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So did any of /a/'s ideas this year caught your eye?

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So did any of /a/'s ideas this year caught your eye?
>Oh no, I'm going to be late for the first day of school!
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Door Punch.jpg
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Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turn into a door.
Then you found out that's where ALL doors come from, and you got initiated into a murder club that makes doors. The stronger you punch, the better the door. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Venetian doors and shit.
I want a Magical Girl X-Com anime
A manga about a dude that lives in the streets and eventually manages to live like a normal person.
The manga/anime would show how shitty is to be homeless.
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It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns, publicly released into the night sky.

People carrying AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The plot follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern. The young woman sees the young man answering the sky lanterns as an excuse to neglect the losses he suffered. The young man sees the young woman as a lonely person using the sky lanterns in hopes of find meaning in her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to understand each other, eventually leading them to answer one another’s sky lantern request: helping the young man accept separation and finding a purpose in life for the young woman.

Now with its own OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg4TeiqWwVU
And ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8ubInQcVAY
>Starts off as general dark magical girl deconstruction
>Mc says fuck that and starts trying to win through the power of friendship
>Girls think she is stupid at first but eventually start to get pulled to her way of thinking
>Stops magical girl suffering through the power of FRIENDSHIP
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a battle academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
I guess I'll post it again.

MC's father is a meteorologist who travels to a new town to investigate unusual weather phenomena. On the first day of school, MC meets three enchanting girls, Tiffany Thunder, Tahlia Tsunami, and Theresa Tornado. He soon discovers that their emotions are linked to the weather and they are the cause of the odd weather. All three girls soon fall for MC and he has to balance the love triangle in order to avoid catastrophic weather. In the climax, at the eye of the storm, Tornado has drowned in a flood caused by Tsunami's tears as a result of Thunder's actions. MC realizes that he can bring Tornado back by shocking her to life, so he deliberately enrages Thunder so he gets struck by lightning while touching Tornado's chest in a makeshift defibrillation.

The death of MC makes their emotions go haywire simultaneously resulting in a timequake where they can reverse time, but they must pick between one of three timelines, one for each potential relationship.

I call it Tsunderestorm.
Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turn into a clock.
Then you found out that's where ALL clocks come from, and you got initiated into a murder club that makes clocks. The stronger you punch, the better the clock. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Big Ben clocks and shit.
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I think this is the first time that was posted, but I feel like there was another time, where it was written really well, but I can never dredge that post up.
In a post-apocalyptic land with a sci-fi/fantasy twist, the sun has exploded, leaving Earth decimated into 5 islands. With the light now in the hands of all existing being, light is now a form of energy (fantasy: energy source for all living things, like plants and animals). Light comes in 4 different colors, from blue, orange, green, and red. Green and red are rare, with blue and orange are just regular people living normal lives, but light is also a form of warmth, since with no sun, there is no heat. Light is not always used by the human, they need bring it out to use it. Light is shown as a tint on the skin, the light, that is within the body, is covered by the skin, so the light is illuminating the body.
A thousand years later, there is a king (King has been here since 2016, when the sun has exploded, because he is immortal) who controls the drug industry, and the majority of all businesses without being known. With his red light, he is able to create anything he imagines, so he created a king to control the people without him being out in the open. The puppet king (rules over all 5 islands) is loved by all people since he is kind, and generous. Jax, main character, has the green light, and Tom, his adopted father, find a whole cavern full of lux rock (energy/power source). Hunter, affected by the drugs (more description), losing his parents early to it, he has lived in the southern islands for a long time. Jax goes on an adventure with Hunter after the death of his dad (killed by King because of lux rock business). Jax and Hunter go to southern island where there life changes forever.
I smell the next Keit-ai in the making!
Beyond death, the soul stands before the court of the Judge, who lays bare the soul's actions and gives them one chance to confess their regrets in life.

To harbor any regret at all is to be subjected to the Relapse system, where the soul accompanies their naive former self and guides them towards a different future.

