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What do you like most about Fate series?

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I'm actually very curious as to what specifically it is that drew you all to it.
For me specifically what I find the most fascinating about it was that at face value it seemed to me like some action thriller that I wouldn't have to think much about, but upon getting deeper I was pleasantly surprised at how something that seems like it'd be mindless got so ridiculously deep and philosophical. When friends ask me about the series I tend to feel like I go overboard with my explanations of things because I get really into it, and there's just so many things to touch on. It feels like I could write a fucking dissertation on it.

Beyond that I also found all of the characters pretty likable in some aspect in related to their roles in the story. I feel like the whole heroic spirit idea was actually somewhat ingenious in the fact that it allowed there to be very deep and complex characters in the story that don't need to be delved into because their characterizations are pretty obvious based on their mythologies and stuff. It allowed there to be supporting characters that weren't shallow and each had their own merits.

I think the final nail in the coffin that made the Visual Novel probably my favorite piece of fiction I've ever experienced though was Kotomine Kirei. Motives for antagonists in other fictions are usually kind of hazy. "Oh he's evil or crazy or something". (At least that's the vibe I get. There are obvious exceptions), and although Kirei's motivations are rather similar, they turned it into something far greater by taking his "Oh I find joy in being evil" into a quest to find the answer as to if it's wrong for him to live that way.
I just read the VN and then stopped.
Glad I did seeing all the crap there is now about it, there was no point in expanding it at all.
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Gilgamesh. Not even joking.
>so ridiculously deep and philosophical.
The worst thing about Fatefags is that they actually believe this
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I only started the VN a month ago and have been playing through pretty slowly
at like day 8 of UBW

I love Shinji's voice
it fits him perfectly
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Best character, Best King and the best way to start a flame war around here.
The porn doujin
Nothing. There was a time I liked it but the more I reread it the less I liked it. I have no clue what initially drew me to it but it's so shit in retrospect.
I think I liked the playing around with historical/mythological figures aspect, as well as how these figures of legend interacted with people in the modern era. For some reason, though, I've found myself falling out of love with the series since Apocrypha and Grand Order.
Have you given Strange Fake a shot? Apocrypha is probably the worst entry in the series.
Zero. Stay night was mediocre, the rest are shit with exception of Strange fake which might turn out good.

Here's a good way to determine if something is good: Remove all the females and replace them with men (not traps, not female (male), actual men). Is it still good? If the answer is yes, then it was good. If the answer is no, then it was just waifubait trash from the start (e.g. Fate GO).

I love his ideals and the conflicts regarding them.
I like seiba.
Seiba is my life.
We need more seibas.
Seiba faces are welcomed too.
I love the comedic aspect of how they distort historical figures into either waifubait or OC donut steel for no reason.
It's always hilarious to see shit like Attila the Hun becoming a alien spaceship in the form of an albino girl with a popsicle sword.
I forgot her name. But I have to call her, or she will leave me forever.
What was her name, I have to remember but this pain is too much and my head can't form a clean thought and the precious name is.
Easily the most well fleshed out universe in anime. I'm actually not insanely interested in the Servants. It's the magi and vampires that are particularly done well, along with really neat concepts such as Reality Marbles, Magic Circuits as what are basically mutated nerve cells, and the Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception. The idea that there's a limited amount of prana in the world is the best explanation for a wizarding masquerade I've seen.

Seems like all of the recent stuff just focuses on the Servants though, and even then more and more as waifus.
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This. Best and only reason to get into Fate
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From F/GO event (Saber & Rin)
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The character interactions
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I like it whenever it doesn't take itself seriously. Then it can be fun to watch.
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