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Sailor Moon

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Hey /a/, I want to watch Sailor Moon. Should I watch the original anime? Or is it like FMA- the remastered version is better? Or maybe the just read the manga?
Why is Mars so best?
Original anime by far also its sequels.
So the reboot is kinda meh?
Not just kinda.
Just watch the original anime, you faggot. Then maybe read the manga if you're thirsty for more. Disregard all other opinions.
But i heard that the original anime isnt faithful to the original manga, the reboot is closer to the original story.
The reboot is fucking bullshit. Do what you want, the thread already gave you the correct answers.
The original anime takes some liberties but is by far a more compelling and charming watch overall and the crew on it has quite a name list.

The reboot is faithful, but trash, rushed garbage.
Ok, thats a better answer, You have convinced me, I'll watch the original anime.
read the manga and/or watch crystal, manga is the better version but crystal is if not perfect faithful to it mostly

the 90's anime is just filler on top of more filler with occasional good stuff
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The original anime is worth watching for its scenes alone.
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Watch the original in English so you can enjoy hundreds, if not thousands of brilliant moments like this one.
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What a slut.
Crystal is inferior to the original.
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My fav position is face down ass up
The art style in Crystal is dogshit BTW. Possibly worse than Hisashi Hirai.
Rewind back to the early 90's, at the time I was watching anime on TV. to name a few I saw Ranma, Card Captor Sakura, (felt right at home with this one,) Escaflowne, Heidi and Rayearth.

I do recall trying out Sailormoon but it wasn't something I could simply enjoy, I just couldn't relate... since then I never felt motivated to watch it.

although I've been aware of the fan base, I do know that they are a very passionate sort. heck even now days I can't avoid the cross over even in the occasional vaporwave remix on soundcloud. and actually? some of them actually sound real nice.

however for some odd coincidence in life I've had the unfortunate encounter with a couple people that so happen to be fans, how do I know? these individuals proudly claimed to be avid fans. I wouldn't particularly find this detail relative or important but then I've noticed the common trait of arrogance and lack of trust emanating from these people. I've had other friends jump in surprise to confirm this too in their own encounters.

because of this I can't help but to create an unconscious mental reminder of these particular fans when I see how Sailor moon is now anywhere. it gets worst even now it has become this cultural icon among homosexuals who keep pushing everyone to recognize them all the time.

overall it just leaves me a bad taste in my mouth. maybe If I were to see sailor moon I would probably break some sort of curse that binds my biased mind...
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Watch the original and appreciate the characterization and development. Trust me, Crystal was shit on for a reason. S3 is slightly better, and that still isn't saying much. Don't watch it all at once.
thanks, I'll watch the original anime. Looks like its well written and has a nice and compelling story.
Watch it for the vaporware.
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Read Sailor V too.
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