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I heard you guys are good at this.

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I heard you guys are good at this.
fucking nerd gets his wish
>mc is a salaryman
A legendary hero dies while fighting the demon king and reincarnates as an ordinary high schooler. Shenanigans ensue as he attempts to return home and save his realm.
>mc is a highschooler
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>MC is plaguedoctor
>World doesn't have videogame physics
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Someone please ban this samefagging keitaifag.
MC goes to another world. Worthless and without any skills he begs for money to live, dies months later of dysentery
Some necromancer some times later revives him as a worthless zombie.
A cop goes into a shared VR to investigate a murder.
All the quests are suspiciously similar to behavioral experiments. "Players" are tested for empathy, problem solving, group dynamics etc. They are put under various social and enviromental pressures under lab conditions, all under the guise of a jrpg world.
The computer running the shared VR is trying to upgrade itself by studying and reverse-engineering human brains.
Honestly I'm starting to believe that the pastaposters are just a small group of people with proxies, and that they stalk 4chan for any mention of "that meme". That level of coordination and how quickly the pastas are posted in succession is too consistent to be a meme or a coincidence.
There's a lot of people on /a/, it's not that surprising.
I knnow but my point is I wouldn't be suprised if the people who post the pasta and related replies are just the same few people over and over again. Unless they have proxies I'm surprised posting it doesn't result in instant bans.
>mc is a NEET
>reborn in a world with RPG mechanics
>gets cute girls as his party members, one of them obviously being his main love interest
>has unique abilities that no one has

I feel so inspired that I can't even finish writing this.
Anime about two housewives talking to each other while saying ara ara ufufufu every now and then

Characters voiced by Oohara Sayaka and Noto Mamiko
A young neet finally receives a callback for an interview from one of the many companies he applied for. He and a group of other jobseekers of varying ages and experiences go to the venue on the appointed date and find themselves getting asked some very strange questions that probe their knowledge of fictions.

At the end of the interview, they're all called in and informed that they were all excellent candidates and the company would love to have them all. All too eager at the good news, the candidates immediately sign their contracts but quickly learn that all is not as it seems.

The candidates all black out and when they wake up they find themselves drastically changed and trapped in a magical world unlike their own. Their recruiters tell them that now that they're employees of the company they're expected to quickly adjust to their new circumstances and get ahead in their new careers.

Their new jobs require them to periodically relocate every year or so to new worlds where they are to facilitate the suppression of undesirables using the powers they gain while also attending training classes in the company's homeworld. During their tenure in each world they are to assimilate into that world's society and fulfill the roles expected of them to the best of their ability.

Those with the best performances are granted bonuses of their choosing, including a nullification of their work contract. The recruiters make sure to dangle that ticket out of their situation to spur them on but our main character soon notices that some of the other recruits seem to slowly be getting taken in by the incentives their jobs provide them as if they were being brainwashed.

Justifiably wary of the company's temptations, she must do her best to become a top performer and resist the all the perks they offer if she is to keep the company from taking her soul as they scheme to mold her into their perfect wage slave.

I call this one "Getting out of a Black Company: Magical Girls Inc"
>mc gets hit by a truck and dies
>find himself in a fantasy world with video game mechanics
>thinks it's his destiny to save the world from the demon king along with his harem
>this is not the case
>mc never got hit by a truck
>mc was always in this world
>no video game mechanics
>no demon king
>no harem
>he's just a really delusional artist that nobody likes
It'll sell
fuck I meant "autist" not "artist"
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>NEET MC wakes up in a strange alley
>walks out and finds his hometown, but something is off
>everyone suddenly knows and likes him
>girls flock to him, people dont bully him
>parents are nicer, life is fulfilling
>eventually realizes he hates it there
>wants his "real" life back, even if it was shittier
>kills himself
>wakes up back in his actual shitty life
>happy ending (?)
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Not mine but I like this one a lot.
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>World doesn't have videogame physics
MC is a random name-less, face-less knight, a dungeon-crawler who specialized in killing unholy creature.
A boy falls in love,
So finally its not even veiled anymore!
>MC one day has a strange email sent to him from his old professor
>As he clicks on it his subconscious is sucked into the screen and he wakes up in a world that looks snowy but is actually warm and is surrounded by creatures spawning out of world mythology
>Every episode he encounters a former student who also opened the email and a problem they face with one of the creatures
>Over time MC gets closer to finding a way out and finds a door leading to a controller room where the professor lies
>He explains that the creatures are part of his subconscious that detail a significant event in his life and he only wished to share his experiences as he never felt he had anyone who could truly understand him
>In the end he sends MC home and thanks him for being there at the end
>MC wakes up thinking it was all a nightmare
>He then hears a doorbell and goes to find a delivery man bringing MC an unmarked package
>It's a copy of Homer's Illiad, the professor's favorite book
>A note is attached
>"Won't you come see me soon?"
Title: Story of The Sophist
>A japanese salaryman is hit by a truck and dies
>He's reincarnated as a dragon
>Who cares about the rest, dragons are awesome.
>Idk, dragon stuff.
>cue opening by back-on or whoever else is popular
>just an average brown/black haired highschool student/neet with an indifferent personality
>one day gets hit by a truck while in a coma from the Japanese cold while walking home from school
>awakens in a room, in a fantasy world.
>the goddess of light wants you to kill the demon king
>cue EXP 2000x, luck maxed, special rare perk plus 1 hidden perk, and a legendary item that looks like a regular knife/sword dropped by lvl1 slime/boar
>takes one step into fantasy world
>cue clumbsy/clutsy fanservice healer girl who ends her sentences with any form of desu running from lvl 1 boar
>join party because plot
>takes second step
>knocked over by tsundere know it all cunt elf archer
>explains that you are shit and don't know shit
>joins your party because you Definately need her help, and Definately not because she likes you or anything.... Baka.
>third step lands you the tomboy onee-chan fighter character
>joins because even though you are bland as fuck, you're sooooo interesting and your adventures will be Sooooo fun.
>gain 10 lvls in an episode and run into the useless Loli mage. She'll never lvl up or be useful until a filler episode.
>joins your party because you know, she's lonely and scared. Also you make her cunny tingle.
>guess what you're still missing?
>cue the lancer who's probably gay and never opens his eyes, and his best friend the warrior who never shuts the fuck up, challenges you at every turn, and tries to fuck every girl in your party, testing your patience, leadership, and manhood.
>cue the hot springs episode
>cue filler joint excersize episode
>cue every female character, as well as the lancer confessing their love.
>clutsy healer wins best girl because first girl is always best girl
>the Demon King is your childhood friend.

How'd I do?
>Kind teenager with a heart of gold plays an online game that he can log out of at any time. He plays with childhood friend, a tomboyish girl, and they party up almost every week or so
>Exploring the world, he sees a character with his own username: same equipment, same style, everything
>Intrigued, he chats with this character
>The character turns out to be him, 150 days in the future. He tells our MC future things: test answers, lottery numbers, etc.
>As a point, though, he tells our MC that he is about to confess to MC's childhood friend, who he doesn't have feelings for currently.
>Intrigued about the prospect, he asks further. It turns out that he saves her from a "tragedy". Before he elaborates, the future MC fizzles out. Now hijinks ensue as our MC tries to figure out what tragedy it is, his feelings for his childhood friend, and how to meet his future self again
>MC is an anxious NEET
>wakes up one morning in a different world
>a cute elf girl says good morning and tells him she's his designated sex slave and asks if he wants her service
>he says: y-you too
>she shrugs and walks out
>he kills himself and wakes up again in the same situation
>but this time he asks where he is
>she tells him he's the king of the Kingdom called Lightnessu, and he needs to defeat the forces of Darknessu
10k+ sales
>FeMC plays otome games to escape her job's stress
>A kid crosses the road
>Cue truck-san
>Is reincarnated as the villainess of her favourite otome game
>Doesn't wanna die so she tries to avoid death flags
>Unknowingly charms the love interests in said Otome game
Title: I'll overcome my death flags!
A gradeschooler suddenly is whisked away to a magical land
He/she becomes the hero
Over time the gradeschooler notices things in the isekai from their own world, like stuff from anime and jaampu
Turns out kid isn't in an isekai but they choked on a marble and are dying in the hospital
They died
Pretty sure there actually is a LN with this exact plot.
Wait what? Goddammit, now I have to read this series.

Is it on Baka-Tsuki or something?
Not translated iirc. I either ran into the summary on novelupdates or read the synopsis while browsing amazon for LNs.
It's on Novelupdates, just search for Villainess and it'll come up eventually.
Worthless loser MC gets hit by a truck.

The end.
Thanks, I've found several? I mean from the synopis that I've read anyways.
You mean tractor.
>reincarnate as a bum
>Some poor fucker gets isekai'd.
>Meets and befriends some girl.
>Discovers he's in position to save her from some threat.
>Does so.
>Happy ending.
>Isekai'd again.
>It keeps happening.
>Each time he's placed in position to accomplish some task, and is yanked away and moved to the next world each time.
>Each isekai experience is different. Sometimes it's a portal, sometimes he dies, sometimes he just walks into his closet to get some clothes.
>He keeps nothing but what he's learned in his brief time in each world, and whatever he can somehow manage to take with him.
>Starts losing his mind and getting paranoid about why this is happening to him.
>Tries kidnapping a few girls and accidentally getting them stranded in foreign worlds, before he figures out the most secure method to bring them along.
>Rest of the story is just trying to unravel the mystery of why he's being isekai'd, who wants him to do the things that are laid out for him, and trying to rebel against that plan.
>Only long term companion is some girl crazy enough to not try escaping him, and doesn't mind being permanently shackled to him.
>only one
That just doesn't sound right, but what do I know?
Not even remotely
Title: Oshiette, Truck-San
>Ordinary highschool truck carrying The Japanese cold gets transported to a fantasy world
>the God of 18 wheelers needs you to kill the demon king
>cue 22 episodes of initial-d multi-track drifting, running over wave after wave of fantasy characters
>if a character dies, their VA dies in real life
>>MC is plaguedoctor
I would read this, MC is a modern doctor(or better yet medical student) who is average as fuck and not some prodigy. It has to be filled with heartwarming moments punctuated by gut wrenching suffering and sadness as he travels the plague ridden lands trying to save as many as he can and survive using his modern medical knowledge,but without the advantage of modern tools so he has to come up with ways to make do with what he can find. Kinda like Mushishi, I bet you could even get Hox to work on it.
>Truck-chan pledges allegiance to IS
How do you think all those truck attacks really happen? He's coming for your waifu infidel scum.
Isekai is shit. But since I'm bored as all hell, I'll give it a shot.
>Normal day
>introducing average-kun
>he goes to sleep
>wakes up next day looking like some Albino
>world seems exactly like his own
>figures he simply caught a disease
>walks out of his room to see his parents
>they don't exist, he lives in a house all by himself for some reason
>suddenly knocking on the door, "We're doing routine checks for the escaped Mutants, can you please open up?"
>guy freaking out, but decides to open door
>world looks exactly the same, it's normal looking Japan
>only police officers look like they come from some strange Cyberpunk world
>police instantly attack him, "That's one of them! Get him"
>Guy gets away, but then runs into more police, panics and then suddenly he is back before the second police spotted him
>guy has very minor time control powers, basically a 10-20 second rewind along wth anything he is touching, but keeps his wounds if he does get any, as well as time orbs which reduce to speed of anything and anyone caught in them by about 99% except for him, can also use time orbs to do cool parkour because lets face it, if you're not slow in one of those orbs, physics doesn't exactly work for you does it, you'll be going like flash level speeds
>Show basically turns into Marvels Mutants
>MC slowly gets edgier as time goes on, going from normal guy to slowly becoming Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) and turns full on Mutant Superiority Nazi mode when humans keep betraying him and shitting all over him, meanwhile other mutants are constantly protecting him and helping him out
>mid way through season he isn't a pussy anymore and actively joining in Mutant fights
>season ends with him going full Mutant Masterrace on live television after he attacks the human base head on solo
Low-budget harem romcom Matrix adaptation
>siblings (brother is 18 years old, and sister is 17 years old) are secretly a lover
>both siblings are famous, smart and good looking, also they're from prestigious
>they're dating since when the sister is at 3rd junior highschool
>they're caught up dating by student from their school
>that student spread a rumor
>everyone at the school knows it, then the teacher calls their parents
>their parents shock hearing that
>they have a discussion with the siblings
>they admit that they love each other
>their parents are stress at the point their mother gets sick
>the father then gives a solution, since the business will be inherited to the brother then he should send to America to study there now
>he also hopes with that, they can separates the brother and the sister
>"it's not an option, it's a must" says the father
>the brother then promises to the sister to come to her after the study finished, of course it's a secret from their parents
>the sister says yes
>years later after the brother finishes the study, he tells the sister that he will go back soon
>the sister is happy, she prepare everything before meet her lover
>it's at cross section, they see each other, the sister is really happy and runs
>unfortunately the sister is hit by truck-kun
>he cries
>at the funeral, their mom gives a letter from the sister
>he reads it, then he promise to keep living for her
>6 months after that, he dies overworked

The isekai story starts from here
>the brother is reincarnated as 1st prince of certain kingdom
>since he has a promise with the sister, he studies and trains really hard
>he rejects all fiancees that's prepared by his (current) parents without looking at it

>years later, the king abdicates from the throne and gives it to the brother when he is 20 years old
>by his knowledge from his past life and his life now, he successes to govern the kingdom well
>he is now 24 years old, but still rejects all of the fiancee proposals without looking at it
>when he does the inspection in the main city, he sees a girl
>he recalls the memories of his past sister
>he accidentally calls that girl with his past sister's name
>she shocks and looks to him, she then says, "brother?" to him
>he then hugs
>after that he asks her to eat together and tells each other what happened when they aren't together
>she tells him that she's now a daughter from duke family that is famous in the kingdom
>she shocks that the brother is actually reincarnated as the 1st prince, since she rejects the idea to be a fiancee of the 1st prince from her (current) parents
>he tells the same that he rejects all the fiancee proposals from his parents
>then they agree to get married
>since he only commits to only marry with her and not having another queen consort(s) and royal consort(s), he then tries to propose a bill to allow the king to only marry one girl if the king wants it with a note that the queen must births at least one boy
That's what I think from now, I can't decide what should be added next, probably wars, internal conflicts, and shit. But I decide the ending is where the first child born (and it's a boy).

'cause other are guys
>MC is an average highschooler
>He lives in a harem/sci-fi/supernatural anime
>But he is not the MC of the anime
>he is just one of the background characters
>And has to put up with all that weird shit happening all around
MC is /a/ shitposter
12 episodes of quality shitposting
In the end MC becomes new Netfilx director of anime and saves us all
I'm bored enough. I'll attempt somewhat of an original spin, but it's real fucking hard with Isekai.

