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bkub thread

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Poptepipic 27, Honey Come Chatka 10, and IP Police Tsuduki-chan 3.
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Is this still Touhou or is it completely independent?
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bkub is a strong independent mangaka now.
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Please like, comment, and subscribe.
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Hebblloooo Yooubtttuuuujjjbxzbvz
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And that's that for this chapter. Didn't notice any horrible mistakes, so went ahead and uploaded it the mediafire, which also has all of the animated stickers from Line in it now.

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On to Honey Come Chatka.
This is retarded as fuck. /a/ has shit taste as usual.
Hey, I never finished reading that manga.
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Thanks man. those last panels always got me either confused as fuck or it can be funny to see the it. How japanese I need to be to fully appreciate this?
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The reference are often so obscure that they'd be fairly hard to get for even a Japanese person.
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On to the newest IP Tsuduki-chan though, and this one was on Cowboy Bebop. Even /v/ could get the references for this one.

For those of you that haven't seen it yet, this is bkub's newest series, which is published on a website of Sunrise's. Each chapter focuses on a different Sunrise series.
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Cowboy Funk is the best episode.
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Now this is the level I can laugh to.
>super anime masterpiece for adults
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Now to wait for valvrave and cross ange
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And that's all I got for today. Here's the mediafire of Tsuduki-chan. First chapter was on G Gundam, second was on Blue Comet SPT Layzner.


Release schedule for this series is kinda weird, seems monthly, but I'll probably only dump completed chapters every other thread.

I've been hoping for a Valvrave one. That series is goofy enough on its own that I'm sure bkub could do great things with it.
>The Polito form is dead, insect
Holy shit Popuko is that a mptherfuckin jojo reference????
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>where did you learn to fly?
Every single time
Speaking of obscure references
What game?
bkub makes me forget how horrible life is.
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Guilty Gear.
Oh it is THAT thread again. I'm kind of tired of pretending that I get the joke.
That's entirely on you, buddy.
>Where did you learn to fly?
I'm not sure if this is an obscure reference or not.
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 30

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