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ITT: Write an Anime Plot

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"Mix two unlikely genres together" edition.
A story about how anime and manga gets banned by the Japanese government under the context of it killing today's youth.

All the studios/publishing companies becomes a mafia like entity, rivaling the Yakuza and operates underground.

MC is a shut in NEET who together with other NEETs in his apartment complex saw this opportunity and form a small gang who works for these studios in smuggling and selling their products on the streets.

The story is basically the MC, his NEET neighbor and a third character who is a Yakuza enforcer who under the orders of his family boss are trying get into the manga/anime business. They go around selling them to clients in which many of the deals will go well but some of them will go wrong like dealing with a couple of otakus who wants to rip them off, nearly getting caught by an undercover agent etc. Hijinks ensue.

Towards the middle of the show, MC becomes an incredibly rich gangster but something still doesn't feel right and his curiosity leads him to find out about the real reason why anime and manga were banned in the first place.
MC was just a regular high school studen untill one day a transfer student joins the class... Just your classic Love Triangle, Mecha Pilot, Time Travel, Magical Powers, Demons, NEET, story of finding oneselves in a world filled with tentacle rape.
Cyberpunk Slice-of-Life show.

It's literally just cute girls doing cute things, but you have things like soldiers and armored robots on the streets, girls removing their prosthetics before onsen time, futuristic, but also gritty looking backgrounds.
>Trapped in a MMORPG
One million of guys/girls have been trapped in an online game. In order to complete the game, they must explore the world at 100% completion. However, it is a big ass world so it is going to take a few years.
Several parties have been made for this. However, being a part of a party is a lot of responsibility and people don't want to join them.
Because of this, idol groups have been made in order to promote the parties and animate them to keep fighting. This is the story about those idols and their everyday lives.

Santa wakes up from his yearly slumber in time for Christmas to deliver presents. However; this time he dreamed of an apocalyptic battle taking place which has ravaged the Earth, is it a sign of things to come or another meaning? Meanwhile Santa''s arch nemesis The Snow Queen plans to become Rule of Winter and usurping the throne of ice after he leaves to deliver presents on his yearly rounds. Santa discovers he is really biblical Satan and after his war against Heaven, God cast him to Earth where he is forced to deliver presents against his will. After failing to recognize the good in mankind, God made it so that Satan could see everything as good and evil hence the list Santa keeps.
I'd watch it
yuri harem battle shounen

perverted lesbian MC travels the world fighting evil, writing wrongs, and collecting waifus
Already exists. It even aired this year and had Shirow Masamune's involvement.
SoL Cyberpunk yuri from Shirow and the creator of Excel Saga

and you haven't watched it
It's an isekai harem show except it's a harem of girls from the real world that get transported to the fantasy world in order to go after the MC's dick.

MC is an elf or something.
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Within the Mid-ring there is a deserted rock -- a shell of a planet, known to the inhabitants as Dumater. It is here that the greatest conflict know to us ended, and it is here that the previously tyrannical Jians will once more mount an exodus unlike anything the galaxy has witnessed.

MorsusLactea has seen fit to provide the Jians with the means to inhabit Polchrome, YOU have donated to make it possible. The condition? The Nephilim, the last great and standing achievement of the empire will be eradicated in the process. Mind you, not by any easy means. Weapons causing mass harm to the planet are prohibited.

We ask you then to join us then.

Witness this unprecedented undertaking, unedited and completely raw. See firsthand the emotion, the death, the destruction, the bravery, and the sacrifice as the Jians commit genocide against their own children in order to be born anew.

>You will not want to miss these Worlds In Collision.
Fantasy Sci-fi Isekai

In a climatic battle in a high fantasy world between the forces of good and the forces of evil a human knight becomes one of its casualties but not without being satisfied of the image of good winning.