Lets see;
>Anon-kun and Junior-kun come from a poor background, they're brothers and best friends
>Older Brother-kun would do anything for Little Brother-kun and vice versa
>they come from the slums and are practically raising each other
>One day, Older Brother-kun gets sick from over work and because they're poor, they can't get any help
>Older Brother-kun dies in Little Brother-kuns arms
>Littler Brother-kun curses the world and all humans for being spoilt ass holes and then kills himself because he doesn't want to live without his big brother
>Older Brother-kun is then reincarnated into Generic Fantasy World#49405834095 and becomes the hero to save the world
>Little Brother-kun gets reincarnated as the Demon King and vows to kill all humans since he now has ultimate power
>once they're both grown up, they go out to do their missions
>only once they meet, they instantly recognise each other
>Older Brother-kun immediately stops being a hero and becomes little brother-kuns right hand man, all the while demon king brother stops being edgy
>and so begins demon king and hero-kun slice of life
god that sounds awful
You should read Jin.
A japanese brain surgeon gets transported back in time to the Edo era and tries his best to save as many people as he can with his advanced medical knowledge.
Is this Isekai enough?

>MC doesn't look plain.
>MC always gets isekai'd once per week.
>MC always defeat the villain of the particular world in a day.
>But he got no reward for doing so before returning to the world.
>One day after a severe misunderstanding, he accepts a retarded stalker as his disciple.
>He attempts to teach the stalker to be an isekai master like him.
The MC is a security guard or police officer that works a late night shift and after years of struggling his life is starting to look up. He finally is able to get a promotion that pays much better and isn't in the dead of night, His dad who in recent years hasn't been all that together ever since his mom passed is starting to make a come back, and he finally managed to propose to his girlfriend of a decent amount of years.

However things suddenly take a turn for the worst as on his last night its completely dead so he decides to watch some tv, which most is only late night anime and one of the shows is gets him transported in front of a goddess who congratulates him for being fortunate enough to be chosen to be free from there struggles in life and to be sent to another world that is familiar to them based on what kind anime the expected view who tuned in the show are fans of.

To this the MC has one reply "Send me back", He starts arguing with the god/goddess that they made a mistake and unlike the type of people who typically watch the type of show, he has a life.

This starts to agitate the god/goddess in till they decide enough is enough and states "Goddesses do not make mistakes, and even if there is no clear reason why you where chosen it will show up in time" and starts to send the MC to the other world.

Fearing the inevitability of being sent, the MC asks the goddess one question, "Is there any way to get back home once I'm there" to which there is, kill the demon king

So the first episode ends with the MC setting out to get back his life as fast as possible

Through the show it could cut back the real world and shows how the people around the MC take the fact that he is missing with out a trace

And I can think of two moment where he has a crisis of faith on what to do, first is when he indirectly overworks one of his companions to death, second would be though some magic he gets his spirit back only to witness his dad die on his death bed.
Looks good, I'll download it for my 11 hour flight in a couple days.
those guys should join a union.
So Quantum Leap, anime fantasy version
Let's try this.

>Ordinary fantasy world - the demon king was killed centuries ago, very few monsters are still alive. In essence, the world is at peace.
>Suddenly, a bunch of adventurers come out, stating that they are refugees from another world (i.e. ours)
>Each one of them has a "cheat" that makes them overpowered, like a status screen or super fastness or what have you
>All of these adventurers were fucking losers before they got reincarnated - as such, they believe that they are entitled to this new world
>Some want to let out their anger towards society by killing, others want to assemble a harem of slaves, some just want to rule
>They band together and call themselves "The Otherworlders", and wage war with the alternate world
>MC is an otherworlder who lost his memory during the reincarnation process, has a cheat but no idea how to use it
>Lives the teenage years of his life normally, only learns about the Otherworlders and his cheat when they start to attack
>Mc must choose to protect his old life or his new one
this one sounds nice any other apart from the mcdonalds one?
The reverse of the ordinary, I like this.
>demon in hell willingly reincarnates as a human in high fantasy world (floating castles, giant gods just walking around, real crazy high fantasy) to win a petty bet that he can be a better human than a normal human
>and so, he gets isekai'd to said world... when he dies, he loses the bet, and he has to live a GOOD honest life for at least 30 years in a row (humans in this world live for 200 years and don't ever look past 50 years old for whatever reason)
>however, in this world, Magic Type is based on Eye Colour and you can only use one magic type
>Edgy Demon has Blue Eyes, which is the eyes of a healer
And so begins a comedy about a demon forced into the very thing he hates the most and is simply too proud to admit defeat, even though it's such a petty bet

Would you watch it?
>dies again
So instead of the devil is a part timer, we get The Hero is a homeroom teacher?
File: plague doctor story.png (345KB, 1202x2650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
plague doctor story.png
345KB, 1202x2650px
Full blown Labyrinth adaptation.
MC reincarnates into the magical battle high school harem.
As the main girl.
>makes it to the demon king
>it's pic related
Hell, I'd watch it.
Mans a truck driver, driving a prototype self-driving box truck

He dies when the truck decides to run itself into a pole rather than hit a pedestrian child.

He's reincarnated as a normal kid who ends up getting hit and killed by an updated truck version
>MC reincarnates as a villain
>it's not edgy
Get Ikuhara on this, pronto. Only he could do Bowie justice.
The world is remarkably similar to the American prairie, but the trail is long and arduous. It mainly focuses on his attempts at survival and living off what he can find and what he can steal from others, but his uselessness gets the better of him. This could either end up as a very dark comedy or a have a somewhat grim tone.
Possible ending: The demon king turns out to not be truly evil, and through the same magic that let him see his dad die he sees his fiancee start dating again. This leads him to decide, after a mental breakdown, to stay in the fantasy world to help the demon king make a brighter future.
Would be better if the MC kept his memories and just happened to be a particularly moral person. It's more of a dilemma that way, having to choose between his friends and the innocent people of the new world.
that could work but i'd imagine he'd be pissied enough to attempt beat the demon king to death for showing him what happened back in the real world
I'll finish for you.
>Though not edgy, he is on the wrong side of the law
>Morality works differently for him
>Through his kindheartedness, genuinely welcoming personality, and power of friendship, he and his harem traverse their new land ruining everything in their wake
>deus ex machina
>chooses random girl as girlfriend
>ignored obvious girlfriend choice
>saves the day
>power of friendship
99% of animes in the last 10 years.
What's the 1%?
A school boy is killed by a Japanese truck and wakes up in another world where everyone is actually a vehicle. Think Cars rather than Transformers here. It turns out the truck that killed him is from this world and managed to travel to his world to go on a murder spree. He makes friends with a cute mini cooper, and the two of them work to find a way to get the MC home and stop the evil truck.
>no videogame shit
>no magic or dragons or demon lords
>MC and class are given high positions
>pitted against each other as feudal lords
>game of thrones: The isekai anime
>he kills the demon king
>he is filled with regret
>he isn't taken home
>he becomes the new demon king
>season ends with him starting his crusade against the goddess
>season 2 never
Yaoi bait.
I actually saw a stage adaptation of the Oregon Trail recently that had some isekai-ish elements. Based on that, here's one story that could work:

Our angsty teen MC uses the Oregon Trail game as escapism, but she has never actually completed the game. She always gets her family killed before reaching the end.

As she grows up, her life goes more and more downhill. She drops out of college, alienates her friends and family, etc. In a moment of despair, she wishes she could go back and do it over again. Unfortunately, she did not specify how far back.

She awakens as a young woman about to set out on the Oregon Trail with her family--her actual family, who have been reincarnated as well. With only the mean-spirited voice of the game narrator for guidance, will she be able to overcome her inner demons and save her family this time, or will they all die of dysentery on the Oregon Trail?
MC and his college class get isekai'd. God tells them they'll be immortal kings and nobles, but can stitll die from mortal wounds.
MC proceeds to cause a civil war in his country to solidify his position as king, then make economic reforms and advance technology.
MC proceeds to conquer the world against his old classmates in a story that spans 400 hundred years, from the late 'medieval' (our world's historic terms don't apply directly to another one) era to the late 50s (technology advanced slightly faster).
In general, it would have a big focus on politics, economics and war technology through the ages.
Obviously, no magic or anything like that exists.
Some delinquents are loitering around an abandoned warehouse doing delinquent things. Rumors of ghosts around he place spook them out, and they suddenly hear a crashing sound.

When they decide to investigate, they find an injured and passed out girl. Trying to do lewd things to her, she wakes up and beats the shit out of them with magic.

Then the story is about the girl and a band of delinquent ghost busters.
>MC wakes up in another world
>typical walking around wondering where he is bs
>gets into trouble with a group of thugs in a back alley
>about to get gutted
>they freeze in their tracks
>MC discovers he has time-stopping powers
>initially uses them to cause mischief, live an easy life
>gets super cocky and thinks he's invincible
>hears about big bad's demon army slowly taking over isekai world
>decides he's going to go out and stop him
>makes friends along the way
>hardships prove too much for MC as he slowly cracks under the pressure of being in too deep
>constantly picking fights with demons, getting other people hurt or killed
>trying to use his powers makes things worse, including trapping people in time bubbles, or aging them so fast they die instantly
>by the end of the campaign, MC just wants to go home, but his companions push him forward
>make it to big bad
>big bad explains that he almost has enough life energy to finish his task and return the world to the way it was
>group is winning the fight but suddenly one of them drops dead
>they all wonder what's happening until big bad reveals his face: it's an older MC with stronger, more precise and complex time powers
>MC connects the dots and realizes that he was never sent to another world, but the world itself was changed around him
>the only way to fix it is to go back in time to the point of origin and stop it from happening
>MC lets his companions die and the big bad absorbs their life energy
>big bad kills himself and gives his time powers to MC
>MC has to use his upgraded powers to send time itself backwards while keeping himself where he is in the present
>MC is stuck in a loop of constantly watching himself march into his castle, kill his friends, kill himself, and then let the new him continue where he left off until they have enough power to undo everything
The next generation of humans are subject to mandatory installation of brain chips to enforce literal thought policing. To avoid tampering it's run by a supercomputer designed to read thoughts and enable a coexisting police force to arrest people before they commit crimes, solely based on intention. The police force only exists temporarily because the previous generations aren't chipped yet, the main character is an officer about to lose his job after its decided that once everyone is chipped they would be forced to arrest themselves by the computer. A revolution ensues, cyborgs vs humans etc. The main plot point is this guys son is the first to be chipped.
Forgot to mention:
>When fighting opposing warriors, his speeches are not condescending; through inspiration, he genuinely gets the "good" guys to join their increasingly warped faction
>His good-natured harem protagonist mindset is seen as a force to be reconed with from the good guys' perspective, and their best bet is to keep MC from ruining the land by turnig him to their side
>They fail, multiple times
A hacker forces the cyborgs to kill humans and the humans start doubting the chip system, a leader starts a rebellion and starts to fight back against them. The main character has to teach his son how to do things without being caught by the computer as he raises him to kill both the rebel leader and the hacker.
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583KB, 5000x5000px
I have an idea

>2 twin brothers, extremely close their entire lives
>both transported to fantasy world as young kids, raised up and loved by royalty
>both join the army and become commanders
>of separate warring nations
>Years pass
>They meet on the battlefield and recognize each other, they each persuade each other to join their cause.
>both refuse saying they have a duty to their nation
>Both have to deal with fighting with their long lost brother while also commanding an army
>Season ends with a duel to the death between the brothers, final blow has both striking each other down. In their last moments they embrace each other
>epilogue shows the war still raging on between the 2 nations
>while the 2 of them wake up next to a campfire, with the queen from the hidden third nation.
Good idea. I'd still have the MC been born into the world, rather than transported like other isekai MCs, just so they develop empathy for the world.
File: 1477434040374.jpg (60KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 500x500px
>Normal high school girl.
>Walking home from school with her friends.
>Mysterious person appears.
>Absolutely murders Mc's friends and after a highly one sided fight takes her to another world as prisoner.
>Mc wakes up and is pissed.
>But not about how her friends are dead or how she got her ass kicked.
>But about how cute the clothes the mysterious person was wearing.
>How she could wear it better.
>How her shoes clashed with her hair color.
>How her lipstick color was sooo last week
>Breaks out of where she was being held and starts to train her ass off in the nearby forest.
>Starts fighting wild animals and shit becoming stronger through enough practice and determination.
>Eventually she starts fighting the strong as fuck mysterious women taking their clothes and wearing them.
>Indirectly becomes the strongest person in that world because she could like, totally wear that outfit better that that other bitch.
Sounds good
>with the queen from the hidden third nation.
the what now?
It would be cool if they faked their deaths and just let the war end on it's own
>MC is a competent guy in his field, like a chief economist or something
>Starts playing a videogame to kill time
>One day he gets teleported to said videogame because reasons
>His character is low level and can't accomplish shit
>Decides to make his way in the new world by slowly introducing the structures he's familiar with
>Tries to implement fractional banking but no one trusts him so he fails
>One day, by chance, he meets the girl who was his secretary in the real world
>In this world, she's high-leveled, beautiful and popular, so a bunch of guys are following her and venerate her as a princess
>He coerces her into supporting his plans
>He slowly then creates a central banking entity, banking regulations, and all that jazz
>This way, he becomes the most rich and powerful man in the new world
>But peace is interrupted as a 'rebel' faction attempts to destroy banks, institutions and all people involved with them
>MC and his friends need to stop them and return the land to peace
>Final fight against the BBEG
>He was a NEET who used to be the best player in the game
>He claims that he just wanted the game to return to the peaceful days where mortgages and loans weren't a thing, unlike in the real world
>MC responds accusing the BBEG of having secluded himself from the real world, seeking escape in a fictional reality, mocking him for trying to elude the real world once more.
>BBEG calmly claims that the MC is the deluded one, for not realizing how the world really functions. Hard work doesn't always result in success, so those who go around claiming that live in a bigger fantasy than he does.
>MC realizes the limits of his own vision and offers the BBEG to co-operate to improve the world.
>BBEG refuses and in the fight that ensues the MC beats him.
>Rebels disband, and as the MC contemplates the future of that world, he understands the necessity of trying to create a fairer one.
MC dies and get reincarnated as a female hobbit/halfling
s2 Never bait
>mc is an old man(retired policeman
>reincarnates as a cute little puppy
>becomes houndoom by level up
>becomes the true dog god
MC is transported with nothing but clothes and bag into a fantasy world undergoing early industrialization, told by goddess/fairy/whatever he is 'chosen one' to save the Kingdom from evil demon warlord, ect ect you know the drill

The twist: MC is not an average highschooler - he is intelligent, strong-willed and most importantly a committed maoist - in his bag is a copy of 'Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung' and Guevara's 'Guerrilla warfare'. He very quickly decides that the kingdom he is meant to be saving is just as oppressive and evil as its enemies, and around episode 6, he escapes his allies in a dramatic confrontation and flees into the rural countryside. The goddess/fairy has no choice but to summon another highschooler, who turns out to be far more normal highschooler MC.

Rather than following him, there is an immediate timeskip of 10 years - MC has done his job and vanquished the Demon, although the kingdom exhausted from war. All of a sudden, simmering discontent in a remote rural province explodes into open peasant revolt. This is not ordinary revolt however - the peasants are well organised, disciplined seem extremely proficient at irregular warfare with the regime, using strange makeshift weapons that are none the less extremely effective. They are lead of course by our original MC, who has spent a decade cultivating a communist peasant movement with his powerful magic, charisma and basic knowledge of modern technology. As the rebellion spreads like wildfire and becomes a civil war, the two MC's inevitably come into conflict...

Idk how it would end though
Our hero has the ability to respawn at a certain point in time. He uses this ability to accomplish his objective in the shortest amount of time possible, which leads to bizarre and morally questionable behavior on his part.

