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>The VN known as Fate Stay Night was released almost 13 years

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>The VN known as Fate Stay Night was released almost 13 years ago
>There still hasn't been an anime girl as beautiful as Sakura Matou
Worm slut
Sakura wants to date and have sex with you.
Do you accept?
What's make her so charming?
I came for Rin, instead i fell for Sakura.
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Only whiteknight wannabes like Sakura.
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Trips checked
I want to sail her stormy seas, not guide her to calmer waters. Just because Shirou is a white-knight faggot doesn't mean the rest of us are.
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>worst looking F/SN girl
0/10, OP
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Blossom-sensei is the best Sakura, there is no contest.
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Will you dump her if she heals over the years and loses most of her damage and moodiness and poison? She won't have a femme fatale quality anymore.

If that's the definition of classical romance story then the one Fate represented isn't one of then

Saber was never supple and loving until Shirou managed to defrost her, at the end of the route they trust each other and see each other as equals in their relationship

Shirou's minor protective burst is not taken well by Saber herself and he eventually gets out of it as the route continues

> Maybe I should say "male shell".

It isn't this either. You might as well look at her King Arthur persona as an asexual one

> Dude, you should stop quibble here.

Don't really got what you were trying to say because what you said and what I said were two different things

You said the romance would have to be changed entirely, which isn't the case, only a few things in it's execution would have to be changed

> Not really, he just "consider" FSN as closed thing, and he doesn't like repairing old things without some significant reason. Basically only chance for "repaired" Fate route would be some completely new project like another Anime adaptation. But that's unlikely to happen in near future.

Are you even reading what I write? When I said that Nasu doesn't has this problem anymore I meant the one regarding Saber's character in which Nasu had problem seeing her as a female character at first

This led to the many "but you are a woman" scenes however these scenes aren't even the biggest part of Shirou and Saber's relationship in the Fate route which is why I meant when I said that structuraly, their relationship makes sense
trips confirmed
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I want to protect Sakura. That's why she is best girl.
It's okay she has a whole VN dedicated to her. All the other Routes just lay the groundwork for HF and Sakura's position as the grand-prize heroine.
>Saber did had a girlish side
No, she had a moeshit side shoved to her character to make her more 'harmless' for otaku which never fit her. It's completely gone when Nasu actually writes her character as a real and layered one rather than bland waifubait. See Garden of Avalon and Camelot from FGO latest order. Arturia is a compelling king and has none of this bullshit 'girly' side (which would be different from the standard xx/xxi century girl, she's from the fucking 6th century).

I have no problem with Shirou/Saber relationship, in fact, I like it, but all the dates and plushie bullshit needed to be gone. It was unnecessary and detracted the actual bond of them which was more about their souls resonating with each other. But Nasu was insecure and tried to make her more to the image of a "girl" which he deeply regretted.
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Wasn't femininity largely the same even in medieval times?
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It was different from the feminity we have now. Feminity as masculinity is a social construct with different standards from time and place (remember using frills and ribbons used to be considered manly in Europe during a certain time). You can't expect a medieval king raised as a fucking knight to act like a japanese teenage girl. Nasu knew and criticized himself about it as if he "tried to convince Saber" of that which didn't fit her at all.

If he wanted to actually reflect her feminine side, then, he should have given her 'feminine' skills of the most proactive kind: have her secretly love baking, or spinning and weaving.

He also dropped the whole "she's weaker than Shirou and Rin" to make her more helpless moe, because now as of Garden of Camelot, she's fit and trained hard since forever, and could beat giants and shit. So he's fixing the damage he did to try to make her less 'threatening' to pathetic herbivore men.

He also retconned the whole "only Shirou understood and noticed her issues". It was pretty dumb. Nasu is expanding now all Round Table Knights, and a number of them plus Merlin understood her nature and her issues.
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>tfw remembering the doujin that came from
i was having a good day too
>mfw the ending
*Garden of Avalon

Anyway, my point is that making her an expert in embroidery, for example, would show she has an actual feminine side that matched her era better than OH PLUSHIEEEE.
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A best
Meanwhile in the UBW expo the heroine Ri... Eh I mean, Saber?
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Were teddy bears not popular in the 6th century?
Looks like you missed the point of her character
They didn't exist.

At least Sakura is there for HF stand.

Looks like you missed the point of Nasu apologizing for writing that shit and fixing it in his new works.
Nasu says retarded shit about his past work all the time, yeah. I remember the interview about gender where he missed the point of Kara no Kyoukai.
Until she was succeeded by herself
Guess I got beat
>They didn't exist.

u wot m8?
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Yes but that's not the point
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Thread images: 16

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