Many characters abuse the system to Relapse, and become their own worst enemies down the line, because should that former self end up harboring their own regret, all connected souls shall Relapse together into another of themselves. The soul that won the lottery, the soul that mastered many skills, the soul that made humanity extinct, and countless others coexist in a cacophony of desire.
>mods keep deleting Keit-ai in 2016
>it becomes the highest grossing Japanese film of 2016

Really makes you think.
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It'd be nice to actually write it, but unfortunately, I am not japanese, so I can't actually make animes or mangas. It's a shame. Like, what can I do? Write it in english and translate it to japanese so they can make it and eventually give it english subtitles so I can watch it?

That makes no fucking sense.
>So did any of /a/'s ideas this year caught your eye?
Only a handful. Wish we made more memes.
A classic.
I liked the idea I saw of an isekai following the inhabitants of a fantasy world having to deal with japanese NEETs being resurrected there all the time with broken powers.
MC is a mangaka whose manga just got canned by a big time magazine. Her manga was about this serial killer guy who goes around killing people for reasons. Anyways as she goes back to the drawing board to start something new, a string of murders started occurring and the victims were all killed in the same manner as the MC's serial killer character does. A detective dude in charge of the investigation befriends the MC to help him with information on the manga and thus a cat and mouse game begins to catch this copycat serial killer.

Plot twist: There was no copycat, it was the MC's character all along who literally comes to life and calls her "mom".
This is the story about that guy in MC's class who is always trying to help him to get the girl. That guy who always makes the ranking of the best girls of their school. That guy who is always trying to get the measurements of the female students.

This is his daily life story, about all the problems he must overcome in order to fulfill those goals.
Imagine yuris that actually end fuggin :D
don't mind me just trying something out
Its called Alien 9
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A story about magical girls racing competitively using their magical staffs.
Literally just an anime parody series of famous shows. Something different every time.

>to catch a predator anime

Tentacle monster goes to a loli's house and hansen-sama asks him to take a seat and explain what he's doing there. The tentacle monster tries to lie and say that the loli told him she was really a ten thousand year old goddess, but he doesn't know that Hansen has the chat logs. And he has no idea what's waiting for him outside.

>Pawnstars anime

Washed up anime characters try to sell their quest items to rick-sama. "Four dragonballs? without the whole set, I can't get the dragon in here to tell me what it's worth."

You could do everything. Hell's Kitchen, Saw, seinfeld, it'd be hilarious.
Not even a contest
of course it's not a contest anon, he just asked you what ideas caught your eye this year. You can't even get it wrong, so long as you answer truthfully.
A girl falls in love with a girl. Unable to confess, because that's forbidden love, the girl leaves school and travels the world. She eventually becomes an assassin. The girl she loved becomes an interpol agent tasked with bringing this assassin to justice.
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A heavily-experimented disfigured human with various modifications for combat is forced to mate with a female bio-weapon to create the ultimate lifeform. They develop a bond of sorts despite their loss of humanity and articulation, and end up having a daughter. After seeing her get taken away by scientists, the two plot to break free of their chambers, rescue their child, and regain their humanity.

After examining the databases, they discover that they were a newlywed couple kidnapped on their honeymoon ten years ago by a secret government project. The three of them manage to escape the facility after killing everyone inside, and proceed to go out to live the peaceful life they always wanted

The protagonists start out incapable of coherent speech, and the scientists do most of the talking. As the series progresses, so does their humanity.
>/a/ stale memes become real once again
This site will never cease to amaze me.
If we had a direct XCOM series that would be sweeet. Just played some of xcom 2 earlier today, getting pissed at all the party wipes then remembering why I like the game so much.
Popular Magical Girl gets her own "reality tv series" where cameras follow her around for a year of her life. Fighting evil, while attending high school and dealing with all sorts of problems that a magical girl would face in her daily life. Complete with her giving testimonials ( Reel World style) throughout each episode.
A story told in the same vein as "The Office" and "Parks and Recreations"...

