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One Piece

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No chapter this week.
What did Jinbei lose?
/pol/ is planning to destroy /a/
we should do something about this
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>Robin x Franky OTP is also Russia x America OTP
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>tfw racist
>love One Piece more than anything
>realize it's leftist as fuck

Don't know how I should feel about this.
>It's not really racemixing, the chioldren aren't mixed, they are either mermaids or fishmen.
>It's more like the different phenotypes you get with certain plants,

>/pol/ actually defends this >>151760152
and puts its stupid nazi rhetoric on it

The message is literally that racemixing is fun and great. Fucking nazis should just drop the manga and fuck off.
Oda LOVES multiculturalism and we love Oda.
Is this new level of shitposting?
i fucking hate that board so goddamn much. /pol/ is cancer.
we /a/ should defend our board from /pol/ virus
I'm not saying One Piece is right-winged, but those examples hardly mean it's supposed to be left-winged. It constantly paints the World Government as evil, and foreshadows it getting destroyed by the hands of revolutionaries, who are always painted as good

You seem really upset
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Wew, One Piece is redpilled.

Better don't make your girlfriend read it, though.
Probably a Swede or German. Autism comes naturally to some.
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The best way to fight it is to ignore it. Post waifus instead.

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Sanji x Nami

Robin x Franky

Usopp x Kaya

Chopper x Milky

Zoro x Vivi

Brook x Epilogue

Luffy x Hancock

Bonney x Me

These are the official ships.
too much cancer there
One piece should have ended 15 years ago.
Remember the early chapters? That's how long an arc should be.
Fuck One Piece and its nothing happens slow pace chapters.
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Reminder that Sanji is going to beat the shit out of all his brothers, his dad, and Pudding(who is a man) all at the same time while wearing a dress.
Sanji better die already.
Funny how more and more people smell that Sanji's dead is inevitable. Yet I will always remember EVERYONE laughed at me back then: I was the only one who knew it. All of you are retarded and I will laugh at you pathetic, fat idiots.

>Oda can't achieve anything as impactful as Ace and Whitebeard dying for years now
>few small things like Fisher Tiger dying, Otohime dying with her sons trying to cheer up their sister meanwhile or Rosinante but nothing on par

He will get some comic relief stuff and some more cool moments and than that's it.

Keep in mind, whenever Oda killed off some big character, there always was some clone ready for at least some kind of replacement. Whitebeard => Kaido (basically Whitebeard 2), Blackbeard (his power), Whitebeard's "son" (comic relief related to Whitebeard and his appearance), Ace => Sabo (i.e. Ace 2), post Alabasta Mr. 2 => Bartolomeo etc.

With Sanji we just got a whole kingdom and probably literal clones. One of his brothers even shares his trait with women. Not to mention Sanji's "dream" is by far the most expendable one and they can easily get a new cook.

Sanji will get killed. Definitely. Saying this for years now, though. This new arc around him literally out of nowhere just reconfirms me. And you will all cry like little faggots the moment you see Zoro, of all characters, getting the exaggerated crying face for the first time since he lost against Mihawk when clicking "next page".

Sorry for possible spoiler.
terrible pasta
Its not pasta, and you know its true, dont question me!
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>mfw Sanji's new power-up is a retarded nosebleed gag
It's cross dressing, you fool.
Nami will make him stronger
Oda only needed that dumb gag because he needed to showcase the blood transfusion law. He doesnt need it anymore.
Would Oda be interesting to talk to IRL? Or has all this time squirrled away in his hideout drawing manga for 20 years degraded any social skills he might have?
oda always browses /pol/
so his vocabulary pretty much consists of "cuck", "Kek" "NIGGER" and "MAGA" right now? The poor soul
soon will be added unless /a/ prevent that from happen
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as annoying as the /pol/tards are spamming here, there's actually more discussion going on there than there is in OP threads on /a/
then fuck off to /pol/ you neo-nazi piece of shit
Calm down Malayfag
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>No blacks in one piece
Does /pol/ even watch that show or read the manga. How could they miss people like Getsu?
My virginity
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Why is /pol/ always wrong?
>big lips make you a nigger
>yet we are the racists
>really makes you think
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so appearantly discussing political implications
in manga and politics in fictional worlds is "offtopic" on /pol/
I just realized that all this thread on /pol/ is more relevant that whole /a/ with its repetitive waifu and moe threads. God what a shame to see that the only intelligent threads about anime are there.

