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Hayate no Gotoku 557 early scan Bait edition

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bait 1.jpg
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Hayate no Gotoku 557 early scan

Bait edition
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bait 2.jpg
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>thread asking anons about what they contributed to anime gets deleted even though it was anime-related and was getting a lot of participation

Be weary OP, mods are deleting users who provide fresh content. :^)
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Thanks anon
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bait 5.jpg
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its fine. I am here to collect other anons' salt. Nothing unusual.
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bait 6.jpg
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end of dump. Before this thread got deleted. Show me the salt again.
When there's a new voice for Isumi
File: 1430810405759.png (789KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
789KB, 1280x720px

Salty enough?
good one
like never? Even if she does have a new VA, no one will talk about her. Better not wasting money on something like that.
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I still remember the day that Hinagiku got 11111111.

i need to get back into this so badly. i read like 350 chaps back in the day like 3 years ago then stopped for a week, read one, stopped for a week but never got back to it due to being busy. now i forgot where i left off. so i have to go through the whole series again
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hayate nagi end.png
1MB, 1072x900px
There was an original anime end anon.
It's over.
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So, why is Hina ont he cover page?

Ain't she irrelevant now?
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ayumu cover 481.png
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Hata still gives cover pages to irrelevant girls to appease fanbase. Good thing too, since my waifu hasn't been relevant for 400 chapters.
is this real?
So, what happens this ch?
I just want this series to end and end with a happy ending for everyone. But I do want it to end.
>that posing angle
ouch, my spine
>twgok ended when it was getting shitty
>hayate keeps going long after that point because fuck you
Why did Nagi's former butler become a douchebag? Wasn't he indebted to her mother or something?

Also Nagi's mom ended up being the biggest mary sue in a story filled with geniuses and an all capable cast.
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>tfw Isumi was a soft spoken girl with meek and strong heart
>tfw she used to be one of the nicest character and calmest character
>tfw she used to be insightful and that perceptiveness did not just serve as mere plot convenience
>tfw her antics were interesting and not as some overused gags
>became quite a jerk
>started to belittle other for no obvious reasons
>plot convenience 3.0
>gags and flanderizations saturations

Haven't kept up with this series for a while.
Got way too boring in plot and jokes, and I want Hinagiku to win but its pretty darn clear the author is just trolling with any romance stuff.
More like he is terrible at managing writing
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Reminder on every Hayata threads that Izumi will win the Hayatabowl.
So which girl is/was most popular in character popularity polls?
Isnt it always A-tan or Hina?
Will Hayate ever get even with his bastard parents?
no, it doesnt matter now
Wasn't this finishing in December? I see the title says it's the last arc but, for how long?
>Maria arc
>Final showdown

Maybe 30-50 chapters if its weekly
Wasted quints.
>Wasn't this finishing in December?
Shouldn't this have finished years ago?
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 14

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