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Why don't we shoop in some anime characters to this already

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Why don't we shoop in some anime characters to this already iconic image to make it more anime related?
A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess.
American Psycho but it's set in a japanese high school and Bateman is a student. The level of autism and gore is more like the book, less like the film. I expect at least two hours total of outfit description
>most bait waifu show ever
>harem, comedy waifus
>about two brothers, body guards who protect a bunch of qt scientist girls and business girls
>whole thing is stupid as fuck meant to bait otaku waifu fagging
>at the end have the girls try force a confession
>guys reveal they've been in love with each other
>intiate otaku and waifu fag butthurt for centuries
How would you make the most normie triggering anime imaginable?

I remember seeing screencaps of reddit posts talking about how triggered everyone on there about all the loli's in anime. I also remember Usagi Drop ending triggering the shit out of tonnes of people.
The only other thing that seems to trigger normies is Racism and Nazi's right?
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from a dream i had way back:

>be me
>actually be two characters (I think; I don’t have a clear memory)
>one character is a man while the other is a young girl surviving with her younger brother
> there’s a war at my homeland and I’m in a 1940s setting
>various cultures in my world are vastly different (Celtics, there’s a lewd culture, Elves, etc…)
>one culture has weapons inspired by some 21st century shotguns designed by my male character
>turns out he's a dimension hopper but still chooses to be stuck in the 1940s war setting
>I suddenly get detached from my chars and events shift to a third-person perspective
>The man is shown sitting down somewhere when the girl arrives with a motionless brother, who I don’t think is actually dead – she looked determined to be there. She ‘reports’ something, I believe.
>The man looks up in awe and begins scribbling down in his notebook
>View shifts from a general perspective to what the man sees, albeit still in a third-person view
>Multiple people are doing the same thing as the first girl and it’s implied that they’re from different universes
>Wake up
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>Roided-up narcissistic psychopath
>In high school

Christmas cake OLs voiced by Oohara Sayaka and Noto Mamiko going "ara ara ufufufu" for 12 episodes
Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie that's Oscar nominated, and a critically acclaimed box office success, so stop talking about it.

Series is a slice of life anime about a handsome man surrounded by cute girls and one nerdy guy. Twist is he has homocidal tendencies. It's a psychological drama/ comedy. Will he, won't he?
Wizards exist and are a separate race from humans. They own their own country and most humans dislike them or distrust them.
The wizards also house non-humans like Elves, cat people and other such races.
For the most part, the opposing 'factions' are stable. Although humans significantly outnumber the Wizard Country; the wizard country is incredibly power. Even a single wizard is worth several hundred human soldiers.

During modern times, these countries enjoy a peace. They generally keep to themselves, even trading between the two doesn't happen. However, during a press conference between the two nations during the signing of a new peace treaty, it is interrupted by a non-human traveller from another world. Our MC, an Elf that was stuck in a hell dimension called "The Temporal Zone" a place where time doesn't exist, and is generally used as a prison for the most heinous criminals. Although our MC was just unlucky enough to get stuck there after a failed experiment, years of his incarceration has turned him from a harmless researcher into a killing machine. The appearance of our MC at such an important conference sparks unrest between the two nations. Especially after the wizard nation start to protect our MC after his identity is revealed to be of royalty.
The life, love, and struggles of a succubus rights activist.
The life of a group of non-humans in a small comfy community. It'd be set in modern day society, but they'd live in some enchanted forest or some shit.

Think one of those comfy, beautiful non-human towns in one of the Final Fantasy games. Pic related.

MC would be a summoner and his best friend is an Elf Bard. I have no idea what it'd be about. From what I've said, it'd most likely be a Slice of Life comedy. But I'd like a little action and maybe adventure.
Title: Ze Hat

One part old Jackie Chan film (and other Hong Kong movies) and one part Lupin the Third

Main charcter's name is Jun Ree (named after martial artist Jhoon Goo Rhee) a skilled martial artist but every one underestimates him since he looks and acts like a god damn idiot while fighting (hence the one part Jackie Chan film), only notable physical characteristic is that he wears a blue baseball type hat (hence the tittle)