>I wouldn't say it's redpilled so much as it's "honestly Japanese." The enemies are the World Government and the current antagonist is a woman who takes a soul tax from her people and wants one person from every race in her family. On the other hand, Wano is going to be about opening Japan's borders and Fishman Island was also basically about all people being equal.

>One Piece is really jump an action/adventure/comedy serial not to be taken too seriously, even though its post-timeskip topics have been very dark, but if there have been two messages that have resonated with me throughout the series. One was Dr. Hililuk's speech about how men only die when they are forgotten. The other was actually the moral of Fishman Island. Not about people being equal or whatever, but Fisher Tiger's message. Even after spending so much time with Koala, he still hated humans so much to the point that he'd rather die than have their blood in his veins. His final message before dying was that if they wanted everyone to stop hating each other so much, they had to forget the past and stop passing the cycle of hate onto their children. This is proven to have not been heeded advice when Hody Jones reveals that humans didn't do anything to him, he hates them because his idols growing up did and he doesn't want their sacrifice to be in vain.

>Either way, I love One Piece, but redpilled? >Dunno about that. It's just Japanese.

Bravo. But no need to come to /a/, you'd become shit in one day because here, mediocrity is the norm.
well ok then /a/ I hope I am welcome here

interesting idea, but I don't think it will happen.

well that page is pretty racist like this, altough it seems like an odd translation, I remember it differently
Yeah about that
How comes literally all the Islands are homogenous societys?
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Gedatsu one piece 2.png
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>He's not black because my perfect world would be ruined!
Oda even stated that your boy Usopp would be from the darkest part of Africa if this was real.
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you mean this fellow here?
yeah right how did I miss him

>mfw /a/ is more racist than /pol/
Is he based on Coolio?
God that thread on /pol/ was beautiful. A shame the Mods nuked it, it's been a long time since I saw an anime thread without shitposting, insults or memes.
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It was all complaining about blacks wasn't it?
He has nappy hair anon, he's black
his skin is white
his facial structure is white
>he is black because of his hair

Are you even trying?
Does anyone have the pic of Buggy rescuing Luffy and Nami?
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>his skin is white
>his facial structure is white
He looks like a nigga what are you talking about? Next you'll say the black pirate Buggy had with him in the beginning was white.
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/a/ is a shit board and One Piece threads especially have been gutted ever since the king /a/utists turned it into a 24/7 general to shitpost in for eternity

But don't say any of that too often or too loud or the brainless 12 year olds that plague this place might get butthurt and reply at you with a meme to cover for their insufferability and astonishing lack or originality or coherent thought. Maybe we can go back to the 2008/9 standard or having some drooling retard spam One Piece off /a/ so that actual people can discuss it on literally any other board imaginable again.
His hair is literally the only thing looking even remotely black
Anyway why was my whole thread derailed with this kind of shit? And why are you still trying it over here?

On a different note Mr.5 had an insanely strong fruit, Oda even reused a weaker version of it in Dressrosa.
>His hair is literally the only thing looking even remotely black
He literally looks like Lenny Kravitz
>Anyway why was my whole thread derailed with this kind of shit? And why are you still trying it over here?
I am just responding to you.
I have to disagree on that, they only have the same hair and glasses, I do not think the look alike.
yeah well i guess it's hard to keep the content up 24/7
That's why you don't making threads 24 fucking 7 and why generals are cancer of the anus of the AIDS
Look at that beautiful chin and think again.
Jinbei probably lost a few years of his life
quite possible actually
kinda reminds of that guy from Dragonball
would also be a good excuse for Sanji to break his code regarding girls
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