This... this is SUBARASHII
Change Aniki to Aneki and make it slice of wincest
>normal MC
>goes to uni
>around 21 years old, nothing unusual
>suddenly gets involved in fights/acts to kill him by strange looking assassins
>he doesn´t understand
>a warrior comes to help him
>it turns out that in 4 years his time he will become a mighty and very popular ruler of a whole population that exists in another dimension
>the soldier came from this dimension (keeps it vague) to protect him
>he has emotional moments that he could never be a mighty ruler over an entire country and that they got the wrong one
>a lot of clusterfucking
>assassins chase MC and protector
>final showdown happenes;last assassin; the soldier sacrifices himself to save MC
>3 years later
>MC is sick and is told that he will die (something with his blood)
>wonders if he changed the future
>suddenly doctors tell him there is a new treatment that could eventually cure him
>treatment is a new special fluid as bloodsubtiute
>accidentally electrifies the fluid (wasn´t accidental but looks like it)
>gets power (quite weak at first)
>turns out patients who seem uncurable get this substiute as an experiment and that everyone before him died from the electricution process/side effects
>is the first one to survive this procedure
>they refined it further with each subject
>humans with this fluid in their blood can go trough a portal into another world
>goes through the portal without a second thought

could also be a movie
also not instantly recognizing each other would lead to an intense battle
>MC is a 40-something otaku NEET shut-in that loves Isekai
>has pushed all of his family and friends away with his shitty attitude and poor life choices
>learns he has a terminal illness
>being a pathetic delusional piece of shit that he is, he assumes that if he wishes hard enough and then kills himself he might get reborn in some fantasy world just like his Isekai LNs
>He does get reborn....but in the body of a normal 10 year old boy in the modern world who had been comatose up to that point.
>Feeling regret for his past life and realizing that he has been given another chance to make something of his life, he vows to live his life as a better person and make something of himself this time around and possibly find a way of apologizing to the people he hurt in his previous life
>But will he be able to or will he just go back to his old ways of being a shitty person?
If this actually exists, sign me up bro
On a different but related note,

Hey /a/, how's your WN coming?
nani kore?
I assume he means web novel.
No progress whatsoever.
>It's the end of WW2 in Hitler's bunker, soviets surrounding he city
>Hitler about to commit suicide
>Goebbels knocks him out and uses Nazi blood sacrifice magic on himself to send Hitler to another World
>Hitler wakes up alone in the middle of a field
>reads a note in his pocket that he has to survive and return to save Germany
>as he is walking to look for civilization, he gets attacked by generic fantasy monsters, but is able to kill them
>his weapon is a wunderwaffe pistol that has infinitely regenerating ammo at a pace of one per minute if it's not full of 8 rounds
>Series of Hitler adjusting to a high fantasy life on the Aryan homeworld of Thule
>as he gets accustomed to life on Thule, he begins to realize something is wrong
>there seems to be no magic on the world that originated the magic he used to get there
>all is not well in Thule, one hundred years ago, an evil man named Goldshekel came to power and took over the world using sinister technology and magic unknown to the Aryans
>somehow broke the everyone in the worlds divine conection to the source of magic, the Black Sun
>Hitler instantly realizes it is a Jew and he collects a group of followers to help him save the world
>a Knight commander who defected after overhearing part of the Jew's plan to destroy the world and absorb its energy for his God
>a Sorcerer who has become able to draw power for Hitler himself somehow
>a priest who went mad and worships a frog deity of chaos after the Jew severed the divine circuit
>a farmer who was the first to help him after he arrived in the world
>they have to battle through hordes of the Jews minions
>at one point fight an incredibly powerful Aryan man who was brainwashed to believe the Jews lies
>after hey beat him, he sees Hitler is the true heir of the Black Sun and joins them, teaching Hitler the secret to unlocking his magic and restoring the Divine Circuit
>Hitler and co attack the Jew's fortress, but it is surrounded by a barrier and they are defeated by an army of Golems
>the powerful sorcerer who taught Hitler sacrifices himself for everyone else to escape
>Hitler raises an army in secret and there is a few years of time skip
>Hitler and his army assault the Jew's fortress again
>Hitler uses his mastery of the Black sun to carve through the barrier and enter the fortress
>Hitler takes on Goldshekel one on one and defeats him, but Goldshekel taunts him while dying that Hitler's beloved Germany was theirs and that Hitler would never win
>Hitler breaks the Kabbalic magic the Jew was using to interfere with the divine circuit and restores magic to the people of Thule
>The Jew's golem army collapses and the Men who led it are freed from the mind control spell they were under
>Victory celebration, during which Hitler tells everyone about Germany and its plight
>nobody knows how to create a bridge to the other world though because the knowledge was destroyed by Goldshekel's purges
>the mad priest offers that his god could help
>The season ends as the group invokes Kek to send a them to Earth to begin reclaiming Germany

By /pol/
Four chapters that I wrote ages ago, nothing since. I guess I'll work on it now.
Does time travel counts as isekai? If so...

>Hitler pulls the trigger
>wakes up in 2016 Germany
>finds out jews controls everything from behind the scenes
>they're implementing multiculturalism in europe
>his revenge against the jews is implementing multiculturalism also in Israel
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the fuck is this.jpg
91KB, 923x517px

"Why Is My Isekai Adventure Just Summoning Crazy Chuuni Schoolgirls From Other Dimensions?"

An anime fanboy but otherwise normal Japanese highschool student discovers he has a strange ability when he is confronted by a magical beast from another world. He summons to his aid... a rather normal looking schoolgirl, who proceeds to speechify in a flowery, kind of crazy way before she busts out a giant dragon of black lightning to obliterate the beast. As the boy talks to her, he soon realizes she's completely nuts; an utter chuunibyou case, she never had any powers before. But now, thanks to him summoning her to his world, she has gained magic abilities matching her delusions.

Over the course of the show he summons a combat harem of deluded crazy schoolgirls who inherit magical powers thanks to being summoned by him. The final battle with the summoner of the magical beasts reveals the truth the boy is secretly from another world, it's why he's being targeted. Season 2 will feature the boy and his harem returning to his home dimension and exploring it for his real parents.

I'm pretty sure if you actually wrote this, you would get some readers. People read anything interesting nowadays.
Fantasy warrior is having an adventure exploring his magical world. In his travels, he somehow gets transported to our world. After the initial surprise, he decides to continue his adventure exploring this world. He meets various people throughout his expedition and helps solve their problems with advice he gained from his world.

Essentially, he goes on a round-the-world road trip, finding various famous landmarks, and sharing with the reader just how fantastic our world is by showing these things through the eyes of a stranger.
A lowly grunt orc gets transplanted to modern japan and becomes a salaryman
File: Takumi.jpg (40KB, 350x262px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not!Takumi is sent to a fantasy world
>he's also really good at driving carriages
>he becomes involved in street carriage races
>there's magic allowing impossible drifts and etc
>OST is eurobeat with folk instruments
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a battle academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
A boy falls in love with a girl.
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1MB, 1920x1200px
>Ten million players are trapped in a VR-game-turned-real
>Said VR game was marketed as being 'hyperrealistic'
>Devs delivered
>50% of players die of tuberculosis, dysentery , bubonic plague, or anthrax
>20% die of starvation before disease kills them
>Having no skills relevant to the medieval era, 15% get by as beggars
>10% neck themselves in a futile attempt to respawn in the 'real' world
>4.9% survival the initial shock by virtue of not being complete retards, instead dying off in the following few years instead
>The remaining 0.1% become acclaimed scholars, OP adventurers, powerful gentry, or new nobles purely because of their centuries-worth of collective knowledge eventually becoming useful
Where should the MC be?
salaryman dies and gets to new game+ his life with all the skills/knowledge of an adult

hijinks ensue when his parents try to pass him off as a child prodigy and he has to test his experience and wisdom against the raw talent of actual prodigies
would watch/10
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His Imouto Is My Onee-san

When the boy wakes up, he's surprised that no one knew of him. His friends, family treats him like they didn't know of him.
Turns out he's actually in the world where he was never born, where he never exist.
After a while where he stranded on the street with no food and place to live, he almost gave up but then he meet her. His older sister.

For some reason she took him home, she and his family still treat him like this is the first time they know of him but they're so nice to him that they still nice enough to let him live in his house for the time being. The boy at that time was really grateful at how nice his family actually been treating him in the previous world, it seems that no matter world it is, family is still family.
The only thing that is different though, is his older sister. In this world, the older sister actually treats him like a younger brother.

In the previous world, his older sister really fond of their oldest brother. Waking up the older brother in the morning, teasing each other, even so much as going on a date. The boy guessed that his older sister have some brother complex towards their oldest brother. In the mean time, the boy, the youngest of the siblings never get the same treatment from the sister.

Half the series, it was revealed that the boy actually are in a coma. All of that was just in his head. He got into a coma because he secretly stalks their siblings going on a date, and for some reason they had a fight and the sister go home alone, some guy tried to rape her and the boy tried to defend her while still in disguise, telling her to escape. When she finally escaped, the boy got smacked in the head renders him unconscious.
It doesn't even matter, your setting is already god like. It could go any way and still work.
An otaku falls in love with a truck.
Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the trucks GPS id.
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Remember this?
fund it

mini-san sounds like waifu material
Yes, though I'm not sure how many of you would give me the succ for this.
The truck would have space bending powers to somehow appear right behind you and hit you.

Your average high-school student is summoned to a fantasy world by a sexy elf and a tsundere sorceress to fight the evil Empire.

Shortly after his summoning, the evil Empire's forces break into the chamber and kill both women. They're lead by someone from his world.

As it turns out, the Emperor is a summoned Hero who's independently rediscovered the fascist state. And he's summoning more dudes to be his minions and his lieutenants - empowered the way all people from Earth are empowered. The MC must evade his hunters, and find a way to fight back. But how can he do so, when the enemy is every bit as savvy as he is?
Human first contact with aliens resulted in what is now known in Galactic history as the Contact War, as it is the first time a new sentient species discovered retaliated and ended in war. Because of human victory despite heavy casualties, humanity managed to negotiate a seat in the Galactic parliament and even keep half of the planet they invaded. This victory also resulted in several human-like alien species joining the Earth Government as well, seeing them as potential liberators and allies against a Galaxy that is prejudiced against them. Despite a brief period of peace, a war is on the horizon when a faction of aliens known as the Caliphate managed to assassinate key Galactic Parliament members and replace them with their own. Their end, to make humanity pay for their acts in the Contact War. With antagonism against human and human-like aliens being encouraged and voiced in the parliament, the Earth Government deemed it necessary to beef up its military and enacted a draft order.

MC is a female Aldar, an elf like alien who got drafted into TEARS(Terran Exploratory Assault Relay Section), the military branch of the Earth Government through this order and now trains as a cadet. Despite her skills in using Aldian weaponry, she is often mocked by her human counterparts for not being human enough and skilled with human weaponry. Constant mockery and insult sometimes made her wonder whether joining the humans was a good move on part of her species, with many of the humans she encounter dishing out the same discrimination the other alien species did to her kind. With a war looming across the horizon, MC must now struggle against her doubts towards the humans and the hostility of the Caliphate that would destroy them.
All I have is 8 rough drafted chapters filled with some errors.


You tell me how it's going.
>mc is in his 40s
>Virgin otaku
>Whole family is dead cuz reasons
>dies of a heart attack
>spawns on a chair in a big dark space warped looking room
>Meets xXtotallyagoddessZz

MC: "oh boy, is this the part where i choose a new world to be reborn in?"

goddess: "Haha, no this is the real world you fucking faggot, you're going to hell for fapping more then 6 times a day!"

>MC goes to hell
>Seems like his mother, 2 sisters, childhood crush were also sent to hell
> MC has to watch em getting raped by demons for all eternity
>NEET MC dies
>is sent to Hell
>Hell is just like the fantasy world
>Hell is just like a fantasy world that went through a heavy metal redesign
Every user of a popular anime image-board suddenly disappear one day in an instant. Nobody really cares other than their families because they were mostly retarded neets and failures at life.

In that same instant ten thousand or so anime loving retards suddenly materialize in the wilderness of a medieval low fantasy world. After the shock and awe of what has occurred finally sinks in they decide to stick together since everybody speaks some form of old Germanic and they mostly speak english except for a few dozen foreigners.

In the end they form a council to represent them and choose to form a mercenary guild since they have no real applicable skills other than watching anime and the few NEETs who actually graduated college don't know how to apply their electrical engineering degrees without the internet to help them.

This is the story of their offbeat adventures. The first arc is entirely dedicated to getting enough funding by doing menial farm work and such to equip themselves in decent gambeson and shitty reworked farming tools and the training montage that follows as thousands of fat smelly nerds slowly transform into an efficient elf killing machine. The second arc deals with finding employment and participating in their first battle as well as being recruited to fight in a ridiculous crusade against orcs and trolls.

The entire story is told in flash fiction bites every few months to years with a single group of eight who participate in the main council at its center. By the end of the twelfth episode we've already crossed two decades and the deaths of thousands of the original members as well as the evolution from a rag tag group of losers to a fucking elite army of mercenaries bolstered by paladins, sorcerers, spies, and tons of awesome shit they've found or taken as they've journeyed from battlefield to battlefield.

Mainly light hearted bro adventures with moments of sombering action in between.
I could picture it being a disgaea isekai. MC becomes a prinny and is forced to work 20h/day.
Like 50% of /a/ would die the first day because their fat asses can't run from a goblin.
How could we forget?
you keep bringing it up in every thread
Why would anyone run from a goblin? Just find a decent sized stone and bash their heads in.
Primal instincts of course.
College student, mid way through his semester is suddenly pulled aside by the god of another world, who, mind you is a genuine dick, forces the MC to solve the worlds problem of actually falling apart. Mazoku and humans constantly at war, but a third race is actually pulling the strings behind the conflict.
God however throws him a bone after arguing back and forth. God agrees to 'save' him whenever he gets in mortal trouble. What MC doesn't know is that god put a little system in place that forcefully ejects him from the isekai world, back to his old world for 24 hours before he is pulled back. Things start off OK, but quickly take a turn for the worst when his teammates get killed off left right and center, and he's taken captive, tortured, and eventually ejected back to his world. Shell shocked and not knowing why he's back, he suddenly sees the person who tortured him, only it's his worlds counterpart.
Shell-shock ensues.
From something that is the size of a child?
People run away from spiders, so yes, of course even something that big.
>MC is a royal guard for some prosperous kingdom in a fantasy world
>some upstart new adventurer he's never heard of declares that the kingdom and world is corrupt and sets out to undermine it
>surely nothing will come from this
>the new adventurer seems to have the gods' luck on his side
>he's winning many disadvantageous battles and possesses rare and powerful skills
>oh well, at least I still have my cute princess to protect
>wtf this asshole seduced her
>fucking ridiculous
>at least let me keep my job?
>oh wow the king really was evil
>there goes my paycheck
>last scene is MC drinking his sorrows away
A 30 year old NEET ventures forth from his parents' basement in search of a burger. Unfortunately, the burger joint is a hang out for magical girls. Enemies from the dark kingdom decide to attack the magical girls there, just as the NEET arrives. The NEET is caught in the crossfire and hit by a magical girl beam and a dark soldier beam and loses consciousness. The interaction of the opposed magics sends him to another world. He wakes up in this strange new land and discovers he has gained the ability to transform into a dark magical girl. He searches for a town when he sees some lolis bullying a slime girl. He decides to transform and save the slime girl. The MC chases the lolis away, and asks the slime girl is she's okay. The slime girl says she is and thanks the MC for saving her. The two talk and the MC learns that this is a world where monster girls are second class citizens to the evil and immortal lolis. The MC vows to save the monster girls. However, everytime he transforms into a dark magical girl, the magic corrupts his body, making him more and more feminine in his normal form, until eventually he'll become completely female and an evil loli himself.
I Was An Isekai Hero Who Defeated The Demon King, But Now That We All Returned To Earth, My Elf Girlfriend Totally Sticks Out!
>Comedy about the party of isekai heroes who chose to come home and how they can't get used to being normal high schoolers again
quick character notes:
> they each got 1 wish at the end
>MC brought his elf girlfriend with him
>His lazy best friend got a lot of gold in a bag of holding
>The shy healer girl kept part of her healing powers
>The glasses guy wizard brought a bunch of books (including one with the ritual to return to the other world) and wants to write a story about the adventure
>The Hot Blooded warrior stayed in the other world and can contact them through one of the wizards books
I was expecting him to beat up the adventurer for actually being wrong.
Kind of. Not every world is going to be fantasy. A lot of the focus is actually on him experimenting with the limits and rules of the isekai event and how "off-script" he can go without repercussion. Trying to kidnap people for some lasting companionship is one of the first things he tries after he starts losing it, but he tries to figure out about various portal technology or summoning magic later on.

