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Baki Dou 141 translation

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fuck okay
this chapter was confusing at times, but I got it done
the phrasing for some of this is completely untranslatable, so try to bear with anything that sounds unusually bizarre
case in point: the fucking title - there's no more accurate word which I can find, despite how silly it sounds
fuck it let's just do this

>Chapter 141: Aloofness
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>News Guy: Next up on the news...
>NG: A sword master's acts...
>NG: Of extreme violence.
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>NG: Late last night in Shinjuku,
>NG: Police officers requested the accompaniment of a man calling himself Miyamoto Musashi.
>NG: The man resisted,
>NG: And a scuffle broke out between the man and the police squad.
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>NG: Somehow, the man disappeared.
>NG: The turn of events is being treated with disdain by the police headquarters.
>NG: The man's tracks are being followed by police.
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>NG: The scale of the investigation is being expanded,
>NG: With certain preparations being made.
>NG: A man naming himself as the master swordsman Musashi has been resurrected into this era.
>NG: Where does he intend to go? What are his intentions?
>NG: And... just who is he, really...?
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>NG: Next up on the news...
>Baki: Back then...
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>God: We are all,
>G: Each one of us, tied together.
>B: What Motobe-san said...
>B: Was right.
>B: That's what life is.
>B: Existing in links to others.
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>G: On the other hand, there's Musashi.
>B: His saying that was the first time that I recognized the blatant obviousness of...
>B: Musashi-san's *solitude*......
>B: I didn't see it at all.
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>B: That...
>B: Separation from reality, in those eyes that can stop you with a glare.
>B: That...
>B: Rejection of the cultural exchange from others.
>B: That cold, inhuman gaze that feels like it might possess you.
>B: That...
>B: Extreme aloofness which comes of bushidou, which blinds him.

"Cultural exchange" as in his apparent unwillingness to learn anything new.
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>B: And... because I looked only at that different-dimension war power of his...
>B: Because I looked only at his wholly fearless figure...
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>B: I saw absolutely no part of it.
>B: That aloof solitude.
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>B: Defeat.
>B: ...
>B: You can be born in this modern world...
>B: You can be raised in this modern world...
>B: And you can live in this modern world, yet still feel solitude.
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>B: Family. Relatives. Lovers. Friends.
>B: No one who can let people into their heart(/those who can forgive) travels across dimensions.
>B: Suddenly coming from the Sengoku Period, 400 years ago,
>B: Into this modern era...
>B: What a lonely man!

No, I don't know why "family" and "relatives" are separate items on the list.
'Forgive' and 'allow' are the same word in Japanese, so the second line is slightly unclear.
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>Musashi: Oh, it's you!
>Heebeejeebees: We have you surrounded.
>H: An armed force 100 men strong.
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>H: They've got cutting-edge equipment.
>H: You may be Miyamoto Musashi but, try as you might, you won't win.
>H: You were a war strategist, right?
>H: Then act according to that wisdom of yours.
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>H: Don't make us act as policeman's rope.

Remember hojojutsu? That's the reference here. He's appealing to Musashi through reference to his era.
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>M: I expected that you would say as much,
>M: But, if you wish to capture me, I have no problem with that.
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Character(s) of the week: African Elephant, Siberian Tiger, and Mantis.

We must be getting low on remaining characters of the week, if they're putting multiple per page now.

End of chapter. Thoughts? Concerns? Criticisms? "Stop with the Musashi shit, Itagaki" comments?
Thank you for this, great work.
Is he giving up here? what does he mean he has no problem? excited for the next chapter.
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Wrote up a decently long response to you apologizing for the vagueness of the line and explaining it, then realized I mistranslated it anyway. Putting my lips back around the barrel of this gun.

The line is actually:
>But to capture me, you'll need them.
Musashi is a nigger
what are you talking about, he's not Okinawan
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Bump for M-dog and the Heebs
>Muh solitude
Fuck you Itagaki
Make him die or job fast enough and let's get to the next arc, Memesashi has been terrible.
I hope he gets an Ali Jr. tier humiliation train ran on him. He kind of deserves it at this point.
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 22

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