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Danberu nan kiro moteru - 13

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Alright, Here is chapter 13. Thanks to our Translator anon and QC anon for the translation.
Sorry again for the delay, but there are RL things that I have to take care of.
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and extra page
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>That sensei
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I don't blame you for having priorities over japanese mangiones. Especially when you're literally the only person doing it for the entire western world; this is pure charity.

Thanks OP!!
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Sensei is so sleepy-eyed...
Are these bitches wearing Adipowers???

Holy shit!
Such an appropriate face. When someone hits your DOMS or you do it yourself on accident. The pain is just, you just know it's all your fault and there's nothing you can do. The sharp shock, the quick relief but the sheer jolt that came from the surprise...
>Three high school girls sit on him
> not even fazed

Fucking Machio
Just plants herself on his cock. Not a situation out of the ordinary at all for Hibiki and the girls in Silverman's Gym.
Hmm. Shouldn't it be
>essential to running
Rather than
>essential to run
>I can't barely balance
Is this intentional?
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QC anon here. No.
The prepositions "to" and "for" have different uses in English for many different reasons that are never put into repetition and end up becoming used so frequently in place of each other that people just accept what they think sounds better.

In your example, the two forms are "essential to run" and "essential for running." To is describing a motive, for is performing a function.

In this manga's example, the translator translated the author's words from Japanese to English and it came out "run" not "running." So, this is the appropriate grammatical usage.

Just happy to share the reasoning! But it's not like my knowledge is flawless or I don't forget things, too. Just saying there's a reason behind most every choice in this editing process. And I DO forget stuff, like this page for example I just noticed >>152338241 Machio says
>That's what so out of the ordinary.
and he should say
>That's what's so out of the ordinary.
Because I was rushing and missed it. Oops.
...no. My fault again. It isn't supposed to be negative.
Fuck this shit made me bust out laughing and it's midnight.
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fit's superpower.jpg
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Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder! Ain't nobody wanna lift this
Thank you OP.
Thanks OP
>Hibiki will never sit on your dick
Why even lift?
arigato op
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