanoid
> Organic materials is rare, but there are enough oxygene in that world due to the main source of powercell is water.
> Now he must survive before he dies out of starving.

Ofc there will be cute robot waifu.
A comedy/adventure/action where a cute little social outcast otaku schoolgirl gets TRUCKED and sent to a different world.

Waking up surrounded by greenery, she gets ecstatic thinking she's been whisked away into the generic fantasy world of her dreams, where she can use her manga and light novel knowledge to manipulate people until she becomes the princess of the land!

In actuality, she was whisked away to the oasis of a seemingly endless, generic manime desert wasteland filled with macho martial artists, gunslingers, warlords, biker gangs, eccentric nutjobs, perverts, and some people who don't even make sense like estranged wandering samurai, drunk cowboys, or modern soldiers.

With women being a rare commodity largely sought out and reserved for warlords and gang leaders (who can have an upwards of 20 wives), all hell breaks loose as people of the desert try to get their hands on her, either to present to their leaders, or to have a turn at her herself.

Luckily, the seemingly prince charming of her dreams, a handsome gun-toting young boy around her age shows up riding a dune buggy. Realizing he's a hopeless virgin (like herself) with hero syndrome, she tries to manipulate him by pretending to be his girlfriend if he protects her. Unfortunately for her, this boy's just as loony as half of the people in the desert and forcefully drags her on a long, aimless adventure to his home (which doesn't even exist) throughout the desert. At least, he vows to protect her from any form of harm, but not only does he have a terrible sense of direction, but he's a horrible shot with his gun too! He constantly gets BTFO comically trying to protect her from the dangers of the desert whilst getting themselves lost.

He has a dumb backstory where he was isekai'd just like her, but somehow lost his memory in the most pathetic and hilarious way and thinks he's always been a part of the world.
>Inb4 he develops a furry fetish.
So has it been confirmed that "that" is only being spammed by one or a few people? Meaning, it's only a tiny group that keeps posting "that" and responses to "it" in these threads?
MC is average nip on day before first day in highschool. hes super fucking hyped/prepared good hygiene, well studied and ready to make an impact!

wakes up on first day of school.

he is now a nigger. chaos ensues.
Serious question: has anyone ever actually been banned for posting "that"? I know "that" tends to get deleted whenever it's posted, but has anyone activally received a ban for posting it?
>is late for school
>only way to make it on time is to steal a bike.
i received aids reading your post
The MC has just started high school and he has an admirer. This extremely short girl has taken a liking to him. Eventually he gives into her insistence and dates her. He constantly gets called a pedo because he's dating her.

Thankfully for the MC, she says she is moving away over the summer. He goes through the entire next year in peace. To his surprise and disappointment, she sends him an email saying she is moving back next year.

He goes to the train station to meet her and is shocked. While she was away for the year, she underwent a massive growth spurt. She is at least an entire head taller than the MC, has massive breasts, and has a full figure.

Character designs by Methonium.
everybody gets raped
the end
>Gym teacher is always asleep, sometimes kidnapped by a sports team so they can go to another nationals.
>Still thinks he's in France
All of a sudden magic, elves, monsters, demons, and all sorts of things start showing up on earth. Some people just suddenly die after being exposed to magic, while others suddenly develop magic powers or transform into partially magical races. After a brief war things seem to stabilize with your standard good races of fantasy such as elves, dwarves, and catgirls, being on the side of humanity on earth. While the most magical and monstrous beings are largely against humanity. The world itself is now split with some segments of the planet seemingly lost to magic corruption, and massive portals showing up where people can travel into other more fantasy type worlds. The parts of the world lost to magical corruption typically display characteristics of the folklore of the region.

