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This any good? I've read that the beginning parts feel

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This any good?

I've read that the beginning parts feel kind of aimless and impenetrable but the premise sounds neat.
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It's a spectacle. It's something you're supposed to look at and be amazed by. It's not a story that's supposed to fascinate you with its intricacies and twists.
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People rave about it, but I don't really see why. The designs are pretty interesting, and Nihei is good at the architectural stuff. The story and characters feel kind of empty, though. It's mostly a lot of walking. I don't regret reading it, but I also don't feel the need to revisit it.
The story and the lore is much more complex than it can be usually grasped at a first reading. Also its completed by other manga like Noise! and there are plenty of questions about what other manga are set in the same universe.

Blame! is actually the first manga I physically bought in a long time and I don't regret it.
Same for the blame and so on artbook, where he explains more stuff.

Also Nihei is a magnificent bastard with a wicked sense of humor and I'm glad I could ask him some questions.
This, the story isn't really the point so much as the visuals and atmosphere (which are both spectacular and worth reading for)
>I'm glad I could ask him some questions.
Whoa now, what's this? How did you get to talk to him? What did you ask him?
Nihei was at comicon so I assume peopleasked him shit there.
Blame! is best described as an experience. Sort of like theRussian movie, Hardcore Henry.
Is the storyparticularly compelling? Not really.Isit a ride and fun to watch or read? Sure.

And for those who like to analyze, there isquite a bit of depth to it
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Lucca Comics and Games 2015, he had a couple of conferences with QnA.

I made a couple of threads about it before going and after.
Give me a moment to recover the screenshots from those threads.

Atmosphere was great.
And as I write in every Blame! thread if you want to experience something like it I greatly advise the game NaissanceE.
If it also supported the htc vive it would be perfect (pic very related).

Also, humble bundle has nihei works for a couple more days, including a preview/prequel story to Nihei's next work:
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Thread before the QnA:

Threads where I posted some answers

And screenshot.
Nice. Thank you anon.
It was my pleasure.

I'm always happy to talk about Nihei.
On one hand I wish there were more threads, on the other I fear that if it was more mainstream they would become a cesspool like other manga/anime threads are.

Thank god Sidonia ended and people mostly forgot about it and who remained is the fan of older works.

Actually I just realized I need to reread Biomega if I want to be able to talk about it in a future thread.
bump, cause I'm sad to see the first Blame!/Nihei thread in such a long time die.

Also, looking back to >>152105947
this guy >>133347319 was completely right about the 3DCG complaints.
Not like they aren't partially justified.
Even if I'd say the most worrying aspect is the sound department.
Everything is so loud, and the tron-like musics aren't really fitting my headcanon
I guess I expected something more along the lines of
Yeah, I've been longing for a Nihei style VR thing for a long time now.
I should have explained myself better.
It's only compatible with Oculus DK1 sadly.

Also, there is a fanmade spiritual free sequel by a random guy, approved by the developer of the original game

NaisanceE's developer comment about it:
>Pretty nice, good job!
>Of course would need to be polished in many aspects but the atmosphere is here (thanks to Oliveros' music) and there are some good looking areas.
>(btw, I get stuck at the beginning of chapter 4 so I went directly to the last one, don't know what I was supposed to do there).

But it may be interesting to try for free.
Oh I didn't know it had DK1 support. Sad there's no modern headset support.


I wish this project was still alive. Is there no hope for it?
I really don't know, I'm sorry

As for the VR maybe there still is a gimped VR experience, try and read http://steamcommunity.com/app/265690/discussions/0/613937306567812276/
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>>Lucca Comics and Games 2015

It always makes me mad it was one of those edition I just couldn't go to.

Anyways, to actually contribute to the thread, if any of you guys is into rpgs you should check out BLAM!, a /tg/ homebrew made some years ago. It's a pretty easy system and has a decent amount of Blame! lore collected into it.

Also pretty interesting.
Now I just need people to play it with ;_;
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 6

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