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Write an Isekai Plot

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Write an Isekai Plot:

Challenge Mode: Write up your character and how they get introduced to the main plot line.

Harder mode: You don't know what the main plot light is
Okay, here's a character for the main crew
The character has no visible powers, and instead insists he has "meme magic". No visible signs of it happen until later in the story where everything for the bad guys starts to collapse seemingly because of meme magic and things start going well for the same reason.

alive or not, the characer wins at thing point
Person has only the ability to deflect attacks from themselves towards enemies.
If attacks are instant, they deflect instantly. If they have travel time, they deflect over time. If other, then other
I have this idea, that this average Japanese kid that is a huge dragon ball fan knocks his head and enters the fantastic magical world of Dragon Ball, but the twist is, he reincarnates into the life of Yamcha!
My main character is a beta NEET loser who gets isekai'd into this fantasy battle shounen world. He only has one power which manages to be both overpowered and useless at the same time. One thing led to another and he ends up joining this mercenary for hire group who plays him to his strengths.

His power? The ability to always win against females. So the main antagonist of the first arc would be this sadistic female general girl (think esdeath) and MC would sporadically show up to kick her ass.
Ok, main character is a native. And he acts as a foil compared to the hero who is actually sent from another world along with others that were sent with him. He becomes acquainted and eventually becomes the real hero and the heroes that were prophecized were never needed in the first place, he only needed to use military strategies and the new innovations as the world's own scientific revolution is going on.
Technically deficient old man clicks ad because boobs ends up in hellistic dark fantasy world where he is saved often by a large afroed black man in assless chaps
Character is a gamer, but only has power at their desk
They can summon units from actual structures and order them around the battlefield like an RTS.

The military wants him to help with organizing and summoning units, but the enemy has their own secret weapon?!
Main character wins if he rolls dubs
He literally had magical dice that follow him everywhere
In every situation, he's allowed by GOD to roll for dubs
If he does, he succeeds, but it needs to be specific. If he says "You fall in love with me" then he needs dubs for that exact statement
Third tier support wizard. Fat, smells like cheese, stained robe. Could do everything and anything better than you! Needs money for rare figurines made by eastern elves. One of his recent purchases comes to life and transports him to her homeworld Ze Erde.
While browsing 2ch MCanon accidentally clicks a link before anyone else, summoning a little girl from a fantasy world into his room. She's a powerful sorcerer, but since this world lacks magic or w/e she's basically just a chu2 who refuses to leave him because of the "summoner's contract".

MCanon must now raise his daughteru. Rest of the series consists of MCanon doing things like getting a job, getting daughteru citizenship and schooling, attending PTA's and just generally doing his best to give her the best life he can. Occasionally other isekai'd people enter from the fantasy world and are usually just delusional and funny side characters. One or more might actually be older and try to seduce MCanon.
A /k/haracter has the power to summon any kind of handheld gun that exists in this world which uses mana to magically generate ammo
Fantasy chracter with [Insert common power here] gets transported into our world. While he walks around town being shocked about what happened he sees a girl and falls in love with her. At that moment he sees that she dropped something. He doesnt know the language so he cannot communicate with her but he still picks up the object. I just went there
should've just posted keitai
Would've been better if you didn't mention the spoiler, step up your shitposting game senpai
>write a plot thread
>lets do this!
>short one should be fine
>end up with huge wall of text with too much details

every time
I didnt take it to the shitposting level...i actually would find interesting a reverse-isekai. I know gate somewhat does it in the bring the characters to japan arc but other than that i dont know many other that do this.
A master chef goes into another world to teach advance cooking to plebs!
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>ends up sandwiched in between other wall of text posts so nobody notices
A master chef goes back in time to teach neantherthals how to cook. He does it because he wants to impress girls. When he finds one that likes him he teleports to another era. Its a cooking guide across multiple eras with specific food from the zone he is in
That's not the way meme magic works. It's more akin to - pardon my /v/ - Alan Wake, where fiction ends up overwriting reality in ways that are obvious if you know what to look for, but seem like the usual way of things to an average person.
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Japanese guy is a professional fisher. He fishes, wins fishing tournaments, expend all his days fishing. He practices all kind of fishing. One day fishing in a magic pod is transported to a different world.