While he starts off as a pretty cool, good-natured, and heroic guy at first, he starts getting to a point where he kind of creeps out everyone around him and seems like a bitter and delusional madman rambling on about bizarre conspiracy theories about the connections between various events on different worlds. It doesn't help that he seems to be dragging around some kind of yandere slave girl everywhere he goes, as they try to figure everything out together.

Later, instead of fixing problems, they start being the ones to cause them as they try to steal various tools and artifacts they think can help them. The fact the isekai process seems to treat this as an ordinary "mission completion" makes them uneasy, but they don't know what else to do.
>near future USA
>MC fed up with life and jump from a bridge
>just before he hits the ground, a portal opens below him and he get transported to another world
>lands on a girl with the 'what is this feeling' trope
>MC gets invited to girls mansion and meets another girls (animal ears, elf, etc.) that become atracted by him
>he talks about his world and finds out that world that he is in is dying and the portal was for scouting for another place to live
>they decide to go to MCs world, sell everything for gold, sell gold in his world, buy house and adapt to society
>other people start comming from the portal
>the goverment want to build a multidimensional wall
>and MC is triing to protect his harem from deportation
File: 1462676617061.png (786KB, 819x738px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
786KB, 819x738px
Ok so hear me out on this one.
>mc is a normal middle class American
>Mc grows up taking shit from everyone
>Hardly ever succeeds
>He Gets a shitty job that he hates at an office
>He gets a family a wife and 2 kids
>His wife cheats on him
>They divorce
>Man loses his kids and pretty much everything
>Mc gets demoted at work and ends up going to the bar every night to drink
>Mc hangs himself
sooooo what do you think?
A generic MC gets teleported to a fantasy world along with his psychopathic yandere stalker.

Not long in, he's kidnapped by one of the demon lord's generals, because the demon lord knows better than to let him slowly grow in skill and experience until he's a serious threat.

As a result, his stalker vows to rescue him (and cut out the womb of that fucking succubus whore that kidnapped him), and murders her way across the world so that she can have handholding babymaking sex with her one true love atop the corpses of anyone who gets in her way.
even when you're surrounded by thousands of dudes who will judge you for it?
Best isekai series?
>MC gets isekai'd
>woke up in the middle of a forest
>runs into a road before a horse cariage
>it is transporting prisoners to execute them
>MC cant prove his identity so they catch him and trow him in the cariage
>just before he gets his head cut off the place is attacked by a dragon
>MC runs with a prisoner that told him he is the king
>later he gets forced to join a group to kill a dragon
>while he hides inside a ruined tower, his comoanion kill the dragon
>MC sucks its soul abd everyone says that he is the chosen one
Also the killed dragons reincarnate as lolis bounded to MC
File: shark kun.gif (235KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shark kun.gif
235KB, 500x281px
>run over by truck-kun
>reincarnated as shark in the womb
>freak out then calm down and eat my siblings because SURVIVAL
>with my special reincarnation privilege buy skills and eat my mother from the inside out
>aquatic kingdoms are everywhere, but I avoid them cause I saw one getting destroyed by a giant dragon eel thing
>go to a coral reef and lay low for a couple years and grow/practice/level up with cute twin loli mermaid slave escapees who found me
>use WRATH skill for maximum boost and destroy a kingdom along with the lolis
>we use the experience for flying skills and air breathing skills
>I let them ride on my back and we escape the ocean cause there are some seriously bad fuckers down there and the vision is limited
>go on land and find another twin with cowtits, we get along and learn the world is fucked by the demon king and almost no good species are alive
>I make the decision to get powerful enough to submerge the world into water and rule it
>cowtits brings there cute friends and they acquire water breathing skills later on
>demon army moves and we kill them after a hard battle and level up
>I submerge the world after the demon king starts moving
>most of the army acquires water breathing but are killed by the powerful ancient water monsters that have come out
>we hide out and stealthily level up while they kill everything
>now I kill those fuckers and level up but suddenly the demon king gets rid of the water
>final now with me and demon king, I win after a grueling fight which destroys 2 continents and my rule begins

Any jap author lurking may use it and get rich, your welcome :'(
Pretty sure that's already a thing. At least the part where an Isekai protagonist is jumping through different worlds and doing classic Isekai stuff to save said worlds.
>NEET desperate to find a job and stop being a NEET
>Gets Isekai'd
>Finally thinks he can get a job now that he's in a new world that doesn't know him
>Realises he has no qualifications
>Continues to job hunt in a fantasy world
Something something Joanne of Arc.
The knights of a round table, are teleported to modern day japan. They are forced to abandon their lives of swords and sorcery and adapt to their new lifestyle.
File: vDmnERU.jpg (63KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 640x480px
How about this: fantasy world is sent to japanese cute girl?

One day everyone living in the fantasy world finds themselves in the insides of a cute japanese girl. The girl is an ara ara type and somehow can comunicate with them. She acts like an onee-san and resolves conflicts among the citizens of herself.

One of the episodes is about that white stuff flood in uterus section.
You mean like that isekai where that guy throws some girl's poop atthe prison guard to escape?
>MC is alpha as fuck
>Captain of two sports Teams
>Has a secret life at home he is ashamed of
>Mom and Dad are both NEET's living off of trust fund
>Child hood friend is a tomboy tsun with major hots for him
>Gets hit by a car and can't play sports ever again
>MC Must learn to value life.. Or suicide iunno..
>not pride
you disappoint kumo
File: grt.png (1MB, 1440x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1440x900px
>Lonely survivalist MC living in Subarctic.
>Finds random door to sekrit bunker in the middle of a snowstorm
>Finds ancient portal with skellies everywhere
>Hatch get's iced over and sealed shut with 2 feet of snow on it
>MC explores facility and gets it up and running
>Gigantic wonderland fucking bunker
>Somehow get's Isekai'd through the portal into a copy of Earth but with obvious differences and shit.
See "The Waste Lands"
>Eventually get's a harem through solving crime and shooting people with age old guns
>Transporting people and shit back through the portal to the bunker
>MC adapts his social skills and shit from being a loner to being a hero in a dystopian slowly degrading world.
>Classic "Class Gets Teleported" isekai setup
>Protagonist doesn't get a cheat item of any kind
>Doesn't instantly turn into an edgy piece of shit or find a cheat item elsewhere
>Instead he realises if he's going to help defeat the Demon King or whatever, he'll need to do things a different way
>So while the heroes of his class are off killing monsters and doing other Isekai bullshit, he starts trying to learn the lay of the land
>Tries to turn himself into a small time folk hero, helping people out and trying to act as a peacekeeper between factions that don't like each other, using his status as a Summoned Hero to get audiences even though he isn't powerful
>By the end of it the rest of his class are godlike, but he has the army they need to make the final push into the generic evil castle
How long have you been around?
That actually sounds cool as fuck, would watch
Was this a dream?
This rerarded tripfag has been around for years, clearly more than you.

Yes. He is the rerarded one.
>caring about other people when your life is in danger
They can die.
>tfw shark anon is still here
Always a joy to see your ideas.
A guy with an absolutely perfect life is transported to another world, where he is even perfecter.
However he was actually a newlywed and wanted to return to his wife. So he spends the next 15 years hunting the demon lord and rejecting the approaches of his harem.
At the end of it all, he finally returns to earth to find that his wife had remarried.
A young Japanese highschooler, unremarkable in every way except for his peerless knowledge of anime, in the way of a young girl wants to confess, when all of a sudden just died. Elfen truck only to meet a soulmate, and reincarnated in the world, the task of which is to direct, that he should fulfill his destiny hath killed the dragon, like a mighty man.
No, they're running too
"Take me to another world loli goddess"
Whether it was a joke, a meme, a desperate plea for help or for a new start, for adventure, or even just change, any change, to our monotonous lives, whether serious or in jest, whether ready to accept the consequences or woefully unprepared, whatever the circumstances that made us desire, even just for a moment or only superficially, a whole and complete break from our current existences, whatever it was that each of us were running from or towards, this all of the anons in this other world share: these words. Whether they were a mindlessly repeated mantra, or a true and genuine prayer; we all typed these words. And whatever our reasons for writing, we posted them and escaped our old world.
This is the chronicle of anon's journey in another world.
MC is a neet teenager who wears tracksuits all day.

One evening, he is magically transported to another world with videogame physics. This world is based on european fantasy, and all of the women are white (european) and fascinated by how nice he is. Before long, they are in love with him. There's also a Japanese girl there who is exactly like the girl who made fun of him in school, except this time she's just tsundere.

The enemy is a blonde haired white man who's elf wife betrays him for yamato damashii nippon samurai blood.

In the final battle, our hero displays his desire to protect the smiles of his newfound harem, and all the elves/white women realize the superiority of the Japanese man over the white man.
>mc salaryman
>gets reincarnated as an employee of a rival company
>thousands of autists trapped in a fantasy world together
>they form factions based on anime
>DFCfags and DCTfags go to war with each other
>completely ignore the internal woes of the world and just make it even worse
But what about those who like moderate breasts?
A humanoid robot awakens hundreds of years after humanity stopped existing on earth. It wanders the wastelands and ruins of earth in search of purpose. Along the way it starts collecting little trinkets, and letters, videos, audio recordings, emails, and social media collections. The rboot starts doing things that fulfil wishes of the humans in the stuff it has collected. So it can feel like it is helping them.

The robot only speaks in whirs, clicks, and beeps. The only dialog are human voices from robot collection. There are brief flashbacks in places to show what it was likeasy when people were there. Not all the time is it during a good period.

There are multiple scenarios shown to what happened to man on earth. Though it never gives an answer to the final fate of man. You just know there are no people on earth.

The color palette starts in a lot of bright colors as earth is covered in life. Then as time progresses, things get more brown, yellow, orange, and red. The sun gets bigger and redder in the sky. The robot starts out link new but falls into disrepair and rust. Eventually the robot is seen unable to move. Laying there as he thinks about the last human letter it read.
For whatever reason as the year 201X arrived the big trend in the anime world was isekai, a genre of fantasy that involves an otherwise normal person, usually a neet or otaku in order to a relate to the target audience, or a group of people, being transported to a fantasy world. Whether they would triumph and succeed or struggle and sacrifice just to survive, the desire amongst the audience to escape their own lives fuelled both the original and painfully derivative but most of all the abundant works of isekai fiction.
In light of this it surprised literally no one (who spent anytime on the forum in question) when a certain meme arose on a certain image board around the beginning of the year.
Post "take me to another world loli goddess" for a free one way trip! [Spoiler]must have true desire to go to another world and be willing to die[/spoiler] have fun!
Thousands posted the words or denounced their fellow's willingness to die. More shitposted or protested this new type of bait thread. None of this was new or surprising.
Until around the world people began disapearing.
Bureau of Proto Society might be up your alley, along with anything else Rikka. Mortal Engines, too.
They join some other faction or make their own.
NEET sleeps one day and wakes up as a tree

he spends years, centuries, millennia as a tree observing various things without doing anything.
eventually he gains so much natural energy that he is able to gain his human form again

so now is the travels of a fucking tree
hope the one that does actually solve the world's problems.
Annoyed by the constant failure of the summoned heroes, the king of 《fantasy kingdom》 decides that instead of summoning heroes to his world, he will do the reverse to the demon king.
Thus the demon king is summoned to Earth, alongside all his magic and shit.
And this time the demon king has no intention to level up his 《flip burger》skill.
They try but the other autists and their quarrelling get in the way.
E.g. the moderates try to rescue a loli princess from the big bad guy but MILFfags show up and try to murder the princess instead.
MC is a truck
Vroom Vroom
The disappearance of /a/non
At first no one connected the disappearance of thousands of socially maladjusted nerds around the world to a certain image board on the web. Except the anons themselves. It was the big story of the year, whilst normalfags were all talking about the rapture or "mass terrorist kidnappings" anons were going nuts over "the happening"
"Nerdpocolypse" and "otakugeddon" were my favourite labels for the crisis.
Threads about the happening conquered the front page of every board. It was all any anon could talk about though most still couldn't believe it.
The official other world thread was distinguished from the imitators by its text, which was always the same, and by the image of the "loli goddess" which no amount of internet sleuthing could find an origin for, and which turned into a hot mess of jumbled pixels when anyone tried to save it. And of course, the day after such a thread another wave of disappearances would be reported.
File: トラック.png (2MB, 1196x920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1196x920px
MC is an average Japanese college dropout NEET who is hit by a Japanese truck and gets isekai'd.

He's no expert gamer or anything, but learns to make use of his new fantasy world's rules and soon develops the cliche party of adventurers.

But then he gets run over by a Japanese truck (despite him being in a fantasy world), catching a glimpse of the driver right before he dies. A driver he recognizes...

