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Kamisama no Iutoori Ni

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Kamisam no Iutoori Ni (the second series) is over and even if it was a horrible manga most of the time with non existant female characters, I like to think it was worth following it for that ending, it picked up abit figuring away to be more brutal.

Haven't seen a thread on /a/ so I wanted to make one as a way to say good bye for the few people that still followed it.
a few spoilers for the people that followed it and dropped it, please don't read them if you know nothing about the series or if you think you will catch up to it.

The games go on and Akashi meets his childhood friend, more games go on, more fodder people die and he ends up in a side punish game where only he or his childhood friend can survive, childhood friend dies.

The games move to a final phase where it becomes a big battle royal, more fodder is introduced and killed, after 200 more recently introduced characters die they move on to the final phase of the game, old maid with about a dozen of the main characters with 3 of the first series (the main character, his strong friend and his love interest) and god joins the game

The strong friend of the main character of the first series is the first one to become a god by winning the final game (there can be multiple winners) old main character just wants to kill god.

More fodder gets killed, the main character of the first series manages to pull a double suicide, killing himself and god

one last character dies and Akashi the main character of the second series and his best friend become gods, all the games ending with 3 gods left, Akashi, Ushimitsu and Amaya, the friend of the MC from the first series
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Amaya becomes the new antagonist after they are told that now they are gods they can do anything they want, meanwhile Akashi and Ushimitsu despair over being unable to bring people back to life because their god powers come from their imagination, and they can't imagine the memories of the people that died, hence they would only revive as they remember them, not actual people.

They try to kill each other because of reasons but they realize they are inmortal, so Amaya comes up with a game where every time you get punched you lose all your memories from a person, memories come from your interactions with others, and with no memories you no longer have a reason to live

Amaya focuses on punching Akashi, both Akashi and Ushimitsu punch Amaya, Akashi forgets everyone first even himself, but keeps punching Amaya because of reasons and having a strong ego

After a while Amaya also forgets everyone except himself and Shun (his best friend from the first series) he thought he was strong enough to live without anyone but realizes that he can't forget his best friend no matter how many times he is hit, because his best friend became a part of him, he starts punching himself and kills himself

Ushimitsu still has his memories and meets with Akashi, who forgot himself, Akashi dies in his arms

The madman killed off both main characters
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Amaya can't revive Akashi but decides to turn back time, hence reviving everyone before the games, which makes the entire reason why the 3 gods started fighting pointless

since he can't revive the real Akashi he plans to recreate him by restarting the games and making Akashi go through the same ordeals and massacres again so he can become the best friend he once had
How did the first god become god anyway?
The universe where they live, their planet, was an experiment 2 kids made in the *real* world, the guy that starts the games in the seconds series is one of those kids and acid mana, a girl that shows up later and becomes the antagonist is the second one, they introduced themselves into the world they had created giving themselves powers.

They found a neet that rejected society and only made mangas/played videogames, they gave that neet god powers because of reasons

A couple of kids gave themselves CHIM and then they gave a neet CHIM
Christ, I'd have an existential crisis right then end there.
This was incredibly retarded.
Wouldn't Akashi become a different person than the Akashi Ushimitsu knows because he isn't there anymore?
Akashi is naturally good willed, its at his core.
Its actually a realistic ending considering ushimitsu's psyche.
he'd love no more than seeing each star shine, but especially he wants to see akashi shine, and he'll probably repeat the game as many times as he can until akashi wins and becomes a god himself since ushimitsu does not feel he's fitting for the role (or rather that nobody other than akashi is fitting for such).
A bit of a let down for me.but what a rollercoaster of a ride.i followed that serie and liked it a lot.

Id recoment it because it s twisted and the art is clean drawn.

Wish it finished differently
Ni, is finished huh. I guess I should at least finish it. I think I stopped reading a bit after the sand table game.
Well, it was established beforehand that there was a very minute possibility that both of them could have survived, but yeah.
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