He wakes up to find that he is in the body of a kid in a space station that floating in space aimlessly. Still remembering his knight training and is conveniently still able to use his magic skills he tries to get around in the large galaxy-spanning world. But his little knowledge of technology and values that came from a world that ran on good and evil will prove a hindrance in a galaxy that runs on science and hard facts.
Captain Taylor in a Dark Fantasy
>MC is a 23 years old hikkikomori that is simply bored of life. he can't enjoy things anymore
>one day he got so sick that he was bedbound for 3 days stright
>spend those 3 days having strange dreams
>realizes that those dreams are better than his reality
>starts a dream journal so he can keep a record of all his different dream universes
>dreams vary between fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, or other interesting settings
>each dream (or universe) will have the same set of "actors" but their personality and interactions are different
>he remembers them and their appearance quite well

>each episode is a different genre

>he isn't the MC of those dreams
Detective, Harem.

Mc has somehow managed to gather a decently sized harem of girls. But one day it all goes to shit, one of his girls are murdered.

Now it's up to MC to find out who did the deed. And all he knows is that it's one of the girls in his harem is the one who did it, but who?
Dark fantasy Isekai with giant robots.

Mc was depressed as shit but got killed trying to save a girl(who actually bullied him in highschool) from being raped. A god was watching him and decided that he had the right properties to be the hero a dark world needed and reincarnated him in one of the maou's giant robot production facilities, and grants him some incredible level of skill at understanding, but not preforming magic. Rather than stealing a giant robot he locates the power systems for the facility and sets it to overcharge all of the robots, destroying them, then the facility.

He escapes to later go on some adventures, but soon finds his true calling as a master thief. As a thief he preforms many heists that unintentionally but quite effectively weaken the power of the maou, by stealing then selling powerful artifacts to the enemies of the maou, including the production methods for the giant robots that the maou used to conqueror the world. In the end the world is actually worse off because rather than a single vaguely evil ruler there are a great number of factions vying for control causing chaos and wars throughout the world. Every episode is capped off with the god complaining that that's not how the mc was supposed to do things, and outlining the plot for an entirely different sort of show.
A battle royal esque scenario where girls are forced into a dungeon so the wealthy can watch on monitors as a sporting event. The ones who do poorly wind up as sex slaves, while the ones who do exceptional show casing survival skills and other necessary skills to become part of the elite and wealthy class of society.
Hotblooded 80s delinquent fighting manga - and yuri.

Trash talking, schoolyard showdowns, street fights, gangs, bruised knuckles, bancho, and the universal truth of glorious teenage comradeship.

Except all the characters are girls, and there's a fucked up love dodecahedron going on at the same time, with rivals secretly in love and clandestine relationships between members of opposing groups, predatory older girls abusing their power or protecting the weak, younger girls desperate to prove their worth or seeing the good underneath the rough exterior of their delinquent classmates.
You had me at yuri.
In Alternate Earth, Magic & Battle Academy have been erected to protect humanity. However, MC is not employed on one of those schools. Instead, he learn how to fight and do magic in unorthodox way : adapting, combining, and even crafting new magic from each academy. In fact, MC lives his life as a Hunter (which is seen as an obsolete job in this world).

Hailed from a hunting village on northern continent, MC usually partakes in hunting beasts, monster, or animals with the remaining elders in that village, as most of the residents already migrated to the main city or central continent.Until one day, a mysterious elder invites him to become the Craft Watcher, a mysterious and discreet organization whose purpose to observe and keep an eye on Magic Academies then report it back to the organization. In case of emergency or severe accident occur in those school, Craft Watchers will be dispatched into said school and neutralize the situation, without being recognized (meaning he has to go undercover, just think this as Secret Service for Magic).

Feeling bored and languid in the village, MC agree to join said organization and will be given the code name "Kothar" (Or Kotaro in Nihon, MC's real name will not be revealed for a long time). Now MC, along with the other Craft Watchers, will travel the entire world to visit Magic Academy then observe the situation in there. While at it, MC will learn Magic or Battle of the said school, which he will use for daily hindrance in his task. The other job is to seek illegal, forbidden or obscure Magic Academies that have stayed hidden somewhere in this world then ban them down (or destroy them if they resist).