>generic ecchi romcom
>isekai power fantasy
>grimdark revenge story

"This is the power of FRIENDSHIP!"

>Main villain stares at the camera and rolls his eyes
>Cut to interview with villain

"Friendship? Really? I know that word gets thrown around a lot, but I don't think anyone knows what that friendship means anymore. Last time I checked, I wasn't casting laser beams because I had brunch with my golfing buddy. Just be honest and say you don't know. C'mon."
>Girls und Rüstung
>sol in a high fantasy setting
>absolute lethal shit happen all the time but gets just shrugged off like in GuP
>every character except of the female mc is a carbon copy of existing anime/manga



and many others
In Alternate Earth, Magic & Battle Academy have been erected to protect humanity. However, MC is not employed on one of those schools. Instead, he learn how to fight and do magic in unorthodox way : adapting, combining, and even crafting new magic from each academy. In fact, MC lives his life as a Hunter (which is seen as an obsolete job in this world).

Hailed from a hunting village on northern continent, MC usually partakes in hunting beasts, monster, or animals with the remaining elders in that village, as most of the residents already migrated to the main city or central continent.Until one day, a mysterious elder invites him to become the Craft Watcher, a mysterious and discreet organization whose purpose to observe and keep an eye on Magic Academies then report it back to the organization. In case of emergency or severe accident occur in those school, Craft Watchers will be dispatched into said school and neutralize the situation, without being recognized (meaning he has to go undercover, just think this as Secret Service for Magic).

Feeling bored and languid in the village, MC agree to join said organization and will be given the code name "Kothar" (Or Kotaro in Nihon, MC's real name will not be revealed for a long time). Now MC, along with the other Craft Watchers, will travel the entire world to visit Magic Academy then observe the situation in there. While at it, MC will learn Magic or Battle of the said school, which he will use for daily hindrance in his task. The other job is to seek illegal, forbidden or obscure Magic Academies that have stayed hidden somewhere in this world then ban them down (or destroy them if they resist).

The usual anime failure-and-unpopular-but-have-hidden-skill-and-will-attract-girls school boy will attend in one of those school, together with their harem hijinks and other kind of shit that you've usually seen in LN. But the point of view will be taken from our new MC.
A man gets stuck in a single-day time loop and has the same vague dream every morning as he's waking up. Nothing he does, including death, manages to break the loop, and the final episode of his favorite anime is airing tomorrow.

After many loops (in which he does all the typical time loop shit), he notices an anomaly in the pattern. He discovers another person is stuck in this time loop with him, and that person is also having the same vague dream. They think that the dream holds the key to breaking the loop.

At first they cooperate, trying to break the loop by working together, but nothing seems to work. Paranoia begins to set in and the eventual result is the two waging war on each other. Every loop, they kill each other in increasingly ridiculous and elaborate ways in order to figure out what the dream is telling them.

Possible scenes
>performing horrifying experiments on each other
>they begin referring to civilians as NPCs
>player 1 bangs player 2's mother as revenge for something done in a previous loop
>every few loops they have a "truce day" to discuss rules of engagement and what they've learned
>eventually they start pointing their guns at themselves when cornered to that they can reset the loop rather than submit to the other one

I just don't know what the actual solution to the time loop would be. The only way it'd work is as a comedy, though.
Man successfully tricks the Japan's population into idolizing a waifubait pop star who is actually a hologram.
One day, a strange virus covered the entire world and now every girl has become a mini giantess. The average female height is 2.5 meters now. Men stayed the same, though.
MC is a volleyball teacher and now he must manage a whole team of huge players.

