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I relate to Mikan so much, it hurts

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I relate to Mikan so much, it hurts
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BTW no new chapter this week. No raws. Sorry.
When is the next raw coming?
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I was thoroughly enjoying it until I finished the most recent chapter. God the wait is terrible.
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Probably Thursday.
>Those shitty glasses chapters.

Why does the best girl have the worst gimmick?
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It hurts to know that Shiho will most likely hook up with Shimadou.

I love/hate the future plot
I like the alien.
She's hot, thin, and dresses better than anyone in the cast.
She's also a brilliant chef, a genius student, a caring woman, a dedicated person and a beautiful pragmatist.
And she's quirky, yet proud of herself.

Alien girl is best girl and I'd take her over anyone else in the cast any day.

Mikan is 2nd place for me. She's a level below Alien in everything, but still good.

I like you.
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>Would you a dumbpire?
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relate you say.
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Has she been to the beach recently?
Not really. If she was wicked hot and into me, I might date her as an option. Who wouldn't try to date a hot girl who's legit into you?

In the context of this manga? No.

Asahi has at least 2 better options, both of which are more in love with him, in every way, than dumbpire is or possibly ever would be. In fact, she has more lust for Asahi than genuine affection. But don't get me wrong, I recognise that she realizes she has real feelings for the boy who has opened up her high school world for her and loved that he cares. But, it's his actions she likes...not necessarily Asahi himself. If another male character accepted her secret and aimed to make her happy every day, she'd love him just as much as Asahi.
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Suprised chiaka.gif
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>Asahi has at least 2 better options, both of which are more in love with him, in every way, than dumbpire is or possibly ever would be. In fact, she has more lust for Asahi than genuine affection. But don't get me wrong, I recognise that she realizes she has real feelings for the boy who has opened up her high school world for her and loved that he cares. But, it's his actions she likes...not necessarily Asahi himself. If another male character accepted her secret and aimed to make her happy every day, she'd love him just as much as Asahi.

This is the most insightful post I've ever seen about a rom-com manga. Its so insightful that I wish I could continue to expand or debate what you said because something like this would be a shame to go to waste for such a well made post that the convo doesn't continue.
I read through the whole manga for the first time last week. Aizawa is the kind of girl I want to be with. She's also just plain the sexiest/most desireable. I like thin girls that work for it, and she's never not working for it. Not out of obligation, either; she does everything for HER. That's the joke about her character; she's supposed to be doing things out of obligation (like, her mission) but she can't --- she's in love and like her life and constantly does things because she wants to and it makes her happy to do it. She'd rather take the embarrassment and punishment for acting selfishly...which is acting like a truly magnificent woman.

Plus, did I mention she's super slim and looks GREAT in absolutely EVERYTHING? 'Cause she is and she does. That's the real reason I brought up reading it recently: I regret not saving pages with her in casual clothing and cropping them down. I love her in sweaters and cardigans. I also like a woman who can cook.

Mikan is good, too. A nice housewife with all the Nagisa qualities just toned down. Where Aizawa goes ahead and confronts the fact she loves Asahi, Mikan will do anything to maintain status quo and is satisfied with any sort of relationship as long as it persists. Aizawa just wants to be honest and open.
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Good times.png
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Hahaha that made me smile. Thank you for the compliment! Take a screenshot, maybe use it later? I'm sure there will future Jitsu Wa threads as chapters come out.
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Interesting take, and I some what agree to it. However would that be grounds for breaking up? For their romantic relationship to break up it would need for Asahi to realize it. Honestly, I hope the mangaka would do so, to show that love isn't as solidified as every romance/ drama show has depicted.

As for Mikan, her dedication to her love of Asahi is starting to rub me the wrong way. It's been so long and despite losing to Youko I'm getting an impression that she has a mental issue or something and wish the mangaka would clear it up by explaining why she's so strongly in love with him for so long.
I agree on both parts as well. I feel Youko has come to love Asahi but, well, it's a little shallow on her part. As for Asahi, this philosophical examination of the "truth behind her feelings" is probably too deep and complicated for it to be something he'd ever understand. But, if he ever did, I doubt he'd care; he's just plain head-over-heels with a girl who is completely his type and she actually likes him back.

And Mikan, I feel the same way. Before, she revealed (after we, the audience, noticed) that she was in love with Asahi and decided to just be more overt in her competition for his affection. In reality, she WASN'T (and isn't, really) satisfied with being his friend and ultimately being his "silver medal" wife. In the beginning and most mid-way so far, she was willing to admit more and more of her feelings and become bolder despite the embarrassment. But now? She's almost constantly admitting she has already lost and there's no point in continuing but is a coward and won't actually move on anyway. In fact, she's becoming rapidly more depressed and their relationship is losing the friendliness it had.

All this can be perfectly acceptable if the author recognizes what is being created in the story and instead of making a "true love" rom-com, he subverts the characters instead of the situation. Basically, I want the author to begin assigning value to the characters and then measuring them.

For now, I'm fine with seeing Alien be cute and quirky while the two lust bunnies are beginning to explore their sexuality a bit more intimately as they come to understand what a relationship with the opposite sex really entails.
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The other characters are so well depicted, the realization of their love helps further develop them as a character. What has Youko realized after hooking up with Asahi? That her school life has become better? What good traits does she even have as a character?
>What good traits does she even have as a character?
I'd like the author to realize ask this question, too. As well as the audience; the MC girls shouldn't get a pass because of her status within the story. She has good traits, but I'd like the manga to explore them, expand them, and if this is a true-love story and this romance is already "won" I want to see why.