I might regret this but I'll leave /a/ to deiced where it goes from here
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MC was an average high school student until one day something happened
He gets roped into an underground gay porn ring.
The Daily Life of Kira Yoshikage? I'd watch it.
Cute little girls do cute little things.
Cute girls doing cute things during WW1 like surviving mustard gas attacks, amputation the splintered limbs of their friends, and going into shock after watching their squad leader explode in front of them.
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>and going into shock after watching their squad leader explode in front of them.
So basically Band of Brothers with cute girls?
>seal that imprisoned the maou for centuries in her castle about to break
>hero waits for the final battle of his journey as the seal finally gives in
>the hero charges in but encounters no resistance
>guided by the powerful magical signature he reaches and corners the maou
>she doesn't fight back at all
>centuries of imprisonment broken her into a sorry pile of gomenasai who is scared of the outside
>comfy SoL about the disappointed hero and the shut in maou
Over a thousand years ago, a viking by the name of Vendrick killed the daughter of a witch and was cursed with immortality. At first, he doesn't think it's a curse and goes on to become the most powerful viking of the region. Becoming a Jarl, then a noble of the country, and then even taking the position of king.
However, when all of his friends slowly die and rot away, his loved ones, his wife and even his children. People start looking at him with suspicion and soon, he is hanged, drawn and quartered and later wakes up in a mass grave, completely fine. Afterwards he realises his new fate, to live an eternity, never truly getting close to anyone.

Hundreds of years go by, and he spends most of his time wandering, searching for another witch to remove his curse. Only to have the crusades go happen, and even the mere mentioning of witches is frowned upon. And so, due to still being able to feel pain, even if he can heal, he chooses to keep quiet as to not arouse suspicion on himself.
Time goes by and he slowly goes from a typical screaming viking, to a quiet depressed man simply looking for a way to end his life.
Until one day, he meets another immortal, a demon. They quickly become friends and the demon brings him to his own home. A home for immortals.

Not sure if it'd have some over arching story, or it'd just be Slice of Life about immortals. Someone else can figure it out if they like the idea.
High school life of a colored non-Japanese student. The student has to deal with racism and embarrassingly weeb parents.
Every fucking thread.
Samon-kun wa summoner. But built more towards being a shounen adventure.
A girl falls in love with a girl. However, the other girl is in love with another girl, who's in love with a boy, who's in love with a boy, who's in love with a girl, who's in love with a boy who's in love with a girl, who's in love with a girl who's in love with a boy, who's in love with the first girl.
A boy falls in love with a girl and this girl happens to be the demon lord's daughter. Unable to confess to the demon princess as a lowly human subject in a demon ruled lands he determines himself to one day become a person worthy of her.

He himself is a reincarnated soul from earth with no noteworthy besides retaining his old memories but he finds himself getting involved with your typical isekai hero types when one day one suddenly falls out of the sky in front of him. Fully aware that letting this guy go will likely result in the loss of his girl one way or another, he kills the would be hero and takes his cheat sword for himself.

Believing that this deed and newfound if incomplete power would merit him a chance with girl, he attempts to convince the demon lord to let him have his daughter's hand in marriage. The demon lord however still deems him unworthy and dismisses his warnings of more heroes being summoned to replace the failed first attempt. It is only by his daughter's prodding that he relents and tells the boy that if everything he said was true then he'll reconsider his worth if he were to eliminate the remaining 8 isekai heroes that will be summoned to their world.

He manages to find and kill the second hero in a battle that nearly lost him everything but in doing so, news spreads that someone has killed a hero. With the rest of the heroes likely to be on alert from that incident, he decides to pose as the first hero and bring them down without doing a repeat of what happened with second one as the true heroes will only be honing their cheats further from this point while he'll only ever be able to use fragments of their powers.

Thus begins the protagonist's harrowing quest to decide how his future and his world's future will be shaped by the choices he makes and the consequences they bring with them.

I call this one "Hunting for Isekai Heroes".
A Midsummer night's dream with gays.
Stop shitposting on /a/ Okada.
A battle shonen, but everyone fights like The 3 Stooges.
Do you have a Patreon? Can I hire you?
This would be /comfy/ as fuck.
At the urging of a friend, MC attends Easter Mass for the first time and the priest sprinkles holy water on everyone. When it hits MC, it burns like acid.

All of a sudden the extraordinary nature of the world is revealed to MC as they find themself on the run for salvation against the forces of good, who hunt them in the name of justice.
A boy.
What does he do anon? Tell me more about the boy.
Cute nuns live in a convent deep in the country. The anime shows their everyday simple lives spent in worship of the lord and admiration for the wonderful world he gave them.
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Unable to confess...
Slice of life about the automotive industry, specifically a company that makes cars tailored to girls' needs
No and you can't afford me. I'll just tell you how this one goes:

