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Post yfw Code Geass R3
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It didn't need a sequel.
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cant wait for ultimate shitposting, retarded arguments, waifuwars and overal degeneration of /a/
and influx of redditors and god knows who else

also new season is going to fail everyones expectation regardless of how good it gets
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>he doesn't know what R2 signified
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It was so entertaining watching Jeremiah get BTFO in Season 1.

Then in Season 2 he became a loyal soldier and it was even better.

Best character in the saga other than Lelouch, and it's not close.
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> MFW Geass is one of my favorites
> MFW I expected it to be a crappy rythem game or a musical
> MFW I was reading the long ass threads and was disappointed when others said it was just an art book

This is truly great. I really did not expect this. This is amazing and unexpected. Trump promised to make anime great again, I think he already has. With Geass happening I think we truly are in the best timeline. call it meme magic or what have you but you do have to admit that a bunch of very unexpected and weird things have happened this year and it's fucking great.

Who knows maybe we're all harem MCs? At this point I am reevaluating what is and isn't possible on a weekly basis.
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If it was truly one of your favorites you should be mad because it's going to ruin everything.
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>it's going to ruin everything
Ruin what? A retarded peace that fell apart in 2 months after his death?
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I mean that's a definite possibility, but for now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that something I thought had a %0 of happening, actually happened and will hopefully be good
It's not going to ruin anything for anyone, it's obvious R2 was complete. If you want to you can just ignore R3 if it turns out to be shit and pretend it never happened.
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I hope it won't be shit but I have a feeling it will be. Neverless to say I am happy for now until it airs.
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Why is she wearing HD800s
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because she can
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Praise Kek
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I've lost control of my life.
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I am both excited but also deeply rustled at the Trump posters taking advantage of it

Lelouch would never want a wall
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