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Where were you when Kirino defeated the sluts that were trying

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Where were you when Kirino defeated the sluts that were trying to steal her onii-chan?

And how did you feel about it? Were you on the wrong side of history?
Trash story about trash characters. The only reason such a story could gain any sort of traction in the first place is the huge market of young men with very little experience with women.
But Kirino herself was a slut.
As a Saorifag my waifu was never in the running so the results didn't bother me any.
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Considering how the odds were stacked against the best girl even before the author decided to heavy-handedly force her into a villain role, she did pretty well. I'm proud of her.

In retrospect, given the complete social ostracism Kirino must necessarily endure for the rest of her pathetic life as an open brother-fucking degenerate, she can hardly be said to be the "winner" here. She's going to be pretty miserable in the long-term and I'm glad for that.
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you can't be a slut for you're own onii-chan, silly.
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Especially when he enjoys it so much
would you take responsibility, /a/?
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i want to cum in her butt
>"Kirino defeated the sluts"
>implying she isn't a slut herself
For what? I am not paying for her insulin pens.
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An imouto that only wants to fuck her onii-chan is always pure. In fact, fucking her onii-chan only makes her purer.

Kirino is the purest girl in anime, manga and LNs.
>implying she would let me

Kirino would probably just deny it
Yes, I'd marry Kirino without question.
I'd take her from that shitty brothers of her and make her happy.
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How shitty would anime be without Kirino?
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I don't know, ask her
Reminder Kuroneko was willing to settle for being his mistress on the side. MC is a fucking retard.
Kirino is more sex than any one man needs
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fuck you all
Kirino and Kyousuke have a bedside copy of this to laugh at while they're waiting for Kyousuke to recover
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170cm here, she is perfect for me.
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Kirino best girl.
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Here. Blessed to have witnessed a Miracle of Justice.
>Being a normalfag
Manami repented. She is now receiving Life Counseling from Rock.
your waifu was crazy
muh neko
She is a cuck. Now she belongs to Ayase. A doormat when not just a living blog for Kirino's Life Counseling.
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>Manami and Ayase Good
did ruri really go gay?
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i want to impregnate ayase
ruri is superoir in all possible ways
i bet she's not even wearing panties

she probably doesn't even bother wearing panties unless she leaves the house
The only good part of OreImo is the porn. It has some really fantastic porn.
Oreimo truly has the best doujins out there. not only that but there's so many of them.

I wonder if we'll see a similar phenomenon once the Eromanga sensei anime comes out.
she's a lesbian sadist
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I want hair as gold as that
kirino lazy eye doujin

someone remember the name?
Literally who cares? Canon is overrated weak shit that some anons use just to feel like their opinion is of some kind of worth.
i'll become a little girl masochist
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Greatest love story ever told
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What made the other girls think they ever had a chance?
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What made some anons think that any other girls had any chance?
>implying they aren't
We all know the incest slut, chuunibyou, and petite slut are the incarnation of hell.
My favorite part about this show was the couple episodes where they were a couple.
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>Where were you when Kirino defeated the sluts that were trying to steal her onii-chan?
I remember I was in my dorm and after seeing the 4 episodes immediately came here to see the butthurt

>And how did you feel about it?
I expected it from considering the title of the series

>Were you on the wrong side of history?
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Kirino is a miracle fo the universe, and rightfully won.
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Im so happy even as a adult kirino looks like a loli ^_^ i hope she is still fucking her brother and drinking cum while the other sluts stay bitter.
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They are married and have kids
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That looks like horrible photoshop?

You think the kids are also fucking each other?
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Who knows?
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Why are they so perfect together, /a/?
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It's force of nature
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Thread images: 44

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