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Danganronpa 3 (anime) Discussion

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Okay, pretty damn late to this party, I know, but please bear with me here...

I just got around to finishing the Hope's Peak finale arc and I have got to say... This shit was pure garbage.

Throughout the entire thing, I felt like I was watching some B-rate battle anime that belongs on 4Kids... How the hell can this be called "Danganronpa"? The main themes of the game were the trials, investigation, and logical easoning to find out who dunnit. And yet ALL of that is missing in this mockery of a finale!

I was severely disappointed in this final chapter of the Hope's Peak saga, and I completely regret watching it.

But I wanted to hear it from others before I never look back. What did you guys think? Were you as disappointed as I was? Or did you honestly think it was a worthy end for the saga? I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Everyone agrees that it was hot garbage. The best thing about it were the threads on /a/ and the memes it spawned. Sorry you missed out friendo.
That's just how things are when you compare a VN to an anime adaptation. Especially so for things that revolve around mysteries. You can put 15-30 hours into a Danganrompa VN easily. Compressing that down to a 1-cour, 12 episode series just isn't going to work well. There just isn't enough time to go into detail for the mysteries.
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I just like to pretend that it never happened.
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It's not even that, Kodaka's main story writing in all the games thus far have been pure trash and with DR3 only being that main story it had no chance of being good. I was actually rather surprised Kodaka made DR3 worse than I would have thought before going in.
If you don't like the story in the games then no shit you're not going to like the anime

The characters and the cases are great in all the games, I had to give it a benefit of a doubt.
Ahh, good strategy... Just like with Akame ga Kill, then.
You are fucking stupid for doing this to yourself.
It wasn't great, but it had its moments. Juuzo was phenominal, Seiko, boozeman, and Great Brozu were fun while they were around. Mainly the threads we had on /a/ made the whole experience 1000 times more enjoyable.

Btw, look up some highlights of the english dub. It's almost Ghost Stories-tier.
Is the anime worth watching?I really like the game, but wouldn't want to watch the anime if the story or characters get butchered.
The anime that is based off of the first game is great, as it literally just follows the same plot and direction that the game takes. But the one I am referring to in my initial post is horrid. It's fresh content that wasn't based on anything. It was a weak cashgrab made to sweep the original plot under the rug in order to make way for the new Danganronpa they're developing, which has nothing to do with Hope's Peak, as far as I can tell.
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I'm more severely disapointed at the happy ending for everyone from the DR2 cast. I know DR2 had the whole talk of "miracles" but come on, that was too convenient.

But the WORST fucking thing. Was the fact that everyone didn't get slowly pulled in to despair by exploiting their weaknesses by Junko, and made to do atrocities. Instead, let's have this convenient as fuck brainwashing video and use it on them while we kill everyone's favorite waifu in the most brutal fashion possible.

The whole point of not knowing how they got into despair was for us to feel that one line of thought "do they truly deserve to be happy" since it'd still be their fault in the end. But no, the fact that they all got brainwashed means it was never their fault in the first place.

Junko was also hot garbage. Through the games, we see her as this girl who is too perfect and is always one step ahead of everyone and prepared the entire thing in advance in order to fuck the world up because she's completely insane, and i love it. But all she did in the anime was pretty much "guess i'm gonna go try to recruit the living god. Whoops, he's not friendly, better show him despair is fun. Oh wow i just ran into the PERFECT thing to chain start this whole bullshit." I mean, it's like she didn't even have a plan, in the first game she did state that she never truly sticks to a plan since she gets bored, but the implication is that she still set up the whole thing and deviated slightly because she's that autistic about boredom.

Yeah, Danganronpa 3 was pure garbage. On a happy note, V3 looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.
That's correct. Danganronpa V3, the upcoming game, is essentially a soft reboot of the series. It's still the same universe, but no characters besides Monokuma will be returning and the school involved with the plot is Gifted Inmates Academy instead of Hope's Peak
The older characters may still get mentioned i figure if it's the same universe. Or if they do show up, they won't play an active role in the story.
>tfw you are included in a screencap for once
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Thought as much, and I'm super excited for it! I just wish the anime studio who produced that steaming pile had kept things true to the games... The trials, all of the chigau yo, and yes, even the pink fucking blood... Was really psyched over seeing Makoto shoot the board up with logic bullets galore, but noooo! "Nigga, I can't even run in the halls anymore..."
Funniest thing is, this made me think even less of the DR2 cast. I don't feel they deserve a happy ending at all now, and should die in agony. Kodaka fucked up.
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I still cannot believe this happened twice.
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