>Has encounters with the other heroes and easily fools them because of his past memories
>Demons also attack them while they gather powerups and only a few know about MC's true identity
>Demon empire isn't entirely bad for humans and there are worse deals outside but demon lord is set on conquering more lands
>Princess keeps in contact via memory/soul powers and animal familiars
>They discover secret prophecies foretell a total of 10 heroes are supposed to be sent to this world but 10th never makes themselves known to them so they figure they're dead too
>Kills half of them when he gets the chance or found out
>One is a love interest, one colludes with him for a cushy life, last two are rivals one of whom dies and passes their power to the other
>Colluder gets two killed including love interest and rival kills him in disgust
>Rival is suspects MC through the story but trust hims after killing colluder
>By end MC has 6/9 fragmented cheats while rival has 3/9 full cheats
>They move to take on the DL but MC takes rival to a trap
>MC convinces rival to submit using hostages as per DL's orders
>MC finally allowed to marry princess but knows he could have fought for a better future for everyone
>Princess reveals she was the 10th/original hero all along but gave away her past memories to MC when they were kids since they tore her up inside since she loves her family in spite of their tyranny
>MC's memory communications with her troubled her too and one last memory share of the journey pushes them to act
>MC and princess free rival and they take on DL together
>Rival sacrifices himself to give MC the full set of cheats
>DL is defeated but MC is crippled and will die young
>Princess fulfills her role as the last living hero and last royal demon to make sure their sacrifices weren't in vain
>MC is celebrated as a true hero. MC gets to see their efforts fruits before he dies.
A secret agent anime where a highschool boy became a secret agent, would be filled of political shit, btw.
>MC (17) kills the demon lord after 1 year summoned
>he goes back to his world so he can continue to study again since 1 year in other world = 5 hour in earth
>the princess (17) actually tails him, but he just casually ignores her
>after the gate is closed, he asks why does she goes to his world
>she says that he has a promise to see her the world that she never knows, and she thinks this world is counted too
>it's actually not according to the MC
>but since he's too lazy to open the gate or ask someone to open the gate, he just lets her to follow him
>"By the way, I asked my father that I want to follow you forever, and he said okay! So let's get married already!" (princess)
>"What the fuck?" (MC)
>the princess keeps asking him to sign their marriage form everyday
>she puts traps to get him signs the form

The title is "This Princess from Another World is Sure Annoying as Hell!"
It's called hagure yuusha no estetica
The MC is an alpha as fuck high school boy with a harem that he fucks everyday. His childhood friend who moved away comes back. She's also alpha as fuck, but slightly yandere, controlling and manipulative, but not homicidal. She's not happy with her childhood friend having a harem, since he should be hers and only hers. He wants to add her to the harem. They start a battle of wits to try to break the other to conform to their desires.
>Set in 22xx
>Humans made contact with various alien civilizations and enters a Galactic Parliament after a war known as the Contact War
>Many of the alien civilizations look down on all species that are human and resemble human due to this war(near human aliens are already discriminated)
>Do little to stop galactic-wide slave trade of human and near human species despite pleas
>Near human species form a union with the Earth Government as they are they had managed victory against the Galactic Federation's forces in the Contact War
>Union absorb the near human worlds into the Earth Government and grant them seats in the Earth Senate
>Outcry from pro human and anti human aliens plus demands for all near human and human species to have their seats degraded to one in the Galactic Parliament
>Amidst disputes an armada attacks a world belonging to a near human species(elf like in appearance)
>Disputes prevent Galactic Parliament from dispatching forces quickly to aid the elf species defend against the invading armada
>MC is one of the soldiers from that planet who assisted in evacuating civilians
>Eventually absorbed into the Earth Government's military under an emergency draft order after the invasion
>MC thinks humans will help them and see her and her species as equals
>often discriminated by human counterparts and seen as inferior for being unable to use human weaponry properly
>Commanding Officer even forbid the use of her native weapons and gear
>Have to bear with fighting alongside soldiers who see her as inferior and non human
Despite discrimination by MC's fellow soldiers, officially the human Earth Gov recognizes all near human alien species as Human by definition. Some of her own kind would also serve in high ranking posts in the Earth Gov's military and would often wield a combination of human and their own native weaponry in combat. While discrimination usually take the form of name calling and ridicule, more extreme fringe human groups would outright call for them to be killed and kicked off human sectors and colonies. These fringe groups are seen as terrorists by the Earth Gov with a major insurrection raised on Venus decades ago.

While most of the alien species across the galaxy show disdain for humans, they are forced to make some concessions given the terms of the ceasefire for the Contact War. Human and near human representation in the Galactic Parliament are small at only three seats. One for humans, the other for MC's species of elf aliens and one for a short species resembling humans but with cat ears.

The aftermath of the Contact War also created a coalition of alien civilizations known as the Caliphate that refuses the concessions the Galactic Parliament made to the humans and the insistence that human and near human species get separate seats in the Galactic Parliament. They believe that humanity must pay dearly for their aggression during the War.

During the Contact War, human weaponry rely heavily on ballistics but the aftermath of the war quickly caused the human military to used captured alien tech to improve weaponry, turning the standard human assault rifle into a sort of railgun and specialized liquid nitrosteel armor, a specialized composite that is liquid in normal state but will harden if there is any impact and minimize any burns from the more plasma and blaster based weapons used by the aliens. Aliens use varying weaponry depending on species
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Thread images: 9

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