Of course is a fantasy medieval aquatic world, think Conan or Waterworld, but medieval.
>MC is 30 yo unemployee. He's chilling at home everyday, visiting grocery store once a week
>one day he wakes up to phone's clock alarm awfully early, annoyed he stumbles in dark to bathroom to take a pee
>after he exits the bathroom he notices he's not at home, goes outside, he has come to isekai with magic and yeah..
>he's just a side character, enlists to combat unit as mage after few months of awe and confusion.
>uses his electrical engineering skills to power up lightning spells with transformers and conductors
>while fighting the evil, he gets separated from the group
>he stumbles upon injured extremely strong female warrior
>while taking care of her and tending her wounds, she falls in love with him

tldr romance and war anime, some episodes introduce electrical components and diagrams that he uses to power up his lightning spells
Cancer edition? Stereotypical slutty gyarus end in a fantasy world, because they whined all the time about wanting a marriage with Prince and their black magic classmate got pissed off by it. However, the only prince of the kingdom was abducted and our gyarus need to rescue him and solve problems the only way they know. Makeovers, shopping and fucking.
A group of occultists attempt to summon a spirit through a ritual they found on a scripture in one of the guy's family heritage.
The portal opens but instead of a spirit being summoned their souls get sucked out and end up in the soul crystal of an old lich in the ruins of an ancient city. The original mage's soul pretty much eroded and can't gain control so now the body has to be shared among the 6 people inside.
Over time they figure out how to use magic and change their shapes so whenever a different person controls the body they can change shape, or change to someone else's shape for maximum trolling.
A series of funny antics similar to slayers in a goofy fantasy world.
Or maybe just restore the original body and no shape switching.
>reading this thread
Why is everyone afraid of making their MCs strong? There is imposing limits on them and there is being a sadistic writer and I think you all are the latter.
I'm sick of Hollywood tier magic where everyone is just Pumping out spells left and right.
I don't mind power level jerking, and exploding whole cities with a wave of a hand. But I miss old style magic with incantations, magic circles, Runes, special equipment and explanations on how these things work. As well as ingredients for spells. And most of all, Astrology / Space shit

So I'll make my "Original" character a Wizard. Except to cast quick spells, he must use a wand, but the effect is lowered. To cast normal spells, he must create runes in the air with his hand, then shoot the spell out of his staff, or say long incantations.
He'll have a magic book he can appear and disappear at will. And it will work like a Highly Advanced Computer. Along with allowing him to use "Magic Apps" which are like even weaker versions of wand spells, but instantaneous that he can "download" off Wizard Internet. Kinda like Magic Scrolls, but obviously they'll be nigh useless outside of utility.
Also, none of this specialise magic shit. That's not fucking magic. I've always hated that in Manga and Anime. What's the point of saying it's magic, if your "wizard" does nothing but shoot fire (Fuck you Fairy Tail)

I don't want him to be a human though, because too many humans in animoo and mango. However, I also don't want a full on beast man. So I'll go with either Elf or Animal Ear and Tail (I know, then what the fuck is the point)
Lets also make him a kid. Say 12 or so. Usually I'd be against this, but I can't help but feel when magic is like this, it gets too powerful too fast. So we'll make him a kid for balancing issues. This will explain his lack of knowledge and power.
MC submits a shitty isekai light novel plot to a publisher and doesn't succeed. Dejected, he starts walking back home with the manuscript in hand and is hit by a truck that sends him into the world of his isekai LN. He is delighted at first, but quickly discovers that the editor was right and the world he created really was shit after all
Having a strong character is fine, but then you need to keep explaining why said character can't just nuke the final boss from the moon and live happily ever after.
Then there is making characters equally as powerful, but since they can't have the same abilities, you have to go indepth to explain why this ability on the MC is stronger than the other ability on the antagonist.