Genres: Romance, Sports.
Tags: guro, reverse birthing
> Have an episode where she discovers the tons of /34/ based on her on the web

I just want a manga mc to pull the traditional discourse of friendship to the villain, and after he finishes, one of his friends smacks the villain right from behind. Then, they look at each other, give each other a thumbs up or a high five while shouting "FRIENDSHIP!", as a rainbow bursts out in the background.
Mcs background is complete dog shit. Has potential if the mc doesn't have a generic personality like most magic battle school anime MCs. Make him chill like Kazuma from kaze no stigma and bold like Kazuma from konosuba. Also would be cool to see him travel to the different schools like a different setting every 5 or something episodes. Make him atleast 18 years old.
Did you even read them all? he's not one of those generic personality like most magic battle school anime MCs, but there's another character for that kind of type in one of the Magic School.

The MC does not go to Magic school, he's been employed by the organization that observe and watch the Magic Schools right from the start at his home village. The rest what you've said is the exact thing that I've just written.
Something with time travel

Even if it's shit time travel always sells
A "deep" and "intellectual" anime about university professor and a Yakuza boss, they secretly get together drink, wander and talk about philosophical things.

Season finale boss gets murdered and of course s2 never
My dream show would be to get 20 manga artists all together and write an MC
Each MC would get 3 episodes totaling 60 episodes per arc
At the end of each arc 5 are killed off

Mc's can travel together or kill other Mc's
It'll be in the vein of a survival anime with the theme being of Dante's Purgatory
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MC joins the Sauna club when he enters high school. Little did he know that they were going to use unisex saunas...

Sauna club starts practicing for the upcoming championships.

13 episodes. MAL rating about 6 but many people watch it anyway.

Genres: Parody, Comedy, Ecchi
In the final showdown, MC's rival gets disqualified for passing out. MC gets disqualified for fucking dying. A side character who gave up in ep 11 wins. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Sauna_Championships#2010_incident
The one with the power to save the world is a melancholy depressed man. He's lost everything and has no drive to do what it takes to drive off evil this time. He would rather just watch it burn. Our main character is a girl who has to cheer him up somehow and transform into the hero he once was.
The ground is an old town where noone ever moved in.
Everyone falls into melancholy and they eventually off themselves from how boring the routine is. MC is trying to save as big amount of people, but realizes they don´t care.
He moves away, never to look back.
Would it also have gluesome death scenes?
2deep4u mindfuck that pretends to be much more than it actually is. Main Character's a generic Rei clone #9001, who's naked body washes up on the shore of a frigid frozen wasteland that is nothing but ice-sheets and glaciers. Seemingly defying all odds, she nonchalantly removes herself from the freezing waters, soaking and wet, and just drifts aimlessly in the sub-zero ice desert without protest. Rest of the anime is just disjointed flashbacks with a convoluted story leading up to why the MC's drifted to Antarctica and the final episode is just 25 minutes of the MC freezing to death and waking up back home.

Gets praised by retards.
Sounds pretty good.
I think the secret to good writing is just absolute contempt for your audience and not giving a fuck. One of the best ideas I came up with was just cause I was funposting on here and parodying some other anon's story idea and people really liked it. And Evangelion was good because of pretty much the same reason.
So there's a guy who believes in free sneezing because humans have evolved to get that crap as far from our noses as possible, but we screw it up by covering and keeping it close so whenever he sneezes he doesn't block it at all. Anyway, one day this guy wakes up in a fantasy world.
File: duck girl.png (100KB, 453x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
duck girl.png
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a cute blonde loli grows a duck between her legs and uses it to solve people's problems and eventually stop a war that threatens the survival of the human race
An edgy disgruntled, paranoid, jaded man in his 20s arms himself with a shotgun, and an arsenal of unconventional torture tools and vows to slaughter every magical girl alive. Becomes the evangelion of anime
Fund it
Does it need to have a definite end? Having MC and Antagonist fade into the folds of the loop's oblivion is always an option, wanting a tomorrow that simply will never come.

Wanna work together on it? I figure you want another writer to play the role of Antagonist.
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this is better.
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>They decide to give each other their darkest, most private secrets so they can conquer the heart of their other selves.
Protagonist makes a deal with a cosmic entity for friends and a fulfilling life in exchange for his soul.