MC suddenly comes to in a cold sweat, and finds himself in a whole new place. The horror dawns upon him that he will probably keep getting transported to other worlds and settings as long as this truck keeps hitting him, and it will probably run him over before he gets to settle down into a new lifestyle in whatever place he gets sent next.
Those who participated in the first thread must have had no idea, in the second no one had yet connected the disappearances, as of yet only several dozen unconnected people, to anything. In the third someone guessed that there was a connection, in the fourth, everyone knew. At the time of the fifth the disappearance was huge news but the connection to the threads was ignored by mainstream media. After the sixth thread the news broke via a disreputable online source and the general public became aware of it. During the seventh normalfags around the world were burning their computers in fear of being 'kidnapped' themselves. Government broadcasts advised citizens to stay at home and stay offline. But no normalfag reaction could stop the world's youth and young adults from flocking to the other world thread like moths to the flame.
Each thread ran until bump limit and there was a gap of a day or two in between each. Each thread was more active than the last with more and more posters posting the words in later threads.
I caught the eighth thread, which was two and a half weeks after the first one. The text was different this time. One difference; two words were added at the end of the OP post: "last one"
I knew I would miss the people I would be leaving behind. I knew they would think I was dead or worse. But I also knew that I would always regret not going, that there was nothing for me in this world. I didn't even have to consider it. I privately made my good byes to the world that birthed me, steeled my resolve, and posted.
"Take me to another world loli goddess"
Nothing happened.
Filled with a disappointment heavier than anything I'd ever felt I watched the thread die and finally went to bed broken.
And woke up in another world.
>MC gets isekai'd
>MC is now a little girl in a world full of pedophiles
>He joins a band of other little girls for protection
>It's basically zombie apocalypse with pedos instead of zombies
File: Asekai.jpg (798KB, 1600x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
798KB, 1600x1024px

Don't tell me /a/ has already forgotten about their loli goddess.
A terrible rash is affecting little girls all over tokyo.

A 20 something salary man accidentally findustry out his urine cures the rash. When his piss bottle falls out of thevery apartment window and spills on a little rashort afflicted girl in the apart mentioned below.

So he starts running game around the city peeing on the lol is. Never occurs to him to tell a doctor. He starts getting chased by police and TV news. He keeps stopping in Lawson or 7-11 to get more drinks to make more per.
Engineer-kun gets transported to a medieval fantasy world.

instead of chasing girls or fighting monsters, he spends all his time learning how magic work and how it can work with science and physics

accidentally gives out the recipe for gunpowder to a major country

stuff happens

is indirectly the cause for starting this worlds version of WWI about 300 years early
File: 738bf4ee.jpg (205KB, 600x788px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205KB, 600x788px
MC is a failed musician, living in the streets with his guitar and playing in bars in exchange for food.

One night, slightly drunk, he mocks a group of yakuza in the bar in his song.
The yakuzas wait for him outside, beat the chap out of him, mug him and throw him in the river.

He is waken up on a beach, to a delicious song and totally enamoured, decide to follow the sound. As he gets closer he can distinguish the voice of a young maiden (Kalafina singing A Capella) in a language that he can't recognise.
When he arrives he find a young lady singing to the sea, he decides to sit in front of her and keep listening, the woman smile at him.
As the song continues, a group of soldiers arrive and capture them without any explanations.

They arrive to a small medieval village where they are put in trial as singing seems to be forbidden in these lands. But as they're about to both be condemned the young lady speaks up and say she was the only one singing.

She is burned at stake in the eyes of MC who can't help but cry as the woman is singing while dying, not being able to finish it as she gives her last breath in front of him.

As traumatised as he is by what happened, he can't get this song out of his head as he strolls through the village humming quietly. A man in a cape asks him if he's a musician and to follow him.

They end up in a hidden inn where a group of musicians are playing, ignoring the law. The caped man tells the group that MC is a musician so they ask him to play. Everyone loves his music which is considered exceptional by every musician here.

A group of adventurers come to ask what's his name and where he lives, hearing that he has no occupation, they decide to hire him as a bard to accompany their travels through the land.
He accepts as traveling with adventurers may be a way to learn more about this world and find a way back home.

I know it's too long but what do you think?
I think you shouldn't have killed her off like that.
An Anon a Day

Seven people whose only common thread is anonymously commenting on isekai threads on a certain imageboard find themselves taken to another world.

Problem is, only one has woken up in his original body; in that anon's mind, the other six anons are seated around a table. With each new day, a different anon regains their physical form as the previous anon is shunted back into the meeting room.

The seven quickly form a truce and find clever ways to take advantage of the swaps to make their collective way in the world.
Read the thread
I think it's important as singing is punishable by death and this has to be understood early on and showing that him playing with a group of adventurers means facing death punishment.

As for the reason why music is forbidden, it could be because it is linked to a forbidden magic.
This would be a pretty regular shonen but with a huge emphasis on music and songs. Discovering new (real) instruments and sounds from different countries

Reeeeeeeee I just realised, it's music that is forbidden, not only singing.
That'd be fun to read
Why would they hire a bard when he can't sing about their adventures?
Take me to another world loli goddess
Because bards can roll to seduce.
To sing because they enjoy music and don't care about this stupid law, like other people in the inn and through the country
A guy awakens in a fantasy world etc. Harem etc. but then he gets NTR'd by a trap.
>Worn out brushwar vet signs up for shady looking corporate job at shady.corp
>Trying to get money so he can prove himself to his shitty cheating wife and make it up to his daughter that he left for war, he then finds himself running missions into various fantasy lands for a company that harvests magical materials and artifacts for research while trying to find a way to make enough money to return home.
> Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Starting life in many Zones.
MC is a high schooler who worked for his Dad's factory who dies in a bus accident because the bus used faulty breaks he made pass while his father was off duty.
Using his knowledge of machinery and learning basic magic he starts trying to create a workshop that creates new style of weapons.
The first major arc is him learning magic, fighting tooth and nail against low level monsters just to get the coin to start his workshop, and the people who think he's some Satan spawn or heretic.
The next part is Trying to win the heart of his highschool crush who turns out has been reincarnated after the accident as well as the daughter to the King's most trusted general, as well as finding and saving his friends who were transported as well. Also trying to find a pure elf to fuck
Oh I forgot to mention he eventually creates Warforged
A shonen anime but everyone fights like the 3 Stooges
File: 10294720.jpg (2MB, 2128x3124px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2128x3124px
>post apocalypse
>demon punching
>god rejecting
>pixie best girl
Freak Earthquake destroys a farming town of about 10.000 people in a massive sinkhole prompting tragedy

Except they were actually transported to another world in the middle of contested territory between two great kingdoms. Series is made up of short stories following various figures in the town and the people from the world of sword and sorcery that interact with them.

Interesting stories could be things like
The local librarian learning magic and trading books from our world for various tomes

The young farmer that was in town for the day going out and building a new farm and forming a very special friendship with a local dryad

Town militia forming under the police as they build a foundry and gunsmith to replace their equipment with earlier and simpler versions as they run out of fuel and the generators break down and higher caliber weapons are needed to drive off packs of dire wolves.
Sounds kino
You have a dissonance between the MC and the viewer. He gets all emotional over her death but the viewer has only known her for 5 minutes so they feel nothing. The show has an emotional prerequisite then that the player doesn't meet and thus they can't appreciate the moment. You can have her dissapear but killing her is superficial.

There's a scene in fallout 4 where this happens. Your wife dies 10 minutes in and the MC gets all emotional as he watches. I, the player, just thought it was cringey.
You also forgot to mention the part where he goes to another world.
Background: MC is a chill supporter mage in a typical fantasy world. He's an adult, just outside of his teenager years, who was raised by his adventurer parents (who are still alive but retired much to his dismay) who refused to settle down so he learned to be useful since he was in diapers and he has the adventurer card to prove it. He makes fun of green and overconfident adventures along with most other adventurers on the same wavelength, practically near-telepathic communication.

Isekai part: He manage to find a dimensional tear which brings him into a non-Euclidean space that lies between each dimension. Many horrors lie in this space. Since he is a supporter mage, he can return using magic. Taking chances, infiltrates other worlds in order to "acquire merchandise" to sell for great profits.
For example, he'll stumble upon Nazi Germany, join the Nazis, and steal a rail car full of StG 44s. He becomes an entrepreneur in curiosities. During his travels, he encounters alternate versions of himself, whom he uneventfully gets along with and share info on safe passages and extra tidbits. For an over-arching plot, there are inter-dimensional police (with angel + advance magic-tech motifs) who track down his employees and benefactors in order to "solve" unstable dimensions.
The MC gets tech and guns that'll mesh with his support abilities.
File: 1437649792749.jpg (2MB, 1600x1344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1600x1344px
An aspiring stage and street magician attempts to perform his master's signature trick and accidentally sends himself to a fantasy world where "magic is REAL" and spells and sorcery are commonplace. With only his wits and a literal bag of tricks at his disposal, our muggle MC must duel other actual wizards and mages while finding a way to return home.
It's amazing that somehow these threads manage to be worse than the already terrible Isekai stories in existence.
>Anime industry
>By definition, only professional writers
>a bunch of weebs on 4chan who like isekai
Except that's untrue since a lot of these abominations were made by a bunch of web novelist literally whos.
At least they were capable of self publishing, as little as that's worth. Who here's published any writing? Three of us? Five, maybe? Am I underestimating this cohort of would-be WNists?

While most people can see the bad in something it doesn't mean they have what it takes to make things good.
>publishing your weeb writing
I'd die of shame.
File: IMG_0015.jpg (62KB, 600x845px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 600x845px
>best girl
>not Dante
So, like anna in the FE series?
Would you rather have:
>authors good at the pitch but terrible at the execution
>authors good at the execution but terrible at the pitch
Besides, the moment any of us actually give links to our work, we'd just get banned for advertising.
A guy gave a pastebin yesterday.
I saved it but haven't read it yet.
They were capable of publishing because nearly all of them were put into contests. We don't really have those contests here, which is the soul difference. We mostly just have writing "pushes" to get people writing, not really contests.
I have published fiction before, but I'll to refrain from posting a link here, less because of the advertising ban or embarrassment than the stigma of 4chan, which is what would probably stay most of us.
The latter, obviously, you can always get help with your pitch but in the end your writing falls to you. The problem is a lot of these pitches are terrible, and I know a lot of them are jokes. But even the serious ones are a bit off putting.

I mean I know it's not constructive feedback, but I'm not the only one who thinks like that in these threads am I? That despite Isekai always getting called shit, somehow /a/'s ideas tend to be worse?
It's a matter of numbers and writing quality. I don't expect all posts to be genuine attempts, but the remote chance that one anon follows through makes these threads worthwhile.
I write, and I need something to kill time with. If I find something in this thread that strikes my fancy, I'll give it a shot. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions from this thread or another, I'd be happy to consider them.
>Besides, the moment any of us actually give links to our work, we'd just get banned for advertising.
Not true
Ex: All WN translations
That's a different kettle of fish, mainly because it opens discussion on subjects ultimately related to anime/manga.

The main point of contention is that if your work is not actually published in Japan, it will not qualify on this board.
>/a/nons will never want to read your work because you're a filthy gaijin
Suffering. Not that I have anything long enough to share in the first place.
I've got my own story under progress.
I've been reading translated WNs for quite some time now and some of them are just so terrible that they made me think even I could do better.
I had an idea but thought I would get bored of it midway and didn't start.
The idea stuck to my head and got refined over months. Now I've got the first arc complete.
I don't think it's completely terrible but there are better works.
How's your blog doing today fellow anons?
I will maybe perhaps probably not get to work on chapter 3 of the one I'm currently writing.
File: future.jpg (208KB, 1278x670px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208KB, 1278x670px
>average isekai beginning
>guy wakes up in the body of a small boy, maybe four years old
>already knows the native language of the world, etc. etc.
>generic isekai
>guy had a shit life before, so he's generally pretty happy
>that is until he realises he's not in the past, or some fantasy world, but some crazy futuristic world
>a world he can't possibly survive in and to make matters worse, he was born in the slums to a mother and father that have already abandoned him
>he has no special abilities or skills, and no where near the intelligence to live in this world wherein the science and math is far, far more advanced then earth
>the show starts off slow. generic suffering. basically a kid getting fucked over time and time again on hard futuristic city all the while attempting to better himself and learn this worlds science and math
>after being kicked out of his home, he moves towards the lower slums which is basically filled with abandoned kids
>this is where he meets, Chronos, a kid that has some kind of magical tech that allows him to manipulate time (more in the form of super speed, slowing down time, and small bursts of time rewind, and physics based fuckery because lets face it, physics doesn't exactly apply properly if you can move at the speed of light for short bursts) and uses these powers to basically be robin hood for the kids of the lower slums
>Chronos later dies infront of MC and MC takes up Chronos Mantle
>it's harder than it looks and he slowly brings the kids out of the slums, creating their own little resistance of sorts against the major corporations
>Some guy gets isekai'd and starts making an ass of himself, before he suddenly hears a voice in his head telling him to stop.
>The voice is incredibly inconsistent in its opinions and desires, but shows foreknowledge of the future and is quite knowledgeable on most other subjects as well.
>It knows how to create all sorts of technology and weaponry, if he cares to ask. That won't give him the skill to do anything, or necessarily help him get his hands on the necessary materials, but it's a start.
>The MC has to learn to navigate this strange fantasy world with the assistance of this unreliable guide, who is clearly trying to manipulate his actions in a direction it prefers.
>It even pressures him to go after its favorite girl, and is a bit overly enthusiastic and aggressive about that subject.
>It usually reacts with hostility to any other girl who tries to get too close.
>It will refuse to assist the MC if he ever steps out of line with its desires, and will even try to sabotage him.
>The MC realizes that without its assistance, he'll probably end up dead in an alleyway somewhere.
>He will have to cater to its whims if he hopes to secure a place for himself in the world and survive the situations he's thrown into.
Spoiler: the voice is us!
Oh, I like this one. I don't think I've ever seen Futuristic Isekai.
A man gets transported to an isekai world where everyone is female.
However they're also all lesbians.
Kind of, but not really. It's a being which can observe any point in time it chooses to, and seems to have been unsatisfied with how things played out the first time around and has started fucking with the MC to make things go better. It's not exactly omniscient and doesn't have the clearest idea of what it wants done, but it's meddling with things anyways. Of course, this brings it into a direct conflict of interests with the being who isekai'd the MC in the first place, and a few "correctional actions" are taken from time to time in an effort to force the MC back into doing what he's supposed to do.
>Get isekai'd
>Actually just abducted and still in the real world in artificial constructed low fantasy setting for the amusement of edgy richfags
The cast of gachimuchi gets transported to a fantasy world where they must defeat the demon king.
The group become a band of heroes, however halfway through the journey, Van Darkholme and Aniki have a falling out over who is boss of the band, cumulating in Van leaving the group with an emphatic "Fuck you!"
Eventually the rest of the group arrives to fight the demon king, but without their full numbers, all looks lost.
Just as the demon king is about to finish Aniki, there is suddenly a loud piercing sound from behind, and the demon king falls dead, revealing Van Darkholme's hand had reached deep up his ass.
The gachimuchis all shout "Van!" happily, and he closes with "Fisting is 300 bucks."
Did Chronos die because the MC bashed his head in with a brick to steal the awesome time manipulating tech?
>Mc gets hit by truck
>Truck forcibly decommissioned due to incident and crushed for scrap
>Both reincarnate in magical world, across the world from each other
>Truck gains sentience and is told of the other reincarnator by the King of Mercedes
>Vows vengeance on the one who had signed his death sentence by carelessly walking in front of his taillight
>Accidentally runs over Demon Lord in search of hero
>Is new Demon Lord
Nah, I was just gonna say he got in over his head or some shit. Who fucking knows.
>Black Gangster gets shot and falls into some water.
>He gets carried to the seashore of a private typical battle magical academy in another world.
>Gets healed and enrolled as a student and thinks he's some weird anime world.
>He bumps into the typical rival who begins to shit talk him. MC proceeds to cast the Spell: Fist and a fist fight break out.
>Harem doesn't know how to react since the MC isn't acting like a spineless beta, isn't going to let them hit him, shit talks the tsundere, and telling them to cover to his dorm if they want to fuck.

