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Rozen Maiden

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I found some junk.
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Everybody is so new over here to know about RM

Also, Kana is best doll
fuck you
suigintou best doll
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You can take your junk and shove it.
Shinku a best
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eh anything.jpg
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Shinku a shit
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You're not aloud to say that. It isn't true.
Would you wind Shinku?
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Stinku a shit! A SHIT!
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Of course. Shinku would be an amazing companion and friend. How could you not fall in love with this face, she is Alice after all.

These anons are just trying to sully her reputation and should be ignored.
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But she is shit!

This girl on the other hand is made of awesome and cute.

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That's a rather bold opinion you have and you are entitled to it. I would have preferred if you kept it to yourself though. Slut.
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Why would you do that?
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Made for despair
Why does Rozen hate her so much? Sure every doll got some flaws but she did not get a body at all.
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Because Rozen is a cunt and shinkusexual, so, how was the end? i know that Shinku "died", but what happened with the others dolls?
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desu is best doll
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Not even best twin
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Rude, there is only a single slut in RM
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Here's the best doll, everyone else is junk
File: kira43534645.jpg (707KB, 1157x1636px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But why? It is so unfair. Or does this mean her soul is perfect to make up for it?
It could be true given how cute and nice she is.
She's a retard though
Pot meet kettle
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>nice she is
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not junk.jpg
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her soul is junk uguu
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Rude, she is smarter doll, and the only one that can manage Gin
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Literally worse than Hitler
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are you eating kira?
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kira x gin.jpg
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oh look Junk is tsundere again.
Is there a single Rozen maiden doll Junk doesn't want to fuck secretly?
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How much desu is too much desu?
Why is she so much better then Stinku?
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Stop molesting your younger sisters
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Trick question: desu forever desu~
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Kanada > Gin > Boku > Hina > Kira > Dawa > Baka > Desy
The dolls look like they could fit in a touhou game desu
there's enough of them to make a game too
kekd at 4:20
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Don't worry, she got her boddy
How is the manga?
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Personally, was better than the first anime, it did justice to Kana and Boku, but is a shame that the end feel rushed
The manga is better than the anime. Scanlations for much of the second part are godawful though.
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The ones that i got from desuchan looks fine
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Sugintou is the best sister
It's a shame she doesn't act like it.
Stinku lover detected
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File: u133.jpg (282KB, 728x1067px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She does
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I don't know about the ones from desuchan, but the ones on Madokami get pretty bad at times.
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Best dolls
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Mi negro
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>can't see a shit
Somebody hasn't gone to the toilet

At the end, Gin was mostly tsundere for Kana
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Early chapters had some bad quality
I sobbed for ten minutes when Hina dies.

Was I the only one?
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You weren't, was really sad, but it was a stupid plot, the Nomad anime really did a bad job with it, in the manga, it had a worse feeling
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Best dolls.
Stinku is shit
You're right: Kun-Kun is best doll.
The series could have gone better without Jun as the protag desu
What about the new manga?
File: 1464187494271.jpg (61KB, 488x606px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please make some tea Jun-kun
I'm still waiting for something noteworthy to happen in it.
What's it about?
It happens in the Taisho era, there's one guy who is searching for Shinku because he saw her in a dream or something, I don't remember well, and there are two sisters who become the masters of Souseiseki and Suiseki. Those three are the main characters of the manga so far. There have been some mentions to a "zeroth doll" who has been created before Suigintou but the whole thing is still unclear.
Also how did the dolls end up in japan?
I don't think it's been mentioned. Suiseiseki is found by one girl in a storeroom at the guy's place, Souseiseki is mysteriously dropped at the door of the other girl. Suigintou is there just because. Kanaria and Hina are seen together somewhere in the N field.
>this is basically a sequel set in the past.

through all this, where the fuck is Kirakishou. goddammit if she's somehow the antagonist again.
File: 19-20.png (2MB, 2215x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2215x1600px
Doesn't look like it
feels like this is a stealth sequel; when she mentions that there's a 0th doll, and Kirakishou isn't even created. Gin isn't really going to talk to anyone except to Kanaria if they're characterizations were accurate to if this was a prequel.
File: 19.jpg (436KB, 1072x1539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So far Gin has only been seen interacting with the guy who's looking for Shiku so who knows?
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Thread images: 47

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