It's easier to just make the protagonist weaker and have them SLOWLY build up later on. And will often make a better story.
Outcast otaku middle-school GIRL always dreams of being a princess in a generic high fantasy world, one day she dies and gets isekai'd into another world and is filled with glee thinking all of her years of shitty isekai LNs would prepare her for manipulating people into putting her into power, the plot twist is that she's been isekai'd into a generic shonen manime desert full of macho martial artists, warlords, gunslingers, vagabonds and random eccentric oddballs, and due to women being a rare commodity only reserved for the big shots, they want her.
She finds a "friend" in some random delusional boy around her age driving the desert in a shitty buggy, who kidnaps her thinking he just scored a hot babe, and forcefully drags her on an aimless journey in the desert against her will, vowing to protect her. She learns that he only carries a gun for show though, and is a hilariously horrible shot who gets comically BTFO all the time.
Forgot to link this. Dragon's Dogma Online had a pretty neat idea for magic casting. You create runes in the air with your hand to cast the spells.
However, for balancing issues in the actual release. They ended up making it seriously easy to do. (good thing for a game, but shitty for lore)
>MC is a teenage girl in a rural village
>Secretly, she has the power to bring up a holographic screen with a bunch of numbers and shit on it
>Doesn't know what it does, but likes using it as a little trick (like rolling your tongue or cracking your knuckles)
>Her world is a normal fantasy world, with the exception that there are no monsters (the demon king died centuries ago)
>Recently, there have been an increase of Japanese men with "cheats" coming into this world
>They obviously want power fantasy, but with no monsters or villains to fight they just terrorize the established government, make slave harems, etc
>One of the isekai'd meets the MC, she tries to use her screen power to stop him
>Japanese guy realizes it's a status screen, showing definitive proof that this world has RPG properties
>Turns out MC was isekai'd, but requested he be manually reborn instead of teleported, and for all his memories to be erased
>The isekai'd want MC to join them, as the existence of a status screen could drastically change their influence in their little war
>MC now must choose between her former or current life
The main character has the power to makes anything disappear.

"Anything" here means... everything. He can makes material disappear to clean dishes and wash clothes. He can decrease Earth's gravity upon him to fly. He can stop time, but can not interact with anything that is stopped.

Somehow, he can not kill himself and that is where the story starts.
Anyone even reading these?
No. I swear I am not an anime producer and I am not looking at you guys' ideas.
You could ask the same question to every written work in Fanfiction.net and Fictionpress.
>producer picks your plot
>notice it while watching anime few years later
>it's completely ruined with shitty changes
I read them. Some of them are alright. I generally just don't reply unless the idea suits my tastes perfectly
Holier than thou nobleman, magi and politician gets ran over by a horse carriage and gets isekai'd to the real world.

I'm scared of being accused of writing bland self-insert gary stus and masturbatory wish-fulfillment drivel, so whatever I try, I'm compelled to cripple the MC physically or mentally to a depressing degree.
MC get's involved in a terrible car crash.
Next thing you see is his parents and sister crying. MC gets isekai'd.
You don't know if he is dead, in a coma and if the isekai is just a dream or an actual real world until the last episode. MC doesn't either.
>English release never
Dark arisen too did magic right, long casting time but felt really powerful
His party members are personifications of his personal strengths while his enemies are personifications of his weaknesses/negative traits, winning against the main antagonist determines whether or not he lives or becomes brain dead, the isekai world is rotting and dying just like his brain
Turns out the main antagonist was the personification of his will to live
A female knight is captured by vile orcs and is about to be defiled.

Rather than submit, she commits sudoku, only to wake up in the body of a recently deceased Japanese prostitute who died from drug overdose.
Main char has a passive ability that whatever they really want, they get the opposite (to a reasonable degree of opposite). Char progression involves training willpower and metacognition to the point that they convince themselves to truly desire bad things.
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A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

Ending involves them isekai-ing into one world.
Nice comedy setup, I'd read.
> Turns out he's still a hot blooded hetero, but those gays/blacks are pretty cool people
I'd read
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Why are you /a/nons so good at writing stuff? I unironically want to see half of the shit in these threads animated. Are you guys actual writers?
Please acknowledge them in the form of (You)s, they really need it right now.
>MC is OP
>He's a faggot
>Get transported to a to a woman only world
A Korean-Russian thug gets isekai'd and is constantly mistaken for a Japanese hikkiNEET due to being an Asian dude in a tracksuit and Japanese hikkiNEETs being a common isekai demographic.

It triggers him pretty hards and constantly gets him into random fights.
My character is from a fantasy world. He was a magic knight with immense powers and a unique sword. He had unlimited amounts of riches and tons of pussy coming at him.

One day he wakes up in our world, as a meager salaryman. He has no powers, a very small stature and no aides.

A goddess approaches him and tells him only way for him to go back to his reality if he can buy 200 meter sq flat in tokyo and get married to a girl taller than him.

hence the story begins.

Already a thing.

Yeah, everyone needs a pat on the back and a thumbs up every now and then :)
NPC level orc is reincarnated as a Japanese sallaryman.
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Threadly reminder that Keit-ai is now the highest grossing anime film of all time.

>$331 million


Eat your hearts out, mods.
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Please don't do this.
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A Necromancer that deals in the occult and truly dark magic (I'm talking the stuff of nightmares. eldritch horrors, shit that makes you go insane just by looking at it) that belongs to a truly dark and evil world dies in a great war between two different occultist factions.