Rap/Hip-Hop and Gang violence invades a prestigious Magical Academy as the MC makes upsets the natural order becoming the antagonist and forming their own magical gang.

Opening Song: Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
Ending Song: Too $hort - The Ghetto
>that picture
I'd watch it, but only if it went full CUHRAZY like the Project Yi Cinematic
MC is born in a new world that's a lot like the old world. He's uglier and more incompetent but oddly no one seems to care.

MC must face the trials of fitting in to a creepily harmonious society that relentlessly tries to support and help him (and others) even though they're total losers.
Some poor sod gets summoned into a video game labyrinth at level 1 with no explanation or cheat powers.
With no equipment or even skills, his only aid is a sentence etched into the labyrinth's wall.
"It's a game of hide and seek. Don't get caught."
>[Dungeon crawling intensifies]
Have the guy she married be the isekai'd demon lord thanks to weird time/reincarnation magic for max humor.
The MC gets summoned by the demon lord to defeat the hero because the demon king just turns 70 and wants to retire out to the countryside with his wife.
MC is a Genre-Savy Loser(male) who gets isekai'd.

Video Game Fantasy World trying to kill the Demon King.

Special ability is to "Pair-up" with other characters gaining stat buffs and borrowing each other's skills. The more he does it the deeper his bonds form. He can also use it to pair off others as well.

Stuck as the sidekick of a Harem Protagonist

Comedic Adventure about trying to cock-block, pair off and/or steal members of the harem from the leader on the way to kill the Demon king.
So, Fire Emblem Awakening.
>How's your blog doing today fellow anons?

Could always do worse, I guess. Been running one for 3 years now, presently working on my tenth book. I wrote an isekai story last November and greentexted the summary in one of these threads. It got no responses back then, but I managed to make a full story out of it anyhow.
File: 1455686470324.jpg (53KB, 315x478px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 315x478px
>uninterested male MC
>doesn't like little girls and in fact he loathes them all
>gets isekai'd
>in a fantasy settings with guild stuff and all of that shit
>but the kicker is, he got transferred there as a little girl that the only forte is alchemy
>gets bullied around because of it
>she(he) needs to train with swords and magic in order to survive because alchemy isn't enough, and to fight back as well
>no fucking video game gui
Good job, anon-kun.
Fuck you chrom.
>not using your alchemy to turn your enemies into gold
Based on that /a/nons in isekailand idea:
>20,000 /a/nons simultaneously transported to another world
>they all get to create their own characters like a video game (as a result ~14,000 of them become little girls)
>all start at level 100 in a generic setting where the demon lord is threatening to destroy the humans
>story follows an inhabitant of this world as crazy shit happens around him due to the /a/nons

>demon king quickly overthrown, but is quickly replaced by a /u/fag who makes it her(male) mission to kill all males on the planet and create a yuri utopia
>entire cities keep getting razed by /a/nons fighting about waifus
>moefags overthrow the human king and place a clueless loli on the throne
>an /a/non who took the alchemist class figures out how to make LSD
>pants are outlawed
and other crazy happenings
>MC is a hikki
>dies after getting ran over by a shelf full of figs and onaholes
>reincarnates as his younger self
>tries to get into the hikki life sooner
>dies again
>reincarnates as himself
>tries to avoid the hikki life
>tries to be as normal as possible, gets a gf
>heartbreak, suicide
>reincarnates as himself
>just steps in front of a truck at the first opportunity
>reincarnates in a fantasy world, at last!
>no, it's just his dying dream
>there is only the void for him now
Do you want to greentext the summary again?
>these becoming a little girl premise

Does this have an actual light novel?
There is a war loli series with a current running anime. It's pretty eh, but people talk it up because it's goofy as fuck.
i would bet a small minority would spend their time unfucking whatever the other anons fucked up.
The underrated Heroes who know the world they are in isn't something to be fucked with, and isn't a game.

Those /a/nons did nothing wrong.
Would you join me?
File: 002_1475872707.jpg (169KB, 728x1048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 728x1048px
Bros before Hoes.
So few in number cannot stop the force of /u/ lord.
Yuri will conquer the Earth.
Unless, of course, somebody takes the character creation too seriously and becomes forever known as "the min-maxing faggot".
>wanting to be the little girl
>fragile body

Wew, It's like you guys are asking for it.
How would you write an isekai HENTAI plot?
Regular Isekai but when the harem makes a move, he doesn't run away.
File: SHIELDJUST.jpg (132KB, 728x553px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 728x553px
One of those is bound to appear.
I'll take resurrection and instant death immunity
I literally have done that.
For reference:
>MC dies after a slut has her delinquent goons kill the MC (for exposing that the slut had gonorrhoea).
>MC gets reincarnated in a fantasy world as a succubus princess
>Her father takes her as his concubine and fucks her silly.
Tokyo salaryman boards wrong flight and ends up in Amish country. He believes he died and went to a medieval fantasy world. Tries repeatedly to go on quests.
>choosing the "lock me in a dungeon and throw away the key" starter pack
File: Knight Sempai.jpg (627KB, 1035x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Knight Sempai.jpg
627KB, 1035x1440px
>There exist /atg/ people.
>He didn't expect min-max people.
>Getting butthurt because he didn't min-max

>Humans are considered Rare species in a fantasy world.
>Mc is kidnapped from another world using high tier magic (Close to that of a god) to be bred with pure Elven women to create the exotic Half-Elves.
>Mc gets kidnapped again from Elves by a master thief and sold into slavery.
>Mc is raped by other races and sold at high prices.
>We follow the MC's life as a Human Slave to other races.

If you want to make it edgy and adventurous.
>Eventually the MC becomes mind broken, until meeting another slave taking the MC's Master dick.
>MC falls in love with said slave.
>MC Master finds out and decides to sell MC lovefu to a group of his buddies who rapes them in front of MC, while MC's master rapes them.
>MC lovefu is never seen again, and MC decides its time to escape slavery with his other slaves.
>MC starts a Slave Revolt!
>wannabe pornographer gets sent to a world
>learns that he has to show the gods an irreversibly lewd scenario in that place to get out, where hentai logic can reign supreme
>he pulls it off, only to get sent to a second area with the same mission
>as he's going into a spiral of indecency, he finds a plan to invoke lewdness on the gods themselves
>succeeds, and ends up the patron god of depravity for years on end
>min-maxing when you can roleplay instead
File: 1483399430927.png (427KB, 707x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
427KB, 707x900px
>Not doing both.
Anon you're not living your life correctly.
>The Isekai LN I wrote failed to sell and I got hit by a truck but when I woke up I got sent to the same Isekai from the LN I wrote but none of the girls are interested in me!
How would you write a """parody""" isekai plot?
generic isekai
5 people appear in fantasy world
1 from each continent
Fatass american, starving African child, Japanese NEET, Homeless European bum and Aussie bogan.
Isekai happens
I am gomenasai, anon-sama. The truth is that I don't play enough video games to truly understand min-maxing so I'd probably just do whatever seems fun.
File: 018_1479651058.png (340KB, 1122x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
340KB, 1122x548px
>5 people
>1 from each continent.

I hope you were pretending to be retarded.
>Church summoned heroes go out to slay a Demon King
>Learn that there are actually a couple of them fighting against each other and the one they're fighting is the weakest
>One decides to take the throne after killing the King because they barely made it through that fight and the whole "party of adventurers" shtick isn't working
>One party member with a hardon for JUSTICE tries to kill him so he has to ditch his new throne and go found a demon kingdom elsewhere using his new powers
>In doing so he gets chased by both the Demon Kings and the Church that summoned him
Only if the Australian is called Kunto-chan
>MC is a worthless NEET who gets abused by his father
>he got hit by a japanese truck and reincarnates into a rpg world
>but rpg world turns out to be the Planescape realm
>player contemplates about life and death throughout his "journey"
>kills himself because he can't carry his own existential weight
>it's 25 episodes and each episode revolves around mc talking with himself in a dingy Sigil tavern
Hideki Tojo is reborn as a middle school girl in modern Tokyo.
File: 1470193174372.jpg (395KB, 774x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
395KB, 774x720px
>MC is massive Chuuni
>Overly extatic about being transported to fantasy world, goes around claiming he's chosen hero
>Everyone is jaded as fuck and accepts the fact that demon king has rule over them
>Nobody happy but MC who constantly spouts off monologuing about his newfound magic prowess
>Entire journey unfolds with him and his companions who hate his guts
>His unwavering optimism and idiocy in every situation causes major struggles for the party, but also causes them to have some form of motivation they never had
>Doesn't lose his Chuuni or drive to be the best as the series unfolds.
now and then here and there?
Three-layer parody, huh? Let's see if I can pull it off.

>a bunch of anons find themselves in a white void
>the last thing they remember was posting in isekai threads on a certain imageboard before Japanese trucks inexplicably appeared in front of them and crashed into them regardless of their physical locations
>the goddess of the void appears in front of them all, offering one free ability of their choice before sending them all on a journey to rescue her world
>after most of the anons get their requested powers, the last three ask for:
-all other anons' requests to be revoked
-the goddess herself
-and immediately sending the lot of them back to the real world
>the last three were sleeper agents of the faction that's against said goddess and waited for this exact moment to capture her and finalize their takeover
>back in the real world, the anons who were jerked along notice that they can sense the exact location where the sleeper agents have the goddess hostage
>now all these anons who want to fulfill their isekai dreams must kick the agents' ass in the real world to finally go on the journey proper
>but also causes them to have some form of motivation they never had
>"Fuck this asshole but damn if this shit isn't worth looking forward to"
i can dig it
A particularly bored anon notices this thread which sparks his creativity. He posts paragraph after paragraph of explanation about his idea for an isekai fantasy world, thoroughly explaining the mechanics of magic and combat, the types of races and monsters that exist, and major events and plot points that unfold in this isekai world. Little does he know that as he made his first post, everyone else in the thread was teleported to the world he described. However, when teleported they brought all of their computers/phones/etc along with them, and they inexplicably have infinite battery life and access to 4chan in this new world. The anons read the thread to learn more about the world around them and what will happen next in the "storyline" which is now their reality. Time flows differently in the new world, so that posts that were only minutes apart in the real world might be weeks apart for the anons. Some anons appeal to the author and try to explain their situation, but he dismisses this as mere shitposting. Other anons feign genuine interest in the story in order to glean more information about the world. Can the anons survive in this treacherous world with no magical abilities or combat experience? Can they defeat horrible monsters and thwart villains armed with nothing but their genre savvy and knowledge of the plot?
File: 1468863075775.jpg (71KB, 400x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 400x240px
>They overthrow the overlord anyway through the sacrifice of the MC
>He dies because all their egging and hatred actually ate at him because in the "real" world he was a loser and had people say the same things and he wanted to prove them all wrong
>They realize that they never really hated him, and he dies thinking that everyone did
>Hero wakes up in a different world
>It is actually heaven and he is dead.


>protagonist, female, is obsessed with being transferred into video game fantasy world
>one day, it finally happens
>but she's already a 38-year-old crazy old maid nobody can take seriously
>she keeps treating the world like a VRMMO when it's obviously not
>ends up traveling with a runaway princess who is possessed by a divine spirit and on a quest to save the world

The original idea was like Neptunia mixed with the Witcher, with the progatonist being a comically straightforward, violent monster, and the people of the other world highly idealistic intellectuals.
The first story then goes on like,

>local aristocrat orders the princess arrested
>plans to force a marriage and use her to extort her kingdom for political concessions
>the protagonist enlists the aid of a failed assassin to get the princess back
>the social recluse ends up infiltrating a banquet posing as a noble
>things really don't go as planned

Though I said "first story", it'll probably remain a one shot.
That actually sounds pretty cool.
>NEET hit by truck, goes to fantasy world
>immediately killed by knight
>rest of the story follows the knight and his party adventuring
>real world / NEET / etc. never mentioned again ever
I'm gonna try something somewhat unique, as far as Isekai goes. Which is really hard.
>guy is depressed and ends up killing himself
>he gets sent to hell because he killed himself
>pissed off because he thought everything was just supposed to go black, and he'd be in this eternal sleep
>basically a giant prison with torture
>eventually breaks out and becomes an escaped soul of hell
>he spends his time on the run from demons learning basic magic
>gets captured, sent to even harsher hell
>spends years being tortured, cycle of escaping and torture
>finally actually escapes hell, not just his shackles
>goes through some weird tear in reality. supposed to be a way to go back to earth
>ends up in an alternate reality of normal earth, reborn in a new body
>mindfucked because of all the torture and terrible things he's seen
>alternate reality of earth there are two races, Humans and Wizards
>he's now a wizard
>wizards are severely more powerful than humans but are massively outnumbered about 100 to 1
>tension between both races
>mostly silent protagonist, uses magic mind melding to speak when he needs to
>joins wizards because it turns out the head wizard the wizard faction is the one who saved him from hell
>it's basically Marvels Mutants but with Wizards instead
>those group of /pol/ fags who take everything way, way too seriously and form their own crusader group against anything degenerate
>all those /v/ fags that are living lifes of cute boys while saying shit like, "It's not gay to suck dicks!"
>all those /tg/ guys joining /pol/ to try and convince them that Elves are degenerate
>that very small group of normie anons that just want to have cool adventures but are being spoiled by all these insane anons ruining the world with 4chan politics
>/fa/ and /soc/ dead in the first week for trying to be cool and hip around the locals and end up getting killed by bandits
>all those /mu/ fags become real life bards, fucking music magic every fucking where
>/d/ creating horrible rape monstrosities through alchemy and magic
>/co/ creates their own guild, "SJW Rights" and gets killed by /pol/ a week later
>/fit/ going full on insane using Alchemy to turn into hulking monstrosities and build a shrine of Zyzz in all town squares
File: LODES.gif (751KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
751KB, 500x281px
>Protagonist gets a cheat item from a god
>Asks for an insane amount of money instead
>Ditches his duty to kill such and such to indulge in his newfound wealth, solving all of his problems with money

You think? Simple summary doesn't describe it too well anyway, since the focus is mainly on character interactions.

I also thought up all kinds of pointless details, like the protagonist's name being Itaka Izumi. "Ita" (痛) means "hurt" in Japanese, and she keeps saying variations of "did it hurt?" as her catchphrase whenever she kills someone. No reader is going to get it...
>"Ever since the Great Migration, when more than 20,000 of us were shifted from our homes to Clover, there's been a lot of violence, a lot of strife."

>"All that shitflinging kind of brought a damper to the local population, leaving destruction in its wake: burnt crops, taken women, killed citizens. The dead were lucky. They weren't subject to rape, torture, or experimentation by some of the more... vocal factions"

>"And that's when we come in."

>"We wander around, looking for wrongs to right, villages to save, and so on."

>"We don't do it because we get paid, we do it for fun. We do it for free because who else will?"

>"The locals were grateful. They paid us, if not in gold then in favors and goods. Even gave us a name. The 'Makers of Destiny.'

>"Those from the Migration, they called us something else. They named us something that was feared back before the Migration."