MC was an ordinary high school student when the war started, but has just managed to complete high school, despite having transformed into an Oni. Together with his friends and twin sister(also an Oni), he has joined the Adventurer's Guild as an apprentice adventurer. The Adventurer's Guild was part of one of the fantasy worlds that combined with earth, and has now built relations with all the remaining world powers. The MC and his friends are now doing a job that is one part fantasy adventurer, one part civil servant, and one part university student. The story follows their lives in the Adventurer's Guild, adventures they go on, studying for tests, and includes such stories as one friend getting drummed out, and the MC dating his childhood friend(who transformed into a slime girl). Each episode tends to follow a different style, including a mystery episode, slice of life, general fantasy adventure, and so on.
Meta humans( monster girls)are entering our world in massave numbers only bring chaos and invasion ,styled after fantasy paladins/clerics or crusadiers
vigilante and paramilitary groups form to reprisal and purge due to lack of government response. our MC is a young man has joined his local group known as
The World Guard 404 ,despite his outward appearance as loyal, skilled, guardsmen his secret plans are to create a harem. meanwhile
cute tanuki girls use each week try crazy scams to maximize profiits, when they backfire they retreat back to the forest to come up with a new scam but the
youngest one has regrets about following her sisters life style because she has a crush on MCguard ,but dose not have the curage to reveal her love due to his public persona.
>MC has the ability to respawn after dying
>always just wakes up somewhere the next morning
>a semi-plausible explanation always concocts itself to explain his survival
>he feels "liberated" and goes about using his ability in a typical chuuni fashion, being a tremendous jerk
>gets halfway decent at killing people, taking down evil organizations or world governments etc, all just to amuse himself. If he fucks up he just comes back to life, though he is good enough to avoid it most of the time
>dies doing more and more outrageous things, pisses off a lot of people. things get more and more isekai to make his constant dying and coming back make sense
>at the start, the world was pretty much normal
>towards the end, he's in an apocalyptic sci-fi version of Dark Souls
>it turns out strong anthropic principle, many universes interpretation are both true
>the world, being made of actually pretty unsubstantial stuff, rearranged itself so that he could keep existing
>literally everyone has this ability, and most use it to go to a typical afterlife with their family and friends
>by overusing it in a stupid selfish way, he has separated himself from other souls in a universe where he is completely alone save for empty parodies of humanity, stock characters that he can't relate to
>literally forever alone
>the demiurge laughs
Speed square
A girl is looking to make frends in her new class but she is very clumsy and this results in breaking her cherished possessions
this includes other peoples stuff .she or stores damaged objects all through out her home, this damaged furniture and
other items that she can't bring her to throw away due to the teachings of of her grandparents that each home goods
should be respected. one day she hears loud banging and other sounds in the neiboors backyard she sees someother class mates
pulling apart pallets and scrap and building furniture out of them ,inspired by there work she asks the other girls if they could help her with guidance
and every day she learns to balance , using tools and repiar tricks to restore her possessions , gaining confidence, and making friends .
TL;DR oppailolis and power tools
long ago in a fantasy land a wizard king trys to conquer all the lands that can be seen from his tower after a grand battle in witch an alliance beats his army his
generals rebel against him except the ogre queen, the wizard casts a teliport spell but messes up the incantations .waking up in a new world (modern japan)
they find his spellbook pages have been scatterd leaveing him weaked .he vows collect his magic pages and recrute local "wizards" to restore his kingdom.
nice but I think the MC should be flat to contrast with the competent loli builders
Lolis can't get enough Subway.

SoL 4koma where they find excuses to go get their favorite subs.

Orange twintails with green eyes loves the zesty chicken teriyaki

The timid meganekko likes the club, but can only eat it with lettuce and mayo.

Busty temperamental brown hair loves the spicy italian and berates the meganekko for her plainness. She is always trying new things.

Short black hair who wears boyish clothes likes the tuna.

