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I'd like to have a thread about anime girls in military

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I'd like to have a thread about anime girls in military uniform but I'm not sure I should post it on this board.
/c/ would be the obvious choice for an image dump, but you can discuss anime in military uniforms on /a/.
Thanks. I wasn't sure because that's not really "cute", is it? I don't go out of /a/ often.

So you can let this thread die unless you want to discuss it but I don't know what to say in my case. I just like their look.
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mot him. but i want to start this discussion.

why are nazi uniforms so damn /fa/
Because they're legitimately designed by Hugo Boss.
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>talk to the hand
I doubt any military would adopt a salute like that.
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>tfw fascist
>tfw this thread
New footnotes edition or original with just the plain boring Hitler text?
Shitty footnotes edition with introduction by (((Abraham Foxman)))

Any translated Mein Kampf is going to be shitty, but the original message is still preserved pretty well. If you want the full experience you should learn german and read the original text.
Ich hab kein Interesse so ein blödes Buch zu lesen. Es warten spannendere Lektüren auf mich.
its not the translation thats shitty. Its the original text that sucks
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Woah man, totally challenged my preconceptions. Really made me think.
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look you wehraboo I dont criticize the content, I just say that hitler isnt a good writer and all these people fapping on how mein kampf is great and the translation is shit is bullshit.
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Democracy is here bitches
I don't see it.
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when will there be a wwII anime
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What are Nazi Elves for?
All elves are nazis. There is no need to specify.
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even dark elves?
Especially those.
What's the most accurate translation of Mein Kampf?

I've been meaning to read it but there's a hellstorm of contradicting reviews especially for the Murphy version. I don't want to learn a different language just for a handful of books.
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What is this? A Nazi invasion?
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Nazism is a shit ideology, but damn are those uniforms hot.
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Nazi Elves~
>damn are those uniforms hot.
Fundamentally, that's what the ideology is about.
All of these are bad you you guys should feel bad I'll dump a few
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>tfw no operator qt
I want off this ride
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Last one for now but military uniforms are aesthetic as fuck, love them
>love your people
>all businesses should benefit the nation
>the nation should benefit the people
>everything good in life is procured through struggle
What exactly is bad about Nazism?
>inb4 you only know about Hollywood Nazis
National socialism is both socialist and exclusive of outsiders, so there's something for almost everybody to complain about.
That doesn't mean it's bad. Ideologies cannot really be bad. They can only be incompatible with your own.
It isn't actually "socialist" in the traditional sense, Hitler just called it that to get under actual socialists' skin and appeal to the German working class.

It is exclusionary in that it looks to exclude people who would be detrimental to a society or cause the erosion of the original population. As for whether an ideology can be "bad" or not I would argue that any ideology that would cause great harm to a society that embraces it could safely be called "bad", but maybe that's just MY ideology.
>it looks to exclude people who would be detrimental to a society
Some people say Hitler would have had a better chance at winning the war if he'd had that atomic bomb that a German scientist helped America build.
Germany had a huge brain-drain from the loss of the educated Jews. They were much more united in the first great war.
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You have good taste friend
Educated =\= beneficial. Germany's economy skyrocketed after Hitler took power, if he hadnt tried to save the ethnic Germans being genocided in Poland then we might have today a German superpower. His choices were to either continue to let the country be drained by economic parasites, or take a chance by ripping them off.
Thread posts: 60
Thread images: 40

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