>"They called us 'Mods'"
>Mods enter /d/ Experimentation Chamber after hearing local girls and young boys have been taken by strange men
File: 1478574318606.jpg (95KB, 574x695px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 574x695px
That 150 days lag.
Boy dies and wakes up in a high fantasy world, and is able to do magic.
He can only use white magic
>MC is a normal hero from a fantasy world
>gets run over by a dragon carriage and reincarnates in our world
>starts a quest to beat the evil overlord Trump
File: 1398892722609.gif (2MB, 608x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 608x352px

>a group of 10 people all of a sudden find them selves at a camp in some rural run down place
>in the middle of nowhere

>they eventually realize they are trapped in a post apocalyptical video game
>they have only a tiny flicker of memories from their life
>as they travel fighting off mutated beasts and raiders they eventually find other camps with other trapped players
>they learn of a player who is hunting other players
>they have multiple encounters with him
>while trying to figure out how to get back to the real world
>eventually only the mc is left.
>he is running screaming from the hunter
>he is shown in the fetal position in a vent shaking in fear
>soaked in sweat and tears
>the other player hunting him chucks a grenade in there
>the scene then shifts to a guy playing the game and 2 dude standing there watching

"wow to think we managed to program the first video game with sentient ai that can feel pain"
>Comfy SoL in heaven with God
I'd watch it.
>neet goes to other world
>gets all the bitches
>saves the day
>Boy wakes up in a world much like his own, but everyone speaks english.
>12 eps of VAs trying their best to mimic the sound of English, like Revy in Black Lagoon or Kaji in that rebuild
An ancient evil awakens.
It has trouble getting out of its tomb, which is now made up of bullet proof glass and a large, incredibly secure vault in a very well funded museum.

Some nerd curator left about 3000 hours of harem anime inside it.

An ancient evil wants to meet this senpai, and bring him to his knees for ignoring sakura-chan.
>Ancient evil neet gets out
>Uses all powerful magics to force famous VA's into love triangles
>"What the hell happened here?" the rookie asked, looking at the strange tubes filled with the human-like organisms. A few squirmed when he touched the glass.

>"Degenerates," his superior answered.

>"Degenerates? The Alternatives of the West?"

>"You learn quick. They're the few tribes sick and twisted enough to experiment on human anatomy. You'll know 'em when you see them, the males wear /d/ on their armor. Represents both their tribe and what they desire on every individual, man, woman, and child."


>"No. Dick."
Who are you quoting?
A love story about a boy and a girl he pines for but hates him dies in an accident together and are teleported to another world.
Both get their genders swapped when reborn
The boy ends up as a sexier version of the girls, and the girl becomes a more muscled and badass version of the boy
The boy wants the girl to make a harem so he can be Bi
Last one didn't even have Keit-Ai you fuck.
Literally anything where the protagonist's main strength comes from having a modern, first world education. Who needs plot armor super powers when just being able to do algebra makes you a wizard by medieval standards.
Wasn't that the plot of Jacob's Ladder, but with a lot more world alternating?
">Mc is average high schooler"
">gets sent to fantasy world"
">in the middle of forest"
">finds the master sword"
">goes to village and deemed the chosen one by the townsfolk"
">learns that there's a demon king who has been ravaging the land with his seven deadly sons"
">mc doesn't actually give a shit"
">because of his raging hormones he only cares about getting his dick wet"
">goes on a journey of self discovery"
">turns out he's a lolicon"
">finds the Loli kingdom and lives the rest of his life in happiness"
Let me guess: the South American kid died during transport and they killed the Antarctican animal for meat.
">"this is greentext
The newly transported, cynical MC and his savvy friends go out looking for the most cliche acting, predictable inhabitants in the fantasy world to add to their party because they needed someone to punch the lights out of and blame when things started looking more like something out a run of the mill fantasy novel. Their purpose is to be an extended version of "this is not that story" characters to the party, and when their punching bag friend rises to the occasion to get them to find somebody else to bother for once, they beat on him further for being cliche enough to do that.
>Fuckboi crosses the road without paying attention
>Gets run over by a truck
>Truck gets sent to the other world
>Has to run over the demon king or whatever to get sent back.
Along the way he gets a harem of carts and carriages.
Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

I want to run a train on the kart harem.
File: 1475689803832.jpg (341KB, 1095x1195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341KB, 1095x1195px
>an elitist anime fan gets transported into a typical fantasy isekai
>spends the entire time complaining about being stuck in such a generic genre and how cliche everything is
>1 from each continent
Just read the thread.
Fuck no, we're going full medieval fantasy.
You can have a fishing boat foreigner and a flat chested wheelbarrow but that's it.
File: 1458610258862.jpg (89KB, 700x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>What if one day you found a path to another world?
>Would you tell all; to become a legend forever in the annals of two histories?
>Or would you keep it as your secret knowledge; like a treasure to be guarded?
My name is Nakamura Jack and I will never forget the fateful day I made that decision.
Even now, I truly believe that it was all fate.
>This is the story of Jack, the first Japanese Emperor of the Roman Empire.
>Normal teenage boy
>saves his little brothers life
>Little brother becomes a yandere for him
>refuses to allow anyone else to start a relationship with his brother
Plot twist: The other MC ends up being a trotskyist
One day in a hallway of an ordinary japanese highschool a portal to the world of absolute evil opens up.

A boy MC falls into it face-first because he was recklessly running down the hallway. There, assailed by horrors that no man should ever know, he claws his own eyes out in an attempt to unsee the THINGS as his soul is stripped bare from pitiful covers of human reason and demons laugh at his eternal torment.

Don't run in the hallways, kids!

Okay-okay, this IS isekai story so 5 minutes later a beautiful angel girl (who looks like MC's crush) appears before him, apologises for dimensional mishap and gives him magical eyes of true sight and protection from demonic influence.
Then it becomes poor man's Divine Comedy as MC wanders this world with angel girl looking for a way out, helping lost souls and wondering if hitting on the girl is like going out with his crush.
This could actually work as a proper live action movie rather than an anime.
MC gets isekai'd into a world based on his favorite LN.

However, he's reincarnated as the resident yandere girl.

Watch MC desperately try to avoid becoming the batshit insane heroine of the novels and fail miserably, as the stress of trying to dodge his/her fate only causes him/her to become crazier.
>MC is a truck diver, long nights and basically neet life.
>One day after a long shift he accidentally hits kid with his truck.
>Immediately sees portal open to some fantasy world the second impact is made
>Realizes he's some kind of generic-portal to another land anime tool.
>Goes on a mission to send as many of his fellow neets as possible to the other world before hitting cruise control and going there himself
Is there isekai wothout magic?
Reverse Isekai.
One day, MC had a upset stomach. He went to the toilet to do his business. After he finished his business, he went back to class. As he open the door to his class. A bright flash of light suddenly goes off. He reflexively close his eyes because of the bright light. When he open his eyes, all of his classmates are gone. A sudden fright began to crawl upon him as he run towards the nearest teacher to tell what happen. The school close down for the day because of what happen. It looks like there's a case of kidnap summoning as people from other world have been kidnapping people from MC world to fight demons at their world. MC is actually one of the lucky one to manage to avoid that. He joins a special team consist of people like him. This is because they all have some hidden talent to make them unique enough to be chosen for summon. MC and his team have to go to other world to save all the people like him. Nations are even threatening to just invade the other world if their residents isn't saved. This is a story of how the MC manage to avoid an all out war with the other world.
Muv Luv
All the non-fantasy otome reincarnation series where they get reincarnated in a version of Japan filled with bishonen.
File: IMG_1092.jpg (127KB, 600x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sequel to Girlish Number.
Right before recording for the second season of KuuSure begins, Chitose is stabbed to death by a deranged fan.

She wakes up in the body of none other than Yuna, the main heroine of KuuSure. The story then follows her hilarious misadventures as she uses her half-assed knowledge of the show to try to escape her slave contract to the MC. Eventually the other haremettes also end up taken over one by one by their respective seiyuu, every one of them dying from ridiculously stupid circumstances only to be reincarnated in this god forsaken shitty light novel universe.
Not fair, Nanami would exploit everything.

It does exist. But the MC is the devil king. He turn into a neet once he's in the human world. I forgot the name of the anime.
>the twist is that the MC was a reincarnation of author-kun all along
>MC is from a generic high fantasy land
>European build, village champion alpha male with a harem
>Dies when an orc horde ambushes him during hunting
>Reincarnates in our world as a japanese highschool boy
>Makes fun of asians
>Hits on girls
>Has to adapt and attend school
MC was born into a fantasy world as a spoiled richfag from a merchant family and eventually rose to become the hero with OP skills who will defeat the demon king, but before he could do it, the demon king, with his forces on the brink of defeat, spent his last resources to travel into the modern world to save himself, the hero was reluctantly forced by the king and public opinion to follow him into the other world, once there he's a homeless poorfag with no idea how to get by in a world with only enough magic to produce a flame as big as a match. Demon king learned how to use the bit of magic he had to influence people in power and is now ruthlessly controlling the country. MC notices signs that he's planning to create a portal to go back home, which would be a disaster because this time he's armed with science, the reluctant hero learns to swallow his pride, learn more about the modern world, become a real hero, and defeat the demon king armed with only his wit and intelligence.
>MC is rich businessman in his late 30 early 40
>gets fucked and cucked by his business partner and best friend
>loses evrything and decided to end it all
>gets isekaied and reborn as a kid poor vilage kid in a kingdom torn by wars and corrupted nobles
>as time passes by he befrends a dumb but hardworking boy and a village girl who servs in the local inn
>he starts working and gathering herbs and other useful matirials and sells them to adventurers
>by the time he becomes a teenager he has saved enough money to start traveling whit his companions
>the tough kid kills monsters and shit while hes sells the loot for a higher profit and the girll is eye candy for the customers
>MC forms a large mercenery company and starts to venture places where most andventurers dont dare
>becomes so famos that he reaches to nobility and is offerd marriage by several dukes and counts in exchange for money
>buys most of the land around his village and the other regions and starts improving their quality
>eventually forms his own little kingdom/merchant republic
And marries inn girl
I ment
>gets isekaied and reborn as a poor village kid in a kingdom torn by wars and corrupted nobles
File: armyofdarkness[1].jpg (970KB, 1500x2116px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Same vein but Army of Darkness adaptation, you just gotta change some things up:

>Medieval England is now fantasy world
>No Evil Dead backstory, protag is just a random store stockboy otaku or whatever that find the necronomicon, reads it in his car and gets teleported.
>Shotgun and chainsaw are in the car.
>First episode is him being chained along with Duchess Henrietta the Red, who befriends him.
>He's thrown into the pit, deadite bites his hand off but he escapes with the shotgun, thrown by the Wiseman.
>Henrietta mentions she can help in the fight against this evil, runs away before she can be captured.
>Sheila is the town's mage-healer, she hates the protag and refuses to heal him.
>Second episode he makes the chainsaw arm and prepares for the journey. Lord Arthur, the Wiseman and Sheila go with him. First step is get to Henrietta's castle and see what she can help with the quest.
>She gives the Necronomicon's location and leaves with them after it. What follows is the expanded events of the film.
>Protag is a cartoony version of Bruce Campbell, charismatic, overly cocky and a bit of a dick who just wants to go back home
>Still says the wrong words and bring forth the apocalypse.
>Sheila is the tsundere waifu, Henrietta is the ara ara milf
>Lord Arthur is the rival and later bro
>Wiseman is the kooky comedy relief
>Sheila wins the protagbowl and leaves with him
>cliffhanger as he fucks up and accidentally sends them to a different world.
>Sequel never

It would of course be called Captain Supermarket.
Is that the jap poster for army of darkness?
Yeah, it's a beauty. I always find domething new everytime I see it.
MC is a two-bit camper, traveling from place to place with nothing but some equipment and a stack of novels he found tied up on the road to keep him entertained. He doesn't particularly like them, but aside from mags, they're all he's got to keep himself occupied. One day, he camps at the wrong place, at the wrong time. As he prepares to settle down for the night, he hears something, and with the light of the moon baring down upon him, the ground enchants and swallows him whole, leaving nothing but an empty camp.

The country he lands in is nothing like the vaguely European fantasy lands he had heard about. From what he can tell, he might have landed somewhere in a fantasy version of early South America: Too much jungle, way too many tribes on the wayside, and the beasts there don't match anything he's ever read. Even their concept of a Demon Lord was just a nickname given to a particular ruler the citizens didn't like. MC travels the jungle scape for signs of civilizaton that he may be on his wavelength, but to no avail finds one. The most he can do is survive out here to the best of his ability. He's no hunter, nor an expert camper. But if he can manage it, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. He can't, for the most part.

Ashamed and defeated, the MC looks for anyone who may be able to understand him or take him out of there, and comes across a group of explorers trying to mark the landscape for resources. With what little talent he has, he manages to convince the explorers to keep him with them by providing them with his limited modern knowledge of medicines, foods, and edible plants, along with what he learned in his time in the jungle lands. As long as he stays in their favor, he can use his temporary aquaintencss to set out for the country of his dreams, because surely they must be from Fantasy Europe, which must be nothing like this place.
I have the same work ethic as most WN translators and just as bitchy

currently there's six Isekai series that I'm writing

(1. loser NEET crosses over through various time eras and dimensions
(2. Mad Scientist MC gets reincarnated as a little girl in a fantasy world uses her scientific know-how to explore and learn magic (dropped due to WMW doing the whole "scientist-to-mage" concept better than I ever will)
(3. poor but kind MC dies in car accident and gets his soul wrapped up in a demon summoning ritual. Now a he and a demon become subconscious entities inside a girl while the MC tries to steer the girl on the right path while the demon tries to corrupt the both of them (my "serious" novel).
(4. Futanari MC is transported to a futanari world were there only exist futanari and futanari monster girls to defeat the demon king. After she defeats them not only does she have no way to go home but also has eternal youth and various sexual powers (it's one of those series if you didn't know already) watch as her life and time throughout the ages
(4b. Alternate retailing where the Futanari MC decides to accept being their queen. Witness the story of an Immortal Sexy Futanari Queen as she deals with politics and goes completely imperialist on the world
(5. a New Game + story (think Erased, New Saga, TDG, etc). but in the perspective of the love interest. MC is excited about going to the new school of magic but while the first class was happening her childhood friend starts exhibiting strange behavior.
(6. Serial Killer MC gets executed and wakes up as a slave dog girl in a Xianxia setting, hilarity ensues (I wrote this for purely fetish reasons).
Not gonna lie but I like it mate, get some Amateur Manga artist to draw this up I'd read it
A story about the actual cycle of reincarnations of a soul. It would sometimes reincarnate as man or as woman, it would have different lives in different times. We would alternate between its past lives, in different times, and its future lives, who are incredibly shitty (hinting at the fact he commited some grave sins in one of the middle lives it needs to expiate) and bizarre (he would, for example, reincarnate into alien forms because humanity went extinct before he could leave the cycle).
like Apollo's song and Spirit Circle

but what's the theme?
A guy gets reborn into a fantasy world with no recollection of his previous life. He's incredibly OP and has no definite form, while other beings are either humans or monsters, bound to their class and stats, our main character has shitty stats but the ability to shape them however he wants. There's more people like him in the world, some of them are feared and revered and other very weak and even ignored.

It is eventually discovered that everybody in our world reincarnates in that world, their class and stats determined by their previous life. Our MC was an abortion, and as such he never got any life experiences to shape him up. His soul, thus, is a blank state, which makes him a bland character but also give him his unlimited potential.