The long green-haired, overly-pretty, too many eyelashes yuri counterpart to the above loves the salmon and cream-cheese lox sub, which I suppose must exist somewhere.
Girl (whose parents are athletes) decides to form a band with a guy she met when she bumped into him and he accidentally saw her panties. They fall in love, but unfortunately the girl dies in a vehicular accident. She then gets isekai'd and becomes an idol in Fantasy Australia, where becomes the official singer of the Axis Cult.
File: magi.jpg (104KB, 1381x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a medieval fantasy world threatened by dark forces
>the local mages have a solution to the shortage of manpower
>they open a gate to another world and get isekai'd nerds for cannon fodder in unlimited quantities
>the story follows one of them, a girl who ends up in the new world as a fresh sorceress
>slowly struggles to learn magic one simple spell and a failure at a time, eventually getting better
>goes from a nobody in rags into a famous court wizard
>the other world people keep demanding more and more herculean labors from her
>she has to deal with the local magicians' contempt and envy
>goes from a naive, good-intending and timid lady into a jaded jester who doesn't give a fuck and ridicules kings and queens
MC tries to start his RPG adventure in his magical world, but since its a comedy hijinks ensue
>he's way too overleveled in his hometown because he has the work of kicking isekai protagonists out of the town
he searches for party members, first, he goes to find a wizard
>wizard is the daughter of the library guy, she adquired wizard powers by reading a shitton of books and not having friends in her 17 years of life. She tells MC that her magic is not good for adventuring since its ''too cute''
turns out she can summon eldrich terrors and shit, but the tentacles and demons are actually bros, since they pity her and are happy she found a friend.
then they go for the healer that ends up being a gigantic dude who is the bro's of bros and wears a mask ''to not frighten the young lads''. He ''heals'' by doing suplex and other lucha libre moves, since he has so much control of his muscles, instead of breaking your bones, he fixes them or other problems
and finally the Berserk of the group is the woman of the inn, who's husband went to buy cigars and never came back he did go to buy cigars, he was just a retard, that forgot how to get back to the town and ended up inspiring a myth that there was a troll eating thrash under the bridge
finally, the ''demon lord'' its a dude that sounds really evil and acts very evily, yet the main group never suspects of him he's doing this because he always wanted to be bad, since his mother was a demon and his father a robber, but his goodbone is too big, so even when he tries to do bad things he helps people unintentionally. A recurring gag is the main party putting up with his retarded dungeons and evil things just to humor him
>sees gopnik.
>becomes gopnik.
Give them less of prototype weapons and more skill.

Now we have an a-team.
A female soldier with no legs is with his husband military engineer as they try to survive the nuclear winter of WW3. They travel to go to the equator where there is still enough sunlight to survive and there is all kinds of weird happening around them. From STALKER anomalies to deformed humans to 200km/h winds. They ride a stolen APC and it breaks down frequently. And they just want a cozy life.
The Earth is being invaded by evil creatures from the Dark Dimension. The magical kingdom sends a magical mascot character to help by recruiting five young girls with magic potential to save the world. However, this mascot is a lazy asshole, so he just picks the first five people he sees, a 70 year old grandmother with dementia, an overworked 45 year old salaryman, a 22 year old otaku office lady, a 31 year old yakuza enforcer, and a 15 year old high school girl who practices enjo kousai. These five people must work together as magical girls to save the world. The grandmother likes it because when transformed into a magical girl she can remember the names and faces of her grandkids, the OL likes it because she's an otaku, and the yakiza enforcer likes it despite turning into a girl because he can beat the shit out of the evil creatures without worrying about police. The salaryman and high school girl hate it for interfering with their lives.
A girl discovers that her family is composed of some of the most wanted criminals in the world who adopted her and her brother and brainwashed them, and that she's actually in the same world as a gag series once a wacky zany american cartoon character comes to Japan as a tourist and meets her. Once things begin to escalate and she becomes sure that her family is ready to kill her for knowing too much, she devises a plan to defeat them all and protect her brother by tapping into the same reality-shifting power as gag characters and cartoons.

Intense and dangerous adventures follow as she outsmarts and defeats all the dangerous, murder-happy criminals she once called family through creative uses of cartoon antics.