The deal goes as such, in this first lifetime the MC will make 12 amazing friends and find a lover who is bound to him and him to her. His life is wonderful beyond compare and he dies at a ripe old age beside his lover who goes with him just seconds later.

Then he does it again, but this time with only 11 friends and his lover. He can't remember his past life or his friend but somehow still feels the loss incurred by his absence but is otherwise content with his life and finds joy and happiness.

Each lifetime brings with it the loss of another friend and each time he feels it more and more closely. The emptiness begins to eat away at him with each lifetime while he progresses through different time periods like living in a futuristic utopia or in the bombed out shells of a post apocalyptic city or in the wondrous space stations that are heading towards new planets.

In his penultimate lifetime he only has lover by his side. He cherishes her and adores her while trying to ignore the pain and emptiness that consumes his everywhere else. When it's finally time to go he weeps maddeningly and promises he'll never forget her even without understanding why.

His final lifetime is him all by himself. In this lifetime he remembers with perfect clarity everything that he lived through and everything that he's lost. This final lifetime is marked by quiet somber reflection on the deal he made and how he benefited from it. His only companion this time is the cosmic entity who comes around every once in a while to tease him for his reactions.

On his deathbed the entity reveals that it was actually his lover taken a human form and that いt can take him away to dimension where his friends are waiting.
> "It's a small world after all"

literally the plot is the protagonist gets a gun and goes on a multiverse killing spree, picking up form equally deranged friends along the way.
I'd watch a show just about the first girl.
>Title is Lane Changer J
>Starts off as a gag show about a salaryman with the exceptional ability to merge into traffic
>Turns into an action-drama where salaryman gets paid by the yakuza to race in streetraces
>Salaryman's wife is a high-ranking police official so he's gotta keep shit a secret
Our protagonist is shot and killed by an assassin.
But not just any assassin: a magic one.
He's cursed so his bullets turn his targets into famous historical figures, but because he never missess the vitals, this is inconsequential.
However, this time the bullet turns our protagonist into Jesus Christ, so after three days he resurrects and swears revenge.

He tracks down his killer by following the bodies of dead famous people, but finds out that because he's Jesus, he's not allowed to directly kill anyone.

So he has to get a magic spear that has the power to kill the main character of any book it impales, then follow his killer around and write a biography about him to finally kill him.
Congratulations. At first I was like:

>that's retarded, I wouldn't watch it

Then I kept reading and said:

>that's so retarded I might watch it
Yet another anon's idea I want to make real. I have too many as is.
>normalfag guy with girlfriend is interested in literature club as soon as he enters high school
>club is ruled by 3 otaku guys and 1 plain fujo fanatically reading trashy light novels and writing them too. They desperately need MC to join
>MC doesn't even try to join, and after class hangs out with his gf, talking about what happened earlier that day and making fun of LN cliches. MC ends up making up a really bad story full of cliches to mock the idea.
>Girlfriend, however, gets invested before the MC could realize. For the gf, it isn't a joke anymore, it sounds like a good story. "You should write that" She says. "It might actually sell". GF is actually an avid LN reader in the closet until that moment.
>GF convinces MC to join the club just for that semester to see how it goes because she makes him promise her that for her birthday he'll give her his light novel.
>Rest of the series is about how to write trashy light novels that sell. The MC tries to add an interesting protagonist just to be shut down by the club, telling them that readers won't be able to project themselves into the MC. Writing relationships into the story gets dumbed down to generic harem and good for nothing best friend of the MC. Setting and rules within the story are made less complicated than originally planned, and it goes for "as long as it's cool at the moment, it'll work out. Don't limit yourself, MC-kun"
>MC hates the entire semester as he writes the shittiest most putrid LN.
>Gets actual publication, a parody of A1 Pictures picks it up for an anime even.
>Title of the light novel in-story is "My imouto is in love with me but I'm trapped in a fantasy world while okasan is jerking me off in real life without my consent but I still remain pure hearted in this wonderful world of lolis" or something along those lines.
>I call it "My girlfriend convinced me to write trash but it's making me rich".
So what's your idea?
Omega Double

.01% of the human population develops psychic powers, divided between Espers (extrasensory perception/communication, such as telepathy, empathy, precognition, etc.) and Kinetics (people who can move objects or molecules with their willpower) and ranked from Alpha (barely there) to Omega (potentially world-devastating). Doubles are people with both sides of the spectrum, but they're usually not very strong, with the strongest being an Epsilon.