No idea, I'm a shitty writer but I thought it could be a cool concept.
homeless lolis get rich quick shenanigans
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MC gets transported to fantasy land and builds a harem of cute girls. The twist is MC is a cute redhead female

>>He claims that he just wanted the game to return to the peaceful days where mortgages and loans weren't a thing, unlike in the real world

The true hero
Twelve Kingdoms' last major arc, to an extent.
Would watch


Repeating life from AD zero.

Our protagonist is a muslim who came to Japan to bring birthrate up, he is also a talented office worker aka wage slave just like you guys.

One day on his way to work a truck had ignored the red lights and was just about to hit him, but he skillfully jumps over it (he is 7 foot tall), at the cost of breaking his leg.

He causes a traffic jam and is having a fun time compared to office work, until the ambulance runs over him.

He is reborn in a barn somewhere random after a weird Goddess rolled some reincarnation wheel, he was happy that he got the rarest reincarnation and would probably be rich.

People call him Jesus-kun and ask him to perform miracles, including reading (in this original setting there are no Japanese high schools so all of the poor fagits can't read), when he was shown the book as he didn't know how to read previously he asked those crackers "Where is tha KFC and watermelons at?" since nobody in the room could actually read they took his words for gospel.

As a son of God he gained a blessing which smites people whenever he tells people future spoilers.

In his first run he achieved many things, starting multicultural porn arena's, being the inventor of modern day frying techniques and also becoming Kaiser Supreme of the Jewish lands.

cont 1/?

He lived a good life fucking many mongrels with his white nigger dick, as he went to his death bed he ate all of the KFC to make up for the long withdrawal he had.

He sees the weird Goddess again, and shee spins the wheel again and it lands on Jesus again, he starts to think that she may be pulling a wise cracka trick on him and be rigging this shit, but he is too excited for round two to worry about that.

This time he tries different things, including converting back to Muslim after toggling the religion setting, innovating farming techniques to bring up watermelon production and running a service where he teaches a new sex technique called cucking, where he asks the husband to step aside and watch his elaborate demonstration of this practice, some of his pupils became famous Chad's later on, fucking many wives and all have their guy Jesus to thank for that.

He becomes a conquering war lord and a tool to them.

He dies on the battlefield, having raped all of the strong female soldiers, and got beaten by a boy summoned to this time period called La Pucelle (History is inaccurate La Pucelle was actually a boy crossdressing so that he would be accepted into the healslut battalion, this is the true version from the holy grail, and he was also mistakenly summoned as a caster when he has more proficiency as a warrior)

cont 2/?
Is this the new Keit-ai?
This is a classic isekai now that I think about it.
Too bad the movie was utter shit.
The first anons to arrive in the other world were accepted with open, if confused, arms by the villagers and found work as farmhands or inn workers ect. However, the constant influx of new anons every few days soon overwhelms the villager's ability to house and feed them. The local lord does nothing at first since he didn't believe the peasant's insane story about strangers from another land, but eventually plans are developed to clear new farmland in the long run, and to transport anons to nearby cities to lessen the load on the area's food supplies in the short term. However, few cities or towns are willing to take anons in. Deteriorating conditions in the starting village have forced many anons into a life of crime, and in reaction the villagers have forced the anons out of their homes. The countryside is ravaged by roving bands of anons and as winter sets in the food supply is depleted.

After having indulged in all of the pleasures of life he comes to the hall of reincarnation again.

He says to the Goddess "Look, I have had enough fun for two lives, either reincarnate me sumthin' new or not reincarnate me at all, there is always somebody else that deserves this more than me" his words usher with sagacity only known from grand wizards themselves.

She says "No I am afraid that is against the rules, you were granted a blessing that prevents you from proceeding until you complete the virgin Mary route"

She opens a status screen;

Nigger Tyrome
Title - Jhaysys, the pussy conkeror

Jumping - The ability to jump, is a noble phantasm for a prior achievement, AA+ rank

Conqueror - If rejected by pussy, roll a d2, this is a dick multiplier skill and will guarantee a hook up, it will also possibly knock her up if her protection equipment isn't equipped or she rolls low, SSS+ rank.


Revival - This blessing will bring you back to AD 0 and you can't select another character until you achieve canonical ending, Divine rank.

BBC - The God of the British Broadcasting Channel has blessed you with an always erect hoagie, Black tier.

Son of God - Spoilers cause death, also gives you a love triangle with both Allah and God.

Gourmet -

cont 3/?
The famine and overpopulation triggers a plague and as the citizens of this world sicken and starve, the anons in the countryside freeze to death or starve. The anons that successfully were moved to cities are in many cases expelled as anti-foreigner sentiment mounts to its greatest heights. After such a horrible winter only 1 in four anons have survived, and the people of the village and surrounding area have fared about as poorly. The kingdom re-asserts order and rounds up the bandit anons and executes many as punishment both for crimes and the plaugue. The few remaining anons pretend to be locals of this world and learn trades and try to fit into this new world whilst distancing themselves from the migration. Anons are now thought to be plauge bringers, thieves, monsters summoned from another dimension ie: demons. About one in a hundred anons manage to survive in secret for the next three years.
You should watch American Dragon: Jake Long. It's close enough to your description.
>guy is a loser that spends all his time alone
>suddenly wakes up in another world where he's a popular hero and all the girls want his dick
There you go, do I have what it takes to be a LN writer?
What about the name? It's the most important part of every LN.
Kingdom leader: moot
Orc leader: hiroyuki

Gourmet - A symbol of one star out of five but it turned invisible, fuck you Goddess.

For his third run, he studied Christianity for half of his life and the other half was spent fucking broads and sleeping sometimes both at the same time.

In his fourth run he had a chance encounter with La Pucelle again, this time on the same side, this made him angry at the person who bested him in combat so he decided that he would fuck Pucelle's boi pussy and impregnate him with his superior warrior genes.

Lots of echii with La Pucelle happens, further erecting his dick, but he always ends up cock blocked by the same weak Catholics who rapped my cousin, fuck you, you will never have any friends.

In his fifth life he tries everything to get the canon crucifixion ending which he should have focused on in the previous timeline, although the boi pussy was worth it.

He realises that the problem lied in the title all along, he couldn't progress without the ability to read, which he learns through manga in the sixth run while a maid teaches him English through a Roman story textbook.

In the seventh run he reads everything and aces the Jesus test at the canon ending and died but didn't die because he had special Jesus powers.

The end???

Sequel wen?
It is three years later. Anons are in hiding, posing as natives of this world. Those who are discovered are often accused of all kinds of crimes and executed as demons.
However, beyond the borders of the kingdom an clever orcish cheiftan has captured or hired exiled and fled demons and has used their otherworldly know how to revolutionize orcish warfare. This orcish "Lord of Demons" has united the othe orcish and goblin tribes by force and now marches on the kingdom with new previously unknown weapons. The kingdom uneasily turns to its own demon citizens to counter the invaders. Will the ostracized and outcast anon save the people who turned their back on them? Or will they flock to the demon lord's banner? So begins the great war of this age. So begins the Flame War.
>sequel when
Come on now, it's obviously at ~570 AD
An ordinary Japanese man gets transported to a magical world, a world filled with magic and fantastical creatures. In this world he will get the chance to do what he has always dream off

To run a giant farm that also serves as a orphanage.

In this world he will be put to the test as he ploughs his fields, build a pump, make sure his plants get enough water, find a loving wife to raise a big family, when to harvest and making sure that he grows enough to feed his family while also having enough to sale so that he can feed the orphans and keep the family economy going.

It will feature heartbreaking drama as when the harvest fails, long winter, the fox killed the good hen and when a child will take his father place in the kings army when the country goes to war.

It will be a isekai like no other
Tried to repost with edit
Linked to the old post
>Mc is a random japanese businessman with a wife and a daughter.
>Gets unwillingly transported into a fantasy realm.
>World doesn't have RPG physics.
>MC doesn't get a harem and any females that do get interested in him he rejects because he's a loving husband.
>Together with a group of his new bros he tries to find a way back to his original world.
Boku no Isekai Harem
MC's a righteous, pure-hearted spellsword and renowned and beloved knight in her kingdom. While putting on the facade that everything's alright to the general public, she's hiding the fact that she's wrapped up in a plot that requires her to discreetly put an end to a group of strange villains threatening to merge the world with another. With friends in tow, they face-off the villains in an underground waterway, shenanigans happen and the MC is successful in thwarting the villains, however it comes as a price as she is transported alone to the Japanese country-side in the year 2017, and that's just the first episode.

With absolutely zero bearings on where she is or what happened to her, she travels up what appears to be a road, bewildered and shocked by the cars that occasionally pass by. After being nearly ran over once, MC thinks its a sign of aggression and takes it upon herself to chase down the car, only to get ran down and tossed aside in a ditch after her magic just reflects off the windshield.

MC wakes up in a strange house after being discovered by an older teen/young adult women around her age, who with her family nursed MC back to health. Yuri happens.

Through a twist of events, MC finds out that the people who had been trying to merge her world are actually from the world she's in right now, and said group of people is much larger than the small subgroup they sent into her world. The fact that she's a magic user made her easily traceable and said group wants to acquire her for her magic and further testing the potential of combining the two worlds. MC drags her newly acquired waifu with her to save her world, and earth at the same time.

in the end, shenanigans happen and MC becomes the only person capable of travelling between both worlds, it ends on a happy note where she can be a knight and visit her waifu
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Keit-ai Shoujo.
MC is an autistic fatass otaku edgelord hikki teenager. Spends day and night shut in. Total failure at life. A pig in human form.

Gets sent to isekai. Literally spawns in front of the emperor with flashes of light, etc. Everyone looks at his well-fed form. Instantly recognize him as the deity of good fortune and greed that descended from the heavens to bless the empire.

Nothing ensues as MC spends his days shut in his room of the castle surrounded by a harem of exotic elf concubines.
1960 Vietnam US forces got sucked into a warp landing them on an isekai. Join them in their napalm filled adventures as they learn about the new world they're in.
MC is a shut-in NEET who wakes up in an isekai with poor memories of his previous life. He has flashbacks and freakouts in reaction to various stimuli in the isekai world.

It turns out MC's life was so hopeless that he along with other NEETs who are in the isekai world volunteered for a VR programme for a corporation looking to market totally immersive fantasy lives to hopeless people. MC ultimately decides this is fine, but one of the other NEETs sabotages the project and he's left in the care of the state with permanent memory damage - but with some hope of coming to terms with his new life.
>A-Team Theme song starts playing
File: 1479058571251.jpg (103KB, 590x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>MC is a 35 year old Doctor with years of experience under his belt
>Getting paid pretty well, living the high life in his fancy ass pent house apartment
>Then one day as he's walking to work he gets TRUCKED and fucking dies on the spot, becoming a stain on the guys windscreen
>MC at first didn't think he was dead, all he remembers is crossing the street, blacking out, and waking up on the other side of the road
>Some pudgy dead looking midget pulls up in this fancy looking limousine and tells the MC he's going to become the 13th Death
>Cue wacky shenanigans based around Voodoo, dark magic, and saving the world from Neo-Robot-Super Hitler.

It'd be a dark comedy
main character gets ran over by a monster truck and wakes up in another world where everybody, including himself are professional monster truck drivers and they must battle to the death on a massive continent to go home
plot twist is that the main character was unknowingly a girl the whole time
As MC dies in our world, he sees a light among the darkness, and a voice that tells him he has to save the world.

He wakes up in a new fantasy world, but soon enough he notices that he's now a girl.

He has to use his wits and his newfound female charms to gain a place in a world of backstabbing and intrigue, and ensure peace by means of seducing and charming as many men as necessary.
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>all these plots about becoming a girl
Three shotas die and wake up in generic dragon quest world #922848581, but they're girls now.
A guy wakes up but now has Vagina
a girl wakes up and still has a vagina
A Vagina wakes up and has a Vagina
A Vagina Vagina up and has a Vagina
Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina has Vagina Vagina
>MC is 22
>Commits Sudoku
>arrive in heaven
>Godess awaits him
>Explaining shit
>stabs her to death
>becomes god off fantasy world
>kills all woman in fantasy world
>becomes the true alpha male
>still a virgin
File: n.jpg (86KB, 1020x783px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>MC gets hit by truck
>reincarnated in caveman times
>learns to speak unga bunga
>rides dinosaurs
>fights ancient aliens

Like Battlefield Earth except not shit
>Everyone gets sucked into MMO world
>Big bad comes in
>"I have you all trapped now until you defeat me at the top of this tower"
>Random mumbling amongst the crowd
>One random guy calls big bad a nigger
>gets banned from the game, escapes it.
>Someone yelling how hes been waiting for this very moment his whole life.
>Others chime in start laughing saying how big bad has fucked up
>big bad gets nervous as people swarm out of the town to grind levels
>they dont even care if they die
>every episode is something different that happens in mmos
>episode where guy finds that he can buy an item from a vendor and sell it back for more than he bought it
>crashes the economy of the entire world
>RPer episode where everyone slutting it up in an inn somewhere
>meanwhile guy talking about how he was waiting for this his whole life progresses rapidly
>solo kills bosses through in game bugs, like killing a boss that glitches out on a small rock
>mocks big bad for being a shitty programmer
>big bad gets horribly nervous as the warrior XxDeathbringerxX becomes too powerful
>end fight is big bad cowering on his throne as deathbringer walks in cracking his knuckles
>"oh buddy you have fucked up so hard I knew this day would come ooohhh boy"
>kills big bad
>saves everyone
>3 days have passed in real world since being trapped
>cuts to deathbringer irl
>sitting alone in his room
>he didnt actually want to escape
>10 years later deathbringer creates SAO.
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American Psycho but everything is changed to be like a highschool anime.

Just imagine, five episodes into a generic high school anime about an aloof 16 year old who somehow lands a harem of anime babes, he takes one of them home, they're on the couch and he's sliding on over, its about to get good, and the bitched gets MACED. He starts beating her fucking chest in with an ice scraper, every drop of blood, every broken bone, every bit of brain matter, EVERYTHING animated with levels of realism that could only be matched by your own imagination. You can hear the fucking crunch when he slams her face against the doorknob and her pathetic whore forehead folds in. No censorship, all of this shit just comes out in ten seconds. He picks up her mangled skull and facefucks in three times, but he couldn't cum the third time so he stops. Then he calmly puts on his clothes, leaves the room and looks at the audience. He now proceeds to explain his opinions on DLC in video games. "Back in the day, wen you bought a videogame, you knew it would be a complete product. But ever since EA pushed the concept of DLC to its limit, the gaming industry has never been the same. But is that a good thing, or a bad thing? It's a little of both, you see"
>MC Has a secret life at home he is ashamed of
>Mom and Dad are both NEET's and want his son the same way
>MC's secret is that he is alpha as fuck
>Imouto finds out and blackmail / bully him.
>Neet protagonist dies and goes to hell

>The warden of hell gives him a job collecting the souls of cute girls

The show is just him tricking girls into signing contracts,fulfilling their demands,outsmarting their guardian spirits, and killing them
>I was reborn in another world as an alleycat
An isekai fan and a zombie apocalypse fan die at the same time and swap alternate worlds.
>American Psycho