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Kaiju no Tokage live KR>EN translation thread

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Yamamoto Souichirou (mangaka for Takagi-san) drew something in the latest Shounen Champion.

Getting mixed reports on whether this is a new series or a oneshot.
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>I climbed this mountain to look for my runaway dog but...

>I ended up running into something weird...
I want a loli dinosaur

How's that female Illuminati cult thing going on?
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>Its hands look really tough...

>And it even has a tail...



>I'm not tasty at all!!

>Stay back! Stay back, I say!!


>No uh... I won't eat you...

>R... really...?

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> Uh... My name's Hitomi....

>I live nearby.

>You are...

>Are you a lizard-person?


Seems I got out just as things got exciting, really.
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>I'm a Kaiju!!

>Don't treat me like some lizard!

>A Kaiju...

>You're rude!! I'm gonna eat you!!

>But were begging me not to eat YOU earlier...

>Uh... well... sorry.

>You... You're Kaiju then, huh...

>Then can you spit fire and stuff?

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>I was born just a little while ago so...

>Ah... that's kinda disappointing.

>But I'm stilly really strong!

>I fought a predator off just now! RIP dog. Probably.

>There aren't any predators like that in this mountain, though.

>Ah!! You don't believe me!! That annoys me!!

>Just watch.

The monster doesn't really look that cute though.
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>It hurts....

>You sure you're not a lizard?


>Ah! Sorry, I'm the kind of person to just spit out what I think.

>Anyways, ar eyou alone?

>Don't you have a mother or someone like that?


>I don't.
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>I've been all alone since I hatched 3 days ago.

>Oh, I see...

>Such a poor little lizard.


>I'M A--!!

>Oh, then you want to come to my place?


>I mean, if you don't have anywhere else to go.

>If you don't want to, it's fine though.


>I-Is it really okay?
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>Yeah, it should be fine.

>We've got a dog already so taking care of a lizard on top of that shouldn't be a problem.

>I'm a pet!?

>And how many times are you going to call me a lizard!

>I've got my pride, you know!! I refuse to be someone's pet!!

>Oh, well that's a shame...

>Ah! Speaking of which, I came up here to look for my dog, didn't I.

>Then see you later.
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>That... That predator might show up again so...

>I'll escort you.


>Are you lonely?

>I'm not!!

>Oh really.
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>About what you were saying earlier...

>Rather than as a pet

>Would it be bad if it were as a friend?

>Of course.

>You're my friend!?

>Sure am!
5head a cute
Brown Lolizard a cute
Hatched with clothes on? Or are those some sort of scales
another one? Can't he just focus on the ones he's doing?
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>Bow wow

>Ah, Pocchi

>Come here

>Stand back!


>So you've shown yourself, predator!! This time won't end like the last!

>No wait

>Rest assured! I'll protect you!

>Wait wait that kid is my

>Take this!! My secret technique!!

>Uh... Wait just a

>Hurry!! My tail will act as a bait, so let's run away!

>Don't worry, I'm fine!! My tail will just grow in again!

>You're totally a lizard.


End prequel. Looks like there's more coming. I can't tell if this is serialized or not and for how long though. Cute enough though.

He doesn't have any else he's doing other than takagi-san right now.
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would help if I posted the image, wouldn't it.
If it's on shonen champion I'm pretty sure jap raws won't be hard to come by
Yeah, but then OP wouldn't be able to get attention by doing a shitty translation.
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As a bonus, here's something short from his twitter for the recent "holiday".

>Hey Nishikata.

>Do you know what day it is?



>Can I have it?


>Did you think I wouldn't know that it's Halloween today...!

>As if I'll get caught by that!
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>Trick or treat...

>What? But I just gave you your treat...

>But I have to say it first, don't I?

>What!? No no, wait... I don't even have any candy on my and...

>I just gave you my last...




>Or. Treat.


Awesome. Looking forward to it getting picked up soon then.
what about the hair demon thing? or did that get canned?
He gave her a treat to avoid her doing a trick.
Yaay, thank you.
The one with the siblings and the sister's ribbon coming off, or something else?

The one I mentioned ended. The translation group for it is slow as balls though.
Vampire? Cancelled, or finished. Whatever. Scans are just catching up slowly to the end.
ah ok, nevermind then
She isn't even wearing a costume, she can't ask for trick or treat.

There are protocols for these things
>/ll/ monster girl Takagi-san

But Nishikata doesn't know that, does he.
Is eat her, iykwim.
Poor Nishikata is hopeless. But I bet if he had asked her to put on a costume she would have complied
>Meet abandoned little girl in the woods
>I'll take care of you if you be my pet
>Leave when they show some dignity

Man, what a jerk.
Run Nishikata!
ah dammit, this reminds me of t-rex na kanojou....whats happened with that series dammit :/
loli godzilla
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Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 16

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