The usual anime failure-and-unpopular-but-have-hidden-skill-and-will-attract-girls school boy will attend in one of those school, together with their harem hijinks and other kind of shit that you've usually seen in LN. But the point of view will be taken from our new MC.

> yuri
> harem

I'd watch this. Actually i did thing about a plot like that, but i hate harem so much that i've converted into monogamy between with two gendershifters
A long time ago there was a magical race of immortals known as , who mysteriously came to Earth one day. The ancient humans at the time thought they were Gods, and worshipped them. The Astrals created a rule that limited their interaction with humans to just allowing themselves to be idolized, as any thing more than that would be pointless since they were immortal and the humans were not.

Eventually a boy falls in love with a girl, but the boy was an Astral and she was only human. The two embraced their forbidden love, and hid it under the guise of a God and his servant. But soon the other Astrals found out, and as punishment for breaking the rule they sought to have the boy sealed away - their equivalent of death. However, the boy would not go quietly, so he waged war against his former companions for the sake of his love.

During this massive war, the girl visits an old witch who lives deep in the mountains after hearing a rumor that there was a way for one to become immortal like the Astrals. The witch tells the girl that she does in fact know of a way for her to become immortal, and offers the girl a chance to be with her true love. The witch advises that during the ritual the girl must keep her heart and mind pure, or it will not work. The two proceed with the ritual, but halfway through the girl's heart is overcome with impure thoughts, and whilst she is now immortal, her heart and mind became slaves to anger, lust, and other impurities.

Seeing this, the Astrals become even angrier - now determined not only to punish their former comrade, but to eradicate the humans for attempting to reach immortality. The witch, feeling guilty for making things worse, activates a powerful spell to seal all of the immortals away, effectively killing them and ending the conflict.

Fantasy , Superpowers and Space Opera.

Using almost magic and superpowers, human reachs through the star, neutron star and blackholes. Excavating through aliens ruins to find new magic or superpower sources, having a faster-than-light space dragon or a mystic worm that digs through space and time creating wormholes.

Or finding cthulhu somewhat in far outer space.
>Part 2

Fast forward 2000 years to modern day Japan - humans are able to use magic (there are no schools for this shit, though. You're expected to have your family teach you or learn on your own). A girl named Yui is in love with a charismatic boy named Takeshi, the student council president at her school. Takeshi is generally adored and paradises by everyone, making him hard for Yui to approach. What neither of them realize is that they both like each other, and Are the reincarnations of the two immortals who waged a war for their love, chosen to host their wayward souls. Unknowingly they both set out to find each other, hoping to reconnect the lover's souls.

However, the other Astrals' souls have taken residence in their reincarnations as well, and seek to finish their battle. Now Takeshi and Yui must reunite the souls they host, as well as become stronge enough to take on Japan's strongest mages.

Hoping this reaches Keit-Ai tier meme status

> Witches
> Sealing Astrals

Man, that witch must at least have somekind of god like power. This turns her into a deus ex machina.

For fucking real. I really hope it was not another keitai meme.
> finding oneselves in a world filled with tentacle rape.

What the literally fuck
There's this loser who's basically Useless Idea Guy or the Idea Fairy. He's working in a futuristic city in a small animation studio that's a subcontractor for large animation and game companies around the world. By works, I mean he's the producer's younger, needy, lazy, pretencious and embarrasing brother.
World War 5 breaks out and the younger brother is drafted in the army. Having no special skills, talents or motivations, he ends up as an infantryman on the front line. His platoon is the worst, most unpleasant amalgam of ex-cons, drifters, ghetto trash, rednecks, nerd trash and drug addicts you can imagine, and they are best friends for life.
One day this will reach keit-AI status and finally get made into a full-length movie
Almost forgot. It combines the SoL genre with whatever genre magical high school shit falls under.
>The witch is their version of the cell phone
Kek. This better put me at Keit-Ai status
All advertising, and the OP for the animu portrays it as a serious, gorey, grimdark action series with a really "don't cut me on those edges" main character. Promotional art depicts DESPAIR and CRAWLING IN MY SKIN.