Here's a story about why I came to this romantic conclusion: I fell in love with a girl. She was pretty, she had the physical qualities I really liked. She had skills and a personality that enforced that "love-at-first-sight" appeal...and some bad traits that hurt me, too. She fell in love with me, as well.

She asked me, "why do you love me? I don't get it."
My response was, "I fell in love with who you are. Everything about you."
Then I asked, "why do you love me? What is it?"
She answered, "you compliment me. You make me feel amazing."

I came to realize (in general, not exclusively)that:
men fall in love with people
women fall in love with actions
The other traits are secondary, but important. Lust is powerful for both sexes, very powerful, but it's a little counter-intuitive how it affects their views on love.

In the case of this manga, Youko might have fallen in love with 3 completely different characters. A, B, and C. An easily-read but affable shy boy, a stoic and reserved though fanatic man, or perhaps a bad boy jerk who's secretly a huge crybaby. Who they are doesn't make a real difference; it's the fact each of them DID the same thing. They found out a girl's secret, swore to keep it at any cost and then spent everyday trying to make her happy. Youko wouldn't have fallen in love with the crybabby, fanatic or perverted side of these 3 choices, nor for their assholish, calm or embarrassing forward natures. That's not what she fell in love with. It's what they gave her. I hope the author examines this while I get more cute Aizawa.
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I also want to see Akane and Koumoto Sensei relationship in a more emotional level, a human moment if you will. Either have Akane to actually take a break from her clowning around to comfort a distressed Akari, her only family left in the world and person to put up with her, no matter how brief it is. Perhaps when Akari was much younger and put in the care of Akane, that is all I ask. I really love how Akane would help her student's predicaments in her own way.

More backstory on that relationship would be pretty cool, yes.
Is Akane slowly aging backwards?
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Man, this could be a set up for a really tragic and sad back story, but I really doubt the mangaka to follow through and dwell on it. Unfortunately, because everything has to revolve around Asahi, when he's honestly kind of boring.
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Meh one of the things that really makes me like Mikan is that she admits that she STILL likes Asahi and isn't gonna give up even after it. All the others were either in denial or just keeping it a secret.

Oh and she's also probably the most shameless character, more so than Shiho, if its concerning Asahi.
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Shiho uses her shamelessness mainly as a smokescreen. Though I wish her feeling were built up to it before suddenly coming through before Momochi's revelation. If the mangaka is able to make me feel for Shima in anyway and reveal a deeper character worthy of making Shiho happy. Because it seems to be written in stone that it will happen.
It's sad that the series is coming to an end.
This manga is fucking garbage.
Are you intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor?
Blog thread

>I actually achieved more despicable than Tomoko
>I have had more cringeworthy shit happen to me than long running fictional manga
kill me
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Why exactly do you consider it refuse dear anon? Please do tell, I'm invested some interest
Retards told me great humor was its selling point, turns out its a generic haremshit with humor for 12 year olds.
>Humor for 12 year olds

Where the fuck do you think you are for starters, and second of all, please elaborate how a subset of humor is specifically for 12 year old without being a hipster.

Protip:You can't
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So you're a bitchy asshole, eh?
Joking, she's (kinda) ok
You'll understand when you grow up and have some decent taste. For now go read AD or something.
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You never answered the question, meaning you're most definitely full of shit.

What the fuck is AD, one of your edgy manga? Such a refined anon, this one is.
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Way to show you're a kid, kid.
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>calling someone a kid
>too full of shit to logically answer original query

sure showed me
Ok, kid. I'll leave you to your safe space before you explode.
Here's a friendly reminder that no one cares that you didn't like something and we'd all appreciate if you didn't go into threads just to whine about it like a petulant child. An adult wouldn't do this sort of thing.

Seriously, how does whining accomplish anything, big man?
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Aizawa heartbreak.gif
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Why is she such a cutie?
Yosuke at the beauty pageant
It hurts.
>outlive all of your family and friends even the monsters and half demons
>Akari is too much of a spinster to make more family
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>Loves someone, but fully aware she has no chance.
>Struggles to move on from feelings

she's literally me.
Yes. Apparently she fell in love with a monk (or a monk took her in) who may have been sent to purge her at least a few hundred years ago. Her age has been regressing ever since. Just twenty some years ago she was in a later teenaged body as a teacher, now she's a preteen, maybe late-child as the principal.
That was true early on, back in 2nd year when it was revealed the origin of her glasses and why she acts like she does. That isn't true in the past 50 chapters. She is DEPRESSED. She, like the other girls in the cast, realizes Asahi is a really nice guy that all would love to be with but he's completely smitten by a dumb blonde. As a male, they can tease reactions out of him no problem, but his heart is out of their reach. And she is starting to understand that she actually doesn't like that as much as she trying to convince herself she does.

Mikan used to get right up in Asahi's business because she felt that was totally okay; she loved him and being with him was enough to make her happy. Asahi be damned, she'll take what she can get. Then he started dating another girl and while her jealousy grows despite her best to hide it, she's starting to try to be considerate of Asahi which means letting him be; let that other relationship replace any play she got before and it's making her very sour and bitter.

If we take the future, we sees Mikan redeems herself. She marries Oka. Oka is in love with her and his situation mirrors hers and Asahi's. But while Asahi won Youko, Mikan is still alone. Eventuallly (it seems) Oka is able to persuade her into seeing that he's someone she can fall in love with, too, and she matures her life by realizing chasing Asahi would make her eventually hate him.
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