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ITT make your own anime plot

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ITT make your own anime plot
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A school class wakes up on a huge zeppelin. It's drifting but well stocked with food and water. A similar Zeppelin is discovered drifting below. Time to construct a rope ladder.

Half the class stays behind. The other half ventures down into the other zeppelin. The leader falls tragically to his death during this.

Other zeppelin is old, empty and devoid of food. It's identical to the first zeppelin. A similar rope ladder hangs below. Also below: a zeppelin.

The new ship is in better shape with food and water. Also found is the leader, he seems traumatized but alive. Pause and reflect. And onwards to the airship below.

It's badly burned inside. Several charred bodies. Also found: another leader. A guy identical like a twin. He never had a twin. Things begin to deteriorate. Both are brought along. Downwards to the next airship.

The ship is in good shape. It is also inhabited. By about 2/3rds of identical copies of the class.
They tell of how the missing third betrayed them and demand that their "copies" be locked up for the common good. This is done. One or two "copies" disappear. No way to tell which copy is left is there? Fights, arguments and speculation run rampant. The class falls apart into factions. One faction flees the escalating violence downwards.

What will their fate be?
>could you trust yourself if you met it?

Some would kill themeselves. Some their copies, to preserve their identity.
Some would band together in tribes of themselves out of mistrust of others.
How will two copies diverge as persons depending on their different experiences? How come some stay the same no matter the circumstances?
What if your copy if it tells you your best friend will betray you just like theirs did?
What if you watch your best friend die only to meet his copy later? Are you still best friends? Where does your grief go?

Find out this winter in the coming psychological horror
Aliens invade with advanced ships that look like plants and humans take up piloting bio mechs designed after animals. During one surprise alien attack on a civilian place full of not military people Hayato a young teen finds a prototype mech that happened to be being transported based on the deadliest animal MAN! that he becomes the pilot for.
A tanuki uses its magic powers to cause mischief in tokyo.

First it turns its balls into an amusement park, and all the kids come to ride the park rides and pet the park animals. Except once they're there and having fun, the tanuki turns the park back into its balls, trapping the kids inside its balls - forever - while the tanuki cackles.

Then, the tanuki finds a lonely old man on Valentine's Day. It turns its balls into a beautiful lady who hits on the old man really hard. They go on a date, it ends with implied sex. The tanuki then turns the lady back into its balls, which rest inside the old man's mouth when he wakes up. Confused and sad, the lonely man kills himself. The tanuki laughs while he kills himself.

The other episodes follow suit. Tanuki balls are awesome and should be in more anime.

Why would you make a plot that's like a dozen existing ones?

Something about the rape of Nanjing.
I'm practical.
> An old man and a school student falls into a train crash accident, luckily they where the only ones inside the train at the moment. The old man dies and the student survives but then something happens. The student has the old man memories(and lost his former ones)! He's sent to the hospital where he then met his parents and his new family, who was worried about him.
Nanking Rape Unit 731: a group of post-apocalypse survivors must convince women to repopulate the world with them, or be raped and tortured to death.
A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess she starts stalking him and displaying obsessive behavior towards her senpai. The boy, being the well-loved and admired student council president, has lots of other girls who have fallen for him as well. Because she cannot bear to see her beloved with anyone else, the girl takes to systematically murdering, kidnapping, and mentally scarring the other girls. Being the dutiful person he is, the boy uses his connections both in and outside of the student council to solve the mysterious disappearances of his classmates.
Title is a work in progress, but I call it "Victims of Love".
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