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Make Your Perfect Anime

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>is a mystery with creepy occult tones
>follows two groups of MCs in parallel storylines that connect to form the plot
>first group has high schooler MC who is into the occult and likes to go on message boards
>he has moved to his aunt and uncle's house in a remote rural town because his parents have gone overseas for work
>gets a job at the local gas station and befriends the only other employee, a strong high school dropout delinquent and town outcast
>barely any people his age in town and the local high school, despite its size and facilities, has very few actual students and teachers
>at certain times, the town's residents disappear to go to some sort of secret meeting
>there are also all kinds of symbols across town and the MC can't shake his sense of unease
>being the occult and conspiracy buff he is, he starts investigating, roping in his new friend
>meanwhile, in Tokyo, the second MC, a detective who specializes in tax and money related crimes is inquiring about coffee shops in the city based on a gut feeling, but finds his inquiries he started on a whim being blocked by someone higher up and isn't given a reason why
>he begins investigating on his own and runs into a conspiracy theorist who is also investigating the coffee shops as well
>said conspiracy theorist frequents the same BBS that the first MC uses
(part 1)
>as the first MC group delves into the history of the town revealing that there is a secret Christian group that has been operating since medieval times that was corrupted at some point into a group of Satanists
>meanwhile, the second group finds out that the people who have been blocking the detective's inquiries were from the child crimes division
>as both groups delve further into their respective, seemingly unrelated, mysteries, it's revealed to be a satanic child trafficking circle that has been in Japan for centuries and has rooted itself into the political class and rich elites
>first MC group has to deal with one of the rural towns that supplies the children to the cities and is a site for the occult rituals
>second group deals with the coffee shops that are used as a front for trafficking while also dodging the corrupt bureaucracy that would have them killed if they ever found out the investigation was going on
>both MC groups never interact except unknowingly through the BBS that both of them end up frequenting and posting their findings
I'm going for a True Detective set in Japan kind of feeling with this one. The music would be a lot like the music used in S1 of True Detective. This means a lot of folk, country and gospel music. Not sure how it would end, but given the gloomy atmosphere, it would at best be a bittersweet ending. Animation done by either Madhouse, Bones or Production IG. Not sure about a cast for this though.
SOL comedy with cute little girls doing cute things voiced by popular male seiyuu.
Bump. Where are the people that usually post stuff?
SoL about students based off greek gods.
Student council prez chick-magnet.
VP oujou brocon.
Overly emotional head of the swim team and equestrian club.
Cynical and gloomy treasurer.
Gyaru school idol.
Super macho head of the kendo and judo clubs.
Tech otaku.
Bishounen head of the music club.
Tsundere head of the archery club.
Kuudere big-sis-type head of the diciplinary committee.
Annoying friend that keeps pulling pranks on everyone but never seems to get in trouble.
Transfer student that likes to party.
dead inside.
also bump
>An idol is sick and tired of her life of being adored by men and wants to make some real music.
>She starts a band with her friends from school.
>Series follows their lives as they gain fame and popularity and the relationships of each other in the band.
>Very romance and drama oriented.
It's too early, and we've had 3 threads this week with not much feedback.
two retired gay pro wrestlers that are maried raise an adopted son that does ballet and they're ok that.
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