In actuality, it's a dark comedy action where the main character's a naive, careless, dumber than a brick chuuni with a plastic Dollar Store gun, running away from the law after a series of really bad luck where nearly everybody around him long enough accidentally somehow dies in very brutal, but comical ways just because of how clumsy he is, and because of the nature of their deaths, he's always moved on from the scene before even realizing that anybody died.

The main antagonist is a petite policefu "I MUST PROTECT EVERYBODY"-type woman that would be mistaken for a loli if she didn't have top-tier breasts. She hates (not really) and vows to do whatever it takes to stop the MC's supposed maniacal homicidal killing spree after it's claimed the lives of hundreds.

Nobody bothers to explain things to the MC so he's constantly on the run, and being the dumb chuuni he is, he thinks it's a part of a massive government conspiracy to snuff him out, after in episode 1 where he apparently discovered something on the internet that looked like something he shouldn't be seeing, but it was nothing.. With his plastic gun, he gets into constant stand-stills with policefu.

Halfway through the series, the MC thinks that in order to stop him from being hunted down, he literally has to topple the Japanese government, and wants discover the truth about those irrelevant things he saw on the internet. He starts to badly imitate American spy movies, and in the last few episodes, it takes a supernatural, dark twist when he finds out there was a disturbing truth to what he saw online in episode 1, and because of policefu being in the right place at the wrong time, she's dragged into it too.
Your friendly neighbourhood warlock decides to circumvent the magical community's rules against revealing magic to the general public by styling himself as a superhero and attempting to use his powers for the greater good.
I'd watch this
It's the story of a guy who's pretty high up the food chain in a fantasy setting and he sets out to adventure, fucking around without much a care in the world, then he accidentally steps out of his league and gets hurt like fuck, pretending it's literally nothing he actually fucks off from there and tries to fix his flaws.
In a fantasy world, a device that can seek the "razor-thin path to salvation" has a secondary function: while dreaming, its most recent user can interact with records of its previous users.

But it works by sending the user's memories to an earlier moment in time (no earlier than when that user first activated the device) either on command or when death is imminent, whichever comes first.

The most recent user learns that the previous users' problems ranged from trivial to world-ending, such as a dangerous fight, a game of skill, or even the perfect way to prepare a meal.
I could totally see this work.
>Viewers get really into the dream world and start enjoying the different plots, everything is good.
>Suddenly a view of the MC lying in his bed half-naked completely starved.
>A tear rolls down his eye and he says "I don't want this"
>Takes a bunch of sleeping pills
>Next SoL episode comes up
>We never see the MC again.

Supaa Roboto Meido

A scientist transfers the minds of five dying women into hot fembot bodies with Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics hard-coded into their operating systems, and has them dress as maids and perform in a band to raise money for his research. One, a former policewoman, contacts her chief, who, faced with a chronic manpower shortage, gives the women cell phones that are also police scanners so the First Law will force them to help thwart crimes.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

>Keit-Ai! Because, you know, they can communicate only through cell phones and it's a love story. Get it, get it?
You're going to get a hit billion-yen movie by Shinkai by the end of 2017.
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OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycfdfinG_P8
ED1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXDNGS9V4Us
ED2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4DyTjrruVo
PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcVGDV67L-g
EP 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_rz1bluG_k
EP 13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLUjMWRCzic

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

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Merry Christmas, spammer.
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>MC is a NEET that gets hit by truck-kun in episode 1
>he is then sent to an fantasy world with rpg mechanics
>MC gets hit by another completely unrelated truck-kun
>truck-kun is the MC now
>since last isekai hero almost destroyed the world, truck-kun and other motor vehicle owners seek and destroy any newcomers from other dimensions
>the motor vehicle owners also compete with each other
>and there is eurobeat too
>nobody knows where the motor vehicles and the eurobeat came from

tl;dr: isekai + initial D.
Based. Best story here.
>sent to a fantasy world
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