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Saotome-senshu, Hitakakusu

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i needed something brush up my shit japanese skills with, so here
>I like you.
>I've felt this way about you
>for a long time now.
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>let's go out.
>Saotome-senshu hides it earnestly
>Saotome-senshu Confesses
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>Tsukishima Satoru
>Light flyweight class
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>I'm sorry, I can't.
>No... No way...
>I mean, it's great to know you think that way...
>but right now is, uh... is the time to be devoted to boxing...
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>Satoru-kun, you don't have a girlfriend, right...?
>Huh... Yeah. I don't.
>You also don't have a crush, right...?
>You also don't get along with any girls in class, nor are you part of a sociable clique, right...?
>Yea... Yeah, sure...?!
>So, why then...?
>N-No... What I'm trying to say, Yae-san,
>is if you keep on going on about stuff like this...
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>you're seriously going to lose your match!
>Kanto High School Boxing Meet
>Last Year's Girls Featherweight Champion
>Saotome Yae
>Saotome Yae (17)
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>Last year's Girls Featherweight Champion
>Anyway, what are you thinking confessing right before the finals...
>Last Year's Girls Featherweight Champion Saotome Yae
>So if it were before the semifinals, it'd be okay?
>That wouldn't make it any better!!
>ing Club
>(refer above)
>The Girls Boxing World's
>the whole school is rooting for you now...
>I... I don't know how to put it, but uh...
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>Right now, something like love,
>someone like you doesn't really need it, right?
>I'm thinking of quitting boxing.
>I'm weak, and my reflexes are terrible...
>But you're different, Yae-san.
>Unlike me, with your talent for getting stronger and stronger, you can keep...
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oops. uploaded the wrong page.
>Yeah, just like that, put the bat behind your back,
>and from there, slowly move the tip forward...
>Guh... Guoooh!!
>So? Don't your muscles feel loosened up?
>Woah?! You weren't kidding. They feel great!
>Wow. That's awesome.
>Did you learn that from one of those training books of yours again?
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>You really do like boxing, don'cha.
>But, you haven't won a single match, right?
>Really, who cares about that! Your knowledge is already the best!!
>Waah Waah
>Oh! Looks like it's another morning where they gather around next door!
>Kyaah Kyah
>She's there, she's there!
>But really, she's in the same boxing club, yet the difference in popularity is insane.
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>If she wins the next match, she'll be the 2-time champion.
>She's our school's glimmer of hope.
>Saotome Yae.
>Saotome, huh. She's a bit scary looking, but she sure is hot, ain't she.
>Say, Satoru. Does Saotome have a boyfriend?
>Wh... What?!
>That's impossible!
>She's not just the school's star, but also the town's, you know?
>If someone were to mess with that image,
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>they'd be banished from the town for sure!
>Hahaha! For sure!
>Is... Is'zat so...
>Haah... Going to practice today isn't going to be easy...
>Boxing Club
>Waah Waah
>So, the rules are the same as a match.
>There are three 2-minute rounds...
>There's no need for you to hold back. Just charge in when you hear the bell!!
>inb4 she started boxing for him.
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>...Quite old-looking, ain't he?
>Yeah... I heard he's an alumnus of our school who's also a college boxer...
>A... college student?
>I said it just wouldn't be fair, but Coach Shioya just didn't care.
>The hell is that woman thinking...
>Oh, that's what it is...!!
>Today, they're treating it like a real match...
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>that is, Yame-san's sparring...!!
>All right! Get in the ring, Saotomee!!
>Listening? The rules are the same as in a real match.
>Three 2-minute rounds, with 1-minute breaks in between each round...
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>Ooh! There goes the college kid!!
>Just as coach told him, he's going straight for the kill right from the start...
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I can already tell that I'll like this girl
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>The glimmer of hope for our entire school body,
>Midterm Examination Results
>Saotome Yae
>English II
>Math I
>Modern Literature
>World History
>Classical Literature
>with a beautiful figure,
>academic excellence,
>and last but not least...
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>strength far beyond that of a normal person!!
She looks so happy there.
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>Woaah! Are you serious?!
>Kyaah! Saotome-san is amazing!!
>It looks like it ended in just three hits!!
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>Dodging your opponent's right and going straight for his body... That gave me goosebumps...!!
>You had me shaking! That's my super star...!!
>Haahaaha. How about that, you guys!!
>You okay...?
>Just look at this expression.
>Even though it may have just been a spar, this sour look is all she gives as she wins!!
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>That's the Cool Beauty for you.
>Even your average guy
>would be too scared to approach you!!
>I have high hopes for you, Cool Beauty.
>Your fist is the hope for all of girls boxing!
>You should aim for the National Meet, and even...
>the Tokyo Olympics...
>Co-Coach Shioya...
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>The... The Cool Beauty is crying...!!
>Wh... Why?!
>What's wrong, Cool Beauty?!
>Are... Are you okay, Saotome...?
>To think you would cry...
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>Your nose... your nose is running,
>Cool Beauty?!
>Coach Shioya...
>Are you cold...?!
>Is the cold bothering you, Cool Beauty?!
>Even if you call her that, I really don't think it's gonna do anything...
>Hey, someone!! Anyone! Give Cool Beauty something to wear...!!
>If... If I start crying, could I be treated like that too...?
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>N-Now you're laughing...?
>Cool Beauty?!
>Boxing Club
>I see...
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>So... Satoru, you rejected Saotome...
>N-No, I didn't do something as big as "rejecting" her...
>To me, Yae-san's talent as a boxer comes first...
>Then, what about her as a girl?
>A... girl?!
>Uh... Umm, about that...
>It's embarassing to say, but this is my first experience with stuff like this...
>To... To be honest, how I feel exactly, I don't understand, but
this.. this somehow...
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>makes... makes my chest bu... burn...
>Bu-But, it's not like I really understand it myself...
>x6 Doki
>I get. Enough already. You're making her embarassed now.
>Saotome. Are your feelings the same as before?
>All right, then...
>Rather than considering it just as a teacher, I've also considered this as a fan....
>Satoru. From today onward, you will be Saotome's trainer!!
>Train... Trainer?
>And alongside that...
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>you two can secretly date each other.
>Eh... Eeh? "Date each other"...?!
>By... By "date", what do you mean...?!
>W-W-W-What are we supposed to do...?!
>The hell if I know. Find out for yourself!!
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>How about it, you two?
>Boxing Club
>E-Even if you say that, it's a bit sudden...
>Right? Yae-sa...
>The... Then, I'll be in your care.
>Chapter 1/End
She's all like "shut up and date me, faggot".
holy shit this is a frustrating MC already
Thanks OP, always like more boxing manga
File: news_xlarge_saotome_main1.jpg (101KB, 640x779px)Image search: [Google]
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Thanks OP
Very cute. Thanks for translating.
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Thread images: 31

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