The governments of the major nations reserve the right to forcibly conscript any psychic above Epsilon level and all precogs. Raids between nations to scoop up "wild" psychics are common as each one tries to gather enough power to take over or at least prevent themselves from being taken over by someone else.

The high-level precognitive psychics predict the births of two Omega Doubles, a male on October 31st and a female on December 25, but they are preemptively coerced against revealing this from the future by the psychics themselves.

The boy, Samhain O'Donnall, grows up in America, reading superhero comics that have been banned because the government doesn't want those with powers to think they can use them without government permission. The girl, Akihara Yule, grows up in Japan, trying to keep her powers a secret and live a "normal" life. When Yule turns 18, Samhain travels to Japan and tries to convince her that they should work together to win freedom for everyone.
>combines settings from the legend of zelda skyward sword and final fantasy crystal chronicles
>world above clouds is peaceful, no miasma, just a bunch of floating islands
>world below the clouds is full of miasma and pretty much kills and/or turns every human into monsters.
>airship malfunctions and crashes through the clouds
>mc-kun was a prisoner and survives
>half is body gets transformed due to miasma-poisoning
>finds a crystal which grants him immunity to the miasma
>he is half beast half human
>begins travelling the world
>finds humans that evolved into other species to survive on earth (cat ear-waifus and such)

I'm actually already writing this shit
It's the end of the world, and everyone knows it.
The show is a series of vignettes about how the human spirit reacts to the end of the world.
1 - Despair: One man decides to go out on his own terms, to, as he puts it, "Beat the rush."
2 - Escape: A meteor is hurtling inexorably towards the earth. A coalition of the world's greatest minds attempts to figure out how to get as many people off planet as fast as possible.
3 - Passion: Two young people have recently fallen in love, and have just confessed when they get the news.
4 - Closure: A middle aged business man is determined to settle his debts with everyone so he can head to the hereafter with a clean slate.
5 - Vengeance: One man's quest to get even with everyone who's wronged him.
6 - Madness: A retreat into the fantasies of a woman in a dead end career, as she gives up on sanity in the face of Armageddon.
7 - War: Two warring factions have their final conflict, both believing that they will be the ones left to see the end.
8 - Loneliness: A shut in gets the news, and he becomes afraid that he will die friendless.
9 - Duty: A postman does the job that has to be done, delivering a son's last letter to his mother.
10 - Rapture: A group of religious people gets together for their last service, confident and joyous.
11 - Greed: One man takes his belief in "He who dies with the most toys wins" to the logical extreme.
12 - Memories: An elderly couple sits on the porch, looking out and fondly remembering their life together.
We already have flop floppers.
In the somewhat near future, virtual reality's hit the mainstream market and takes the world by storm, under the condition that virtual reality can only be hosted in select locations in various cities around the world and it's illegal to own a virtual reality machine in your home due to the dangers it poses to your health and psyche. Most of humanity chooses to spend their lives in virtual reality, their real, physical bodies being stored in tubes and wired up in the various select virtual reality stations around the globe, robots and computers tending to their health. Some people only stay in VR for hours at a time, some for days, some for weeks, months, years even, and some have been in virtual reality for decades without signing off even once. Productivity in the real world would have grinded to a halt if it weren't for the development of heavily advanced AI robots, who do the work that mankind's too lazy to do anymore. The very few humans not addicted to VR are rural folk, or third-worlders.