He wakes up in extremely high fantasy, super colourful, beautiful, floating castle type world. Intrigued at first, until he realises the only magic he can use, is Holy Magic. The exact opposite of what he once was.
Main character gets reincarnated by a goddess who fell in love with him and sent him to a world which would the highest chance of allowing him to develop into a god himself.
Main character, however is actually gay but for some reason girls are attracted to him and join the harem almost instantly.
The King realizes the mc has a lot of cheats and employs him with the condition that if he does well he can marry the beautiful third princess who is also lusting after his dick.
Mc would much rather have the second macho prince be his fiancé.
Mc is then sent out on loads of missions but his harem are constantly kill stealing to "protect" the mc.
Mc eventually gets invited by the regions high ranked relgious figures who hope to pull him in to carry out some of their tasks too.
Mc comes to learn of the religion which turns out to be a lot like christianity in the dark ages where they lynch gays, he also bags a busty nun into his harem who gives him blessings constantly.
Mc now just wants to escape from the kingdom or live a quiet life as he hates all the girls following him around, eventually he is summoned by the king to slay the demon king.
Mc eventually reaches the demon king who ends up being a bishounen with an ideal /fit/ body type.
Demon king proposes that the mc joins him instead and before he can make use of hypnosis or do any mind games, mc accepts is offer.
Mc now needs to juggle his life between the demon king and the harem who have decided to camp outside and can't be moved due to their power.
Mc just wants to get close with the demon king and sometimes flirt a bit, turns out the demons have no religion and just obey what the king says.
Mc alsl has to calm the harem frkm stormkng the castle and killing his crush, saying he sees "good in his heart" and that he's "gonna try rehabilitating him".
Eventually the goddess decends to see why shit is taking so long, only to walk in on the demon king trying to avoid the mc while the mc keeps trying to get close
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everyone has an off day and an on day. I dont want to single out writers and crush their pride. But I think there really are good ideas in these threads, and ive been looking at them for years. Im just wondering now how to write since ive grown interested in creating a story now.
Call up your high school English lit teacher and ask for tips.
Read Stephen King's book on writing, it's pretty good and describes his process.
>Stephen King

Today, there are four living American novelists I know of who are still at work and who deserve our praise. Thomas Pynchon is still writing. My friend Philip Roth, who will now share this "distinguished contribution" award with Stephen King, is a great comedian and would no doubt find something funny to say about it. There's Cormac McCarthy, whose novel "Blood Meridian" is worthy of Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick," and Don DeLillo, whose "Underworld" is a great book.

Instead, this year's award goes to King. It's a terrible mistake.
lol. id just go to lit then
ill check it out then. I used to read how to write books between anime eps.
I didn't say he was a top tier writer, but I do think he wrote a good book on writing. Side note, Pynchon is my favorite out of those
MC is a semi-competent young man, but his luck is staggeringly bad. His poor luck gets him into a car crash where he's the only victim. He wakes up on a planet with an entirely different species of life, with technology beyond his dreams. Though he is treated well due to his status as a human in a new world, none of the girls are cute and the culture is extremely unusual. To make matters worse, an entirely different species is planning an invasion on his new home.
MC is a loser with nothing to give to the world. He hates his life but is too much of a pussy to end it all.
He loves isekai, even though he knows it's terrible because it's a form of escapism for himself. One day, truck-kun kills him and he is re-incarnated.
Thinking he's going to be some grand hero who saves the world, and try his best to be a good guy and live a life worth living, with a harem of women. He is brought to life in this world as an elf. Elves have inherently bad physical traits, so he decides to become a wizard.
Only he has absolutely no destructive magical talent at all.

Instead, he has a talent for Holy Magic (Healing, Protection and Exorcisms), Arcane Forging (Enchanting, Magical Black Smithing and Creation).
He ends up becoming the side kick for the actual hero. Basically a pocket healer and gear supplier. All the while the hero gets harem upon harem of women looking towards him.

He slowly finds meaning in contributing and not being the centre of attention. He slowly starts to understand the world doesn't revolve around himself. He slowly makes best friends with the hero.
MC got sent to the isekai world well over a decade ago

While he was a hero at the beginning and even managed to defeat the demon lord, times have changes and now he's a grim faced, snarky ass, quick to throw anyone who even mildly annoys him in the nearest moat, old man who's main profession now is that of a mercenary which for the right price, will lend his swordsmanship for almost anything.
Boss monster: The anime
Mc is a monster who wants to build the perfect dungeon to kill Isekai heroes. He eventually finds out he was also an Isekai hero that lost his memory but continues to build his dungeon anyway.