In the end her brother was actually a criminal as well, a powerful savant and deep web information broker who facilitated the family's destruction since their notoriety put him in danger as well. The story ends as he offers a chance for his adoptive sister to work with him, before she can answer. Two OVAs are released at some point in the future if the show is successful, each showing a possible outcome based on whether she accepts his offer or not.
This sounds pretty cool for a series of novels
Isekai'd into 90s Eastern Europe with slav magic
>Near-ish future, VR is commonplace and everyone uses it for everything
>Revolutionary MMO fighting game is released, full VR, based on an existing property with multiple collaborations with other fighting and general video game franchises
>There, players acquire the skills of their character of choice and are free to develop them in their own way as they travel around the varied landscape, fight players and NPCs and participate in tournaments
>There is also a special mode where a more traditional version of the game with controllers and the characters physically appearing as themselves can be played, but most players ignore it since fighting each other directly is cooler
>MC is a pro player who mains the least played character out of sheer hipsterism, and is actually terrible at real fights so he sticks mostly to that one mode
>Of course, being an MMO anime, shit goes wrong fast
>It starts with a group of RPers, but slowly players are becoming more and more like the characters they chose and losing their minds to the game
>This starts happening at the time of a multiple-day tournament hosted at the company's HQ
>Outside, most people quickly stop playing once they hear what's happening
>The company shadily closes its doors with hundreds of players still inside, claiming that all of them were affected and that they will try to perform treatment inside
>In truth, they are investigating this glitch in order to adapt it to other VR software and distribute it to the highest bidder as a cyber-weapon with which to disable and possibly brainwash people
>Inside the game, MC is one of the people with he least risk of infection since he barely "embodied" his character
>He is talked by one of the devs, who was hosting the tournament and is also trapped inside, into fighting his way to the source of the glitch and destroy it, as well as find a way to tell the world at large what's truly going on

I will find out where you live. I will hunt you down and I will butcher you in the most dreadful, bloodiest, nastiest way you can imagine. Archeologists a thousand years in the future will still be discovering your lost body parts. Are you sure you want that to be your legacy to this world?
>Since MC can't fight well on his own and embodying a character is extremely risky, the dev first needs to access a string of code that will allow people to replicate the traditional fighting game mode anywhere in the game and control their characters to physically fight for them
>On his journey through a land of crazy martial artist RPers, he meets people who join him

>An aging man and veteran champion of current day fighting games, also a massive weeb, mains a top tier character from one of his favorite games of old
>A mobile-addicted middle-high class girl whose boyfriend was going to compete in the tournament but fell to the glitch, sucks hot shit at real games and thinks everything can be solved with pay2win, mains a girly girl character
>An action movie star and accomplished kickboxer who was going to announce a collaboration with the game at the end of the tournament where he would be a selectable character to embody in the game, since his character is himself, he fights on his own
>A bordeline autistic speedrunner who was poking the game's models for exploits so he could get through the story mode faster, thankfully for him the game is extremely buggy once you peel off some layers, which he uses to its highest potential when fighting with his main, a quirky character with unique, exploitable mechanics
>And finally the MC, the eternal game hipster who overcomes odds with his crappy shoto, tends to rank somewhat high at tournaments but has never won one and has a fame of relying solely on surprise elements and not on skill

TL;DR Fighting Games the trapped-in-MMO isegay crap with lots of kewl gaymur topics and """"""""culture"""""""".
Well, there's my old standby plot:
>Former space marine/mecha pilot tells his war stories at a bar
>Stories get increasingly dark
>Turns out to be a war criminal, is arrested at the end of the series using his stories as a confession
In the end, I'm still waiting for a new Guns and Things anime like Black Lagoon or Jormungand. Magic not allowed, lolis optional

>The Offline Meet Heads Towards...
A 4-koma comedy about a group of otakus who travel to famous real life locations featured in anime and manga
>other people develop their own abilities
>MC go full combo science and explain each and every of his moves with WoT of buzzwords
> MC is an annyoing otaku and failure in life
> Friends and family treat him like trash he is
> Depressed, commits suicide
> Appears before god and wants to be reborn as isekai protagonist
> God is troll and as punishment for suicide sends him to a grimdark world
> Gets saved from a monsters by a group of natives
> Gets explained by a local princess that a world has become unhabitable desert and they are barely able to survive
> MC explains his circumstances and gets mistaken as a prophet of paradise AKA earth.
> Has to grow up and somehow avoid being killed/expelled from the group as a phony
> Wandering ensues
I like it.
>speedrunner-kun fighting a character with amazing range options
>can't get close without taking potshots
>finds a staircase
>makes character jump on it
Will the Wombo Combo be referenced? This is important.
One day, anon, one day.
>"I can kill you in 0.5 A presses."

Fucking meme magic. Someone please stop keitai infestation in every writing an anime pls.