The main character is an artificial intelligence, and a super computer tasked with taking care of everybody across the globe who's in VR via being linked to the various facilities. The super computer often takes the persona of a little girl when hopping through people's various VRs, which are tailored and completely unique to the individual person. People in VR are practically gods in their own, made up worlds.

When news of an impending doom of apocalyptic proportions breaks out that could easily be stopped with human intervention, the main character is tasked with trying to wake people up, but will they listen? Most don't. Many people don't even see the real world as reality anymore. MC hops through people's various realities, being pitted against the contents of their worlds, from SoL romcoms, to high fantasy, to cyberpunk neo-tokyos, trying to wake people up, and making various friends along the way. MC also starts to act much more human as the episodes go on.
Please tell me you're making it real, I need my binge of self-reflection in the face of oblivion.
>MC is a third year middle schooler who is beautiful, intelligent, and immensely popular.
>Gained her popularity by turning her back on her childhood friend, leaving him at the mercy of bullies.
>CF commits suicide during their sports festival in third year, which MC blames herself for as she was the last to really talk to him.
>2 years later, MC has suffered academically and socially, still feeling guilty for starting the events that led her friend to die.
>She's prepared to jump off a bridge when a mysterious figure appears.
>The figure is from a group that makes sure aberrations in timelines and alternate universes are repaired.
>CF is supposed to be an important historical figure, and his suicide has disrupted the flow of events in this world.
>Figure has traced it back to first year of middle school, and tells the girl he can send her back in time to repair the timeline and ensure the key events in CF's life play out properly.
>She agrees, and the Figure sends her back in time.
>However, instead of ending up in her body, she ends up in her friend's. Figure is new to this job and screwed up the transfer and can't reverse it.
>MC has to live as her best friend. She's mentally herself, but her body reacts as his would (she experiences anxiety as he did).
>Series is about her figuring out what her friend is supposed to do and confronting the things that would lead to his untimely death, including a version of her past self.
>tfw learning Japanese for the express purpose of moving to Japan and writing light novels in Japanese with these ideas so that some of them might just get turned into anime someday
13. Sexpalooza Nudity and Drugs action murder violence episode fiesta finale
I'm taking the alternate approach of writing stories here in the States and amassing enough influence and money to pay Japan directly for the anime. I wish you luck.
A 16-year old whose mind has been poisoned by harem manga enrolls in a school with an improbable male-to-female ratio such that harem-type relationship circles become expected.

Determined to get a harem of his own, checklist in hand, each episode follows his misadventures as he tries to get his own group of groupies.

He goes off in pursuit of an angry, flat-chested redhead. Unfortunately, when he bumps into her and gropes her, not only is she *not* angry, but she was slightly aroused by his boldness, and immediately skips to dere.
Cursing, he beats feet and tries to find another.

When he tries to convince a short, white-haired girl to be his token stoic loli, she rolls up her sleeves, puts on a commissar cap, whips out a wooden sword, knocks him on his ass, before kicking him in the gut and stomping off.

He tries to build his harem, but everyone is of the wrong archetype.

Other characters he tries to recruit include:
-Large-breasted drill hair blonde ojou who is very sheltered. She is a neet.

-Girl that everyone assumes is just being chuu2, but has an actual demon in her eye

-A yandere fujoshi who is intent on preserving the (assumed) homoerotic relationships of A-kun, one of the MC's male friends. As of a month in, the MC doesn't have a proper harem, so she assumes he was gay and so keeps trying to forcibly ship the MC with A-kun.
It's a little over a century into the future, and the planet is so over-populated that most countries can not take more people. However, an efficient, renewable, powerful energy source was created just before this problem reached it's peak and using this energy artificial islands were built around the globe with the energy powering them.

