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What does /a/ think of relationships between young girls and

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What does /a/ think of relationships between young girls and older women?

Hey mods, while you're on the topic of deleting threads with actual in-context discussion, make sure to keep ignoring the ones where all posts are blogshitting, okay?
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It is the only form of love.
Pregnant mother-daughter incest.
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loli x onee is a miracle of the universe
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Your post time sync is pretty gay.
>Is not deleted but this is.
>Janitor applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!
Put a Yuzumori-san OP next time if you don't want to get this kind of problem
I never remake threads (especially when I didn't even make the other one), but did this time because that was utter fucking bullshit. You see faggots posting about their bought shit on the ice threads and an ungodly amount of wrongly used greentext/spoilertag abuse containing blogshit and those are apparently accepted now.

>yuri thread where yuri is being discussed in a civilized manner
>better delet, unacceptable
Fun times. I'll search for the latest AnR chapter to laugh a bit more now.
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Especially lolidom おねロリ.
I didn't make the other thread, and yet, the other OP was completely fine. It0s no different from a "It's time" thread. >>150279236
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Again, I am guessing NTR is going to be DEEN. Still unsure of Citrus, though.
We will get biased jannies from time to time, if it happens just change the approach to make absolute sure they are in the wrong
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Yeah, I've seen it all. Still pretty bullshit enough to the point I find the fact of myself re-making someone else's thread completely justifiable.
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Wrong picture. Doesn't matter, still gay. If my shit Japanese isn't fooling me:
>What is she thinking?
Or something.

Tall girls x short girls is sweet, too. For some good age gap I often resort to Minase Ruruu.
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Age gap/height gap is the best fetish
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There's something about small girls being embraced by bigger ones that makes your entire life better.
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Highschooler x loli is better than with old women.
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Do you prefer when the little girl is the dominant one or the submissive one in the relationship?
For the anon from the other thread.
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Dominant, without a doubt.
I like both. Maybe a tad more when the older/taller one is in charge, but when the shorter/younger one is super mature I melt, too.
That would be me, thank you so much.
Yet I fucked it up anyway and grabbed the pages in the wrong order.
It's okay.
>all these shows coming back and getting second seasons but you know this will never even dream to see the light of a continuation in anime
It hurts. But at least I'll forever love JC Staff for it.
Go read yuzumori san

Not "older women" but older girl
There's even less hope after the manga was rushed to conclusion due to pressure from the Tokyo anti-incest law because of the part where Fumi dates her cousin.
True. It saddened me but it's still one of my favorites to this day. And I think I remember the cousin being in a Flashback with Fumi in the very first episode.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 16

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