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I am a Hero

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What's with the Decompression in this series? Like shit, every volume has enough content to fit like, a 20 minute episode of an anime. I still heavily like this book though I wouldn't compare it to something like TWD (Where the Zombies were more of a minor nuisance where even a dazed man in a hospital gown can avoid and are only really a threat if there's a really REALLY like a fucking giant hundred men mobs of zombies) and more to like 28 Days Later, also I've only read like the first 6 volumes so feel free to disprove me if the pacing does get quicker later.
Though despite that I still do heavily enjoy this book, quite so even more than the Walking Dead in terms of the action since when shit gets real it does feels more fast paced and in your face scary.
It's a weekly series, you retard.
yes, I guess you're right. Since it's a weekly series, that does factor how the creator paces the chapters. Though I'm only reading the trades right now and it does get pretty infuriating when a lot of pages and panels are "wasted" (In a sense that I feel there's gratuitous amounts of dead air), I still do like how the art manages to convey motion pretty fluidly but it seems to me that every volume feels like it only has 1 major development but I will accept like each volume feels like their own storyline
shut the fuck up. why do you talk so much and say so little.
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i like where this thread is going

first new chapter since november
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is it safe to say hiromi is confirmed kill?
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no good girls left in this series what the fuck is his problem
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Huh Asano died?
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Same with a few of the cast I recognise, damn.
in the issue right before this 257
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he died in the last issue, they are kicking this shit up into full gear

>final count-down
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is the gun huge or is he tiny
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she better have said something cute
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He's a Japanese, of course he's fucking tiny.
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if this mother fucker leaves nakata behind..
Nah I agree, the pacing is kinda slow, but it's good that way. It only seems slow in comparison to every other weekly series because they are desperate to leave some shitty cliffhanger at the end so their series isn't dropped.

holy fuck he's still defending her even after turning zqn
I saw the live action movie of this book
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 18

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