This is actually potent somehow.
MC goee to another world. Not really, he is in a mental hospital.
Main cast consists of a super cute girl, a bishoujo, and a princely girl. The three of them died together in an accident caused by the goddess of a fantasy world. In apology the goddess reincarnates them into her world, which turns out to actually be a continent sized floating island in a massive sky filled with floating islands. The series is about the three of them actually wanting to be neets and just pursue their hobbies, alchemy, blacksmithing, and calligraphy respectively, but constantly being drawn into adventures due to lack of money or people pestering them for help. Also includes an absolutely astounding amount of yuribait.
I am basically a yurifag so i like this the most.
I'm going to try one. It will be split over two posts.

Post 1/2:
The heroine is an average school girl who attends middle school. She has a happy life and has no idea of what is going on in the world.

On what seems like a normal evening, our heroine sees a spark in the sky and thinks it’s a falling star. She makes a wish for that she and her friends could live on happily ever after.

At that moment a girl comes crashing down from the sky and due to the impact explodes, instantly covering the girl in blood, who didn’t even realize this until she wipes whatever covered her eyes out. Seeing the sight, she also noticed this strange stick poking out of the field of grass. The stick starting to glow speaks to her mind. “A new candidate has been found. Would you like to become a magical girl?”

“Magical girl?”
Post 2/2:

Having heard the stories and having seen a few anime, the girl instantly accepts, unknowing of the consequences.

As the rod floats slowly towards the girl, waiting for her to grab it, the military suddenly surrounds her and points their firearms at the girl. One man approaches her quickly and takes her away from the approaching rod.

They start to shoot it, and the rod pulls up a barrier to protect itself.
“Make a wish” the rod says.
“The contract hasn’t been formed yet, we still have a chance.”
“But it’s magic levels are still…”
“We need to deplete them a.s.a.p. Quick, cover the girl’s mouth before she’ll-“

The girl gets violently treated by the military and even suffers pain. In confusion, all she heard was the rod’s calming seeming voice. “make a wish”

In thought, she replied “Why are they doing this to me. It hurts. Make them stop.”

“Is that your wish?”
First she startles, but as the pain continued and the loud sounds of the guns kept on going, she’d think: “Please.”

“Very well. Contract formed. You are now, a magical girl and my master.”

The next moment all soldiers die in blood shed, the rod turns into an orb and then into a white star that attaches itself to her head like a hairpin.

From a radio could be heard “What happened? Report!”

But the girl didn’t even know what happened. She was simply shocked by the act itself. It happened so fast, as if wind killed everyone. Is this what she wanted? She was shocked by it herself and paniced.

She runs away, going home.

But there is no doubt now

She got herself involved in a war between the government and magical girls.
A jaded spellcaster in his young adulthood aspires to be the greatest villain his fantasy world's ever seen. By doing this, he devises a scheme where he teleports young teenage boys from Earth to his world, fills their head with nonsense about how they're a chosen hero, and sets them on their way to do menial tasks. He doesn't inform these boys that they've been cursed to make nearly every girl fall in love with them, but also be doomed to be oblivious to the girls' affections and never score.

The MC's plan is to gradually import more and more young clueless boys to his world, send them out adventuring, and have them form massive harems in order to prevent the native men from finding women and thus effectively genociding the native people of the world.

However, the very first boy that the MC isekai'd catches onto the MC's evil scheme, and with the power of his legendary harem ranging over 500 waifus strong, he vows to stop the MC, break the curse, and send every young boy back.
It essentially turns into an megalomaniac mage with immense power versus a mundane teenager and 500-waifu super harem.
A group of teenagers get reincarnated as fantasy monsters, in a world with a video game level up system. Except they are all such incredibly weak monsters they don't register on the system, most if not all of their stats being >1, such that they are barely monsters, and are actually weaker than most ordinary animals. The only exception is that they have some sense of what one another is trying to tell them, and they can recognize one another from their past life. The cast includes a spider(similar to an ordinary house spider, but of a species that is known to be a useful alchemy agent), a protoslime(would eventually form into a basic slime monster if it absorbs enough magic but they live in a low magic area), a sparrow(that has magic feathers), a will o wisp(the most powerful of the cast able to produce light at will, but almost completely intangible), and a flower.

