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Is this show a meme?

I kept hearing praises about Gunbuster, how it's one of the best pre-2000 anime, how it pioneered the "mecha existentialism" genre and all that good stuff.

I finally got around to watching it, and it's just bad. Mediocre at best.
I'm not bashing the art/animation, it's pretty impressive and aged rather well. I'm not even going to bash the mecha design, even though every mech besides Gunbuster is a some bland humanoid robot that fights with a fucking electrified stick.
The OST is great, but everything else about it is just garbage.

If they were going for the 2deep4u/existentialism themes, you would think the characters should be well-written, with a lot of inner-monologues and overall character development. There's nothing like that in this show.
The characters don't even have any personality besides one-two traits they keep shoving in your face in every fucking scene as if afraid the viewers will forget about them.

None of the character interactions even fucking matter, because any conclusion reached in said interaction is going to be disregarded in the next scene anyway. Onee-san switches between respecting and despising MC every 10 minutes without any reason to flip her switch whatsoever.
MC falls in love over the course of 2 minutes, just because she shared a drink with some random guy and "he looked cool I guess" to the point where she fights spooky aliens to avenge her first love.

This show is garbage.
Coach was the only well-writen character.
Its about boobs physics you faggot
It pioneered the good ol tit bouce
I don't know why the fuck you thought it was supposed to be like that, or who told you it was, but it's not. It's a fucking tennis anime in space.

You've missed the point completely and now you're yelling about a problem that doesn't exist.
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Gunbuster is a shameless otaku cash grab that Gainax made solely to recoup their losses from The Wings of Honneamise. It is nothing but a trashy hentai in disguise. There are even official porn games of it.

>Wings of Honneamise
Literally the greatest anime film of all time. A truly beautiful and ambitious film, tastefully done and with a good message.

>Gurren Lagann
All bullshit that panders to waifufags with no standards.

What happened?
GunBuster abridged:
>this is fucking boring yo
>oh shit titties I didn't know there would be titties
>where did the color go
>time to watch DieBuster
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>Mediocre at best
You either have really highs standards or shit taste. Oh and you're also a homosexual.
It's pretty retarded most of the way through but the last 5 minutes are kind of memorable I guess
Gurren Lagann is one of the most schizophrenic animes I have ever seen. It can't decide when to cut the fanservice or when to advance the plot.
You must not watch a lot of anime.
stopped reading after ( it's one of the best pre-2000 anime)

gunbuster is an overrated mediocrity anon . it's attack on titans in space nothing special about it ! only Nostalgiafag like it because they watched it when they were 8 years old
Jesus, this thread is bullshit after bullshit, but this takes the cake >>151618061. AoT in space? What in the actual fuck. How many shows have you watched to make a stupid parallel like that? You are a bigger faggot than OP that thinks anything that doesn't correspond to his pretentious expectations is shit by default.
If they recommended it to you for the plot, they were trolling you. The plot is obviously not something that could've fit in 6 OVAs and they crammed in everything they could think of with no regards to pacing or proper character development. The point of watching it is honestly for the animation, Noriko's GAR battle cries and the gradual increase in the scale of the conflict to crazy levels. Although story-wise there is a concept I found to be handled rather interestingly and that was the relative passage of time in space that led characters to age differently from one another. Not something I see that often in sci-fi even though it's a rather basic concept.

Go watch Diebuster though, the central characters and pacing are better handled.
>Is this show a meme?
Yeah. Heads up, Diebuster is one too, even if it is slightly better than Gunbuster.
fuck off snop . you know it's true
>You need to be over 18 to post on this site.
Yes, that's why you should leave.
diebuster is pure shit
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Says the one whose only argument was
>they flash boobs every 10 minutes so you are retarded and gay for disliking the show
Stop posting any time.
That wasn't me, I was just pointing out the irony of you calling other people underage while misusing the quote function in the most retarded manner possible.
>stop posting anytime
You first.
>t-that wasn't me! I s-swear!!
Sure. Poster count not incrementing at all must be just a bug then, right?
>you misused the quote function because I said so
You might be unironically autistic.
your taste probably just hasn't matured enough to enjoy it

embracing trashy ecchi is the road to enlightenment
It surely hasn't aged well. It was hard for me to take the robots doing pushups seriously, but I thought it took the theme of time flowing differently for everyone well. I think its more famous for being a proto eva
What the fuck is this new /a/? This shit was lauded years ago on here; rightfully so, gunbuster is fucking awesome.

Op and everybody else, are just a bunch of faggots.
Its The Forever War but dumbed down and with underage women who cry every minute.

Gunbuster is a parody on both real and super robot and also a classic tennis anime called Ace wo nerae.
As for the sci-fi themes, it deals with sub-space travelling and time theory, not existentialism.
Nah Gunbuster as about that feeling of being gone a long time and then coming back home. People are right in saying its a bit muddled and confused in doing this but it does it pretty well. The scenes with the massive age discrepancies due to time dilation most fully represent this, they're pretty genius imo.

Diebuster is a lot more focused and better. It makes some very insane yet consistent imaginative leaps. I realised the other day that when Nicolas is discussing what type of body Casio's into he makes a gesture with his hands that could both be the shape of a curvy woman and also a snowman.

Who makes shit like this? Its insane
Huh, I was sort of on OP's side at first, but this is a really good argument.
>babby watches his first pre-2013 anime: the post
Yeah Gunbuster is bad because it's literally a shitty knock off of a classic.
Anno really can't do anything but copy others who do it much better.
I didn't know it was possible for so many idiots to come together in a single thread and troll me so efficiently. I'm kinda impressed, actually.
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 4

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