MC dies and is reincarnated in a generic fantasy world - mages, knights, nobles etc. Magic's limited to a select few and mages pretty run the show.

MC is not one of these people.

MC does, however, remember his past life as a Gun Otaku. (And not just your bog standard gun nut - this man snorted gunpowder like coke.)

Rejected by the world because he's a no-magic pleb, he attempts to return to his old hobby of shooty-shooty-bang-bang, but being a generic fantasy world, guns don't exist.

While most would resign to their fate of peasantry, MC-kun gets pissed. If this world doesn't have bang-bangs, what's the point?

So, to rectify this problem, MC-kun signs up as an apprentice at an alchemical lab, learns what weird names that elements have in this world, and eventually manages to blow the place up by inventing gunpowder.

>"MC-kun, why did you hide your magic?"
says the cute girl alchemist.

>"That wasn't magic, I just created one of the greatest substances ever to exist!"
Yells MC-kun, ecstatic.

>"lol k"

Anyways, after rebuilding the Alchemy lab, MC throws himself fully into making guns a reality. To this end, he starts buying church bells and organ pipes of different materials and sizes to test out what can be used to make a hand cannon that won't explode in his face.

Cue comical scenes of the various prototype guns exploeding in his face.

During this time of trial and error, his injuries are healed by a cute medic mages in training, who falls for him because isekai.

I'll write more later if anyone is interested
Shit, was too long and I cut at the wrong place, here's the rest:

He eventually gets it right, and demonstrates it to a small crowd of on-lookers. After shooting an innocent haybale in cold blood, the crowd dispersed, mostly pissed that an apprentice mage at best was showing off in front of them.

A few dudes lead by another cute girl hit him up.

>"That wasn't magic"
Says cute soldier girl.

>"Finally, someone recognizes my talents."

>"Are you coming onto me, baka?"

Anyways, after cute soldier girl gets done tsuning, they explain that they are a new group of mercs looking for a signature weapon. MC signs the fuck up at the slightest chance to spread the gospel of the gun.

Mercenary hijinks ensue as MC + harem + mercs pretty much start one-shotting demons and the like. They eventually reach the demon king's castle.

>"Okay, we may not all make it through this assault, so let's go over the plans again."
Says cute soldier girl, solemnly.

>"No, we aren't going to lose anyone, and we're not doing your plan."
Says MC-kun, obstinate.

>"What should we do?"

>"Blow the castle up."


Castle blows up, MC + harem + mercs return to The Capital as heroes, king personally comes out and makes MC a lord, praising his "Magic" all the while.

MC is pissed, but can't shoot the guy because the guards took his gun.

After the whole ceremony, it finally occurs to the MC that he has a harem.

>"Why haven't you three been fighting over me?"

The three girls answer pretty much at the same time.

>"We're polygamists, why would we do that?"

Fin, for now
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An insane Priest turned Crusader during the crusades, dies in a grand battle after taking on 100-1.
He then wakes up in "insert generic fantasy world" (only extreme high fantasy, with literal gods just walking around).

He gets the proof he was always searching for that god truly does exist, and he starts using Miracles. To purge evil doers and monsters.

Basically Father Anderson goes to fantasy land and goes full Paladin.
Main character's power is absolute defeat. He's a complete loser, but hates to lose and does a lot of bullshit to convince everyone that he did not lose

He founds out that everyone else's power isn't absolute in this isekai (their powers are bound to fail at random times), but they're the ones ruling this world. In this world, power is everything, but is also something you are born with

In this isekai that's been overruled by demons that's been giving people random curses that impede their daily lives, all people care about is fame and fortune, instead of seriously battling the against the greater cause - these demons.

MC finds out that he doesn't actually have a power - but a curse (duh!) and try to get others the curse ones to join his cause and defeat the demons

He tries using compromise to his powers like "Punishment Game" where something will definitely happen if he loses (like granting his comrades insane powers), "Forced Game" - forcing his opponents into a game where victory will spell trouble for them, and "Training" where he makes his comrades battle him mid-battle so he could force "Punishment Game" onto them and grant them something they need for victory

But this was not enough. Soon he loses all his comrades due to the curse. Driven mad, he decides it's okay to lose everything as long as all demons die and later, he founds out that because of his personality, he can make his curse Absolute Defeat into Absolute Victory.

His power can even turn back time or grant him powers if wielded skillfully (ex: he won't lose to a mere demon when his opponents is the whole demon army. as long as he has that mindset, he won't lose)
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