It's the story of them trying to kill monsters or people or anything they can to try and obtain their first level.
The main problem is that nobody can do it justice without actually animating it (eg the transformation sequence), and fuck doing that without being able to dedicate a massive amount of time to it.

Which is sad, because I also really really enjoy it.
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The MC is a lonely salaryman with a hero complex. One day he gets isekai'd into a fantasy battle shounen like show where he meets the Main Girl who is the chosen one of sorts. She travels with this RPG like party and her quest is to defeat the Main Villain who is the evil terrorizing the land, one thing led to another and MC ends up joining the party. MC has no powers whatsoever but because of his complex, he wants to be stronger than the Main Girl to protect her. He loses every time he spars with her and this frustrates him to no end.

Instead of getting good, the MC decided to meet up with the Main Villain and form a contract with her for some quick power up. In exchange, the MC will sell out his newfound comrades to the Main Villain. So as the story progresses, the Main Girl's party starts to drop like flies thanks to the MC leaking info but this does not concern the MC since he starts winning some of his fights with the Main Girl thanks to his new cheating powers, the MC and Main Girl also start getting close to each other.

The final episode will be the Main Girl and the MC reaching the Main Villain's lair for the final battle and the Main Villain kisses the MC in front of the Main Girl as she then drops the bombshell that she and the MC has been working together all along much to the disgusts and outrage of the Main Girl, Main Villain and the MC then team up and kills the Main Girl. A portal then open ups leading back to MC's world, it turns out that the Main Villain was the one who summoned the MC all along. The show ends with the Main Villain retiring from her role as the main villain and follows the MC back to Japan where she is now stripped off her powers and becomes the MC's housewife.

They both live happily ever after, the end.
The MC is an elf in a fantasy world with the supernatural power to obtain all of the skills abilities and powers of anyone she sleeps with. However she's a kissless virgin and we see the series from an alternating point of view of a fairy, who's job it is to get this elf super powerful for a future conflict), and a succubus, who the elf accidentally summoned as a child and became friends with. It's a constant series of events where it seems like the elf will get laid, or seduce someone, or be raped, but something always stops her, or saves her.
MC is a eminence grise in some kingdom. His brother is the king. MC does everything for protecting kingdom and his brother. Betrayals, assasinations, conspiracies, all done by him.
He pretends to be a kings enemy.

Nvm this sounds like total shit.
Alternate wish fulfilling self of my dream world is reincarnated into myself while I reincarnate into the dream world?

A romantic action harem, will this total loser be able to defeat and befriend all the other deep sleepers?

Meanwhile, his dream self is fucking all of the real life chicks and having girl problems.

Will our hero be able to win over everyone in the dream world and learn valuable life lessons, because if he doesn't then he will never escape dream world.
slice of life from the first person perspective of a qt blind girl
>23 minutes of a black screen and sounds
Well at least that sounds like a way to save on the animation budget.
>at the end she suddenly opens her eyes
>revealed that she is just one of those characters that always has them closed, like brock
Every story is is wish fulfillment, what makes a normalfag story more special?
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Normal People Do Normal Things

It will sell out to all the NEETS that never leave their house.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
cossacks in space
An adaptation of Yandere Simulator as told from default Senpai's point of view. Each girl gets taken out in a different way and he does see a dead body at some point.
He bumps into Ayano at least once and episode either noticing her running in the background, talking to someone, being clumsy, etc.
A mecha/racing animu where after a great world war, discarded military-grade mechs have been repurposed and modified for high speed racing, and over the course of 15 years, the sport's taken the world by storm.

MC's in his late 20s, and was the world champion twice in a global mech racing tournament, but has been on a losing streak for 5 years straight. He's been involved in the sport for the last 11 years.

First half of the animu is just training, sports drama, and various tournaments. The middle is the big world tournament, and the final arc does a complete genre-flip, war breaks lose and now you have a ton of high-speed mech athletes, including the MC with no experience in war being drafted because of their compatibility and advanced understanding of how to maneuver in their mechs.
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