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Played-out Tropes You Still Love

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ITT: Played-out anime tropes you still love seeing anyway.

>When the worthless antagonist-turned-whipping-boy of the MC starts ripping through cannon fodder in the final battle
>The hero missed
>He actually didn't and hit a mechanism that blindsides the villain
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>Best girl accidentally sees MC naked
>MC is winning against main villain
>main villain reveals losing was part of his plan
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>MC gets extremely mad
A dozen or so very capable and very dangerous people decide to organize into a team.
Oh hot dang, this too.
Honorable villains
Villains who like their henchmen
Magic runs out=all out fist fight
Coughing up blood
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>character is about to be obliterated
>engulfed in a white light


>character is unleashing some massive attack
>rocks and other debris gets lifted into the air from the sheer power
>Magic runs out=all out fist fight
This one makes me hard
Gurren lagann,gundam 0079, and Syc-red were great for that
Actually, seeing Dimple knock out 10 mooks with one punch is why I made this thread.
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kumo drool.png
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>OP plays in the middle of the action scene inn the final episode
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>MC and main antagonist meet each other in casual clothes/without knowing each others' identities
>episode shows that they probably would have been best friends if it weren't for whatever they were enemies over
>their final battle has callbacks to this episode
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>Long running series with multiple openings
>Last episode plays the first opening
That shit will never stop hyping me
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They better not fuck this up like they did UBW.
hyped every fucking time
What anime/manga?
Not that anon, but it happens a lot in gundam series.
Crap how did I not notice?
I was vaguely remembering asemu and zeheart when I read it.
Even IBO's done it.
>The lowly sidekick/minion gets an episode/time to shine.
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>lowly sidekick/minion was the true villain all along
akame ga kill did it a bit
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>no matter what the comic relief guy/sidekick gets one of the other best girls that isn't the main one.
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>honourable villains
This shit makes my dick rock hard
fuck Kars
>villain is a complete ass hole piece of shit
>however he cares a lot for his companions, friends or henchmen
>goes fucking insane when people hurt or kill them
gets me rock hard
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>Final boss
>Everything goes Black and White
>Main theme
Examples, my almost Quads friend.
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ratman kind of, jackies best henchmen
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>MC uses previous enemy's techniques
>the OP changes as the series progresses
Did anything other than YGO Zexal/Arc-V actually do this?
Wammu never deserved his fate.
I wish he was alive again, so he could be redeemed and treated as some sort of Piccolo, or much-better Vegeta. He could've been an amazing trainer who would've studied every martial art, mastered hamon, or even discovered the Stands much earlier than Dio, educating the JoJo bloodline if they proved worthy enough to train.
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>the training weights come off
The jackies are the best. Though, the lackeys from Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san are good too.
I remember Gundam Seed have different ending song that being played during hype moment.
>Long time respected nemesis/enemy running out of magic and begin to fist fight => the MC voluntarily drop his remaining magic out of respect and proceed with fist fight.

a variation that i also like.
>MC uses a deceased mentor's techniques
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>joke character gets serious
>he's actually really fucking strong
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>MC is a jerk.
>FeMC is fiery.
>They're tsundere for each other.
Although this would've been amazing, his weakness to sunlight would probably have put a stick in his ability to be any sort of traveling partner, Araki could've probably asspulled something though
> MC has a plan wither logical or stupid and does'nt just rush things
> MC is selfish

I like seeing people who get shit done
Space Dandy
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>Villain gets the MERCY treatment
>Doesn't immediately become an ally for any reason
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>one of the mcs meet cute girl
>do fun things all day
>promise to meet up again
>mc fights enemies and kills them
>mc waits for girl all day at the meeting place but she never shoes up
>turns out the cute girl was one of the enemies he killed and he never knew
>moves on with his life
>series moves on as if she never existed
This is "played out"? I can't think of anything that does that.

I only know of two. Outlaw Star, and Tiger and Bunny

I'm sure there are a few others I don't know about.
>Delinquent has a heart of gold
>MC and main villain have to unite against a greater foe
>the middle guy's head

Jesus Christ is he a fucking mutant?
You haven't watched enough anime
It's possible, yeah.

It's a fucking cheapshot done to force tears. I fucking hate it.
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2 assholes who become best bros.
Flamboyant evil villains are a close second.

>Bleach's last opening (15) with 3 variations
>Naruto Shippuden opening 19 (?) with 3 versions
>Dragon Ball Super

Arguably more of a shounen thing than anything.
Gundam X's openings changed alongside the new Gundam debuts.

Gintama's openings in the last season sometimes had small variations depending on the episode or arc (It had happened before too, but I think the last season was the one with the most variations, although often they were very small, like a single shot).
>character whose eyes are always closed opens their eyes
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>2 assholes who become best bros.
god damn right
This trope when done right can be pretty fucking awesome, like when Gon finally meets up with Pitou again. Hunter X Hunter even reversed the "side-characters buying time for the main hero to arrive" by having Gon be the one, stewing in his anger, waiting to wreck Pitou, who's trying to save an innocent life.
>badguy has same powers as you
>you reach your full potential only in the final battle
HxH reversed a lot of shonen tropes, to the point where it became the establishing point for a lot of new tropes
>Good guys are getting their shit absolutely wrecked by the villain and his crew
>Villain's about to kill someone and the protag makes his triumphant return and effortlessly and wordless beats a bunch of the henchmen
When the climax leads in with that opening in the background
Thread posts: 59
Thread images: 25

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