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Dungeon Meshi

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Guess what I'm here for.
Cooking battle!

It has been quite some time since I last battled with ingredients. I only took a small break and suddenly half a year has past.

After my battle today I realized just how much I missed doing this. Experimenting and talking about it. I won't talk about fixed intervals anymore, like one dish per week for example, because that was my initial plan I wanted to execute after a small break and see where that brought us to.

Now, with new-found vigor and passion I can charge into battle again.
By the way, I have some fun news: I ordered a GoPro for the most promising dishes.
>Protective Wand! Spirit Dispelling Sorbet
>Farlyin & Worg

I actually have to go outside to get those done.

The Imouto recipe is going to be the most expensive and dangerous one, but I'm exited as hell and I can't wait to try it out. I made a huge draft last year for how to do the resurrection.
It really saddens me, that I wasted half a year not doing any dishes. I could be working on it right now! Fuck!

Anyway, I remember that I talked about cooking the dishes in the order they appeared in the manga, but I have to skip the Roasted Basilisk and the Mandrake & Basilisk Omelet for now due to the local avian flu turning into a pandemic.

Going by that order, the Mandrake Kakiage & Giant Bat Tempura are the next battlegrounds on my list, which I visited today.
I don't remember the last time I deep-fried or handled a lot of hot oil, so I actually had to prepare myself and asked to be supervised while doing the deep-frying part.

As always, I only used ingredients one can easily acquire right around the corner and don't cost a fortune.
I was a bit unprepared, because I only got to my senses two days ago after discovering the then running dungeon meshi thread.

I sloppily translated the ingredients in a hurry and went shopping yesterday.
I didn't get that big, fresh chunk of meat I wanted to use for the Tempura. I wanted to skin and cut it myself, but my local Fleischer already closed down for the weekend and all the meat he had left was already processed. He gave me a filet though.

I planned to use
horseradish root, but they were sold out. Instead I used a root parsley again.

> Giant Bat Breast Meat
I really, REALLY wanted to use the meat of a boar. I asked every single hunter I know, but they either didn't go hunting or went for other game. The bat looked a bit like one when I saw Chilchack cut the bat with the gillotine trap. That was my reasoning behind it.
I had to make due with a pork filet.

>basilisk egg
Yours truly, chicken egg.

Flour and baking powder.



>Soy sauce
I got soy sauce.


>Garlic and ginger
Only garlic.

Besides that I used carrots, leek, parsley, celeriac and onions.
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First I prepared the vegetables.
Half them lengthwise, cut the halfs along the edges and do the same with the cut layers to get thin vegetable sticks. Best thickness is a bit thicker than the back of a cutting knife. Minimum length is about toothpick long. Only use a small amount of root parsley. The strong aroma and taste will ruin the dish otherwise.

Roughly cut the onion and garlic. Put the stuff away and get the flour and water.

Now I prepare the tempura batter. I used 300ml water and 250ml flour. First I put the flour into the bowl and add half a bag of baking powder, two eggs and a shot soya sauce. Stir it like hell and add a shot BIER to it. Stir it again.

The batter has to be liquid enough to slowly drip from your spoon. Put that away too.
Time for its final form.
I use another bowl to mix the prepared vegetables and batter. You have to guess how much batter you want to add. It depends on how much vegetables you have. I went with half the prepared batter first and added a bit more to it after thoroughly stirring it. Let it rest and get to the meat.

I cut the meat into relatively thin slices. Again, in depends on you, how you want your meat. Put the cut meat into the remaining batter.

We reached the dangerous part.
Get your container of choice. You can use a wok forged from mithril, like I and Senshi used or a pan, pot. Fill the container till the oil is 2-3cm deep. Check the oil with a wooden cooking utensil. It'll sizzle if it's time.
I stir the mixed vegetable batter for a last time and carefully put a spoonful into the oil and fry it for a few minutes. After that I turn it and let it fry again for a few minutes. The battered vegetables don't take very long.

Just like in our Asian manuscripts; wait till it's crunchy, golden brown. Take it out and put it on some paper to get rid of excess oil. You can do one Kakiage at a time or put as much in as you have space left.

The tempura as a solid piece is way easier to handle. I just put it in together with the kakiage. It only takes about twice the time till it's done – depending on your taste. Put everything on a plate, use the soy sauce as a dip, let the oil cool down AND

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>this thread contains more cooking than the last few chapters combined
Glorious anon.
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I really have to say, that I was surprised by the taste. I tasted the batter and it tasted horrible. I didn't think it would turn into such a fucking delicious meal.

The kakiage was from another world. The different flavours of the vegetables reach equilibrium. You tasted every single one, but none was dominant. Even the root parsley was mild. The batter lost its horrible taste and was tasty all of a sudden. Dipping it into the soy sauce only made it worse in a good way. My taste buds screamed that the taste was made for them. Drr drr drr.

The tempura turned into an ultra tender meatball. Crust was crunchy as hell, but the nucleus was juicy.

I was full rather quickly, thanks to the batter. That made me sad, but I have enough left for tomorrow.
Don't you think that some kind of schnapps would have done a better job? Honestly never tasted sake, so don't know what some good substitute would have been.
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The soy sauce I used already had sake in it. I could've gone without beer, but I thought a subtle shot wouldn't hurt.
ah fuck, you got me hungry. good shit op
Looks magical OP
Danke, you beautiful german dwarf.
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