MC is a /huge/ delinquent. He's actually a really strong delinquent, has his own title and gang n shit. Despite his apparent strength, MC is plagued by re-occurring nightmares in which he is a person he does not know getting killed by 'something', and it's a different person each time. The dreams are vivid enough to instill a strong fear of death into him, which causes him to strive for power. As his status expands and the rumors about him swell, he is approached by a strange blonde boy in a park one night. After a brief conversation, the blonde attacks MC, and MC can't fight him off at all. Confused by the attack and bewildered by his first ever loss in a fight, the blonde assailant pulls a kind of sword from seemingly nowhere, and stabs it through MC's heart, followed by his head. An unfortunate girl who was coming back from a convenience store happened upon the scene. The blonde offers her his condolences, and is about to cut her down.

He's stabbed in the shoulder from behind by a tendril extending from the once-again standing MC, who has lost most of his human features and is seemingly running on instinct. Blonde is revealed to not be human as well, and he and MC fight to the death. MC prevails, then he "consumes" his foes corpse. As MC finishes his "meal", he sets his sights on the panicked girl. Before he can get at her, he's knocked aside by a group of strangers, who somehow put him to sleep. Shortly afterwards, the relieved girl faints.

MC is awoken by dreams of an alien world, a war, a mission, a warning, and lastly his blonde attacker's death at the 'something''s hand.
I would watch it
World ends, groups of people are sent back to the beginning of time with their bodies and memories intact. They either become “observers” or “historians” (placeholder name), able to either observe the changing landscapes of the world (similar to the God of the New Testament) or change the outcome of the world (similar to mythological gods or the God of the Old Testament). The show follows both an observer and a historian throughout the entire history of this new Earth. Other notes: observers are able to influence the world, but not directly. They can “descend” to Earth and attempt to cause the lifeforms (protozoan all the way to highest evolved life) to change the world on their own. Historians can also influence others to shape the world, but prefer to do it themselves. Both observers and historians are immortal, unaging, and unable to be seen unless they want to be. Though the observers and historians are not opposing factions, the two main characters have slightly different ideal visions of the world (neither good nor bad: there’s no real “protagonist” or “antagonist” in the series).

I'm also currently working on a children's story about a mouse that goes into space and has a nihilistic ending (I'm not very good at writing for children) which might be fun to see animated.
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MC is an average highschool student. He has a crush on a certain girl from his class. He wants to spend more time with her so he decides to join the club she belongs to. That club is the Forgery Club, a club that falsifies random objects: papers, art, etc. Every episode, a new request is sent to this club and they try to deliver. Meanwhile, MC and her crush's relationship will develop.

Genres: Slice of Life, Romance.
A harem series where the MC isn't the one with the harem, his best friend is, making him the obligatory only guy friend

For comedy it would involve the MC marveling at his best friends density and over willingness to help people, Also toying with the harem girls that surrounds his friend and trying to balance out tension in the harem as well as forces outside like a group of other male students who would probably like nothing more to see said friend at the bottom of a river.

If there would be any form of drama it would be in the fact that the MC is not in the center and is usually ignored and left alone with nothing but his insecurities, loneliness, and desperate need for approval that all often result in self-destructive actions that devastate those who normally would be considered his friends.

And the biggest thing that would affect him is it wouldn't be uncommon for a girl to use him to try and get close to the friend which is something he's used to, or at least should be used to by now. This would of happened so much that say latter on someone actually confess there feelings for him, that he cannot fall in love with any thing by it a girl, boy, right hand, etc.

If it was a LN, the writing style would steal heavily from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and if it was an anime, the directing would steal heavily from Edger Wright movies.

>My Son is Dating a 2D Girl!
A divorced, lonely mother becomes concerned about her son's increasing isolation, one day while exploring his room she discovers that he has a 2D "waifu", and thus rejects the idea of real women. Wanting to prove there is still good women out there the mother takes it upon herself to become her son's girlfriend.

Also how come there's no manga or anime about someone actually winning the lottery? You'd think it would have a few series about it but it seems like it has potential.
A prostate cancer cell's brave quest to multiply and kill his host.
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